Through The Keyhole

BY : Perverted_Pages
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She’d seen the blond vampire sneak into the hotel as dawn kissed the sky, but kept her pretty lips sealed in silence about it. No one else knew she was there, and he deserved a little private time, tomorrow would be fine enough to catch up on gossip. She smiled, and hurried to the kitchen to heat up some blood.


She carried a heavily laden tray upstairs with careful grace, Angel’s sword training paying off. When she reached the old door she hesitated her approach when she heard odd muffled grunts.

What the hell? Are they okay? Should I just… leave these outside? Or… they might need help! Or… well, sure! I’ll just take a peek and find out if I can interrupt. They’ll never need to know I saw anything, and if they’re just fighting again I can knock on the door and stop it… right. I’m not peeking to be peeking… no, not peeking! I’m stealthily recon-ing the area! Right! Wasn’t that what Xander called it when Buffy sent him to … okay, don’t think Xander, I’m just going to make sure this is something I should intrude on… right… because I don’t want to embarrass them, or like, give them a complex, or anything, so I’m just going to… take a look.

She convinced herself that what she was doing was right, was pure, was meant for the best, and had nothing to do with the fact that she loved to watch men fuck each other senseless… and when it was these two sculpted men, she wanted every excuse she could get, to be able to gaze upon them while in intimate relations… she practically purred at what she imagined was happening on the other side.

I bet he’s fucking him against the wall again, that was so fucking hot, or maybe this time they’ll be on the desk again, I still can’t believe how AMAZING they look together, light and dark, wrapped around each other like carved columns of ivory…

As she continued her inner fantasy, she put the tray on the ground, snug against the wall and right beside the door. She then knelt silently, and lifted her eye to the keyhole, carefully keeping her body away from the door, should it suddenly burst inward, or creak and give her away. What she saw made her gasp in shock.

OHMMIGOSH!!!! I KNEW vampires were kinky! I KNEW it! Oh wow, oh wowowowowow… oh wow….

She couldn’t keep her mouth closed as she gaped at the sight of what was on the other side of the closed door.

Spike stood in the middle of the room, wrapped from head to toe with bondage tape, spiraling around his pale body like a demented peppermint stripe… and Angelus knelt before him, licking him slowly from toes to head, relishing the taste and texture of the skin beneath his tongue. Spike writhed, trying to keep from falling over from his precarious position, the ground all around him glittered with spilled thumb tacks, a veritable mine field that would prove painful should his balance fail.

Bondage tape!!! OHMMIGOSH! That is SO HOT!

Cordelia watched the pair, biting her plush lips to keep her moans quiet, while a hand reached under her skirt to tease and tickle at her panty clad pussy. She pulled the scrap of cotton to the side, and felt her juices trickle down her thigh as her fingers worked busily towards an amazing orgasm.

Seeing Angelus tug Spike’s hands away from his groin and engulf the entire erect, weeping, bobbing cock in one quick gulp of his mouth drove Cordy over the edge. Her orgasm washed over her in scalding waves, leaving her feeling limp.

Suddenly she felt like she’d overstayed her welcome, and knew she was pushing her luck about getting discovered.

I can’t wait till he comes back, I always enjoy his visits, she smirked to herself. She left the tray where it was; knowing the vampires would be rather hungry when they finished, and the blood filled mugs would be very appreciated.

She headed back to her room, to fantasize about what they could possibly be doing, and bring herself to a series of orgasms that would exhaust her to a peaceful slumber. Better than a sleeping pill

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