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Disclaimer: "Angel the Series" and characters of program belongs to Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt, Mutant Enemy/Lazy Dave Productions. I own Jadera/Ja De Ra. I make no moneys on this fic. This is purely fiction. I do NOT buy, sell, steal or trade.

Disclaimer:  "Angel the Series" and characters of program belongs to Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt, Mutant Enemy/Lazy Dave Productions. I own Jadera/Ja De Ra. I make no moneys on this fic. This is purely fiction. I do NOT buy, sell, steal or trade fan fics for ANY reason. I HATE Plagiarists.

Summary: Lindsey has a problem and needs certain help. Angel and his team have a case and need Lindsey's help.

Notes: Set after "Dead End". Lindsey/OC  


Lorne's Club, Caritas


Stepping down the stairs in single file and making their way to the bar, Cordelia, Angel, Wesley and Gunn debated on the song Angel should sing, to help in their current case of a stolen obelisk on display from the Cairo Museum. The same artifact was said to conceive great power that was only usable every 1,000 years, on a full moon of Capricorn. As it stood, the obelisk had been needed for a ritual to resurrect the God Amun Te Ra. It had been in Cordelia's vision of virgin women bathed in white cotton gowns while men in gold robes brought the women to a circle and stood behind them, sacrificing them with long, jagged Athames.

Cordelia had ordered a glass of club soda for her headache and promptly placed the side of the glass to her right temple, in attempt to cool her pounding nerves. "Just lay off the high notes. And nothing from Barry Manilow." Her head pounded and even though the crowd had been somewhat bland, she still winced at the noise of conversations.

Frowning, Angel shook his head as he flipped through the songbook. He hadn't paid any mind to any of the patrons of Lorne's establishment, nor had he minded the bartender as a young Eghar demon (a nonviolent variety) took their drink orders. Instead, he waffled through the pages between Kansas and Queen. He had been so focused on picking out a song that his nose had missed the scent of a certain handsome, young, lawyer that had entered and made his way across the dimly lit room, to a table, in the corner, where a beautiful young woman waited.

"Hey, ain't that--?" Gunn stood closest to the doorway and watched as Lindsey entered, passing by everyone without a word.

Wesley stood next to Cordelia, on the other side of Angel and Gunn and turned from the bar and his drink and followed where Gunn had pointed. "Lindsey. What's he doing here?"

Cordelia rolled the glass at her temple back and forth, still feeling dull throb of her headache but perked up when she heard Lindsey's name. "Is he going to sing? Cause, I could really use a soothing voice, right now." She sat on a bar stool and spun around to look at the young man, across the room, as Angel caught the corner of her eye with a grimace. "Lorne, who's that with Lindsey?" She caught the demon host by the sleeve and pointed to the woman, sitting calmly across from Lindsey, in the dark.

Lorne glanced at the other side of the room and turned back to lean in and share as the other huddled around him. "She calls herself Jadera."

Wesley perked up at the name. His childhood fascination of antiquities came rushing back to him and whispered secrets of every god and goddess he had studied. Her name had both intrigued him and frightened him. He had never thought he would use the information he knew of her, in his assignments, let alone be within striking distance of the very subject. "Jadera. Are you sure?" Wesley's brow furrowed in confusion.

Lorne nodded. "Yep. Just got into town last night. It looks like 'hot stuff' is becoming pretty popular with the out-of-town crowd." He had taken pride in looking very flambouyant and sharply dressed, every night. Tonight, he wore a red button down shirt under a dark green sport coat with an orange kerchief in his left breast pocket. His pants were matched his jacket and had been pressed with a sharp crease to them.

Gunn moved from the other side of Angel and made his way to stand to Wesley's right. "She a demon?" He eyed her, trying to see anything that didn't look human, or of that looked different and subtle enough to pass as human.

Lorne turned his attention to a few sloth demons who entered and waved to the host, before turning back to Gunn and Wesley and clarified. "Immortal." He had known a little about her, upon his entrance to their universe but had never come into contact with her. "She's what the ancients would call a 'deity'. Some mystic being that can charm or curse you, depending on what side of the sarcophagus she rises from." He smiled and winked at the small joke. He had known a little more than he was letting on but it was Lindsey's business and it considered it rude to talk about private matters to people not invested in the situation.

Angel had finished his selection and turned to see what had caught everyone's attention about the ex-Wolfram & Hart pretty boy lawyer and his date. "Immortal? The only Immortal is a jerk by the name of--" He was cut off as Lorne shook his head again but kept his piercing red eyes on the two people in question.

"No, sweetcakes. She's the real deal. Human, I mean. Something about a prophecy of Ancient Egypt or Rome or Greece. Pretty powerful stuff, too. I've only heard her name one other time and," he turned to place a hand on Angel's shoulder and look at his vampire friend, "thousands of Crusaders suffered her wrath. Know what I'm saying? If she's here, talking with him, well... it might be time to cash in on some much needed holidays." With a smile and a small wave, Lorne went back to mingling with his guests.

"Of course! Jadera the Immortal." Wesley's eyes widened as the name rang a bell in his mind. His Watcher studies included a long section of time-consuming scrolls that catalogued the very being they watched Lindsey talking to. "Ja De Ra was believed, by some scholars, as being a small child when Alexander the Great took power. Others have dated her back further as being a slave in King Menes' court. Menes was the first Pharaoh of Egypt. She was but a child of five, then, and hadn't aged more than a few years when Cleopatra was murdered by Augustus. The age we see her now, was brand new to her during the Crusades. The outcome enraged her terribly and she took refuge in the Valley of the Kings, for a milennia." Focusing completely on the young woman that sat very regal in the chair, across from Lindsey, yet wore figure-hugging black jeans and a sleeveless, blue midriff shirt that exposed her alabaster skin bearing the Eye of Horus on her left forearm.


Lindsey sighed as he shifted uneasily in his chair. "Thanks for meeting me. I know you had to come a long way and I'm sorry. I just-- I needed to see you." A tremble ran through his body and he caught her piercing sapphire eyes that seemed to find the depth of his very soul, in one blink. He looked away and then back to stare at the table between them. "I wasn't sure you'd come." The stress rolled off of him in waves and he inhaled to catch himself before letting anyone else become aware of his vulnerabilities. He had been fresh from the shower and had changed to brown khakis and a tan polo shirt and still felt dirty from the thought of his old office. Running a hand through his short hair, Lindsey forced himself to relax under the atmosphere of the club and offer a small smile to the woman across from him.

It had been Lindsey's idea to meet her at Caritas due to it's rule against violence. He knew he'd be safe but also knew that all were welcome. That would mean, even if someone found out he was back in town and saw him there, they could alert others to his location and grab him after he left. Lorne was not one to grant asylum, for long. He had put himself and Jadera in jeopardy by meeting her in Los Angeles.

Jadera, on the other hand, had been established enough that nothing had frightened her or could have been used as a threat against her. She was not indestructible but merely would outlive her pursuers. She had always kept Lindsey within her sights and made herself available to him, if ever he needed it. Wolfram & Hart hadn't liked the idea of their mingling, especially since she had lead the prodigal son away from their agenda. The senior partners had only threatened to come after her for blocking their attempts to convert Lindsey, completely. Jadera had laughed and only reminded them that she was not afraid of them, claiming they were merely the muck under the Pharaoh's chariot.

Jadera felt heartache as she stared back at the young man. She had beed a confident to Lindsey, for years, though they met through Wolfram & Hart. Millions of years had gone by as she gained lovers and freinds and had to watch them as they aged and died, unable to prevent it. She had sworn no more 100 years prior but met a sad and tormented little boy, watching as his father's house was taken away and his family separated. A youthful, childlike face stared back at him. A calm smile adorned her lips and a soft, pleasant but deeper voice reassured him that it was alright. "Of course, Lindsey. You called, I came. What do you wish of me?" Her calm demeanour had mimicked that of Darla's, in her human form but her feelings for him had carried more depth to them. Long golden brown hair had lightened somewhat over the centuries. She had first met him as a lonely and struggling child and as the years past, she watched him grow and had been a cautionary light as he advanced toward his meeting with Holland Manners, in pursuit of joining Wolfram & Hart. Yet, it was not her say to choose his path. Jadera had tried to stay in the shadows and used those shadows to move around him and direct him away from the path that would ultimately lead to dispair and emotional turmoil.

"I don't..... I don't know who to talk to, anymore. I need your help." Tears welled up in his troubled eyes as he started to speak. His head turned as he looked around the room that now filled with more of the night crowd as the first singer was about to take the stage. His heart pounded in his chest, making his ears ring. Catching a familiar face, in the crowd, he hesitated and blinked away his thoughts. He couldn't have been sure of them not seeing him but, knew Angel would stop at nothing to humiliate him, if they had met. "Mind if we take this somewhere more.... private?"

Laughter and music grew and filled the acoustic room as Lindsey stood and held out a hand for her to take. He had sworn off love and purposely swallowed any thought of letting someone else know his pain. The times of him coming to Lorne and singing his heart out of his own songs and then being read, had ended. He had tried to gain Angel's trust and silently pleaded for them to welcome him to their side, with open arms, only to be laughed at and forced into the cold-hearted claws of Holland Manners and that damned firm. The shock and horror that had flashed on his face, after finding out they had witnessed his moment of humanity, had been more than he could bear. He hadn't been ready to have anyone else see the scared, little boy that shuddered inside him, begging for someone to free him from his black oblivion, just yet.

Lindsey knew Angel could smell fear and was doing his damndest to belittle him with joking insults of his heartfelt song. His pride wouldn't let him be so careless, again.

Jadera smiled again, nodding. Her brow furrowed as her eyes took in his unreadable expression "Of course." She stood up and followed him to the stairway, feeling the tingle of being watched by an entity old but not as old as she. Stopping at the bottom of the stairs and glancing back to stare in Angel's direction, her brow furrowed.

Lindsey had been a few steps ahead of her and stopped midway to look back at her. "Something wrong?" Stepping back down a step, he paused as she turned back to him and headed up to where he waited. It was his nature to wait for a lady and let her walk either in front of or beside him. He noted that something in the bar room made her feel uncomfortable enough to stop and turn around to take in the crowd before continuing. Lindsey hadn't wanted to let it be known that he had spotted Angel from across the room. Instead, he waited for her to catch up and walked with her, feeling more of a protector of her, than a potential scared child.


Gunn's jaw had dropped as he felt her gaze look through him before moving on. "Uh, are we gonna follow them? If she has a PMS problem, like y'all say, he could use some help." Glancing from the stairs to his companions, Gunn motioned for them to leave and find (and possibly help) Lindsey. He was a bit confused when Angel only shook his head and turned away from the stairs. He hadn't been one to argue, seeing as he was the new man of the group and Lindsey was not exactly well received by the vampire, reason being remiss.

"If he is escorting Ja De Ra someplace more private, for-- say, romanctic intentions, she might become enraged and harm him before unleashing her wrath against innocent people." Wesley noticed Angel's lack of concern for Lindsey and grimaced. "Ja De Ra might also be able to help us with our current case of the missing obelisk."

Angel sighed, annoyed that they had wanted him to possibly save his nemesis from, in his eyes, a fate Lindsey had deserved. "He's a big boy. He can save himself."

Cordelia was shocked. "Angel. She may be human but Lindsey isn't someone Wolfram & Hart would just leave alone. And, he did do some pretty nice things to help us out. Like--, risking his life to save some children. Or, helping you with that body farm. You haven't always been so pleasant to work with, either. So, maybe, he can't be all bad?" Replacing the glass to her temple, she had recalled how mean she, Wesley and Angel had treated Lindsey, in the past, and it wasn't until they heard him sing that the realisation of his own hurt-filled humanity had pronounced itself.

Annoyed, Angel stood up. "Alright. Fine. We'll go save the pipsqueak from a girl."

"Angel, you misunderstand just how powerful this 'girl' really is. She could decimate Lindsey and, well, this entire city with one wave of her hand. Egyptians held their deities with the greatest of presense. A slight temper tantrum to her, could mean devastating effects for us." Wesley had tried to reason with the thick-skulled vampire and received only a blank stare from his employee.

Scoffing, Angel's brow furrowed in sudden curiosity. "What would she want with Lindsey? And how does this tie in to the obelisk?"

Wesley lowered his voice so that only they could hear his answer. "To achieve the 'Living God' status, the Sun Gon, Ra, required sacrifice." His eyes wandered to the entrance and he stared at the staircase. "If she has the obelisk, and a live sacrifice,--- Once she achieves a god status, I'm afraid nothing will stop her from inflicting destruction."

"Oh god!" Wincing and releasing the glass from her hand, involuntarily, Cordelia threw her head back and spasmed hard against Wesley, who happened to have been watching her and caught her glass before catching her. "She's gonna kill Lindsey?" She panted as the spasms ebbed away and Wesley placed the glass to her temple once again, waiting for her to grab it. Cordelia placed the glass, in her hand, on the bar and stood up, taking two steps towards the stairway.

Angel perked up and moved from the other side of Wesley, to stand in front of her, worry present on his face. "Are you sure?"

"No...?" Cordelia avoided eye contact and wiped at forming tears, recalling her vision. "I saw him on this large stone. These guys in red cloaks walking around him and-- lots of blood. They had this symbol thingy, with an eye." Closing her eyes and sitting still for a moment, she focused on breathing in and out before standing up.

Grabbing a napkin from the bar and pulling out a pen from his shirt pocket, Wesley drew a rushed sketch of the tattoo he saw on Jadera's arm. "Is this it?" Showing it to her, he hoped he was wrong.

Cordelia nodded. "Yea."

"We're saving him." Wesley stated, firmly. The others had nodded and followed he and Angel up the stairway to the parking lot. "There!" Spotting Lindsey's '56 pickup at the far end of the parking lot, to their immediate left, and noticing the crowd of hooded aggressors confronting the young ex-lawyer and his guest, the four of them ran towards the action. "Angel, around the side!" He had called out as two glowing demons in black cloaks fought against a disshevelled Lindsey, pulling him from his truckcab and barely holding his own.

Jadera had taken on three demons, at once, before seeing Angel and his group heading towards the two pulling on Lindsey. Mumbling a "no", she had enjoyed the small exercise in cat and mouse but felt the real threat as Angel had showed his vampire side and lunged towards Lindsey. Placing her hands flat against the air and shoving an invisible wall into the two remaining demons, she had been busy with, knocking them across the empty night's street, she made her way around the truck to grab Lindsey by the arm. "Enough!" A great revirbiration of thunder carried her word of anger and sent a wave of energy down her body and under the asphalt, forcing it to tremble under the attackers' feet, knocking them all back, from the sheer force of the wave while setting off car alarms around the area. Sighing, Jadera released her hold on Lindsey's arm and examining him as they stood there, briefly. "Your dilemma intrigues me, Lindsey." She gave him a wry smile.

Lindsey took a moment to look around them and watch as the cloaked demons scampered away, terrified of Jadera's continued wrath. Spotting Angel picking himself up from the blast and then helping up Cordelia, he turned to Jadera and told her that they should make a retreat, themselves, before more trouble started. "Demons are the weak link. These guys really have it in for me." Opening the driver's side door and letting her slide in and all the way over, he followed and started the engine in time to see Angel head towards them.

As the truck started moving from the spot it had been backed into, Jadera simply glared at Angel through the driver's side window and dared him to make a move, halting him in his tracks.

"Now, what do we do?" Cordelia asked as she watched Lindsey's taillights retreat into the darkness of the side street he had turned on to.

Sighing with frustration, Angel stared in the truck's direction. "Now, we follow them." Not waiting for Gunn or Wesley to finish picking themselves up from the ground before making his way over to his convertible and jumping over the door, to sit in the driver's seat, Angel started the engine and backed out of the spot, pausing for the other three to get in and then taking off in the direction of Lindsey's truck.


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