Buffy's Spanking Club

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Buffy's Spanking Club

The girls from Buffy and Angel form a club, to gamble for painful and embarrassing penalties, which get more severe as the story goes on. The six characters are introduced two at a time.

Chapter 1 - How the Club was Formed.
by KajiraGames (spanking, f/f, complete, humiliation, fingering, BDSM)

Willow and Buffy discovered their common interest in daring spanking games in chance conversation. The subject of the old Warner Brothers cartoons, like "Merry Melodies", came up. Buffy said her favourite was the one where a cat and a bulldog play gin rummy for penalties.

"Oh yes", exclaimed Willow, "and the cat always loses and suffers terrible punishments". She laughed aloud. "That was the most exciting and funny thing I saw on TV growing up."

"I always imagined myself playing sword-fighting games for penalties", said Buffy. "But instead of the complicated things that happened to the cat, I imagined... Promise you won't be shocked?... that I'd get a spanking if I lost."

Willow felt a thrill, both in her stomach and lower down. "Wouldn't it be exciting, not knowing what was going to happen to you? The penalty could be something embarrassing, like having to run around the front garden naked. But being spanked over someone's knee would be terribly humiliating as well!"

Buffy agreed. "Especially if you lost badly. Then you would have to take your panties down and be spanked bare."

Willow paused for a moment then took the first of what would be many dares in the days to come. "I challenge you!", she declared. When Buffy only grinned broadly, she went on. "I'll play checkers with you and the loser has to be spanked. For every king the winner has on the board at the end, the loser has to take off a piece of clothing - from her lower half - to get her spanking."

"Shoes off first, though", said Buffy, 'upping the ante' in a determined tone of voice. "You're on!"

The two friends sat barefoot at the card table and started the game. Willow soon found out that although she was the academically smart one, Buffy was a much better strategist. The Slayer still had so many pieces (including kings) when Willow lost, it was clear that she had forfeited the right to keep her slacks or panties on for her penalty.

Buffy slid her chair back and crooked her finger at Willow. Willow moved obediently around to her side. But then it occurred to her for the first time that this was actually going to hurt. It had been a thrilling possibility throughout the game, but now it was a certainty. She trusted her friend not to use full slayer-strength on her, but she knew it was going to sting. "Well, I let myself in for it", thought Willow. "I'd hate myself if I backed out now." She lowered her slacks to her ankles. Her panties were plain white ones from the supermarket - not at all flattering. She blushed slightly.

"You didn't expect you'd have to show them, did you?" laughed Buffy. "Never mind, get them down, now!" Her voice was demanding - she was clearly enjoying having her friend in such a submissive position.

It occurred to Willow that she could save some humiliating exposure if she pulled down her panties at the same time as bending across Buffy's waiting thighs. She threw herself over her friend's lap, while tugging down her underwear to her knees at the last possible moment. Later on, as the kinky club they would soon form got into it's stride, Buffy would never have allowed this dodge. But for now the modest gesture went unnoticed, as she was presented with a bare and feminine bottom placed across her thighs.

"This is what losers get", said Buffy in delighted good humour, and planted a firm smack right in the centre of Willow's bared behind. Willow flinched and gasped, but it wasn't a hard smack. Buffy delivered several more slaps, also calculated just to sting a little.

"Aaah, ouch!"

"Aww, does that hurt?" said Buffy in a heavily ironic tone of mock concern.

"It's like a (oww) melodrama where the (gasp) blonde villainess torments the (eek) red-haired heroine."

"Are you calling me the villain?" demanded Buffy, grinning at Willow's red hair which was just visible down near the floor beyond Buffy's left thigh. "How many times have I saved your life?" Smack! Smack!

"OK! Yeow! I was just using poetic licence."

"Well to finish, I'm going to give you some hard spanks for your ingratitude."

The smacking sound in the room grew louder, and so did Willow's exclamations of distress. When one particularly hard slap hit the sweet-spot in the centre of her bottom's lowest curves, she gave a shriek. Buffy delivered five more hard smacks, and listened with amusement to her friend's resulting yells. She decided to put a little Slayer strength into one big final slap, right in the centre of Willow's bare butt. Willow screamed, and shouted "Please, no more!". Buffy told her she could get up.

Willow, shy about showing her red-brown pubes, performed her earlier manouevre in reverse. She pulled up her panties quickly before she had finished standing upright. "Wow, that really stung. But I'd have to say this game was the least boring thing I've done in a long time. With vampire activity down, life has been dull lately. But now I can say to myself 'I got a bare bottom spanking last week', or whenever!"

"I'm almost sorry I won" giggled Buffy. "But I loved hearing you squeal and moan. And I liked having you at my command, to make you undress, and so on. I think I'd enjoy being put in that position myself - to be submissive, however embarrassing the commands."

Willow said "I'll do it to you now, if you like. The revenge of the vanquished."

"Oh no, that would ruin the point of the game! What's the purpose of playing, if both of us will be spanked regardless? But I'll give you a chance for a rematch later."

"A rematch?" queried Willow. "You'll only beat me - I mean literally beat me - again. I'm rotten at checkers".

"You're right" Buffy replied, "We should play games of chance, not skill. Then, everyone has an equal chance of getting their bottom whacked."

"Everyone? There's only two of us."

"That's just what I was thinking" said Buffy enthusiastically. "There must be other girls who would find this just as much of a naughty thrill as we do. I bet Cordelia likes the idea of sorority paddling. Maybe she can visit from LA - I hear things are slack at Angel's detective agency too."

"Yes" said Willow. "And if the three of us ask our friends and workmates the right questions, we might ferret out the spanking-lovers without being too blatant".

Two weeks later Cordelia turned up at Willow's place, with a shy girl she introduced as 'Fred'.


NEXT: The first full game.

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