Tales from Gehanna What If 1

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Note from MTL: LL and I are having some trouble with exactly what to do next for Gehanna, and are honestly feeling a little uninspired with it. This is partly an attempt to get the creative juices flowing, and partly an opportunity to redo some things I think didn't turn out so well, like the Buffy/Dawn relationship. I'll try to keep this down to just a couple of chapters, and only used the Buffy characters at least for this What If. I have a lot of ideas for other possible What Ifs, but let's see how this goes first. In the name of being clear, this takes place within the Gehanna universe but is not connected to the main story. Also these are just being written by me, although LL said he might do a What If at some point in the future.


The thug was coming from Buffy’s left, murder written on her face. The thug was fast, but not enough. Buffy used her weight and speed against her, taking the thugs outstretched wrist and pivoting so that the woman flew over the Slayer and landed with a crash on the forest floor.

"That’s got to hurt," grinned Buffy as she quickly glanced down at the moaning figure on the floor. She was enjoying this, she was bred for battle. Only her conscience and the causes she fought for made her any better than the creatures of the night she hunted and killed. Unfortunately these weren’t demons to be eradicated, but humans, wicked humans serving a vile cause, but humans all the same.

Another thug came from the right. Buffy spun and gripped the woman’s outstretched arm. Snapping an arm was as easy as breaking a twig. The woman fell back screaming, her arm flapping like it was a rag doll. Buffy followed her up with a kick to the solar plexus. She couldn’t kill them, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t hurt them.

A third woman advanced towards her swinging a stick from which sparks of electricity sparkled. She swung at the Slayer, missed and was rewarded for her failure with an elbow in the face. The woman fell back, holding her bloodied mouth.

"I hope you get a dental plan," quipped Buffy and swung her foot down low to take away the thug’s leg and send her down to the floor.

"C’mon Dawn, Will, let’s move," Buffy turned. And said a word her Mom had told her never to use.

She had been so engrossed in her own fight she hadn’t noticed the thugs approaching behind. By the looks of it neither had Will or Dawn; not until it was too late. The redhead was on the ground, writhing in agony as one of the thugs pressed one of the electrical sticks into her chest. At least her little sister wasn’t in so much agony, she was, however, pinned to the ground a thugs knee in her back. Another half dozen were approaching the Slayer warily. They had seen how easily she had disposed of their colleagues and weren’t going to make the same mistake of attacking individually, they would go in as a team.

"Run, Buffy, run," called Dawn, before her captor cuffed her round the head and forced her face into the dirt.

To her credit Buffy only considered following her sister’s advice for less than a second.

"Stay there," the Slayer shouted, unnecessarily, "I’m coming."

The result was a foregone conclusion. Fist flew, feet kicked, heads butted. And after a few minutes, a bruised and battered Buffy was lying on the floor, one of the electricity sticks inches from her eye and with one of the women pinioned across her feet.

A familiar face came into view, smiling darkly, "Buffy… I have a special place for people like you. I don’t know whether you’ll be squealing like a bitch or making one beg for you. But you won’t be bothering me again."


The prison van doors opened. Buffy blinked as the sunlight flooded through. She wasn’t sure how long she, Dawn and Willow had been travelling. It could have been hours, it could have been days, it might only have been minutes. However, long it had been it had given Dawn time to fall asleep; the young teen suddenly woke up startled as the van was flooded with light.

"Get your fucking asses out here," said a woman. She was dressed in a pastiche of a cop uniform, the type, all rubber dress and undone black top, only the wicked looking stick hanging at her belt told Buffy that they hadn’t wandered onto the set of a cheap porn flick. A couple of similarly attired extra’s stood beside her.

Slowly Buffy decamped from the van. It suddenly became clear that the guards who had brought them here weren't lying, the van's cooling system really had been on full blast because the heat outside was almost unbearable. A large concrete building was in front of the Slayer, the monstrosity wider than Sunnydale Mall and it stretched upwards as far as the eye could see, dark shadows casting themselves over the dusty compound. The light seemed different from normal and Buffy looked up, the sky was a deep blue more like sea than the sky and a second sun poked its head round the first. The guard laughed at Buffy’s reaction, "Sure Slayer, you’re not in Sunnydale anymore. You're somewhere much worse. Welcome to Gehenna."

Another woman was walking towards them, in her late thirties with the poise and looks of a Greek Goddess. Unlike the guard she was wearing a severe pinstripe, which added to her cold beauty. She was obviously senior as the guards straightened and tried to look a little bit more intimidating at the prisoners.

She stopped in front of the three teens and looked them up and down as a scientist might view an interesting new form of amoeba in their microscope. She turned to the nearest guard, "You can release them."

The guard stepped forward and undid the handcuffs, snatching them up and reattaching them to her belt. The Greek Goddess smiled, it wasn’t a pleasant smile, but one an executioner may give his victims, just before the axe comes down, "I’m Lilah Morgan. Governor of Gehenna and you’re the new inmates. You can call me Ms Morgan, if you need to speak to me, but you won’t. Before we go any further a few things you should know;

"One, your powers won’t work here. Any thought you had of bending the bars and getting out won’t work.

"Two, if you do get out, there’s nowhere to run. This entire hell dimension is nothing but desert and this jail. The last woman who got out she ended up back here, begging for water. We didn’t let her back in.

"Three, I don’t care what you cunts do to each other, as long as you don’t interfere with my smooth jail. Bang each other until your unconscious, sell drugs, knife fights, I don’t care. But touch a guard or even just talk to one without respect, and I’ve got magic which will turn you inside out whilst you’re still alive. You understand?"

Willow and Dawn nodded. Buffy stood still, refusing to be intimidated. Lilah’s eyes flicked to the nearest guard. Buffy bent over in pain as the guard shoved a stick into her lower back. Electricity surged through the blonde, and not in a good way, her nerve endings felt like they were about to rip their way loose and burrow themselves through her flesh. Buffy screamed in agony and guard withdrew her stick. For a second the Slayer gasped in pain, until the agony subsided.

Lilah gave a thin smile, "You understand?"

"Yes," replied Buffy.

The guard slammed the stick into Buffy again. Keeping it in place until the Slayer had dropped to her knees and was writhing in pain.

"Yes, what?" asked Lilah with fake reasonableness.

"Yes, Miss Morgan. I understand," Buffy had to force the words out. But there was no point fighting for the sake of it. The Governor and her apes had the upper hand for the moment, but there was no way Buffy the Vampire Slayer was going to submit. Oh, she’d pretend to, but first chance she got she, Dawn and Willow were out of here.

"Good," Lilah said. She reached forward and took Buffy’s chin in her hand, twisting the teen’s head so she was looking directly into her face, "I don’t think I believe you, but you’ll learn."

Buffy forced herself to stare at the Governor’s thin lips, not either twisting away in contempt or meeting Lilah’s eye in a challenge. Eventually Lilah let go off the Slayer, seemingly content she had won the round. Buffy looked down at her feet, inwardly she grinned; let Lilah thing Buffy had given in it would make things easier.

"Follow me, your cells," Lilah clicked her fingers with the motion of someone who was used to being obeyed.

They made a strange procession; the ice-cold, but statuesque Lilah at the front, followed by a red-haired witch, a blonde slayer and a brunette schoolgirl, all of them flanked by busty guards who seemed about to fall out of the small rubber or leather halter tops they were wearing. But Buffy quickly realised this wasn’t a normal jail - normal jails didn’t have naked young women being led round by a leash, nor did they have gangs of prisoners clustered in the yard, watching a Milf get her ass filled by a younger woman. This wasn’t so much a normal jail as a porno prison, all it needed was Ron Jeremy to appear twirling his moustache for the illusion to be complete.

Except it wasn’t a happy clappy porn film where all the women happily jumped from bed to bed, but a twisted BDSM nightmare, which terrified as much as it titillated. This was a porn film which proudly wore its domination on its cover, where the strong survived and weak were made into whipped and degraded sexual playthings. As they continue to walked through the main courtyard Buffy shivered as she walked past a couple, the younger girl screaming at of her lungs as the old black woman rapidly penetrated her ass with her fist. A small crowd were gathered around, enough for Buffy to feel the young woman’s public humiliation , too few to suggest this was anything special. And that was what terrified Buffy most of all.

It did the same to Dawn, she walked close to Buffy. Reaching out she took her sister’s hand, something she hadn’t done since she was a child when they went trick or treating. Buffy looked at her sister, the youngest Summer’s was pale, her fear etched on her face so tightly that the creases looked like canyons.

"It’ll be alright Dawn," murmured Buffy, "I’ll look after you."

There was a snicker from Lilah as though she’d heard, a suspision confirmed when she repeated in a mocking tone, "It’ll be alright Dawn… Buffy will look after you."

Buffy scowled, quickly rearranging her face to more a brow-beaten expression as Lilah stopped and turned. The Governor smiled for a second, not something that inspired confidence, before entering the main building, where Buffy's mouth fell open, Willow's eyes widened and Dawn let out a tiny whimper.

The prison looked somehow even bigger on the inside. Despite how many had been locked into the courtyard there were plenty of cells full of prisoners, some staring at the new arrivals and licking their lips, others looking at them with pity, others ignoring them entirely as they continued to molest each other, although for what little it was worth at least the majority of them in here seemed to be enjoying it.

Looking first up and then down the three new arrivals were disheartened that they could not see the roof or the floor.

"We have two hundred and twenty storeys going up, another two hundred going down, and we're still constructing additional levels. As the Slayer and her associates you three will be sent to the bowels of this facility along with all our other most dangerous criminals." Lilah explained as they began to descend the stairs, the sweltering heat somehow getting even worse with every step they took, the three new arrivals passing cell after cell of the most attractive women any of them had ever seen until they almost reached the bottom, at which point Lilah rattled on a cell door, "Rosie, your new cellmate, Dawn Summers. Sweet girl, a virgin as well."

The woman who came to the front of the cell was, to use the vernacular, built like a brick shit house. Her arms bulged as much as her belly and if her legs hadn’t been tree trunk width they’d have broken under the weight of her body. The smell of sweat and grease wafted from her like a restaurant kitchen that was overdue a visit from Health Inspectors. The fat women licked the top of her lips as she look at Dawn, "Never been plucked Governor. And with such a sweet, tight ass as well. I can smell it."

Lilah turned to Buffy as Dawn quivered beside her sister. The Governor gave her slight cruel smile, "Dawn meet Rosie. She’s your new owner… sorry, cell-mate. Her last bitch… I mean cell-mate, is in hospital. It seems Rosie was a bit energetic in her lovemaking, drove a dildo right in one hole and out the other. Nasty, blood everywhere, lots of screaming as well. Still, I’m sure she’s learnt her lesson. Haven’t you Rosie?"

Rosie nodded, not very convincingly and leered at Dawn. The woman-mountain hand reached through the cell bars and stroked at the teen’s wrist. Dawn yelped and moved behind Buffy. The blonde Slayer took another look at Rosie, there was no way her younger sister was going in there with that thing. Perhaps if she spoke to Lilah she could convince her to put her with her sister "Miss Morgan, Dawn’s never been inside before; it’ll be a lot easier if we share."

"That depends, do you think you’re Rosie’s type?" Lilah asked with a smirk, "Are you going to bend over for her?"

Buffy blushed, "No, that’s not what I meant. It's just, Dawnie has nothing to do with this. She shouldn't even be here."

This time Lilah did laugh, "Not my problem, slayer," she turned to the nearest guard, "Put her in."

The guard unlocked the door, as Rosie stood ravenously on the other side. The door swung open and the guard reached for Dawn. Buffy stepped in between them, gently, but firmly, pushing the guard’s hand away before it could close on Dawn’s wrist. The Slayer looked at Lilah, there was a hint of danger in her voice, for those who cared to listen, "I’m appealing to your better nature."

"I don’t have a better nature," said Lilah cooly. She nodded to the guard again, "I said put her in."

The guard reached for Dawn. Buffy elbowed her in the face. The Slayer might no longer have her Slayer powers, but she was still young, fit and strong. The guard fell back, yelling incoherently. A second one charged for her, only to land sprawling on the floor as Willow accidentally put out a foot.

Buffy ducked a wild swing from a third and hammered her once, twice, three times in the solar plexus, doubling the guard over. A fourth missed her with the electrical stick, Buffy twisted and hit the woman under the chin, sending her crashing into the wall.

Rosie was out of her cell now, enraged at having her prize snatched away she charged at Buffy. The Slayer ducked out of the way, giving the bull-like woman a shove as she charged past, right into the second Guard who was just regaining her feet. The Guard and Rosie crashed to the floor in a whirl of limbs and a cacophony of oaths. Buffy glanced around, with her Slayer skills she’d have put each of the guards out for the count, without them she’d only put them down for seconds and then they were up again, hardly damaged, but angry. Buffy sighed and readied herself; she couldn’t see how she was going to avoid getting a kicking.

Swearing loudly Rosie lunged at Buffy again. This time the blonde slayer was able to counter, but she was unable to strategically send the brute into one of the guards, Rosie's fat stomach hitting the guard rail and the obnoxious prisoner falling over it. Before Buffy had a chance to save her Rosie fell three storeys to the floor, landing with a sickening crack.

For a second Buffy was horrified with the prospect of killing another human being, albeit by accident via self-defence, but then the fallen ogre of a woman groaned.

"Looks like we have another one for the hospital..." Lilah said dryly, no pity whatsoever in her voice, and perhaps even a hint of admiration. While she would no doubt be trouble perhaps goody two shoes Buffy Summers would at the very least provide some amusement.

As Lilah and the guards looked over the rail at the fallen prisoner Dawn and Willow got behind Buffy, the slayer preparing to die if she had too if it meant keeping her friend and sister safe. Looking back at them the guards grinned, and began advancing.

"Stop." Lilah ordered. The guards hovered back as Lilah closed on Buffy, until she was right in front of her, "So I was right the little meek me earlier, that was an act. Good, I was beginning to worry the mighty Buffy the Vampire Slayer would be too easy. Not to worry though, because I've got money on you breaking eventually, and I'm going to enjoy watching it as it happens every step of the way. For now I’ll let you share a cell with your sweet little sister. Let you be her big, bad protector. But first, I'm going to give you three the rest of the day in the coolers. See if that teaches you any manners."

"That's not fair!" Buffy protested, "Will and Dawnie didn't do anything!"

"Yeah well, first rule of this place, and the world, is that it isn't fair." Lilah said dryly, leading the way to the coolers.

There was silence for the next few minutes, Buffy guessing that neither her friend or sister wanted to ask the obvious question, so eventually she did, "What's a cooler?"

Lilah smirked, "Isolation. Basically we lock you in a tiny room with nothing but a bucket for when you have to go to the toilet, and eventually we let you out."

Gulping softly Buffy then pleaded, "Please, just let Willow and Dawn go. I'll do anything!"

"Really?" Lilah said, entreat, "Because in case you haven't noticed, they might be safer in the coolers."

"We'll take that risk." Willow said bravely.

Lilah looked thoughtful until they reached the coolers, then dismissed the idea, "Na, toss all three of them in! Not in the same one you idiots! There, that's better. And remember, only the Summers sisters get their own cell. I've got somewhere special in mind for Miss Rosenberg."

Making a last-ditch effort to fightback, if only to make herself feel better, Buffy elbowed the nearest guard, kicked another in the head and then cried out in pain as she was once again electrocuted. She fell to the ground and was picked up just in time to see first Dawn and then Willow being thrown into a tiny room and then the door to their rooms were locked tightly shut. The guards then did the same to Buffy, however before shutting the door they allowed Lilah to get one final word in, the cruel former lawyer standing in front of the door and smugly smirking as her guard surrounded her.

"Oh, and just so you know, time moves differently in those boxes so that an hour out here is about a day in there. So let's see, that's just eight hours until lockdown, so see you in just over a week?" Lilah chuckled, her guards starting to laugh as they slammed the door on the furious Slayer.


For the next few hours Buffy slammed her fist against the door in a futile attempt to break it. She had been doing nothing but that and walking up and down and trying to break the door in an attempt to think her way out of her cell to rescue Willow and Dawn, but her only reward for it was bloody and bruised fingers. Buffy swore she would find a way to help Willow and get them all out of here. After all it was her fault they were all here. If she had only trusted her instincts.


Several hours earlier Buffy's instincts were screaming at her not to meet up with the Watcher’s Council, but she felt as if she had no choice. She, Willow and Dawn couldn't keep running forever and they needed a way to beat the big bad now.

A week ago Buffy Summers had woken up to a very different Sunnydale, one that was cut off from the outside world by a magical barrier and have no men, just an army of women, all of whom seemed to think it was the way of the world to fuck other women, and indeed unable to even understand the concept of men.

How the Council had been able to get through to them seemed suspicious but Willow confirmed they were able to breach a tiny part of the barrier and let them know the male population who had disappeared was safely outside the barrier with no recollection of Sunnydale or any of the women still trapped inside it, along with most of the world. The Council had its own protection against such magical spells, which is why they could remember, which all made sense, but there was just something Buffy didn't like about the situation, although that could be just because she was forced to bring Willow and Dawn with her into a possible ambush just because they had nowhere else to go.

Reaching the rendezvous point there was no one in sight, but as Buffy approached cautiously Quentin Travers appeared on the other side of the barrier as if from nowhere.

"Ok, we're here." Buffy whispered, "Did you bring it. This thing which is supposed to stop Amy?"

"I'm afraid I have Miss Summers." Quentin said, hiding his regret at what had to be done well, "I'm sorry."

"You're..." Buffy began.

"Hi Buffy." A familiar voice said behind her, Buffy turns into seeing Amy and what looked like virtually every woman in Sunnydale appearing out of thin air, trapping the last three free women in Sunnydale between them and the barrier, "Good to see you."

Buffy had never hated herself more than she had in that moment, her hatred quickly passing to the head of the Watchers Council as she turned to him.

"I'm sorry Miss Summers." Quentin sighed, "But you have made it abundantly clear this is one fight you cannot win. Perhaps if you hadn't been so quick to cast us aside you be properly trained and be able to do your duty. As you are not you leave the Council no alternative."

"Relax Buffy." Amy said, as she and her minions advanced, "It's a pretty sweet deal. They get to keep the rest of their world in tact in exchange for this backwater nothing town on the mouth of hell. Well, that and all their magical trinkets, and all the hot women I want, but still it's a pretty sweet deal. I can't wait to see if the other realities are smart enough to take the same deal."

Amy smiled, it was attractive, but cold, as if all her humanity had been drained out leaving her with perfect, but robotic features. Buffy looked at her. It was still amazing to think how the Slayer's old school acquaintance Amy Madison had become such a threat. It was not long ago she was trapped in rat form, spinning on a little wheel for years in Willow's bedroom until the redhead had finally freed her, only for Amy to start absorbing dark magic like it was candy. The witch had been sneaky about it at first, apparently collecting small bits of magic here and there for months, building up her power until finally she broke into the Magic Box late at night and absorbed every tiny drop of power from every magical item in the store, using the power to teleport around the world to steal the magic from more magical items to increase her power.

The Witch brought down her hand in a chopping motion. The first minion came from the left with murder in her eyes.


It was mostly the same guards who opened the door that had closed it, but they weren't grinning quite so as before, or clearly nervous does with the Slayer again. Of course, for them it had only been eight hours, while for Buffy it felt like it had been years. Years in which she barely had enough to eat and drink, she had to go to the bathroom in a bucket, and she could do nothing but think about fucking other women in mostly perverted ways. The last thing had definitely been the worst, Buffy overwhelmed with shame at what she had fantasised about. So ashamed the now timid blonde slowly getting up and staggering out of the cooler without complaint.

She was then pushed along, until sudden realisation hit her cloudy mind and she softly croaked, "My sister."

"Waiting for you in your cell. Easier to transport you that way."

There was a pause, then Buffy nodded, showing she accepted the guard's explanation. Despite this the guards didn't relax, but they had nothing to fear from her as Buffy was too busy trying to control her treacherous body as she walked past cell after cell of moaning, groaning and screaming women. Then when she reached her cell Buffy found the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen waiting for her, a naked girl butt. Some brunette girl was naked and tied to a bed with her bare butt facing the Slayer, and for a few long seconds Buffy just couldn't help think about all the things she wanted to do with that pretty little brunette. Then she realising that brunette was of course her sister.

"You like your present Summers? Governor Lilah said it was for Dawn's big, bad protector."

Horrified Buffy staggered into the room to try and free her baby sister, then she hesitated. She actually hesitated to untie her naked sister because she suddenly had a vivid image of herself slam fucking her own sister's ass, Buffy whimpering at just how wet the image made her. The feeling was so powerful she just couldn't help drop down to her knees behind the brunette, reach out and gently grab hold of that beautiful butt. Then squeeze it. Then slid her hands all over it was vividly imagining would be like to butt fuck her little sister, the images in her head somehow feeling more like memories than imagination.

Then, perhaps thanks to her Slayer hearing, Buffy heard Dawn let out a soft whimper of, "Fuck me."

"Dawnie!" Buffy gasped.

"Please!" Dawn whimpered a little louder, before forcing herself to speak at a normal volume so she could be clear as possible, "I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me up the butt. I want my big sister to butt fuck me. Oh please Buffy, fuck my tight little virgin butt."

"You, you don't mean that. You can't." Buffy whimpered.

"I can." Dawn assisted firmly.

"Only because of magic." Buffy pointed out, "This place is full of it. You, you must realise that. Don't you? That's the only reason we... you feel this way."

"I don't care!" Dawn snapped, "I don't care how this happened, I just want you to fuck me. Please! I need it. You have no idea how badly I need it."

Buffy had some idea. After all, she had fought firmly against the unnatural desires, but ultimately she had succumbed to the urge to masturbate. First to the thought of fucking other women, and when that couldn't quite satisfy her she thought about fucking her sweet little sister. Mostly about butt fucking her, the feeling of her thighs smacking against Dawnie's butt cheeks, the sound of her kid sister's squeals of pleasure and the images of Dawn bent over in front of her, both getting butt fucked and displaying her gaping butt hole, so vivid it seemed like so much more than a fantasy.

To have Dawn beg for the one thing Buffy desperately wanted to do to her was just too much. Buffy physically needed a release, and her fingers or a toy just weren't going to cut it. So she got up and slowly turned her attention to the table beside the bed which contained three strap-ons and a bottle of lube. Even in the smallest dildo was about 8 inches long and looked like it would tear Dawnie's ass apart, and in one last-ditch effort to save them both from that fate Buffy quickly stripped off her clothes, got on the bed and cautiously crouched down in front of Dawn's head. The two sisters then locked eyes for a few long seconds, and then Buffy sat down so that her aching need was right in front of Dawn's face.

"Earn it." Buffy softly challenged before crying out in pleasure.

Part of Buffy had been hoping that Dawn would be grossed out by having a cunt in her face. That and/or the reality of seeing that it was her big sister's cunt would put a stop this madness. Instead Dawn didn't hesitate to lean forward, stuck out her tongue and beginning to eagerly slide it up and down her older sibling's pussy lips, making Buffy first cry out and then whimper and moan in pure pleasure. Then to try and ease her guilty conscience Buffy closed her eyes so she couldn't see that it was her naked and helpless sister doing this to her, although try as she might she just couldn't get it.

Even though that should completely put her off it didn't. In fact it only made every lick so much more intense, tears of shame flowing from Buffy's eyes even before she inevitably opened them again so she could admired the pretty long brunette head in between her legs and little teen body helpless before her. She then reached out and began stroking Dawn's pretty brown hair, which caused the younger girl to look at her with such love and devotion in her eyes Buffy almost came on the spot. But she didn't. She was so close already, and after over a week of constantly being horny without truly finding satisfaction gave her no choice but to pushed Dawn even further.

"Fuck me Dawnie! Fuck me with your tongue!" Buffy whimpered, horrified with herself but unable to stop, "Ooooooooooh, tongue fuck me, oh fuck... fuck, fuck me with ohhhhhhhhhhhh, oh God, oh God, oh God, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD!"

Obeying almost immediately Dawn pushed her tongue into Buffy's pussy and began thrusting it in and out of her quickly and enthusiastically, Buffy quickly became incoherent as she hurtled towards an orgasm. The sane part of her, the part of her which had wanted being faced with her cunt to make Dawn come to her senses, wanted to pull away, to stop this unforgivable act, to curl up into a ball and cry in the corner. Mostly though she just wanted to drench her baby sister's face in her cum, Buffy grinding her cunt like crazy against that cute little face to make sure she came as quickly and as forcefully as possible.

Buffy got her wish, a scream louder than any of the ones going on around her in the other cells leaving her mouth as she squirted into her little sister's face. She squirted! She couldn't believe she actually squirted. Buffy thought that was just an urban legend or something. But no, she came so hard her cum literally gushed from her, the sensation so powerful she had to scoot back and away from Dawn, her pussy becoming just too sensitive for the brunette's eager little tongue. She then lay on her back and quivered through the first truly satisfying orgasm of the past week, and maybe her whole life, for one blissful moment Buffy truly feeling at peace.

Then Dawn whimpered, "Please fuck me! Fuck my ass!"

Those words reignited Buffy's lust. Not to the point that it had been before, but enough so that she wordlessly got off the bed and stumbled over to the dildos, on legs which were still weak from her powerful orgasm. The entire time part of her screamed at herself not to, but it was like a whisper next to a deafening scream of 'fuck that slut's ass' which Buffy just couldn't ignore. At least what was left of her decency could take comfort in the fact that she made sure to grab the 8 incher, and then when she had pulled the harness up her thighs and then around her waist she thoroughly coated the dildo in an generous amount of lubricant.

Buffy then turned her attention to the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen, licked her lips and then slowly walked over to where Dawn was still tied up and then knelt down behind her. Completely lost in her lust Buffy then grabbed those nicely rounded cheeks, making Dawn let out the most adorable little squeak which was barely heard by the Slayer, Buffy far too busy with examining her kid sister's butt like a butcher with a piece of meat. She then squirted some lubricant on her finger, spread those cheeks and then slowly inserted a finger into Dawn's ass hole, causing both sisters to let out a long moan of pleasure.

After that moan Buffy whimpered, "Oh Dawnie, you're so tight!"

"Fuck me." Dawn whimpered in response, "Oh fuck me, mmmmmmmmmm, it feels so good. I love your finger in my ass! Ohhhhhhhhh, I love it. Oooooooooh fuck me. Fuck my ass, fuck me in the ass, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, please Buffy, I want to be ass fucked. I need to be ass fucked. I-"

"Dawnie... shut up." Buffy said softly but firmly.

Perhaps amazingly, perhaps not Dawn did as she was told, and then after a thorough fingering which felt like both hours and seconds in which Buffy added a second finger into Dawnie's butt the Slayer removed her fingers entirely, firmly gripped her strap-on and pressed the tip of it against her little sister's virgin ass hole. As she did this Buffy made sure to keep her free hand on one of Dawn's ass cheeks so she could spread them as wide as possible and get the best possible view of her dildo stretching that virgin hole, Buffy taking her baby sister's back door cherry as gently as possible.

The moment the head of that dildo slipped into Dawn's butt hole both sisters let out a soft cry, the younger sibling continued to do so as her legal guardian then continue stuffing her ass with strap-on cock. Meanwhile the older sibling stayed silent, her eyes locked to where her dildo was disappearing into Dawnie's butt, Buffy feeling like she was literally drooling from the sight. It was the most beautiful thing Buffy had ever seen, the Slayer savouring every moment of deflowering her little sister's back door. Then when her thighs smacked against Dawn's ass cheeks, announcing that her kid sister had taken every inch of her cock and she had without a shadow of a doubt taken Dawnie's anal virginity Buffy thought she would cum on the spot.

Instead she grabbed firmly onto Dawn's waist and began to anally pump her little sister, Buffy never feeling more powerful, dominant and happy then when she officially began butt fucking her baby sister. Which made her wonder why had she been so hesitant to do this? Why hadn't she done this before being imprisoned? Why had she allowed Dawn to walk around wiggling that cute little ass of hers when she could have bent her over and violated the sweet little hole years ago? Ok, so pre-16 would have been weird, but now Dawn had filled out and was practically begging to be turned into a sex slave.

Also literally, "Fuck me! Fuck me harder, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass and make me your bitch! Oooooooooooh fuck, I wanna be your bitch soooooooo bad, mmmmmmmmm, please pound fuck my tight little ass hole as hard as you can and make my dreams come true. Please? Ohhhhhhhhhhh make me your bitch! I wanna be Buffy's bitch!"

Buffy tried to block out what Dawn was saying, because it made her want to use every ounce of her strength, and she wasn't sure Dawnie's virgin tight ass hole could take that. She wasn't sure an anal whore could take a butt fucking from her at full power, let alone her sweet little sister, and Buffy couldn't bear the thought of truly hurting the only real family she had left. Her sister. Dawn. The girl she had died for. The most precious thing in her life. The thing attached to the butt hole that made her feel like she was in heaven again. Yes, Buffy had been torn from heaven, and she had finally found heaven again deep inside little Dawnie's bottom.

Oh yes, Dawn's butt was Buffy's personal piece of paradise. It was her personal fuck hole, hers to use for the rest of their days, along with every other part of her little sister's body, Dawn now nothing but Buffy's bitch. Just a fuck toy Buffy was going to use for her pleasure, but make sure Dawnie enjoyed every second of it. And so far she seemed to be doing a very, very good job of it, as initial groans, grunts, gasps and cries of pain and discomfort had turned to moans, squeals and screams of pure ecstasy. And through it all Dawn said such unspeakable things, until Buffy had to close her eyes to stop herself from tearing her kid sister's ass hole about because she just couldn't work out what she was saying any more.


Those words push Buffy over the edge and she opened her eyes, tightened her grip on Dawn's waist and started really letting her little sister have it. She tried to find a balance between literally ruining Dawn's rectum and giving her what they both wanted, but Buffy had never been so overwhelmed with lust before and it became increasingly hard to control herself. All she knew was she became like a rabid animal, relentlessly pounding her kid sister's butt hole until the sound of her thighs smacking against Dawn's butt cheeks were almost as deafening as the squeals of pleasure from the brunette.

Buffy was dully aware of Dawn cumming. Or at least that's what she assumed from the amount of liquid squirting down to where she was kneeling on the floor, the way Dawn's body was shaking and just how hysterical her screams became. But she barely registered it next to her own climaxes, the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of fucking her little sister's virgin ass bringing Buffy what seemed to be the most powerful orgasms of her life. Or at least the most satisfying. Either way it felt never-ending, the sensation quickly melted together to again make Buffy feel like she was back in heaven.

Hours passed, Buffy's Slayer strength and stamina allowing her to continue brutally sodomising her baby sister until long after both their bodies had been drenched with sweat and every muscle on the blonde's body ached painfully. She kept going when Dawn stopped screaming and went almost limp. She then kept brutalising Dawn's butt when she, eventually, noticed that her baby sister was unconscious. She just couldn't stop. Not until she had lost every ounce of her energy, and the only then did the Slayer finally collapse onto her sibling's back and pass out.


There was a clunking noise from the door. Buffy groaned, opened her eyes and looked at it. It was still closed, but the sound was that of the automatic lock disengaging. Beyond the metal the Slayer could hear the sound of prisoners leaving their cells and a tannoy robotically telling them about breakfast, although it didn't register with Buffy as she was too busy trying to figure out what she was lying on. Then recognition hit and she lifted herself up and off of her little sister, her strap-on swiftly leaving Dawn's butt with an obscene noise, leaving behind a red rimmed gaping crater.

Buffy then let out a pathetic sounding yelp as her butt landed on the hard floor, although she had no right to complain after what she had done to Dawnie, Buffy staring with disbelief and utter horror at her baby sister's gaped butt hole. And the worst part of it all wasn't the fact that she had ass fucked poor sweet little Dawnie or spent the entire night with her cock buried as deep as it could go in her baby sister's back passage, or even that she had actually cum from having sex with her own sister. It was the fact that she wanted to do it again, Buffy literally feeling like she was going to throw up as she realised staring at Dawn's ruined ass hole made her want to inflict anal sex on Dawnie again.

To her credit as soon as that thought entered her head Buffy tore off the harness, scrambled to collect clothes she had discarded last night and then quickly put them on. She then gave Dawn a final look and tried to convince herself to untie the teen and wake her from her slumber, because she didn't want to leave her little sister helpless in a place like this. Unfortunately Buffy no longer trusted herself to be around Dawn for even another second, so instead she practically tore the door off it's hinges in an attempt to get out. She then stumbled down the corridor like a zombie, having no idea where she was going, just knowing it had to be anywhere but near her sister.

So focused was Buffy on getting away from Dawn she didn't even register the fact that she hadn't closed her cell door, and didn't look back to register her mistake. Seeing this as an invitation the prisoners who had been in the corridor, and had been momentarily terrified by a Slayer storming out of her cell, gathered round and looked into the recently abandoned cell. There was then a series of whistles and murmurings as the prisoners admired Buffy's handiwork. To them it was a clear message, there was a new Slayer in town and no one's ass hole was safe, not even her own family's.


Buffy wandered the halls for what felt like hours, looking for a corner to break down and cry, but everywhere was always full of women. Full of women having sex, or at least on their way to everywhere more spacious so they could have sex or possibly eat. Buffy's stomach growled. Something to eat sounded really good, and as she didn't actually want to be found crying in a bathroom stall or anywhere else it seemed like as good a plan as any. So like a zombie she followed the flow of prisoners to a large room, retrieved a tray of unappetising slush she supposed was soup and then sat on the corner to try and work up the will to eat it.

Then she heard a familiar voice call out, "Ladies and fuck holes! Can I have your attention please?"

Shooting her head up and looking where the noise came from Buffy saw to her horror she hadn't been mistaken. It was Faith Lehane, her rival, the Slayer who had turned evil. Poisoned Angel and killed people. Who had tried to kill her, and steal her body. The woman she had stabbed and put in a coma. This could be very bad, Buffy thought, her eyes going wide as a now prison uniform wearing Willow slowly joined Faith on her current position on top of one of the tables in the centre of the room.

Once Willow was in position, and all eyes were on them, Faith grinned and added, "I want you all to meet Willow Rosenberg, my new piece of ass!"

"No." Buffy whimpered as around her there were polite murmurs of approval.

"Show them bitch." Faith murmured, slapping Willow's ass forcefully.

Willow flinched at the strike, then blushed before turning around. She then hesitantly reached back and slowly pulled down her prison bottoms to just below her ass, revealing that her ass hole was gaping wide open. Finally, after giving the other prisoners about a minute to admire her bruised butt, Willow pulled apart her buttocks, emphasising the gape just as she had been instructed too.

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