Maid For Summers

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Upon hearing her alarm Faith's first instinct was to smash it, but her training forced her to reach over and calmly turn it off. She allowed herself a few seconds to reminisce about the times that she could sleep until noon, and sometimes even later. Of course she quickly reminded herself that back then she had been miserable, so she flung the sheets off of herself. Then just as quietly as she could, she crept through the house and while her Mistresses slept peacefully in their beds Faith gave herself a quick but thorough shower, making sure she would be nice and clean for her wonderful owners, Faith unable to resist peeking in on their sleeping forms.

The urge to touch herself was nearly unbearable, especially in the shower, however whilst Faith was a bit of a slut for a spanking she wouldn't risk upsetting any of them. Not on this special day. So she tiptoed her way down both sides of the stairs to her room in the basement and began dressing herself. As she squeezed herself into her French maids uniform Faith did spare a glance to the leather pants and jacket she was still allowed to wear while slaying, but if she was honest with herself neither was that comfortable, and either way she looked smoking hot. She always did, but it was important that she look her best today.

Once her uniform was in place Faith admired herself in the mirror. The top half was squeezing her boobs so tightly it was painful and there was so much cleavage they were almost popping out, the bottom half was so short it barely covered her ass, and even after all this time it was still awkward walking around in high heels. The look was completed by a garter belt, thigh-high stockings and the ridiculous-looking headpiece. It looked all so frilly and girly, the kind of thing only the most shameless of subs would wear, and Faith loved it. Especially as the back was see-through, exposing the tramp stamp which proudly stated what she was, the 'Property of the Summers Family'.

She looked totally fuck-able, and she was sure that her three tops would agree, Faith hoping she wouldn't have to wait too long for them to ravage her. After all, normally she was fucked multiple times a day, but Mistress Joyce and Mistress Buffy had been teasing they would wait until after dinner to get the real party started, which sounded like a total nightmare to Faith. She was pretty sure they were just screwing with her head though, given their previous track record, Faith reminiscing about the past as she continued looking herself up and down. Specifically how this all started, and how the first time she showed up on the Summers doorstep she thought she was going to be the one who was top dog in the Summers family, something which nowadays made Faith laugh.


"What's up Mrs S." Faith had grinned seductively when Buffy's Mom had finally answered the door.

"Faith, is everything alright? Is Buffy okay?" Mistress Joyce had asked with genuine concern in her voice, which was more than Faith's Mom had shown her.

Swallowing down the bitterness Faith had smiled, "Everything is fine. She's just doing another sweep. Can I come in? I want to talk."

Proving she wasn't stupid Mistress Joyce had hesitated and checked Faith was wearing a cross necklace before nodding and holding the door open, allowing Faith to stroll in like she owned the place, looking around and then lying, "Nice place you got here Mrs S."

"Thank you." Mistress Joyce had said.

"Is lil Dawnie tucked up in bed?" Faith had asked, slowly approaching her prey.

"She's out like a light." Mistress Joyce had frowned, "Why do you ask?"

Faith had smirked, "Well, I was thinking maybe we coul get to know each other a little better."

"Is that right?" Mistress Joyce had raised an eyebrow.

Grinning widely Faith had leaned in and whispered, "Tell me Joyce, when was the last time you got fucked?"

Mistress Joyce had smiled, "You'd be surprised."

"Oh, feisty. I love that in a bottom." Faith had beamed.

"Oh Faith, I'm not a bottom." Mistress Joyce had smiled, "But clearly you are."

Faith had frowned, "Excuse me?"

"You're a bottom." Mistress Joyce had shrugged, "The posturing, the false confidence, the attitude? I've seen it all before. You're a classic case of an overcompensating bottom who's afraid to be what she truly is."

There had been a pause and then Faith had threatened her future Mistress, "You know what Joyce? I was going to let B come home to find your ass gaping, and doing the same to all her little friends before finally making her mine, but now you've pissed me off maybe I'll just skip to making her mine. Maybe I'll do it in front of you. Maybe I'll pound her tight little ass so hard I wake up little Dawnie and then line all three of you up so I can go back and forth between you, using all your little fuck holes for my pleasure. How does that sound?"

There had been another pause, longer than before, and then Mistress Joyce had offered, "I'll tell you what Faith, I'll do whatever you want, be the biggest bottom you've ever had, if you just do one thing for me first."

Faith had frowned suspiciously, "What's that?"

Mistress Joyce had smirked, "Take a spanking without getting wet."

"That's it?" Faith scoffed, "You sure you want to give your ass up to me that easy?"

"Do you?" Mistress Joyce had asked.

Faith had frowned, and then after a brief pause scoffed, "Let's just get this over with."

Mistress Joyce had smiled, "Follow me."

With that Mistress Joyce had turned around and headed up the stairs, Faith following close behind and admiring the middle-aged piece of ass which she had thought would soon be hers. She had been so naive. Then they had got to clearly what was Mistress Joyce's room and Faith had been wordlessly invited in again, again walking in like she owned the place. She remembered being a little disappointed that Mistress Joyce lock the door, but it wasn't like that wold have stopped Mistress Buffy if she had come home to find screams coming from her Mom's bedroom, Faith so lost in the fantasy of her fellow Slayer walking in on her topping her precious Mommy that she almost missed Mistress Joyce sitting down on the bed and calling out to her.

"Good, then bend over my knee." Mistress Joyce had smiled and calmly told her.

As she had said that Mistress Joyce had patted her knee, and even back then Faith had felt a weird down low tingle that she couldn't explain. In her arrogance she had ignored it, strolled over to Mistress Joyce and bent over her knee. There was then a long pause when Mistress Joyce just stared at her leather clad ass, Faith grinning instantly at the way the older woman lusted over her. Then Mistress Joyce had placed a hand down on Faith's ass, which was no big deal at first, but then the blonde had started to grope Faith's butt in a way that the Slayer would have never allowed any man or woman to do, and deal or no deal there was only so much of this Faith could put up with before she opened her mouth to demand the older woman get on with it.

However the second Faith opened her mouth Mistress Joyce smacked her ass with all her strength, causing the supernaturally strong top to let out an embarrassingly high-pitched squeal. Blushing furiously Faith promised herself that wouldn't happen again, and at least for the next few minutes she was able to keep that promise, but it wasn't easy. Mistress Joyce had bombarded her behind with brutal blow after brutal blow, which wasn't even the worst part. Faith was a bad ass Vampire Slayer, she could handle pain. What she wasn't used too was humiliation, and those first half a dozen blows that came in between Mistress Joyce continuing to grope her ass, normally delivering a few hard smacks before going right back to treating her butt like a piece of meat.

What was worse was the verbal humiliation, Mistress Joyce telling her, "You know Faith, I have no idea how you can think you're a top. This hot little ass of yours was clearly made for spanking. On some level you must know that. Why else would you wear these tight leather pants. Mmmmmm, and they do look good on you. But I think they're getting in the way, and given this is your first spanking I really think it needs to be bare bottom."

With that Mistress Joyce had reached underneath Faith's body and unbuttoned her pants with the kind of ease which made it very clear this wasn't her first time doing this. Then she firmly grabbed her pants by both sides and then slowly began pulling them down. Having been on the other end of this Faith knew just how erotic it was to have some bitch's ass slowly revealed to her, only now she was the bitch, which made her cheeks burn with shame. And she only got more red when Mistress Joyce pulled the pants down far enough to reveal exactly what she was wearing, causing the older woman to giggle with delight and taunt her some more.

"Wow, really? A thong?" Mistress Joyce had shook her head, "And you think you're a top?"

"Hey, I like the way that they make my butt look, okay?" Faith had protested, even though it didn't stop her from blushing again.

"Who wouldn't?" Mistress Joyce had asked, taking a few more long seconds to stare at the beautiful sight before her adding, "But it still needs to go."

Mistress Joyce had then grabbed hold of the thong and pulled it down around to join Faith's leather pants around Faith's knees, and then she slid her hand over the teen's ass cheeks again, this time touching bare skin. Faith had half expected Mistress Joyce to spend the next few minutes groping her butt, which was technically true, but it came in between more hard strikes to her behind, which was actually something of a relief for Faith. Pain was always something she could handle to a degree, and at that point it had been a welcome distraction from suffering the humiliation of her first ever bare bottom spanking.

As was typical for her back then any little joy or small comfort was inevitably taken away, and while in reality Mistress Joyce had probably been spanking her for quite a while before she began slowly decreasing the time in between blows at the time it had felt like much more of a sudden transition. Which would have been alright if she could have just kept her damn mouth shut, but Mistress Joyce had also increased the force behind her smacks, and while it still couldn't compare to the worst pain Faith had ever felt it was enough to force cries of pain out of her, which had just made her feel even more humiliated.

It didn't help matters that her butt had been aching from the constant abuse, and it was only getting worse as the assault continued. Through it all Faith had been aware of the growing wetness between her thighs, and although that hadn't proved she was a pure bottom it had seemed to prove that Mistress Joyce had been right about her not being a pure top, and that revelation combined with the fact that she was fucking getting wet from being spanked made Faith cry. As in literal tears had fallen from her eyes, she had even sobbed like a little baby. God, even at her lowest she had never been quite that pathetic before, or hated herself quite that much. Then just when Faith hadn't thought it could get any worse Mistress Joyce had stopped, stuck her hand in between her legs and grinned.

"Looks like you lose Faith." Mistress Joyce had pointed out before pushing Faith to the floor, then when the humiliated Slayer, who was still sobbing pathetically, reached down to try and pull up her pants Mistress Joyce had firmly ordered her, "No! Don't cover up that perfect little ass of yours. I'll want access to it in a minute."

When Mistress Joyce had called her ass perfect for the first time Faith had blushed, but even then she had felt a weird sense of pride at the compliment which wasn't quite the same as her usual arrogance over her looks. Then Mistress Joyce had started slowly taking off her clothes, revealing quite a rocking body for a woman her age, the sight finally making Faith quit sobbing as lingering pain was replaced with lust. Figuring if the other woman was down to party in at least some way Faith had grabbed her own top and pulled it over her head. When she wasn't scolded for that she scurried to take off the rest of her things, although that meant she was waiting in the nude for almost a full minute when Mistress Joyce had finally taken off the last of her clothing.

Mercifully without any foreplay Mistress Joyce had walked up to where Faith was kneeling, shoved her face in between her legs and ordered, "Lick me."

It didn't really occur to Faith at the time but Mistress Joyce had definitely been further establishing her dominance over her by standing tall and proud while keeping a firm grip on the back of her head, although honestly Faith felt that it was her most forgivable mistake of the night given she had a yummy pussy in front of her. What was she supposed to do, not lick it? No way could she ever do that. Faith had always loved eating pussy. She hadn't cared that the few other tops she had met at that point had thought it was the act of a bottom, she couldn't get enough. Which as it turns out was a hint to what she really was, and she had just been too stupid to realise it.

Mistress Joyce had further pushed Faith down the path of submission by offering simple rewards in the form of soft moans and gentle praise, "That's a good slut Faith, lick that pussy of mine. Mmmmm, you're so good at that. Oooooooh yes, this isn't your first time, I can tell. Yesssssss, you're a born cunt muncher Faith, and I'm going to make sure from now on you get plenty of practice."

Faith hadn't really analysed that last comment as much as she should have, just shrugging it off as maybe this wouldn't be a one time thing, and damn, would she love to eat this pussy again. Then again she couldn't have possibly guess that at that moment Mistress Joyce had been evaluating her potential as a sex slave, and not even just as her sex slave, just like she had done for the rest of the night. In her wildest dreams Faith couldn't have imagined that she would be enslaved by a middle-aged woman with no supernatural powers, but that's exactly what had happened and she loved Mistress Joyce for it. At the time though, she just revelled in the compliments and kept eagerly licking Mistress Joyce's pussy.

Even back then Faith remembered thinking how helpful Mistress Joyce was, telling her exactly what she wanted her to do in great detail. Where to lick, how fast she wanted, exactly how much did she want her clit sucked or entrance teased, even the right amount of teeth. For a seemingly respectable mother Mistress Joyce hadn't been afraid to ask for a little clit nibbling, and Faith respected her for it. Still did. She liked it herself, although nowadays she was almost always the giver, only receiving a pussy munching if it was a special occasion, or she had been really good. Or if one of her Mistresses was in just a really, really good mood, although that normally meant she was in for an extra long, hard, deep ass pounding, the type of which even with Slayer healing she would be feeling for days later.

Faith frowned. Where was she? Oh yeah, the first time she had the privilege of eating Mistress Joyce's honey pot, and how much better it was than any other time she had gone down on another girl. And Faith had already eaten a lot of pussy at that point as she was a proud pussy whore. But this really was just something else, and not just for the wonderful taste, although that was exquisite. No, what Faith loved the most was Mistress Joyce hadn't just laid-back and whimpered pathetically, or quickly dissolved into just moaning her name, God's name and a few random curses. No, she told her exactly what she wanted, and Faith had thought that was as hot as hell, and still did. It's just now she saw it for what it was, a top telling a bottom what to do.

At the time Faith had just thought it was a sign she should hook up with more older chicks. That it was true what they said, older chicks knew exactly what they wanted and weren't afraid to ask for it. Although Faith learned there was a flipside to that as the desire to make this sexy older woman cum for her became almost overwhelming. However she hadn't wanted to displease Mistress Joyce by making her cum sooner than she wanted. She had been literally waiting for permission to make Mistress Joyce cum, and somehow that hadn't set off any alarm bells in her pretty little head. Fuck, she was such a dumb bitch. Thank God her Mistresses had put her in her place, otherwise she'd probably be dead by now.

Also in retrospect it probably hadn't been that long until she got permission, it was just Faith had been so starving for cum at that point it felt like an eternity until Mistress Joyce cried out, "Fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue. Tongue fuck me you little rug munching bitch, mmmmmmm, I want you tooooooo oooooooooh Gooooooooooddddddd yesssssssssss, fuckkkkkkkkk meeeeee aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!"

As soon as she had heard what she had been waiting to hear Faith had slammed her tongue as deep into Mistress Joyce as it would go. Given how much teasing Mistress Joyce had insisted on Faith should have guessed the real top would want the tongue to enter her slowly. Maybe she even had and had been too desperate for Mistress Joyce's cum to care. Either way it was one of the few parts of this memory that she didn't enjoy. In fact it made her blush with shame at how selfish she had been. But she never forgot it, as it was a sign of how far she had come in her training. Luckily Mistress Joyce had forgiven her for that mistake, and acting before she finished speaking, and not immediately taking the yummy pussy away from her.

Although admittedly that had a lot to do with just how hard Faith had been making Mistress Joyce cum, Faith remembered with a wicked smile. The long, sometimes frustrating build-up had a lot to do with it, but even before her very thorough training Faith liked to think she was a good cunt muncher. Not nearly as good as she was now she'd had the bitch training she'd so desperately needed, but she still made plenty of girls cum in her mouth. Nice and hard too. Although it wasn't on the level she had reached now, or even how hard she made Mistress Joyce cum that first wonderful time. Because damn, Faith had been absolutely drenched in thatt heavenly liquid.

The fact that Mistress Joyce had started roughly humping her face, and her initial shock at just how good this woman tasted, hadn't helped. Not that had stopped Faith from swallowing as much of Mistress Joyce's girl cum as possible, or the fact that as soon as the older woman started coming down from her high Faith ha shoved her tongue back inside her cunt and brutally fucked it until she got a fresh batch of girl cum. That had continued for a few heavenly minutes, before Mistress Joyce had shoved her away, Faith landing on her sore butt and letting out a long cry before getting on her knees and beginning to rub it, the fact that the older woman had to sit back on the bed as she gasped for breath making Faith feel much better about herself.

Faith had even grinned wickedly and told her future Mistress, "You're welcome."

Faith blushed at her past cheekiness, even as her now very slutty butt quivered as she remembered what happened next, namely Mistress Joyce scowling at her and then ordering, "Stand up."

Feeling more like herself Faith had obeyed with a smirk on her face, "Alright, now we can really start-"

"Faith, shut up!" Mistress Joyce had said firmly, "And turn around."

There had been a brief staring contest and then Faith had slowly turned her back on her future owner, something she would initially think of as a mistake, like everything else about the evening, but now Faith saw them as great decisions. Maybe even her true destiny revealing itself. Either way the result was the same, Mistress Joyce getting behind her and sliding her hands all over her ass cheeks again, squeezing and groping them maybe even more than before, which was saying a lot. And like before Faith just blushed and did nothing like the bottom desperate to be enslaved that she had been. Fuck, she even remembered whimpering at first because her ass was just so sore, and still she did nothing. God, she had been such a obvious pure bottom. And still was.

"Nice." Mistress Joyce had murmured.

"Thanks." Faith had blushed.

Ignoring her Mistress Joyce had asked, "You know my favourite thing in the world Faith?"

"What?" Faith had murmured softly.

"Anal cherries." Mistress Joyce had revealed softly, "I love taking the anal cherry of a hot little bottom. There's nothing sexier than a bottom getting her ass stuffed for the first time. The little gasps and whimpers they make as I fill up their little asses with every inch of my cock, the way they moan as I begin to fuck their butts for the very first time, and the moment they realise the true purpose of their back holes is just so addictive. But the best part, is the penetration. Knowing that you’re the first, that you've managed to get this hottie to give up her most private hole to you, her most forbidden hole, maybe even a whole she never thought she'd give to anyone, mmmmmm, that's so hot. Anyone can take a pussy cherry, but the ass? That's special. It takes a real woman to take an ass. A real... top. Not some wannabe. Here, let me show you."

Faith had whimpered as Mistress Joyce had slowly pushed her towards the bed, eventually croaking, "Please!"

"Shut up and spread your cheeks." Mistress Joyce had softly but firmly demanded as she pushed Faith onto the bed and retrieved her favourite strap-on and some lube.

Meanwhile Faith had crawled into the centre of the bed like a zombie, the entire time looking over her shoulder at the dominant older woman as she slowly stepped into the harness, pulled it up her thighs and strapped it firmly around her waist before covering it with the lube. Nearly the entire time Mistress Joyce had been staring directly at her, their gazes meeting a few times although Faith had always looked away to eye the large cock which had been about to take her ass. Her virgin ass. Another woman had been clearly about to take her virgin ass, forever robbing her of her anal virginity, and all Faith had done was kneel there on all fours like the little bitch she was, and always would be.

Then Mistress Joyce had got on the bed behind her while still stroking the dildo as if it had been real, before firmly telling her, "I will not ask you again."

Faith remembered being scared and horrified as she once again whimpered pathetically and obeyed her future Mistress by reaching back and spreading her cheeks, offering up her virgin ass hole to the woman who was old enough to be her mother. Faith had then felt a slight feeling of relief as Mistress Joyce squirted some of the lubricant she had been using on the shaft directly onto Faith's back door, the cold liquid touching her making the Slayer gasp slightly, and then whimper pathetically as she blushed as she had been again reminded what was about to happen and yet she did nothing. Except let out another gasp and whimper when Mistress Joyce began rubbing the lubricant in with a finger. Then both women cried out as Mistress Joyce slowly pushed that finger inside Faith's virgin butt.

"Oh my God Faith, your ass! Oooooooh, I've never felt anything so tight!" Mistress Joyce moaned, before grinning wickedly, "Mmmmmm, this is going to be heaven."

Again Faith should have really lashed out angrily, but not only did she do nothing but she actually felt a weird sense of pride that the tightness of her ass hole was pleasing this incredibly dominant top. It was a feeling that didn't go away as Mistress Joyce continued softly moaning as she buried her finger up to the knuckle in Slayer ass and then gently pumped it for a few long minutes, before adding a second finger. All of which felt disturbingly good, Faith wanting to tell the older woman to stop more than ever, but still she hadn't. She still hadn't when Mistress Joyce pulled her fingers out and then replace them with her strap-on, cruelly sliding it up and down Faith's crack for a few long seconds before firmly pressing against her target.

Then Mistress Joyce had taunted, "Tell me again how you're a top."

With that she had rammed forwards, popping Faith's anal cherry with one hard thrust. As her ass hole had stretched so did Faith's eyes, and when her virgin hole had stretched wide enough for something to slide through it Faith had let out a loud cry, let go of her cheeks and then grabbed the bed sheets while gritting her teeth to deal with the sharp and unusual pain. As a Slayer she'd had worse, and even before that she'd had worse, but it wasn't just a violation of her body, it was a violation of her soul. An assault on her identity itself. And that was a kind of pain she just hadn't been prepared for, her eyes even got teary with overwhelming shame and humiliation, which she had to wallow in for a few long seconds.

Then she had received a hard strike to her ass, followed by Mistress Joyce ordering, "Keep your cheek spread bitch!"

Again without her permission Faith's hands had shot behind her and pulled her cheeks apart as wide as they would go. Thankfully Mistress Joyce had then given her a few seconds to relax before she pushed forwards, slowly but steadily filling Faith's virgin ass with rubber cock. It had felt so unbelievably weird that first-time, but even in the moment of her ultimate defeat/surrender it had felt weirdly right, and even natural, to have a more dominant woman's strap-on dick travelling through her butt, slowly stretching it out for future use. To her shame at the time Faith was pretty sure she had even moaned as she was slowly anally invaded. Although she had also whimpered in humiliation.

Mostly Faith managed to stay silent, although there were a few sounds which inevitably escaped her lips, like a sigh of relief when Mistress Joyce's thighs had finally come to rest against her hands/butt cheeks. Or at least initially she felt relief. Then she felt overwhelming humiliation and shame, even more than before, and the knowledge that the entire length of that big dildo was now buried up her butt. She, bad ass Vampire Slayer Faith Lehane, had just been anally skewered by a middle-aged Mom who was powerless against her, and yet there she was, bent over and still spreading her cheeks with an ass filled with rubber dick like a little bitch.

Mistress Joyce had then made her cry out like a little bitch as she began pumping her hips back and forth, in turn causing the big dildo to slide in and out of Faith's now officially former virgin ass hole. And these were no soppy thrusts, not that Faith had been expecting them to be at that point. No, right from the start Mistress Joyce had sodomised her with the type of skill and passion only a true top could gain after years of practice. It simultaneously impressed Faith and maybe more than anything else proved that she really hadn't even known until that point what a real top was. That she had just been a posturing wannabe. A bottom begging to be put in her place by a real woman like Joyce Summers.

That became increasingly more obvious as whatever pain Faith felt quickly changed to just a little discomfort being drowned out by pleasure, and then eventually pure pleasure as Mistress Joyce effortlessly loosened up her rectum and turned it into a welcoming cock depository. Suddenly it wasn't just cries of shame and humiliation Faith was trying to hide. There were still plenty of those, but what was more frequent was cries, gasps, whimpers and eventually moans of pure pleasure as Mistress Joyce continued the incredibly skilful butt fucking, breaking Faith a little more with every thrust. Well, in many ways she already had, but at least for that moment Faith had continued to fight the fact that it was her destiny to be Mistress Joyce's bitch.

"It's okay Faith, you can moan as loud as you want." Mistress Joyce had told her, "Dawnie sleeps like a rock, and more than anything I want Buffy to come home to find your bitch ass taking my big cock, so she can see you for what you really are. Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, moan for me you little bitch! Moan as I fuck you up the ass."

Mistress Joyce hadn't said that much, at least not compared to Faith when she was pretending she was a top, but it really got to Faith. Not in the way that it finally made her fight back of course, oh no, in the way that she increasingly started to moan, once again giving Mistress Joyce what she wanted. Although that was partly because Mistress Joyce had pushed her hands off her ass cheeks and then started increasing the force of her thrusts until her thighs were smacking loudly off Faith's butt cheeks. Almost as loudly as Faith was moaning and whimpering in shame and pleasure. Then after an eternity of feeling overwhelming pleasure but not cumming Mistress Joyce had started taunting her again.

"Tell me again how you're a top." Mistress Joyce had commanded flatly, "Tell me again what you were going to do to my ass hole. To my daughters ass holes. To us and every woman in this town. Tell me as I'm taking your little ass hole and turning it into the bitch hole it was always meant to be."

In response Faith just whimpered again and lowered her head, which had been enough for Mistress Joyce and the older woman had started giving Faith what she had no idea at the time she so desperately needed, a good hard ass wrecking. And oh, that first-time felt like a literal wrecking, Mistress Joyce later having confessed that as Faith was a Slayer she had been deliberately more rough with her than any other first timer, and she was just waiting for her to beg for mercy, which she would have happily given. Only none came. Instead Faith squealed in ecstasy, lifted her upper half up so she was on all fours, and then began slamming herself back against the big dildo, making sure that Mistress Joyce fucked her ass as deep and hard as possible.

As months turned into years Faith couldn't remember if pushing herself back came before or after her first anally induced orgasm. All she knew was that when it finally hit that orgasm changed her life forever, because afterwards no matter how much she tried to deny it she couldn't truly make herself believe she was a top ever again. It also made her berserk, so much so Mistress Joyce had even given up on the thrusting and allowed Faith to do all the work, the teen slamming her now very slutty ass hole to orgasm after orgasm as her cum squirted from her cunt and the greatest ecstasy she had ever known overwhelmed her poor body.

Even when she hadn't thought she could take any more and she collapsed in a whimpering heap Faith's ass wasn't safe from the dildo which had just wrecked it. No, Mistress Joyce had barely let any of it escaped before she dropped down on top of Faith, burying the strap-on back inside her butt before rolling them both onto their sides. She then began lazily pumping Faith's butt and rubbing the Slayer's clit, at first bringing her down from her high and then making her cum again. Either way for once she had been outlasted by a partner, even if that partner cheated by making Faith where herself out, and the last thing she had been aware of before she slipped into unconsciousness was another taunt which made her blush with embarrassment.

"You may not be a top Faith, but you're one hot bottom."


Faith really wished she could masturbate at the memory, but even if it wasn't forbidden she didn't have time. If she didn't hurry she was going to be late, and on this special day no less. No, she had to make breakfast for her favourite ladies and bring it up to them. Then hopefully she could think back to that wonderful memory of her first time with Mistress Joyce again, maybe this time with Mistress Joyce's strap-on inside her. And/or Mistress Buffy's cock. After all it wouldn't be the first time her Mistresses threatened not to fuck her only to end up DP'ing her slutty little ass. Of course, on this special day, it would be Mistress Dawn who would do the honours. Finally!

It seemed only right as this very special day was Mistress Dawnie's 16th birthday. And that meant she could finally join in the fun and get to fuck Faith however she wanted, the Dark Slayer's whole body trembling with desire as she recalled Mistress Dawn telling her in great detail how she was going to stretch her slutty Slayer ass and then the Summers family was going to pass her around like the piece of meat that she was. Faith certainly didn't doubt it, and she was greatly looking forward to it. She just hope Mistress Dawn would let her eat that sweet little virgin pussy of hers first, and ideally that by the end of the night all three of her dyke fuck holes would be filled with strap-ons. Whatever the case Faith was sure she would love it.

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