The Servitude of Sappho: Remaking Joyce Summers

BY : Salamandaslash
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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of the other fandoms referenced in this fic. I don't know any of the actresses referenced in this fiction and I am making no money from it (as if) - please see author's notes for full disclaimer.

The Servitude of Sappho: the Remaking of Joyce Summers

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The short version:


This is a Joyce/Faith fic – though there are plenty of other characters who get theirs.


For those of you who have read ‘Imago; the Seduction of Arlene’ this is the original fic from which that was spun off. Hopefully it holds together and if all goes to plan there will be other spin-offs – time permitting – once the entirity of this is complete.


This is AU – so much so that I’m not sure it’s actually fan-fiction at all – it’s just me taking the characters from a number of TV series out to play kinky games with – pure self indulgence.


This is a fantasy – it’s not meant to represent reality in any way – it has very little value beyond playing to some of my personal fantasies and fetishes.


There is no magic or supernatural in this fic – that’s just how it is. But there is a lot of kinky lesbian sex!


The original idea was to create a Buffy world in the style of Rebecca’s Housewives at Play comic-books. I’m not sure that worked but hey – it’s how it happened.


Presently I think there will be 7 to 9 chapters – but don’t hold me to it – nailing the dismount is always a problem for me!


A Dramatis Personae of characters and those I see playing them is included – because it amuses me. No harm – no foul!


If you don’t like portrayals of numerous females in kinky fem-fem relationships this is not for you…move along – there is nothing for you here. Don’t come bitching to me if you ignore this!


Please note that I am making no money from this fiction. I do not own any of the fandoms referenced (mainly Buffy the Vampire Slayer; some - minor - Charmed, Staggate: SG1, ER, Desperate Housewives, Nip/Tuck) and none of the actresses cast are known to me.


Feedback – yes please!


Lastly: consensual BDSM is not abuse!


Part 1: Lessons in love



Dramatis Personae (in order of appearance): 

Buffy Summers: Sarah Michelle Geller

Willow Rosenberg: Alyson Hannigan

Joyce Summers: Kristine Sutherland

Faith Lehane: Eliza Dushku

Maggie (a bar keep): Jorja Fox

Gabriel (a waitress): Eva Longoria

Nila: Parminder Nagra

Abby: Maura Tierney

Samantha Carter: Amanda Tapping

Janet Fraiser: Teryl Rothery

Dawn Summers: Michelle Trachtenberg

Janice Penshaw: Amber Tamblyn

Cordelia Chase (a waitress and sales assistant): Charisma Carpenter

Michelle Landau: Sanaa Lathan

Reggie Cates: Gabrielle Union

Renee Perry: Vanessa Williams

Dayna Penshaw (Joyce’s friend and Janice’s mom): Peri Gilpin





“Ohhhmmmffhhh…” Buffy moaned softly, her mouth filled with the flavour of Willow’s arousal. Her hips churned softly as, below her, the red haired girl’s tongue busied itself in her girlfriend’s sex in response.


Each trying desperately to match the other, they licked deep in the coil of their 69, sharing their pleasure in each other as they had times beyond counting over the years.


They had been barely 16 when they had first discovered sex together and they had been together for 5 years since; through High School and College sharing everything. But recently something had begun to change.


“Mmmm…mmmmm…nnnnnn!” Buffy groaned into Willow’s russet fringed lovemouth while grinding her hips harder on the redhead’s face; trying to get a stronger contact, to intensify the sensation.


Below her, Willow strained, struggling to concentrate. Her pleasure not coming so easily at it had once and finding herself focussing on herself she struggled to maintain the natural ease with which she usually gave herself to Buffy.


It was as if something was broken; as if the usual feedback loop that they had enjoyed for years had broken.


Truth be told they had both felt it fraying of late. Ever since a certain torrid night with their one time school teacher Jenny Calendar, sex had become less satisfying; but their devotion to each other had remained constant and they had struggled to continue to please each other. However in struggling they had felt it slip away ever further.


It wasn’t that the sex was actually bad, but it had become less exciting; less gratifying; less fulfilling.


While neither had admitted it to each other they both knew that they wanted something more now. Jenny had been…strong...with them; demanding, commanding.  Two spanked bottoms had made them see that while both of them wanted to a dominant lover neither was able to be that to the other.


“Mmmm…mmmm…mmmm!” Buffy moaned, her legs tightening around Willow’s head. She felt an answering moan from below her, through her and Willow’s sex seemed to flutter around her tongue as she felt a tremble pass through her; a low wave of pleasure that receded quickly, running down and away to leave her empty.


A little later, as they lay together in each other’s arms, cool now, she said: “I’m sorry.”


“No Buffy – it’s me…*I’m* sorry…”


And maybe she was thought Buffy, but she saw her own doubts, the feeling that something was missing, that it just wasn’t enough any more reflected in the blue-green of Willow’s eyes.


Unbidden the memory of another girl she once been with stole into her thoughts; before Willow – dark haired and intense, wild; and maybe a little cruel and Buffy wondered what might have been if she’d not been too frightened to try the things she’d wanted to do with her.




Chapter 1: Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered’



Faith flicked her dark hair back off of her face and she grinned sharply, watching Dawn Summers, the door closing behind her as she slipped out of 1630 Revello Drive to meet her friend. The watching brunette’s smile appreciative, her eyes dark, smoky as Dawnie giggled slipping into the arms of her young pal Janice. The two 17 year old girls embraced warmly their hug going on a little longer, becoming closer, more intimate, hands wandering, than might be expected between ‘just’ two friends. Faith almost growled.


Eventually, their clinch ending, they turn to head up the sidewalk Janice’s hand slipping up behind Dawn to squeeze her cute, bubble butt, making Dawnie giggle again, pushing her friend’s hand away in vain as Janice refused to be discouraged from the obvious public display of affection. Eventually a compromise is reached with Janice’s hand slung round Dawn to rest on her hip, the two girls leaning into each other in an all too apparent display of intimacy. Janice leaned her head on Dawn’s shoulder.


Watching them Faith’s smile widened further.


‘Well, well,’ she uttered below her breath, ‘So brat’s got a girlfriend…hmmm…looks like dyke runs in the family…now isn’t that cute? Guess it must be something in the genes…which so works for me…and speaking of jeans…reckon it’s time I got into Joyce’s…’


Her internal monologue paused, her gaze moved back to the house where the older woman was unsuspectingly wrapping up after a long day.


Crossing the road to head up the path to the front door she knocked, waiting for Joyce to answer.


The older woman was dressed in a smart but comfortable looking pale cream dress with printed pink rose pattern, buttoned down the front. Sensible and mature, a little staid even perhaps, but it hung on her hips emphasising her still narrow waist and the flare of her hips clinging just enough to the swell of hips and bottom before floating down to show her legs from the knees down. She still has good legs Faith confirmed to herself. And then there was her ass, the young brunette reflected, and hell! That rack…


The young brunette shook herself to stop from staring lustfully.


“Faith?” the older woman said, confused. “Hullo.”


“Hi Mrs S,” Faith responded her eyes glinting; her heart beating faster at the sight of the glamorous older version of her friend, the first girl she ever wanted to possess, control, dominate.


But that was then. This was now and her appetites had become sharper, more refined in the intervening years since her brief relationship with Buffy. Her tastes had changed as well, turning to older women and their mature, ripe bodies; their awkward blushing surrender; their sweet cries of complaint and shame-filled pleasure.


Her heart pounded.


She’d taken care with her timing, knowing that Dawn would be out for hours now – if she came back at all. Buffy would of course be in her dorm room with Willow. Joyce would be all alone for the evening; tired, lonely; vulnerable. 


And the older woman *had* a tired and tight look about her; flustered and too busy, too occupied with everything that her daughters’ lives entailed as she answered the door; just as Faith had been confident she would. Which was something Faith planned to exploit to her advantage – and she intended to enjoy herself doing it.


“I’m afraid Buffy isn’t here Faith,” Joyce continued. “You know she’s at college now don’t you – she’s probably at her dorm room.”


Faith flashed Joyce her most winningest smile, trying to put her at ease.


Tonight wasn’t going to be about Buffy and or Willow – or even about Dawnie and Janice – no – it was going to be *all* about Joyce.


Looking the older woman up and down appreciatively Faith’s core tightened an exhilarating anticipatory shudder running through her.


“Oh sorry Mrs S – no I didn’t come to see B…I was hoping to have a chat with you.”


“Me?” Joyce said, surprised.


Faith looked sideways at the older woman, her mouth quirking into a lopsided smile.


“Yeah…you…” she drawled, flickering her tongue over her red painted lips her eyes smouldering.


For some reason Joyce was flustered – Faith could see it in her eyes and her grin deepened; the older woman’s discomfort exactly what she had been hoping for.


“W-well…I-I guess you better come in Faith…I’ve not seen you for a while. I hope you’re well.”


“Yes thank you,” Faith answered stepping through the threshold her eyes following the sway of the other woman’s hips as she led her through to the kitchen where the remainders of an evening meal awaited clearing away.


Joyce sighed at the sight.


“You ok Mrs S? You look kinda…well…tired.”


Joyce’s smile was thin, weary.


“I am Faith – holding down a job…looking after Dawn, worrying about Buffy…it doesn’t get easier…” She shrugged.


“I guess not. Sounds tough…”


“Yes, well it can be,” Joyce continued, sounding grateful for having someone to complain to for a change. “But it doesn’t help to complain.” She shrugged again.


“Perhaps you need some R&R,” Faith replied, turning the conversation in the direction she wanted it. “I mean when did you last find time to go on a date?””


Joyce blushed a little, frowning.


‘Cute,’ Faith breathed, sotto voce, as the older woman struggled for a reply.


“Oh…i-it was…I-I…well…I d-don’t actually know…”


“Huh…no wonder you’re struggling…you need to relax Mrs S.”


Joyce frowned again not entirely comfortable with the subject; a little unsure how it had taken this particular turn.


“W-well, th-thank you Faith. That’s…err…nice of you.”


“No I mean it – a good looking woman like you – you’re entitled to a little R&R; some fun – y’know – a love-life!”


The older woman’s blush deepened.


“Well – that’s…nice…thank you…b-but now…what can I do for you then Faith?” she asked, trying to change the subject.


Faith grinned, a wide, confident, shit-eating grin. Undeterred she seized her opportunity.


“Well that’s just it…now that you ask…” she paused. Her eyes narrowed. “You can start by letting your panties hit the floor…and then you can move right on to bending that fine ass of yours over that counter and spreading your legs nice and *wide*!”


“Whaaa…” Rendered speechless, her jaw falling open, her eyes wide with shock it took Joyce seconds – moments to respond; and when she did so she could only manage a formless query.


The chestnut curls of the younger woman flicked back off her face as she tossed her head. “I think you heard me Mrs S…y’see Joyce,” Faith said using the older woman’s first name for the first time. “I’m here to *fuck* you,” she finished almost casually.


“Faith!” Dazed, shocked. Joyce found her voice again. She blushed deeply, embarrassment sweeping over her.


“What Joyce?”


“What? What do you mean ‘what’? That’s – awful – you should be…well…ashamed! You mustn’t talk to me like that!”


“Nah,” Faith moved closer towards Joyce. “You got it wrong – I should – and I’m gonna – because I’m gonna fuck you soon – so you kinda need to get used to it.”


Nervous outrage swarmed Joyce’s features transforming them with shock as Faith moved closer. “N-no Faith – y-you – you mustn’t!”


“Aw come on now babe..,” Faith’s voice was a burr. “It’ll be ok Joyce…there’s only me and you here…” she said intruding into the orbit of Joyce’s personal space.


“Eeek!” the older woman gave a thin yelp. “N-no Faith…no – I-I d-don’t w-want…eeeeeep!”


But her protests were cut off as the younger woman slipped an arm around her to draw her close.


“Yes Joyce,” Faith corrected the slender, golden haired older woman, settling easily into the role of dominating seducer. She placed a finger on the older woman’s lips. “Shhh,” she hushed. “Relax won’t you…there’s no-one else here…just me an’ you…”


“Nn-no…b-but wh-what are you d-doing…stop it Faith…you mustn’t…”  Joyce said, struggling.


Faith tightened her arm around the older woman. “Aw come on Joyce,” gently she swept a curl back from Joyce’s face hooking it over her ear with her free hand. “Don’t be like that Joyce…as for what I’m doing – I thought that was pretty obvious – I’m seducing you…so you might as well just relax and let it happen.”


“B-but n-no – I-I d-d-don’t want to…” Joyce strained against the strong, circling embrace of the younger woman’s arm.


“But you see babe, it doesn’t matter what you want…you’re getting fucked tonight…probably more than just the once…so you may as well relax…relax and let it happen…”


“B-but…but n-n-noooo…”


“Shhhhh…” Faith shushed her, pressing a finger to her lips again, her other hand slipping down to cup the mature swell of her buttocks through the floating skirts.


“Oh!” Joyce squeaked as Faith squeezed her bottom. “Oooh! R-really F-Faith…n-now s-stop that…you mustn’t…”


Faith’s hand ran over her body, gently at first roaming up her thigh over her dress, to her bottom and hips, exploring; sweeping over her breasts; the other hand behind her head, a handful of curls filling it as it cupped her skull.


“I said ‘shhhh’ calm down babe…and kiss me…” Faith purred pulling Joyce close against her to press their mouths together. “Mmmmmm…” she breathed into Joyce’s mouth.


“Nnnnnphfffggghhh!” Joyce gurgled a muffled cry of renewed surprise, her eyes wide again. Faith kisses were heated, their passion undeniable as the younger woman’s lips opened, her tongue pressing for admission to Joyce’s mouth.


Faith’s hand was like a promise of fire through her skirts, moving on her bottom; fondling, squeezing, searching, possessive.


“Oooof!” the older woman gasped in dismay and as she did so she let the younger woman’s determined tongue into her mouth. “Mmmmppthhhmmmfff!” she mumbled struggling to speak as Faith French kissed her deeply.


She tried to resist, pushing against the younger woman but her head was spinning, sensation and shock confounding her. “N-n-n-noo…s—stt-stopppfffff…p-pleasme…mmmmfff…s-s-s-topppffff-F-faithhhhhmmmffffmmm!” she mumbled.


But Faith was ready for her, the hand behind Joyce’s bottom tightening to pull her hard against the youthful hardness of her young body so Faith’s thigh thrust against up Joyce’s centre. Her other hand seized Joyce’s arm pulling it down and behind her back.


“Ooohhhfff!” Joyce exhaled in response to the pressure of Faith’s hips against hers.


“Easy Joyce,” Faith purred. “Just relax…it’ll be so much easier if you relax…now come on…give me some tongue…” and she kissed Joyce again, her mouth demanding, forceful, passionate but surprisingly tender given the assertive forceful nature of Faith’s behaviour; and the younger woman felt something change. Joyce was still stiff, resisting in her arms but there seemed less vehemence in the way she pulled and twisted.


“That’s right,” Faith murmured softly, a sort of triumph in her tone. “You know you want this don’t you Joyce…you know you want me to make you, don’t you?”


“N-n-no…Faith…y-you mustn’t – you’re my daughter’s friend…I-I c-could be your mother!”


“But you’re not Joyce honey…you’re a hottie…a hot, sexy MIlf…who hasn’t got laid for the longest time…am I right? Hmmmm?”


“B-b-but I-I’m n-not gay…a-and…”


“Shhh Joyce – Sweetness…” Faith replied softly cutting off the renewed protests. “You *think* you’re not gay…but by the time I’ve had my way with you you’re gonna be…you are gonna be *so* gay! You’re gonna be a fully paid up, card carrying, skirt-lifting, rug-munching, lezzie queer!”


It might have been a boast – Joyce couldn’t tell. Her head was in a whirl. But the threat – the promise – was real enough.


“Ohhh! Oh n-n-no…please Faith…I-I’m n-not…I-I d-don’t w-want…mmmmnnnnummpfhh!”


“Mmmmmm…easy Joyce…hmmm…now…give me some tongue…”


“Mmm-mmm-mmmmpfhh…mmmmmm…” Somehow Joyce’s tongue was in Faith’s mouth, as the younger girl sucked on it again.


“Mmmmm…better Joyce…mmmmmm…much better…”


Faith’s tongue was hungry, demanding in her mouth in reply, duelling with hers; her hand busy on her bottom, fondling her, working her body against her. Dizziness assailed her as Faith’s tongue began to subdue hers, teasing it, drawing it into her mouth to suck on it.


A shudder rattled through Joyce as she felt the pressure of the younger woman’s mouth on her tongue. “Mmmm-mmmffffggggmmmmuhhhmmmm…” she groaned, her dismay seeming to morph into a moan as involuntary sparks and arcs of response thrilled through her igniting unwilling fires as they went.


Despite herself, her nipples tightened prickling, stiffening against her young assailant’s close pressed frame. “Mmm-mmmm-mmmmm,” she moaned, her hips moving against the thrust of Faith’s thigh, responding, rolling and grinding. Her sex tensed and a slow throb pulsed behind her clitoris sending a fluttering of tiny wings through her belly. “Mmmm-mmnnnnnnuh-uhhhmmmuhhh…”


Clinging to Faith tightly as the younger woman released the hand she held behind her, her eyelids fluttered as her tongue continued to ravish her mouth. The young dark haired woman’s hands began to roam freely, both clasping her buttocks, squeezing and groping, pulling her closer, tighter to her until Joyce felt Faith’s hips against hers. Then releasing her, the younger woman ran one hand up her spine to her neck from where it travelled to cup her breast, fingers swirling over her nipple.


“Mmmoooophhhuhhnnnhh!” Joyce moaned. “Oooohhh-ohhhmmnnn”


“That’s better Sweetness,” Faith purred again as Joyce began to return her kisses. Her knee lifted pushing up between Joyce’s thighs, pressing her legs apart, thrusting into her. “That’s right – take it easy – I’ve got you. You know Joyce – you should show a little more cleavage – let the girls breathe baby.” 


The younger woman’s hand unfastened the top two buttons of her dress before slipping inside to cup her breast through her brassiere.


Joyce whimpered as Faith’s fingers stroked her nipple through lace trimmed satin.


“Shhhh…now let me suck your tongue some more.” The brunette said softly and Joyce seemed to surrender without question, letting Faith’s mouth claim hers. She felt Faith’s thigh pressing harder and found herself meeting the pressure with thrusts of her own, wanton in return.


“Mmmmmmmfffffffgggghhhhhmmmm…” she groaned. Her stomach churned and her sex throbbed. Inside her panties there was fire and molten ichor.


“Mmmm…nice…you have such a nice tongue Sweetness… …mmmm…it’s gonna be so nice on my clit…and in my pussy…or up my ass…mmmmmm…I’m gonna love teaching that tongue to please me …”


Joyce could only stare, gurgling in wordless response, her body shaking and aching, thrusting against her daughter’s friend as Faith kissed her deeply again. She heard Faith’s words, their erotic charge, but somehow they were alien, beyond her and she was helpless to resist the sordid promise they contained.


“Mmm-mmm,” Faith murmured anew and she thrust back again. “Oh that’s good…you’re liking that aren’t you babe…I bet your pussy’s soaking isn’t it, hmmm?”


Joyce shuddered, biting her lip at the question like a nervous child, before nodding her head dumbly.


Faith’s triumphant grin returned.


“C’mon then Sweetness…let me see your panties on the floor then!”


“B-but…” Joyce found her voice at last as inaction ceased to be an option. She prevaricated protesting weakly. “I-I…but…”


Faith released her. “Shhhh…it’s ok Joyce…you’re gonna be naked soon…naked and on your back with your legs spread nice and wide for me…but this is just a first step…a small step in learning to obey…”


“Ohh-ohhhh…I errr…” Joyce’s blush returned in a big way.


“Shhhh Joyce…you know you’re going to do as I say…so…” Faith brushed her lips over hers to gently firmly, silencing her again. “Now, panties…”


Resistance was too hard for Joyce. Looking into the dark noisette and umber eyes of her companion she saw only heat; passion and desire and she felt her heart lurch as she realised it was all aimed at her, it was all *for* her. Her knees felt week, her body quaking.


Hesitantly; feebly in the face of the gale that was Faith’s passion her hands seemed to move of their own volition. She saw Faith’s nod of approval as she reached, barely thinking, to raise her skirt, lifting it to bare her thighs.


A breath caught in Faith’s throat her eyes widening in delight as Joyce revealed the smooth, pale cream flesh of her thighs before raising her skirt fully to display elegantly sexy cream, silk and lace panties.


“Ohhhh – nice Joyce…pretty panties...looks like you must have dressed just for me…did you know I was coming over?” She grinned wolfishly as Joyce shook her head.


“N-n-no F-faith…h-how could I?”


Faith’s grin softened at Joyce’s confusion.


“No baby you couldn’t…but in future you will…now don’t stop Joyce…panties *down*!”


“Oh! Oh n-no…s-sorry F-Faith…” Joyce’s head reeled thick with lust and confusion. She couldn’t quite work out why but she felt the need to apologise; to comply. Heat raging below her belly, in her core, she reached her thumbs to hook them under the waistband of underwear chosen so casually that morning, blissfully unaware of what lay in store.


Wriggling her hips a little in an unconsciously lewd display she eased them past the swell of her hips and off of the rounded mounds of her bottom. As she tugged them to her thighs her skirts flow down again to hide her nakedness.


She hesitated, looking at the younger woman, uncertain.


Faith smiled, nodding. She pointed downwards.


“Floor,” she said and there was something in the way she said it, that resonated with the glints of hard jet in her eyes that seemed to drive Joyce. Somewhere deep inside her a voice questioned what was going on; wanting to resist – but somehow it had no power over her. She was unable to resist Faith’s eyes, hard almost stern, brooking no dispute.        


Still, uncertain, hesitant she found herself complying, sliding her panties down her thighs to let them fall slipping down her legs to her ankles, a crumpled scrap of silky cream.


Faith nodded again, approving.


“Good girl Joyce. I like that you’re obedient.”


It felt like a compliment. “Th-thank you,” Joyce found herself saying in a stammer, absurdly grateful for Faith’s admiring approval. Her eyes ducked away from the younger woman’s, unable to meet her gaze.


“Look at me Joyce.” Faith ordered and Joyce found herself obeying, her blush returning as she did so, suddenly keenly aware of the feel of silk at her ankles. “You’re going to do exactly what I tell you from now on – ok Joyce?”


Joyce somehow managed to nod. “Y-y-yes Faith,” she said in soft acquiescence. Somehow she was unable to say anything else.


“That’s good Joyce – ‘cos if you don’t I’ll have to spank you ok?”


Joyce gasped; Faith’s words penetrating the hazy miasma that seemed to have dulled her senses, coalescing the understanding of how the younger woman had so swiftly come to take such easy command of her.


Shocked, she whimpered.


“Oh-ohh-n-n-nohhh…p-please…” she pleaded in dismay.


“Yes Joyce…” Faith’s voice was heavy, unanswerable.


“Ohh….I-I’ll be g-good Faith…p-please…”


Again, Faith’s grin split her face. “Good girl Joyce…now – lean back on the counter,” she instructed. As Joyce obeyed she moved quickly to crouch in front of her. Taking hold of the older woman’s skirt she raised it up exposing her thighs.


“Mmmmm…” she purred anew at the sight of Joyce’s thighs before hoisting them higher revealing the wet pink, pouting lips of her sex nestling below a neat thatch of darkish red-blonde curls. The aromatic, musk scent of the older woman’s arousal prickled Faith’s nostrils. Inhaling deeply she savoured the smell, licking her lips.


“Oh yes…very pretty!” She enthused. “I knew you were a natural blonde – but it’s nice to see the proof…and I like that you keep your muff neatly trimmed Joyce…not that you’ll be keeping it!”


She grinned up at the now constantly blushing Joyce and winked.


“Now then, Sweetness, hold your dress,” she instructed and as Joyce moved to comply, participating in her own seduction, she moved to lift the golden haired woman’s left foot from her panties, lifting her thigh so her foot rested on its toes and turning it outward to press her legs apart.


As the young brunette pushed Joyce’s thigh back and up, her hand moved to the older woman’s nether lips, to peel back their florid, lush flesh and expose the dripping coral folds within.


Joyce shuddered gasping thinly at the sensation. “Ohhhhh…” 


“Mmmm…so wet,” Faith purred, skilled fingers drawing up through the molten slickness to the apex of her split. “Mm-mmm…what a lush looking cunt Joycie!”


“Ohhhhmmmm,” Joyce groaned as she felt herself being opened; her lips parted, her sex peeled back, spread out, her core exposed to the coolness of the air and the heat of Faith’s gaze.


Her nubbin throbbed.


Faith’s fingers dabbled in the drenched crease sampling her slick, oozing arousal, before drawing back the hood of her clit to expose the plump nugget of her flesh.


“Ohhh-ahhhhh!” Joyce gasped again, her hips thrusting as her core quaked. The older woman’s nub seemed to pulse, bulging between her legs, filled with arousal and her heart’s blood. “Ahh-ahh-ohhhh!” she cried as Faith flicked a finger across the sensitive bud.


“Mmmmm – sensitive…good…I like that…” Faith hummed approvingly at Joyce’s lewd reaction and she leaned in to swipe the stiff pip with her tongue. “Mmmm…tastes good as well,” she murmured.


“Oooohhh-ohhhhhh!” Joyce moaned wordlessly in response to the stroke, lightning bolts shooting out from her clit to scorch through her body. Her hips jerked.


Faith pressed deeper, lapping harder now at Joyce’s nubbin, her right hand pressing hard to resist the older woman’s trembling; to hold the thighs apart.


“Mmmmm-mmmm-mmmpffff…” she mumbled as her jaw worked, munching on the hot fragrant flesh.


“Ohhhh-ohhhh-ohhooooh,” Joyce panted, moaning as Faith’s tongue busied itself, flicking and dabbling, scooping; sweeping up and down, tracing her folds, probing her deep, inner mouth, lapping at her clitoris before she settled, her lips locking around her clit to form a seal as she sucked on the tasty morsel. And as her mouth applied suction her tongue whipped again over the bud.


“Oooohhhohhhh!!!” Joyce moaned.


Her arousal spilled in a lubricious, viscous flood from her core, dripping onto Faith’s face and chin as she juddered and shook. Sexual pleasure consumed her.


“Ahh-ohhh-ahhhh-y-yu-u-uhhhsss,” she tried to talk but could not form the words.


Just as it seemed that bliss was about to claim her Faith paused, her lips and jaw relaxing, her tongue stilling.


“Uh-uh-uh-huhhh…” Joyce panted, gasping. “Oh f-fuck, oh fuck,” the expletive falling unaccustomed from her lips. “P-p-please Faith! Please d-don’t stop.”


“Better than just you and your vibrator?” Faith asked, her face glistening.


“Ohhh-oh *much*,” Joyce replied passionately, not even wondering how Faith knew about the vibrating pink phallus she kept hidden in her bedroom dresser. “Ahhh-ah-ah-ahhhhh!” she cried as Faith’s fingers jacked gently on her nubbin.


Faith grinned. She hadn’t actually known for sure about Joyce’s sex-toy – but it had been a reasonable guess. She made a mental note to discuss the older woman’s masturbatory habits later. There were things the blonde woman would have to be taught, tutored, trained; long held habits and behaviours adjusted, moulded, changed!


What she said was “Good…I told you you’d like it…now then…” and she moved to draw Joyce’s leg up and over her shoulder so her leg draped down her back and she stood on one leg. “Lean back Sweetness,” she instructed, still teasing Joyce’s clit before she moved her right hand up between the older woman’s thighs to probe at her sex and then slide two fingers into her.


“Guhhhh-ahhhhhh!” Joyce cried as Faith began to fuck her deeply.


She felt as if she was being impaled; as if her whole weight was suspended on those two penetrating fingers as they plunged in and out of her. The sensation did not last long however as the fingers withdrew to be replaced with Faith’s thumb, the now moistened fingers reaching behind to press against the taut sphincter they found between her buttocks.


“Unnnhhhh-uhh-uggghhhh!” She gurgled in surprise. Her anus twitched and trembled as and arousal dampened finger traced a circle around the ring of muscle.


The sensation grew more intense as the brunette pressed gently, inexorably, until the resisting strength of her rosebud began to surrender. As it did so Faith bent her head again to recommence her oral attentions on Joyce’s clitoris.


“Ooooohhh-unnnnnhhhhahhhhhh-oooooofffff!” Joyce screeched and the suction on her nub seemed to cause her ass to relax to accept the invasion of the younger woman’s finger. “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhhh!!!” she cried as Faith entered her bottom, her finger stretching her uncomfortably as it thrust unto her, ravishing her.


It was as if her entire body had become the younger woman’s instrument; her plaything.


It quickly became too much – the dual penetration of her body’s most sacred places, the skilfully torturous, demanding mouth on her button all serving to overwhelm her with sensation; glorious erotic, intense sensation.


She could last no longer. Her hands gripped onto the kitchen counter behind her, her knuckles white as her body became rigid, wracked, unbearably tense.


“Ahhhhh!” She wailed. “Ohhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!!!” Shattering her orgasm swept through her like a cascade of ecstasy that swamped her entire being.


She found herself slumping, her weight born in part by the counter and in part by the young woman who had done this too her. Panting for breath she struggled to recover her equanimity to regain control of her self but her body refused, still shaking, weak.


She was too feeble to resists as Faith withdrew from her, leaving her feeling empty incomplete groaning at the loss, to stand up bearing against her, pressing her back into the counter her clothed body hard against her vulnerable nakedness.


Faith’s mouth suddenly was hot on hers, hungry, demanding. The younger woman’s lips, her tongue tasted of the Joyce’s juices, her face smelled of Joyce’s pleasure: sweet, sharp, intense.


Joyce shook at the taste of her own essence.


“Mmmm…mmm…good Joyce,” Faith groaned into her mouth. “Such a good fuck…” she ground herself hard into Joyce. “Can’t wait to get you naked…under me…so I can *fuck* you until you scream! Get my pussy on your mouth…come on your tongue…mmmm…this tongue…”


“Ggggmmmfhhh…” Joyce gurgled in reply, her eyes wide, her head spinning as Faith kissed her hard, her tongue sinuous, saurian in her mouth; demanding. She tried to keep up with what was happening to her but found herself lost in a whirl of emotions and sensations as Faith’s hands wandered her body before she began to strip her.


The buttons of her dress popped as Faith unfastened them impatiently and her dress was slipped off her shoulders to fall, joining her panties on the floor. Skilful hands quickly unhooked her bra let it join dress and panties, freeing the swell of her breasts, letting them sway.


They jiggled a little as she breathed deeply under Faith’s intense lustful gaze.


“Oh my!” the slim young brunette purred delightedly, her eyes locking, on Joyce’s mounds. “I knew you had a great rack Joyce…but…damn…oh yeah…*great tits*!”


Joyce shuddered, squirming as Faith’s hands began to roam her breasts squeezing and stroking over them. She cupped them, testing their weight, lifting them; making them bounce; pressing them together and circling her nipples with her thumbs, flicking them, teasing their already stiffened nubs to aching erection.


“Ohhhhhh…” Joyce groaned as her breast were manipulated, fondled.


“Mmmm nice nips…” Faith purred. “Let’s play…” she said taking each nipple between thumb and forefinger in a sharp pinch making Joyce gasp; and, pulling on the fleshy nubs she used them to bounce her breasts, stretching them; pulling them this way and that, her play becoming harsher as she did so.


“Y’know these are gonna bounce and jiggle so prettily when I fuck you…mmmmm…and I’m so looking forward to spanking them…almost as much as I am to paddling your ass baby!”


Joyce whimpered, breathing heavily, unable to find her voice, writhing as Faith’s ungentle manipulation of her breasts continued.


“N-n-nohh…ohhhhhhhh,” she groaned half in pained pleasure half in fear at the cruel promise of Faith’s words, but somehow she found no words of her own.


“Ahhhhhh…” she complained with a whimper as Faith released her nipples to slap her breasts three times each. “Ahhh...ohhh-owwch…ohhhhhh…ohh-ahhh…oooooh…owwwww…”


The slaps weren’t hard but they were angled upwards striking their outer, undersides where her breasts were most tender, her flesh most delicate. The stinging pain was sharp and while not severe they spanks left her skin burning.


“Ohhhh…” she moaned. Her lip trembled; her face sagging in discomfort.


“So pretty,” Faith purred kissing her again. “Mmmmm…nice…” she purred. “Come on Joyce…let’s get you on your back…spread you *wide*!”


Taking her by the arm she turned her to swat her bottom and lead her dizzy and naked from the kitchen into the living room. Again the spanks weren’t hard but firm as if a promise of more, worse, to come but they made her cheeks redden and bounce, an unfamiliar heat blossoming painfully across her buttocks, making her writhe and gasp.


“Ahhhh! Ohhh! Ohh-n-n-nohhh! Ahhh! Ohhhhh! Owwwwww!”


“Shhhhh Joyce,” Faith purred her hand stilling to begin rubbing gently over Joyce’s blushing flanks, almost soothing. “Easy Sweetness… that was nothing…just a little sampler for another time…but damn you have a great ass Joyce – just begging for it! You’ve really looked after yourself, kept that body tight!” She said escorting her to the couch to lower her onto the cushions.


“Now Joycie,” Faith said in a matter of fact voice, her hands on her hips. “Lay back…I want you to spread your legs nice and wide so you can show me your goodies…show me your sticky, wet cunt…open yourself for me Joyce…use your fingers…let me see inside you…”


Trembling, blushing, her head still fogged with confusion, her bottom hot and aching on the cushions Joyce kept eyes cast down. She couldn’t free that part of her mind that wanted to resist from the miasma that surrounded her and slowly she obeyed, opening her legs to let Faith see the dark slit of her sex. She flickered her gaze up at where the younger woman stood above her.


And Faith nodded.


Joyce hesitated again before sliding her right hand down to the junction of her thighs. Taking a deep breath she used her fingers to create a v that allowed her to open the folded lips of her pussy.


Humiliation swept through her as she did so but somehow she was unable to stop, unable to resist. It was as if her will had been set aside by Faith’s passionate, domineering presence. 


“L-l-like this?” she asked timidly as she exposed the dark pink, inner flesh of her core.


“Use two hands; pull your pussy wide open and press back on your hood and show me your clit.” Faith instructed, her hand moving to clutch her own crotch. Her eyes were hot, burning on the older woman. She unfastened her jeans.


Shaking Joyce moved to obey. Her sex was slick, wet under her touch; sensitive. As she slid her fingers down between her fold she shuddered in pleasure at the contact, almost despite herself. She was aware of how her hips rolled, emphasising her lewd display. Her core tingled, aching. Despite her embarrassment, despite her still recent, powerful orgasm, intense arousal raged through her.


Peeling her lips apart she drew her thumbs either side of her hood to pull upwards drawing back the sheath to expose the tiny nugget of ultra-sensitivity inside. She gasped at the sensation.


She looked up again at Faith for approval and her breath caught in her throat as the younger woman shucked her hips out of her snug fitting jeans with a shake of the hips and slide them down strong, slimly muscled, tapering legs. Joyce was unsure when the younger woman’s boots had been kicked of.


Stepping out of her jeans to kick them away Faith turned back to Joyce to slip out of her leather jacket laying it on the coffee table before pulling her maroon red wife-beater over her head.


Standing in front of Joyce in her matching black panties and bra her belly was flat with a hint of a six pack, her buttocks and thighs strong and her shoulders square. Her arms were smooth and lean, limber like her legs, her breasts high and pert. Through the thin material of her bra her nipples were hard, visibly erect.


She looked again at Joyce, quirking an eyebrow.


“See something you like Sweetness?” she asked with a wry grin.


Joyce was speechless. In her state of confused arousal she stared at Faith’s youthfully athletic body in dazed yearning. She was transfixed.


Faith grinned.


“I’ll take that as a yes!” This was going better than Faith had dreamed. She watched in delight as Joyce’s hips rolled, her thumbs moving minutely either side of her clit.


“That’s right Joyce – play with your clit,” she said, reaching behind to unhook her bra releasing her breasts and then quickly slipping her panties off.


Naked she learned forwards to brush her lips over the other woman’s once again.


“Now then Joyce, honey. I’m going to sit on your face and you are going to get me off while you play with your clit…and we’ll see who comes first…”


The older woman gurgled in shock but was powerless to resist as Faith pushed her onto her back on the settee and then moved to swing a leg over Joyce’s head.


She stared up between Faith’s thighs into the liquid divide of her sex. Above the coral and rose split, at the base of her belly was a neatly trimmed tuft of dark hair.


Joyce looked up in a sort of dismayed confusion alloyed with desire.


“I-I-I d-don’t know h-how...” she began to say but her words were cut short as Faith cut her off 


“Just start licking…I’m sure you’ll work it out!” The younger woman quipped as she lowered herself swiftly onto Joyce’s mouth.


“Mmmmmpfhhh!” Joyce tried to speak as she was suddenly gagged by humid, musky aromatic flesh. Faith’s thighs astride her head muffled the world around her isolating her so that her senses were suddenly focused on the dripping softness the brunette’s womanhood.


The flavour was strong, tangy, aromatic and sharp. It filled her senses, swamping her. She was caught, trapped between a churning roil of revulsion that threatened to turn her stomach and an unbidden, unwilling, deep surge of sudden arousal. The pungent flood was hot and slick on her tongue.


“Mmmmphhh…mnnnnuhhhgghhhh!” she gurgled striving to move her head, to pull her face away and end the deviant kiss of Faith’s sex.


“Oh no!” Faith purred above her and she reached to place a hand behind Joyce’s head holding her in place. “You need to get used to this Joyce – you’re going to be doing it a lot from now on!”


Holding her tightly in place Faith’s hips sawed as she ground herself on Joyce’s resisting mouth.


Joyce struggled in vain but it was futile against the weight and the grasp of the brunette above her.


“You can keep struggling Joyce but you’re gonna get me off Joyce, whether you like it or not and the more you struggle the harder I’m gonna spank you later so you’re better just giving in and making me come in your mouth honey.”


“Mmmmmmnnnnghhhh!” Joyce mumbled into Faith’s depths making her shudder in pleasure at the vibration spilling more of her juices onto the older woman’s lips.


“Mmmm…nice Joycie…now start licking!” she ordered.


Her struggles useless, her senses flooding with Faith’s flavour Joyce found herself surrendering again, her tongue snaking out as instructed, seeking more of the hot greasy flood. Sliding between Faith’s folds she began to lap at the pooling lushness.


“Ahhhhh! That’s it!” Faith gasped in delight. The brunette humped herself gently on Joyce’s mouth as the older woman’s tongue began tentatively to explore her core.


“Mmmmm…yessssss…oh yes baby…what a natural cunt licker…mmmm…Joyce baby…ohhh yes…mmmmm….ohhhhh…that’s it…now lick my clit Sweetness!”


Held in place by the young woman’s hand Faith’s essence flooded, filling Joyce’s mouth, her senses and she began to obey, her tongue sliding between the slick, rippled, contoured flesh searching the strangely alien yet familiar territory to find the hard pip, flicking it gently with her tongue.


Above her she felt rather than heard Faith hiss a gasp of sheer pleasure.


“Ssssssss…ohhhh yeahhhh – that’s goooooood Joyce…mmmmmmm!”


Joyce’s tongue lapped at the tiny jutting nub. She found herself settling unresistingly to a natural rhythm that syncopated with the gasping, rocking movements of Faith’s hips.


“Ohhhhhhh that’s gooooood Joyce…mmmmm…such a natural…mmmm…come on now Sweetness get your fingers busy in your pussy as well…flick that bean for me…want you to get yourself off while you make me come in your mouth…mmmmmm-goooood!”


Leaning forward on her hands above Joyce Faith peered down below her supporting arms so she could watch as Joyce began to obey.


The older woman’s thighs tensed, her toes curling slightly as she did so, her fingers beginning to circle her clitoris in a pattern that was all too familiar to her. Her sex pulsed in response and her thighs tensed. She was unable to refuse the sense of arousal that assailed her.


With her head encased between Faith’s thighs, her mouth clamped, welded to her sex, filling with the oozing flow of the young brunette’s juices as her tongue worked harder at Faith’s pebble Joyce felt swathed. She could feel herself surrendering and sensuality taking her over.


Her fingers rubbed harder, faster on her clit matching the movement of her tongue.


“Mmm…mmmm…mmmmmfhhh…” she groaned into the other woman.


“Ohhhh…oh fuck…Joyce yes…like that…just…there…ohhhhhh… ohhhhhmmm-mmmmm…oh yeah… …ohhhhhhhh… yeah…just…there… …like…that…ohhhh…oh-gonna come in your mouth Joyce…in…your… …hungry…little…whore’s…mouth…ohhhh…gonna come…ahhh…ah-ah-ah-ahhhhhhhh!!!”


Faith’s words were muffled but unmistakeable to Joyce even as the younger woman’s thighs seemed to tighten around her head while her hips began to jerk and spasm. And in reply her own body seemed to quake, her clitoris burning, throbbing as she teased it – herself – to her own climax.


Shuddering below Faith her orgasm rattled through her seconds after her new lover’s.




It was some moments before Joyce recovered. Opening her eyes she saw Faith’s torso as it towered above her, the younger woman’s flat belly, her neatly furred groin above her nose.


Her mouth still glued to the sticky wetness of Faith’s core.


She was drained. If rational thought had been possible she may have questioned when had been the last time she had experienced two orgasms in succession like that. But her head still span, reeling at what had happened.


“Mmmmm…ohhh…yeah…that was goooood! You are so a natural cunt licker, Sweetness. Oh I’m going to do that with you *a lot*!” Faith groaned.


Through the connection of her mouth to Faith’s sex Joyce felt the aftermath of the younger woman’s pleasure shudder through her. She felt a sort of aching response in herself from deep inside her core and she felt a strange sense of loss as Faith swung a leg back over her, dismounting from her face.


Joyce lay silent, lost for words in a welter of confused emotions; shock; exhausted bliss; dismay and revulsion as Faith settled down beside her on the settee.


“Mmmmm…I’m going to love doing that with you Joyce…” she said as she snuggled up against her, sliding a thigh over hers. “You are going to get fucked a lot…I’m going to do you so often you’re not gonna be able to tell which is your mouth and which is your cunt…or which is your ass-hole…ohhhh yeahhh!” She finished in triumph, her lips making a hickey on Joyce’s neck.


Joyce’s head whirled as she listened, her body throbbed but inside her mind a voice sounded out.


“Ohhh…oh-oh n-nno…” she said, weakly at first her hesitant tones gaining a little strength. “F-Faith…you shouldn’t…we can’t…I-I-I’m n-not g-gay…I d-don’t want to…please Faith…this was very…err…nice…but…no…I don’t think so.”


Faith leaned up on her elbow looking down at Joyce and grinned.


“What makes you think you get a choice Sweetness?” she asked quirking her brows.


Joyce’s jaw fell.


“B-but – you can’t…I mean…I’m a grown woman…I’m old enough to be your mother…and I said…” she paused to gather all her determination and strength of will. “And I’m telling you…this can’t happen again.”


She looked hard at Faith. The sight of the younger woman’s grin was disconcerting.


Faith shook her head slowly, lifting off of her.


“And I’m telling you it is! You may be old enough to be my mother but you’re hot enough to be my whore…so the sooner you get used to it Joyce, the better – I call it want – take – have…n’ I want you! And right now I want you in your bed right now so I can enjoy you properly. So be quiet and get your ass up those stairs to bed or I’m gonna have to spank you!”


“No!” Joyce cried out. “Aren’t you listening Faith – I “don’t* want to!”


Faith’s face hardened, her eyes narrowing.


“And I *don’t care* Joyce!” she retorted sitting up. “I warned you Joyce, I really did, but if you won’t do as you’re told – you’re gonna have to learn the hard way. I warned you I’d have to spank you!”


“What? No!” came the older woman’s disbelieving gasp in reply.


“Yes! Now get up Joyce!!”


Unfortunately for Joyce her shock left her suddenly vulnerable. Faith was also, surprisingly, stronger than her slender frame suggested. Though she tried to fight back the struggle was brief and she found herself swiftly over-powered as Faith stood up, dragged Joyce to her feet and wrestled her down over her knee.


Joyce was unclear how she had got there or how her hands were captured behind her back.


“No I’m not gonna say I ain’t gonna to enjoy this Joyce, but I had kinda planned your first spanking for another time. Tonight I was just gonna make love to you…still…” Her hand smoothed over Joyce’s trembling upturned buttocks. “Such a great ass needs spanking”


“Nooooo!” Joyce cried struggling helplessly again.


“Yes! A good, hard spanking!” Faith responded as if it was a refrain and lifted her hand to bring it down sharply and a crisp hard spank on Joyce’s left buttock where it left a brief red impression.


“Ahhhh!” Joyce cried out in surprise.


“Oh come on Joyce – that was hardly anything. We’re just getting started. It’s gonna get *much* worse than that!”


Faith’s hand rose again to come down in a heavy spank.


“Ahhhhhh!” Joyce cried her legs kicking.


Faith’s hand rose and fell in a barrage of burning swats across the older woman’s rump leaving Joyce struggling and wriggling over her lap as she squealed and cried out for mercy.


“P-please Faith...owww…pleeeeeaaaaze!”


*spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* 


But there was no mercy to be had and Faith’s hand continued to fall in a barrage of searing spanks.


“Get used to this Joyce ‘cos this is gonna happen to you a lot from now on doll!” the younger woman barked pausing briefly after a rapid flurry of spanks. “To keep you in control!”


Her hand fell again; *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank* and Joyce wept.


Eventually though Faith’s hand ceased to rain down on Joyce’s upturned rear. The younger woman was breathing heavily, her shapely breasts rising and falling at more than the simple exertion. Her flesh, flushed with excitement and desire; her nipples erect, taut and hard like fat pencil erasers, she urged Joyce to rise and to stand before her naked and quite submissive now; her head bowed in deference and surrender. Admiring her handiwork Faith’s right hand slipped down between her legs to stroke herself, the other rubbed the stiff pebble of her nipple.


“Mmmmmm…so hot! Oh damn I’m going to fuck you so hard!” she groaned before standing to pull her close, holding her tight, pressing their bodies together, hip to hip, her hands reaching to find the hurt of Joyce’s bottom clasping its tender heat; her mouth demanding, her tongue forceful as she kissed her deeply, hungrily, passionately.


“Now…like I said…I’m going to take you upstairs and *fuck* you, Sweetness…” Faith had said breathily as she broke their kiss. She turned away from Joyce briefly to reclaim her jacket before turning to draw her by the hand towards the stairs.


And so it was a tearful Joyce Summers who was led upstairs, her bottom ablaze; a deep scarlet flush of fiery anguish covering every inch of her rounded buttocks as she followed, obedient and compliant, behind the young brunette.


At the top of the stairs Faith kissed her again sliding a thigh once again between her legs to press up hard against her sex. Despite her distress Joyce shuddered, moaning her body betraying her; her pussy kissing Faith’s thigh wetly.


“Mmmmm,” Faith purred. “That’s good Joyce honey. I’m glad you’re feeling horny again. It’s fucking amazing what a good spanking can do!”


Joyce whimpered but was powerless to prevent the younger woman from pressing her across the landing and into the sanctuary of her bedroom.


“Nice,” Faith said softly as she looked around the simple but elegant bedroom of a middle aged divorcee. The furnishings spoke of Joyce’s refined sense of taste without needing to appeal to another or showing any of the signs of a shared space.


“I knew you’d have a classy bedroom Joyce…but I bet it’s been a long time since you’ve shared that bed!”


Her eyes had sparkled wickedly as she had shoved Joyce backwards sharply so she fell with a cry back onto the bed, her legs scissoring, flashing the dark pink cleft of her fig.


Joyce gasped a little in pain as her buttocks fell back onto the sheets. But there was a different reason behind the gasp that followed as she watched Faith reach into the pocket of her jacket to extract a large black, silicone dildo complete with a soft leather harness. She watched speechless quaking with a strangely inquisitive fear as Faith stepped into the harness setting the intriguingly curved dildo so that it protruded massively, jutting like a monster erection.


“Mmmmmm-goooood…” she purred taking the dildo in her fist. “Ohh I’m gonna enjoy this Joyce!”


And it turned out that she wasn’t lying.


The bed dipped a little under her slight weight as she knelt between Joyce’s feet before taking her ankles in her hands to spread her legs wider, lifting her feet up and pushing them back as she moved up the bed towards her centre.


Joyce felt herself being spread open, exposed. She felt Faith’s eyes, heavy and lustful on the gape of her womanhood. She shuddered, whimpering, an involuntary shiver of arousal rippled through her as Faith rested her ankles on her shoulders and leaned forwards to spread the petals of Joyce’s fig with the fingers of one hand while grasping her shaft with the other.


“Ohhh…” Joyce almost sobbed in response as she was split open.


“Such a pretty pink cunt!” Faith said admiringly. “And *so* wet!”


The head of the shaft nudged against Joyce, her sex kissing it wetly.


“Ohhhh…” the older woman moaned.


“Mmmm….nice baby…ready to be fucked! You want my cock in your little, wet cunt don’t you?”


Joyce bit her lip before giving a tiny nod of assent.




“Say it Joyce…say what you want.”


“Ohhh…” Joyce coloured deep crimson from her belly to her eyes. “P-p-please Faith…d-don’t make me…”


“Tell me Sweetness…” Faith’s voice was hard. “Or do you want me to spank you again?”


“Ohhh…oh n-no Faith…please…”


“Well then…waiting…”


Joyce swallowed.


“P-pleas F-Faith,” she stammered. “I w-want y-your c-cock…i-in my…c-cunt…I w-want you to fu-fuck me Faith…p-please…”


“Good girl!” Faith purred. “I knew you could do it…you are so hot Joyce…” And she pressed forwards with her hips so the dildo’s head slipped past Joyce’s lips to nudge the taut, slick mouth of her tunnel.


“Nnnnuhh…” Joyce’s groan became a gasping moan, a cry of pleasure and anguish as the shaft sank into her. “Nnnnuuuhmmmmuhhh…ahhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh-ooooooh!” she cried as it stretched her walls; and her thighs took the weight of Faith’s body as the younger woman leaned into her, bearing down, pressing her knees against her breasts as she thrust into her.


“Ohh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Joyce panted softly as her body adjusted to accommodate the dildo, her inner walls quaking around it, clasping.


And then Faith began to ease back only to sink back into her; deeper this time, swifter, harder.




“Ohh yeahhhh baby!” Faith groaned in reply. “Oh fuhck me! Oh I’ve waited so long to bang you Sweetness!”


Faith eased out again to drive back in making her shudder and groan, their hips rolling together as she pumped her, increasing the force and rhythm of her thrusts; pounding down into Joyce’s exposed, vulnerable body, crushing the older woman beneath her, forcing a wordless stream crying, gasping moans from her like a pair of bellows being worked.


“Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!! Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Nmmfh! Nmmfh! Ohh! Ohh! Uhh! Uhh! Huhh! Nnnnfhh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ohhfhh! Oooofh! Oooofh! Unnnfh! Mmmmfh! Ah! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ohhh! Ahgghhh! Ahgghhh! Ahhh-gahhh! Ahhh! Ohhh! Ohhhhhh! OHHHH! AHHHH! OOOOFFF! OOOOFFF! OOOOFFFHH! OHHHHHHH! AHHHH!” 


And as Faith pounded her remorselessly, her eyes bright, her face strained with delight at the sight of the older woman’s surrender, Joyce’s cries grew wilder, louder more extravagant.




And when she came it was like a tidal wave crashing over and through her, washing her away from herself until, utterly lost in the sensation of her orgasm she crashed, fainting right away.



Later Joyce lay curled against Faith, her head resting on the younger woman’s shoulder, within the possessive circle of her arm. Despite herself Joyce felt comfortable; warm. She felt safe. A sense of belonging no matter how strange filled her. If she had been able to put a word to the feeling she would have said that she felt as if she was held and secure. Her body ached, her buttocks still bruised and tender.


She found herself struggling to assimilate what had happened to her that night.


And that was only the first time that Faith took her that first night. The younger woman’s appetite was deep and sharp and she made love to Joyce four more times, taking her from behind and then repeating their first time before having her climb on top and mount the dildo herself. And then later she woke her from sleep to take her from behind once more.


Eventually exhaustion claimed them both and Faith let Joyce sleep.


But despite her exhaustion, the confusion of Joyce’s thoughts infected her dreams which were troubled filled with dark, sexual imaginings that were all too new, too strange and disturbing to her, and she woke, weary and aching, poorly rested.



She was alone, the bed empty beside her.


Confused, she rose with a frown. Somehow her heart felt heavy. She wanted to ask the younger woman what it had all meant; she wanted to talk to her about had happened between them; what they had done. Instead, though a part of her was glad that Faith had gone, she felt lonely, confused, abandoned.


As she rose she saw at least an indication of Faith’s presence; a sign that she had not simply dreamed the whole thing. Beside her on the pillow, she saw a scrap of black. Picking it up she recognised it as Faith’s thong and with it was a hastily scrawled note.


‘Just so you don’t forget me….’


She lifted them to her face and inhaled. The deep, musky perfume of her lover’s body swept over her again and she trembled, shuddering in recollection, remembering everything, every detail. She was unable to resist the sudden wave of desire that assailed her and despite the aches and pains of her abused body her hand found her clitoris and she sighed.





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