High Times 1/1

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Xander was snooping through Spike’s things. Why? Because the damned vampire constantly snooped through his entire apartment, so it was only fair, right? And besides, Spike’s presence kept Anya from coming over and making sweet sweet bouncy yum yums to Xander’s down belows and he needed something to do. That’s when he caught scent of something familiar, something he used to smell out by the back doors leading to the gym. There it was: a baggie and a medicine bottle. What were these white tube-like things? He opened the baggie and the odor filled the room. It was so powerful just the smell made him feel high. He got out the clear medicine bottle and looked at the tubes.

“Oooh, joints! Well, isn’t this handy?” He examined the bottle, which held about twenty joints, and scratched his head. “Lighter, lighter, lighter…,” he said, and went on a lighter hunt.

He looked all over his apartment and started to swear under his breath. When he didn’t need one, they were all over the place and he was forever demanding Spike clean them up. Now? He couldn’t even find one! Could it be that the bleached menace had done what he asked? Maybe he shoulda checked in Spike’s room first.

He went to Spike’s hovel of a room and: Eureka! He found a boatload of lighters in this carved wooden box thing. He tried one: empty. He tried a second one: it barely flickered to life and he swore under his breath. He tried a third one: huge flame. He smiled and took it into the living room with the pill bottle.

He sat down, pulled out a heavy glass ashtray and looked around. Then paranoia struck and he got up to close all the drapes and lock and deadbolt the door. He got comfy again on the couch. He pulled out one joint and the smell hit him again — it was almost like a skunk or catnip or something, but not quite. He put it to his lips and lit it, pulling the smoke in. He almost coughed it out, but after a lifetime of second hand smoke from his parents… well. He held his breath for as long as he could before letting it out, his head already swimming. “Oh yeah, Spike’s got the good shit.”

He chilled out on the couch, puffing on the joint till it was nothing but a roach and Xander was a puddle of relaxed, chillaxed, limp and good feeling Xander. He lay down on the couch and wondered at his life choices.

First, there was his engagement to Anya, the former vengeance demon, which was turning into no picnic — but the sex was damned great. He was a Scooby who needed to be rescued instead of actually doing the rescuing, more often than not — so there was that badness. But he was good at getting snacks and doing the researching, so that was of the good. He contemplated some more as he took out a second joint and lit it, taking a drag.

Let’s see. He had his arch nemesis living with him — in a temporary way that looked like it was turning more and more permanent with each passing day. His fiancée hated his living arrangements. But on the plus side, she did love the apartment. He sighed as he smoked. His life really wasn’t what he’d hoped. But hey, he had a steady, good paying job. In the vanilla, really really real world he actually had it pretty good. Get rid of all the spooky, go bump in the night stuff, and he was having a great time.

“OWCH, dammit!” He’d burned the second joint down to his fingers and his head was swimming. No more for him tonight. That was when he thought watching a little porn would be a good idea. A capital idea, as Giles would say. He rummaged through the discreetly stowed stash of Anya-approved porn he had in his apartment and found some Asian boy on girl action and slipped it into his DVD player.

He wobbled to his room, got some lube and Kleenex and then slumped back on the couch. He undid his pants, pulled them down with his underpants and, in a haze, he hit play on the remote. He fast forwarded past the story parts that Anya liked and got down to the sex parts he liked. He squirted some lube in his palm and got down to business.

He was already hard. He couldn’t believe it — no stimulation and he was hard. Then he heard the high-pitched, almost whiney, gasps and cries of the girl, the begging as she was hammered. He couldn’t help it, he started jerking off his man meat with his lubed hand and moaned. Yeah, this was nice, he wasn’t sure he’d remember it, but it was nice. No, it was damned terrific! He rolled his head on the couch and closed his eyes, just listening to her whimper and whine in that high-pitched voice that Japanese men seemed to love. It was making his cock drool. His cock must love it, too. His lubed up fist moved quickly up and down — so quickly the lube was almost splashing all over his lap.

That’s when Spike stormed in.

“Okay, I can SMELL you got into my stash, all the way from the hallway, what the hell do you…” He trailed off when he saw the state Xander was in, half out of his mind, definitely horny, hard, jerking off, watching porn, a total stoner mess. “Now now now, I’ve heard this blend made blokes hard. Never used it with a human. Guess my dealer never actually lied to me. Now I feel sorta bad for having broken his arm. Ah well, lesson learned. No need to stop and cover up boyo, I’m not judging you… I might even join in.” He smirked, undid his leather belt and sat beside a dumbfounded Xander, who scrambled to cover up.

He stroked Xander’s hair and shushed him, “It’s just us boys here, no need to stop, I like me a little Asian now and then too…” He undid his pants and pulled out his hard member. He reached over Xander and got the lube, his sleeve brushing Xander’s hard cock, making him whimper.

“No! No Spike, this is wrong!” Xander tried to get up, but couldn’t. His legs were jelly. Why’d he get high again? Oh yeah, because it seemed like a good idea. His cock throbbed and seemed to say Don’t stop paying attention to me, listen to that girl moan and beg for more, you know you want to stroke me, and I want to be stroked, let Spike watch, it’ll be like… paying him back for the weed you stole. So he sighed, and leaned back, staring at the ceiling.

“Movie’s on the TV mate, not the ceiling.” He could hear the wet squelching as Spike masturbated beside him and he sighed and looked at the screen, his head swimming. It was better than the ceiling — at least he could pretend he was engrossed in the movie.

“What the matter Xan-derrrr? No longer in the mood to beat off? Movie’s lost it’s appeal to for you? We can always put in another. I got stuff Anya would never let you see. Good stuff. Meaty stuff.” Xander shook his head.

“I… I… I just… I’m done.” He started to tuck away and zip up, feeling dizzy and finding it hard to tuck away a hard-on.

Spike just laughed at him — laughed and slapped him on the back. “Mate, the monster goes back better when it’s actually done, not when you’re too shy to continue.” He leaned over and licked Xander’s earlobe and slid his greased hand over Xander’s cock. Xander jumped like he’d been shocked with electricity and whimpered in need.

“St-stop!” He gasped and writhed on the couch, sounding as high-pitched as the girl on the screen.

“Make me.” Spike laughed and stroked Xander, kissing his throat, his free hand unbuttoning his shirt and baring his tanned, muscled chest. Spike tweaked a nipple, making pain dance down Xander’s body and sizzle up his cock, making him moan and hiss a breath through his teeth.

Xander closed his eyes and took it. “Spike, if you ever bring this up, I’ll deny deny deny.”

“Then we may as well make it something worth denying, shouldn’t we?” Spike’s hand left his cock and Xander clenched his eyes shut. He heard chains clattering as Spike took off his pants, heard fabric rustle as he took off his shirt. He felt himself being manhandled as he was stripped — shirt, pants, underwear, everything — until he was nude, then pushed flat on his back. The entire time the high-pitched whiny voice of the Japanese porn star accompanied them.

He felt Spike climb on top and squinted one eye open, curious, but terrified. He gasped as Spike held his cock again, then moaned as he felt Spike’s shaft held against his. “Now lad, we’re both going to have some fun. Turn your head, watch the movie if you want. This is going to feel good.” So Xander turned his swimming head and watched the movie as Spike jerked them both off, as they slipped and slid against each other making him moan and groan. “That’s it. That’s my boy.”

“Not your boy,” he mumbled, but his hips jumped up with each stroke, his breath coming quicker and quicker. Soon he was panting hotly, gripping the sofa cushions tightly, trying not to shame himself and splatter all over his chest before Spike even got warmed up.

Soon enough though, Spikes thrusts were getting jagged, as was his breathing. Just as he’d decided to cum, the door burst open. “And you didn’t even think I’d like to watch?” Anya shrieked. With that, both men came in a giant burst all over Xander’s chest. Spike chortled, patted Xander on the shoulder and whistled his way to the bathroom for a shower, leaving Xander behind to explain things. Leaving a still very very stoned Xander with a very very irate fiancée.

Why did I think this was a good idea again?

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