Shards of Reality: Sunnydale

BY : DevilDuck
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Author's Note

Per-Verse by TattleTail and The Great Perverted Game by Archer, both available on this archive, and in a couple of cases the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Role-Playing Game published by Eden Studios. This is of course in addition to the whole ‘tv series’ thing.


As the bus drove away from the crater that use to be Sunnydale and the initial relief passed Xander found himself growing tired. They had done it, they done so much and he needed to rest. Just for a moment. So he closed his one good eye and opened two.


He wouldn’t say he was standing in a black void as it turned out black was a thing and this space wasn’t even that much. Looking around he saw nothing, nothing around him, nothing above him, nothing under him; just him standing there on nothing in his leaner teenage body.


“Congratulations on comp-”


“Anya!” As soon as he heard her voice he could see her standing there in front of him and he had to hug. “They told me you were dead.”


“It’s Anyanka.” She used a hand to push him an arm’s length away before squinting at him. “Do I know you? Did I turn you into a worm?”


“No we, we almost got married.”


“You must be mistaken.”


“So you’re not a vengeance demon with a phobia of bunnies?”


“It’s not a phobia, it’s a perfectly rational understanding of their potential for treachery. You did know a version of me didn’t you. They used me in the scenario, I’m going to have to take to D’Hoffryn later.”


“Version of you? Scenario?”


“We’ll get there, there’s a script I have to get through first.” Anyanka took a deep breath and straightened her clothes before starting over. “Congratulations on completing the Sunnydale scenario. Since you achieved the high score from amongst your group you have unlocked THE NEXUS.” She said it with all-caps. “Now I can answer questions.”


“Ah,” he just had to pick a question, “how did I get the high score?”


“You’re pathetic.”


“Thank you.”


“You were at a disadvantage, because of your-”


“Pathetic nature, yeah I know.”


“-so all of your achievements were worth more. Now that you’re here you have the opportunity to be slightly less pathetic.”


“And where’s here exactly?”




“The nexus,” Xander wasn’t going to try the all-cap thing, “I know. What does that mean?”


“It is what joins all the scenarios together and I’m going to have to explain the scenarios aren’t I?”


“It would help.”


“Okay, no one wants to destroy the world, no one sane anyway, that’s where we keep our stuff, so the Powers That Be and the powers that want be set up something of a game. Each scenario is like its own little world where the powers fight it out, whichever side has the upper hand in the scenarios get the advantage in the real world. These worlds were put together on the cheap with a lot of reused resources, characters, places and the like, which is how you met me in one of them.


“Now that you here you are a minor power in your own right with the ability to move between scenarios and tweak the rules. If you look over there,” there was a slight pause as she made sure she was pointing in the direct, “you will see THE NEXUS options.”


Much like as had happened with her appearance once Xander looked for it he could see the text floating at the edge of his vision. It was a little strange but with just a little effort he could bring the words into a sharp focus that he could almost touch but that might be a bad idea until he learned more about what they meant.


“I see it.” It being:



4 Shards

Restart Sunnydale Scenario - 0 shards

Unlock Sunnydale 1899 Scenario - 1 shard

Unlock Hellworld Scenario - 2 shards

Unlock Mystery Scenario - 3 shards

Rules Submenu


“Every time you complete a new scenario more options will be add; that’s only new scenarios, going back to the Sunnydale scenario might earn you more points and maybe even shards, but no more options. If you lose a scenario, by death or destruction of the world, it gets locked out so you can never return to it.”


“What happens if I get locked out of all scenarios?”


“And you have no shards to unlock more? You’d be trapped for all eternity. Non-existence would be more attractive than that.”


“Great. So I should probably unlock as many as I can.”


“You trigger a tutorial as soon as you start one so you can only unlock one now. Ready to move on? Good. If yo-”


“Wait, I have to go through a tutorial even if I go back to Sunnydale?”


“Yes, because it’s going to be different. Even if you make the same choices as last time it will be different because you’d be the one making the choices. Understand? Now, as I was saying if you look the other way,” this time Anyanka pointed to his right, “you’ll see your personal options.” She gave him a moment to bring that text into focus before continuing.


Alexander Lavelle Harris

143/143 Points Available

Misfit - Xander has difficulty fitting in and making friends; reduced party cap.

Weirdness Magnet - Increased chance that Xander will be the subject of random magical events.

Party Members: 



“You can apply those points towards advantages within each scenario for yourself and your party. Normally those skills and traits don’t transfer but whoever put together this NEXUS, and decided to put me in it, wanted you to have those two wherever you go.”


“So I’m going to be a ‘misfit’ forever?”


“You could buy it off, in each scenario, every time you start a new one. Within THE NEXUS this screen doesn’t do much but it’s important that you know it’s there. You earn points and shards by completing challenges within a scenario. You have to activate a challenge before you can do it but once a challenge is active you must complete it, win or lose, before you can spend any points or access THE NEXUS Options.”


“So I choose a scenario, spend some of my points, and run through the tutorial then I’ll have some freedom.”




“So tell me more about these scenarios.” Xander moved his focus back to the proper screen.


“What do you want to know? I don’t have complete information.”


“If Sunnydale is the one I come from would Sunnydale 1899 a western variant?”


“That sounds about right.”


“Then what is Hellworld?”


“An Earth where demons run free. More free,” she added after seeing his look.


“And the Mystery scenario?”


“I don’t know. I don’t. It can be any other scenario this Nexus can access; think of it as a gamble.”

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