Aspect of the Demon

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First Manifestation Part 1

“Come on Dawn. I thought we were past this.”

“It’s nothing.”

“Nothing. You’re stealing again. That almost got you kidnapped. By a demon!” Buffy tried to keep her voice level but she couldn’t help yelling at her sister.

“I didn’t steal that, I don't even know what that is; I didn’t even go out.” Dawn waved at the statuette that her sister was holding in a white knuckled grip before turning to the only other person in the room looking for support. “Did you see me go out?”

“No, but I wasn’t exactly watching you.” Faith didn’t even bother looking up from the magazine she was flipping through, her feet up on the couch’s arm. “I came here for a place to sleep, not to babysit.”

“I know I didn't bring this into the house, and Faith was sleeping all day-”

“Told you.”

“-that. Leaves. You.” Buffy punctuated her final word by slamming the statue down onto the coffee table making them both crack.

“No it doesn't, you're the freaking Slayer.”

“A Slayer.” Faith corrected.

“That could be a present from someone you saved, or a trap left by someone trying to get at you, or something Faith brought with her.”

“Leave me out of this; it’s bad enough that you have to fight next to me.” The dark haired Slayer turned, tossing her magazine aside. “And, this, is so not my style. Though I can maybe see the appeal; ‘Hi,’” she adopted a cartoon voice as she made the statue dance, “‘I’m a demonic fertility idol. Suck my cock.’”

“That’s not funny.” Buffy rubbed her forehead suddenly feeling warm and the need to grunt. “And we’re not fighting.”

“Oh, come on; it’s funny. ‘If you don’t suck my cock, I’ll have to, otherwise I might step on it.’ He-he, laugh already… Ah, maybe Dawn was right about this being a trap.” Faith drops the lump, rubbing her hand off on her jeans as she rushed to the other Slayer’s side. “Sit down.”

“No, I just being doing too much patrolling and, and stuff.” She put up token resistance but was too weak to stop herself, without turning it into a true fight, from being guided the two steps to the couch’s soft embrace where she could spread out her limbs. “I just need something to drink.”

“A drink?” Faith stepped back and scrutinized her. “Dawn? Does it look like she has a fever to you?”

“Hey, don’t talk like I’m not here.” Buffy’s voice was soft and her eyes closed as she slipped down in her seat, her hips pushing forward so that she could rest her head on the back of the couch.


“I’ll go see what you have in your fridge. You watch her.” Faith headed for the kitchen, pausing in the doorway to say, not quietly enough. “Call Giles.”

“Don’t.” Buffy showed at least a temporary return of her full strength as she pulled her sister down to her level. “Don’t call, I’ll be... fine.”

“I don’t think you are fine, I think… what’s that?” Dawn leaned closer.

“Whaah?” Breathing in the smell of her sister's strawberry shampoo caused something to twist inside the Slayer, driving her hips upwards to meet Dawn’s hand even as it made it impossible for her to see what the younger girl was looking at or reaching towards. When Dawn’s hand came down on the inside of Buffy's thigh she had to bite back a moan.

“This doesn't feel right; you feel hot and hard, like there is some kind of swelling.” Buffy didn’t know what the ‘swelling’ that her sister was tracing down her pants leg was but the touch definitely felt good. Too good. Sending a thrill of pleasure deep into her sex, up her spine, and ripping that moan out of her mouth. “Oh, god it’s growing. That can’t be good. Does it it hurt?”

She got only another moan in response which must have spiked her concern for she started loosing the Slayer’s pants, trying apparently to relief whatever pressure they were creating. Buffy didn’t help try to her, or maybe she did, even she wasn’t sure responding to each tug and pull with a gasp as her tight jeans rubbed against her new tenderness; a sigh escaped her lips as her pants were jerked down her thighs all the pressure suddenly disappeared.

“Ah… that’s, that’s…”

“Aaagh.” Dawn’s hand touched her again, some part of her that she could wrap her fingers, sending a shock through Buffy’s body making her eyes open. Looking down she saw a pillar of flesh rising from between her legs; it couldn’t be real, it couldn’t be part of her even if it twitched in time with her heartbeat, she could feel every cool breeze that brushed past it, or her sister’s hands wrap around its dark skin. Two hands weren’t enough to completely cover it leaving its flat pink head exposed to weep a milky fluid, a rich smell filling the room. It almost looked like, smelled like-

“Ugh, it smells like a locker room in here.” Faith came back into the room stopping as soon as she could see over the couch back. “Is that a-? Did she grow a-?”

A cock, Buffy had grown a cock. A fat bestial thing that radiated heat and musk seeming to dominate the room now that they had all seen it, admitted it was real. For a moment the three of them just stared, watching the veins that ran up its length stand out and twitch as Buffy’s new penis finished growing. Only Dawn moved her hands starting the long slide up. Slowly she moved, holding her breath as approached the head releasing it in a gasp once she got there.

“It’s beautiful,” Dawn spoke softly, with a voice full of awe, almost as if she was worried about startling the animal the penis in her hands should have been attached to. Running her hands back down the now fully grown shaft she found the skin seemed to have just a hint of give to it, sliding slightly over the firm flesh underneath creating a slippery sensation that made her coo even as her sister moaned.

“Dawn you shouldn’t…” They never found out what Faith thought Dawn shouldn’t do since her sentence ran down as she rounded the couch. Instead of talking she hesitantly reached out only to pull back; repeating this cycle twice, getting closer each time, before she finally touched her fellow Slayer’s new appendage.

Throughout her indecision Dawn had kept stroking seemingly focused on working out as much of her sister’s precum as possible so that there was a fat puddle of the stuff wobbling on top of the flat cockhead when Faith’s touch finally came breaking the surface tension. The not quite white stuff ran down Buffy’s shaft and covering her sister’s hands. It also covered Faith’s fingers, keeping her connected the other Slayer by a long string that stretched and snapped as she pulled back.

For some reason she smelled it, she brought her sticky fingers up to her face and sniffed. If the other girls weren’t so focused on Buffy’s cock they would have seen Faith’s eyes wide a second before she popped her dirty fingers into her mouth. She sucked on those two with a noisy slurp that just got louder as she shoved them deeper, trying to reach all of the precum stuck to them. Even with her knuckles against her lips it did not seem to be enough, there was a limit to how well she could clean out between her fingers with just suction and her tongue, and she felt the need to give her fingers one last lick after she pulled them out.

“God that's good.” There was no need to ask what was good as the Slayer immediately ran her up Buffy's equine member scooping up as much of the girl's production as possible while at the same time dropping to her knees so it wouldn't have as far to travel.

Dawn watched this, watched the normally badass Faith actually cover her face in her haste to get the filthy liquid into her mouth, and realized she was missing out on a goldmine of untapped pleasure only she couldn't follow suit. She couldn't use her hands, she couldn't stop the slow steady stroking of her sister's cock if she wanted to. She couldn't even think of it, she was barely even thinking enough to know what she was doing. All she really knew was she liked the feel of the hot, hard thing against her palms, the slick feeling under her fingers, and how she could feel her sister's pulse throbbing in her hands. If she wanted to get a taste she was going to have to do something else.

Dipping her head she covered the end of the cock with her mouth, or tried to anyway. The flared cockhead was too big for her mouth, probably. It’s possible that she could have fit it if she worked at it; fitting oversized objects, such as fists or soda cans, in your mouth was a fairly standard slumber party trick. One Dawn had never tried but she’d seen it frequently enough to know it was possible. Right now though she focused on just covering her sister's slit so that when the next bit of precum welled up through her shaft it would land directly on her tongue.

When that moment came she shuddered and moaned, her mouth gaping open so that all of that deliciousness that she had just tasted ran right out adding her drool to the mess covering her hands. There seemed to be no end to the mix of spit and precum being churned into foam by her strokes only with Dawn’s mouth blocking access to her sister's cockhead meaning Faith couldn't repeat her earlier trick. She could no longer just reach in and scoop up a handful of precum, trying that would just force the goodness up to the younger girl's lips. If she was going to get her share she was going to have to get in there and take it.

Wrapping one hand around Buffy’s base she pushed Dawn’s up revealing a length of dark skin that she could lick; the hint of sweat she could taste this way, along with the rough texture under her tongue, should have been revolting but it just added an extra tang that she had to lap up. She had to get more, twisting her head to side and working around the shaft looking for untouched spots. On any normal penis that would be impossible, there wouldn’t be room for two mouths and three hands, but with this massive monstrous thing there no problem. The only place the Faith couldn’t reach was the sensitive under, where the fat cum channel ran, as that was pointed towards Dawn. If only she could twist a little further…

Buffy had been in something of a fugue unable to do anything but stare down at her own groin and watch her friends lose themselves. She was too weak to do anything else, it was almost like every ounce of strength in her body was being directed into her new growth, into producing the seemingly endless supply of precum the other girls were licking up. She couldn’t lift her arms, she couldn’t push them away, she just had to lay there and let the pressure build until the dam broke.

A shot of cum hit the back of Dawn’s throat so thick and forceful that it made her gag and cough breaking her seal on her sister’s cockhead. She pulled back as fast as she could hoping to clear her airway but it wasn’t fast enough, Buffy’s next shot hit her square in the face completely covering it. Faith tried the catch the third shot in her mouth only managing to duplicate Dawn’s results, a throat and a face full of cum. She managed not to choke but it wouldn’t matter if she had, she just wanted as much of the dizzying cum as possible even if she had to wear it, using her Slayer strength to keep the horsecock pointed at herself until the last bit dripped out.

Suddenly it was as if a great weight had been taken off, as if Buffy were suddenly free move and think about how wrong what had just happened was. Her sister had just sucked her cock. She had grown a demonic cock and cum all over her sister and friend. Who knew what would happen to her next, what weird thing would grow or change on her body, she had to get up and get help before anything else happened and here was her chance.

As much as it might turn her stomach, or send an unwanted rush of blood back into her new appendage before really even had a chance to soften, Faith and Dawn were too busy licking her cum off of each other’s faces to even real notice when she stood. At least that was the hope but they were so close to her, kneeling right in front of her, so she had to be careful how she moved. She couldn’t just bowl them over, well she could have but what good would that do, so she had to move slowly, sidling sideways even if that meant rubbing against the dirty girls ruining her pants. As if her pants weren’t already ruined, as if the couch wasn’t ruined.

She was almost free when the unthinkable happened, her newly grown cock hit her sister in the face. It just swung out under its own weight as she moved and bopped Dawn on the forehead seemingly reminding her of where the cum she had been lapping had come from. Buffy had to say that she did not find the hungry look in her sister’s eyes reassuring, backing away from it as quickly as possible even though that but her standing on top of the couch cushions holding her cock so that it wouldn’t swing wildly again.

“Now Dawn, calm down.”

“I am calm.” She didn’t sound calm, she sounded husky like voice could turn into a purr or a growl at any moment.

“No you aren’t, you aren’t thinking straight.” Buffy kept backing away until she was at risk of tipping over the couch back. “You don’t know what that stuff is doing to you.”

“It’s not doing anything, I am.” The girl lunged at her sending Buffy tumbling ass over tea kettle as she fell off the couch trying to maintain her distance.

Hitting the floor wasn’t a new experience for the Slayer but normally she didn’t have her pants pulled halfway down her ass when it happened so she was slower getting back up on her feet than usual. Thankfully there was a large piece of furniture between her and her sex crazed sister so she had the time. She even had time to shuffle to the kitchen door before arms wrapped around her from behind, reaching for her cock.

“Dawn, stop, I don’t want to hurt you.” She had to be careful, she was sure that she could break her sister’s hold but could she do it without breaking her bones? She didn’t have a chance to find out as Faith pulled her out of Dawn’s arms and into a grip that she couldn’t break. There had been a thicker layer of cum on the other Slayer which had kept her distracted for longer but now she was up and ready to engage in the fight over Buffy’s dick.

“Where do you think you’re going? You don’t get to have her all to yourself.”

“She’s my sister.” Dawn tried to reassert her claim by grabbing and pulling Buffy back but only managed to mess up her clothes.

“Come on you wouldn’t even know what to do with this if I gave you the chance.” Faith made a mistake moving one hand to down to the subject of the debate to emphasize her point which loosened her hold enough for Buffy to make break for it diving deeper into the kitchen. Almost immediately she was tackled from behind by her sister. Dawn didn’t try to hold her instead using their combined weight to pull her down to the floor.

“I’ll show you what I can do, I’ll, hmm…” Dawn’s plan hit a brick wall when her hands reached her own tight jeans leaving trying to figure out how to get undressed without leaving her post straddling her sister’s thighs. That was an impossibility but it kept her distracted Faith to pull the prize out from under her.

“Get off.” Buffy felt better about kicking the other Slayer, lashing out as she tried to scrambled back, only every movement made her free stand horsecock wobble dizingly. That wobble also most have made it a tempting target as Faith wrapped a hand around its base holding her in an iron grip. With that handle she could control Buffy well enough to do something that Dawn hadn’t even tried, to get that dick into her mouth.

Her lips stretched and her jaw ached but she did it, she got that fat, flat cockhead into her mouth. Not far but it was enough to feel Buffy’s pulse on her tongue and start the flow of precum again. Both Slayers moaned as Faith pushed it deeper, arching her back in an attempt to improve the angle, but there were limits. There was only so far into her throat Buffy's cock could go before the passage became too tight. Despite Faith’s experience she couldn't push herself past that point, pulling back as soon as she felt the first hint of a gag.

She might have been able to make another run at it but Buffy showed enough sense to push her off when she had the chance, grabbing fistfuls of Faith’s hair and all but tossing her head away. That was a challenge, it felt so good when her cock, her strange new attachment, was inside the other girl's mouth that it was tempting to just let her have her way. But she couldn't do that, she had to get up and get out before Faith or Dawn got a hold of her again.

If only she weren't raging hard again. If only she could move without bobbing about forcing her to slow down and hold herself. Then she might have gotten past her knees before her sister was once more standing in front, this time completely naked. While the Slayers had been distracted the teen had figured out not only her jeans but also her top and the sight of the slim teen in the all together stunned Buffy. It was purely shock and had nothing to do with unwanted arousal the ounce of precum that shot out of her cock notwithstanding.

“Finally,” the teen hissed as she pushed her sister back to the floor, straddling her waist so that her equine member rose up behind her its slight curve helping it to settle naturally into her asscrack reaching all the way to the small of her back. For a moment Dawn just left her there, let her sister's natural pulse pump precum out onto her skin, as she stared her down. “Don't fight me on this; I need you inside of me.”

Buffy could have spun, throwing Dawn off even as she got in a position to run, while the girl rose up reaching back between her legs but not without hurting her. It was against her nature to hurt to her sister and that made her hesitate until the moment had passed, until Dawn’s hand had closed around her cock and started the process of moving it forward to her opening. She had lifted herself just high enough to make this possible but that meant that the cockhead dragged across the short stretch of skin separating pussy from anus.

That smeared a healthy layer of precum over the Dawn’s ass and the base of her already wet sex. Between that precum, Faith’s spit, and Dawn’s juices there was more than enough lubrication to push the flat head in between her lips even if she did have to spread them first. With two fingers she opened those pink lips and let her weight do the work of pushing the shaft in, the mighty girth making her hiss and moan until it stretched her too far and she had to stop.

She sat there on trembling legs trying to work up the nerve to move, to either try to force herself down working more of the cock in or to rise up start to fuck it properly. Her sister meanwhile lay beneath fighting the very same or at least very similar urges; a Slayer would have no problem forcing that meaty stake into any cunt no matter how tight, no problem pumping any womb full of thick rich cum. She had no idea where these desires came from, whether this was how everyone with a dick felt or if it was a side-effect of whatever magic made her grow one, but she did know that they were hard to resist when there was a naked girl panting on top of her.

“Don't stop now,” Faith came up from behind placing her hands on Dawn’s shoulders, “I don't want you complaining about losing your turn.” Then she pushed down forcing the sisters together.

Both Summers moaned as Buffy's cock sank home, burying itself deeper in Dawn than would have seemed possible just moments ago. That penetration became the center of the younger girl's world as the east coast Slayer pushed her past any resistance; the equine member reaching further inside her than anything ever before quickly becoming the only stiff thing left in her body. Every muscle in her going slack as her pussy stretched but still it took the might of a Slayer to get those last few inches in at which point she collapsed.

Dawn’s spine bent arching her back as she fell forward, her head landing on her sister's chest, yet her hips stayed upright. Buffy's cock did not bend, barely flexed, continuing to point straight at the ceiling. Every beat of the Slayer’s heart reached up into, pulled a small gasp from her sister which could have triggered an orgasm in either girl given time but Faith didn't want to wait.

She pressed herself against Dawn’s back, sandwiching the naked girl between the two mostly clothed Slayers, and wrapped an arm around her. That let her move the younger girl's body in sync with her own as she rocked up and down on her knees.

“Come on, fuck her,” Faith hissed as she made her order happen, picking up speed and having to raise her voice as things progressed. “Fuck that cunt. Can you hear her moan? Can you hear how much she wants this? So fuck her, fill her up, knock her up-”

That provoked a moan from Buffy so loud that it cut off Faith’s spiel and threatening to alert the neighbors even as it revealed which button she should press. The mention of pregnancy, of knocking up her sister broke through the Slayer’s reserve making her pump out a shot of precum so large that Faith could feel the twitch. That twitch was also so forceful that it made Dawn cum sending her crashing into a blackout orgasm that filled her head with stars keeping her from knowing what Faith was doing or saying of one long moment so that she came back to things in the middle of a sentence.

“-her belly swelling, growing ever larger, packed full of your cum, your babies.”

Then Buffy growled, actually growled, as she gave into her desires grabbing her sister’s hips and thrusting upward with all of her magical strength shaking both of the girls on top of her. She was going cum but in that moment it wasn’t enough; she was going to knock her sister up, she was going to do all the things Faith had teased, and if this load didn’t do then she would just have to fuck her again, and again, until it took. Then she would move onto Faith. And Willow. And every girl she knew until everyone in town had heavy bellies and tits full of milk. That was a world which could inspire a massive load.

The Slayer came then with a mighty shout that was sure to attract attention and a rapid bucking that didn’t stop until she used that reversal that she hadn’t used earlier so that she was ontop of her sister and could plant herself deep for one last large shot. Crawling away, and hating her sweaty sticky clothes, she realized just how long it took to withdraw from her sister releasing a flood of cum from Dawn’s pussy when her cockhead finally popped free. For a moment, while she caught her breath, Buffy let herself stroke her shaft and watch the spreading puddle finally being broken from her reverie by Faith’s hand on her shoulder.

“My turn.”

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