Pleasures of the Flesh

BY : Moridin
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Pleasures of the Flesh

Dramatis Personae:


  • Buffy Summers, Vampire Slayer, aka the Chosen One. Young eighteen year old blonde student by day, slayer of vampires and demons by night. Somewhat inexperienced in romantic terms.


  • Faith Lehane, another Vampire Slayer. Young, sexy brunette who loves her job as Slayer and violence in general. Very liberated in sexual ways, violence makes her horny.



  • Violet Jovescu, a vampire from another dimension. Made a deal with demons near the Hellmouth to imprison the Slayers for their lifetimes without killing them, to avoid new ones being called. Prior to the Embrace, used to be a medicine student with a sadomasochistic kink. 


Note 1: English is not my first language. Sorry for any mistakes, and please point them so I can correct them.


Note 2: This is a very sick story (as should be expected from one where a vampire from the Sabbath appears, much more a Tzimisce). Proceed at your own caution. You have been  warned.


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Note 4: Sex starts at chapter 3, for those who want to rush to it.

Chapter 1: Buffy


“Their blood is red. I thought spiked demons were supposed to have purple blood. Do you suppose they were still humans?” Buffy asked, as she retrieved her stake from the dead body of the enemy she was battling just seconds ago. The slender, short (only 5’3’’) blonde looked as beautiful as ever, even with her clothes smeared in the mentioned red blood.  Her tight fitting blue jeans were soaking wet and almost purple, while her no less tight white tank top would probably never return to the original color.

“Humans? Are you nuts, B?” answered Faith. “This guy had a spike coming out of one of his forearms, and a bone shield in the other one. Not to mention they were much stronger than ordinary humans, as strong as vampires. Besides how can you distinguish human red from demon purple in this light? ” Faith said that while rubbing her shoulder, where one of the enemies had tackled her. The brunette looked as stunning as her companion, but in a different way. While Buffy looked angelical, Faith oozed sex appeal. She wore dark clothes, with skinny black leather jeans and a red tank top.

Faith was just a little taller than Buffy, but both women were more dangerous than they looked. They both were Vampire Slayers, girls who received mystical powers to fight vampires and demons. They were graced with superhuman strength, speed, endurance and natural instincts on how to fight the creatures of the night.

The two young women had just killed ten of their enemies in the battle that had happened seconds ago. At first these enemies appeared just big human men, but when the distance was closed they showed their different appendages. Spikes and horns, bone shields and extra arms. The girls had thought these were demons they were facing, and they looked the part, but something still seemed odd to Buffy. She had read in one of the books during her training that spiked demons would have a different color of blood. If they weren’t spiked demons, what were they?

The lighting of the place, as Faith noticed, didn’t help distinguish red from purple. The Slayers were in a dark tunnel beneath the Sunnydale cemetery, illuminated only sporadically by a torch. They had discovered that a powerful vampire had moved to Sunnydale and had sent his or her goons to capture young women and men in the streets. They had followed this group of goons to the cemetery and into a secret passage located inside a mausoleum, that led to the underground corridor in which they were now. The vampire’s goons apparently had discovered they were being followed and had tried to ambush the Slayers in a darker section of the tunnel, only to be slaughtered by the Slayers quite easily, considering the numerical disparity.

The corridor continued for ten yards ahead of the Slayers, leading to a solid metal door that was partially open. No light came from inside the room, but once the girls had stopped moving, they heard the sounds of a muffled voice coming repeatedly from inside.

“Guess that’s where the big boss is hiding” Faith said smiling, while picking up a torch from the wall and rushing inside.

“Wait, Faith! What if it’s a trap?” asked Buffy, as she followed Faith past the metal door. This wasn’t the first time that her fellow Slayer proved impulsive and headstrong, rushing head first into danger without thinking of a plan, especially after she had become excited and horny after combat, as was usual for Slayers.

Just after Buffy had said that, she heard the thud of the metal door closing behind her. Normally she would’ve turned around to try to re-open the door. Her training indicated she should always have an escape route ready in case of an emergency, but her attention went immediately to the center of the room.

It was a large room, a square of 20 yards with a ceiling ten feet above the floor. What distinguished this room from many others was that it was entirely of smooth silver metal: floors, ceiling, walls. The only noticeable difference in the walls was where the door was, and Buffy noticed that there was no handle on the inside.

The room was bare except at its center. There was a somewhat tall (5’8”) brunette woman standing right in the middle. She was the most stunning woman Buffy had ever encountered. Her pale white skin was inhumanely smooth, the only time Buffy had seem something like that was in the photoshopped covers of fashion magazines. She was thin, with a flat stomach that was exposed due to her short shirt, but she still had curves that were accentuated due how tight her red pants and red shirt were. Her face not only had the unblemished skin, it was also perfectly symmetrical, down to her perfect white teeth and her sharp canines. This indicated she probably was a vampire, but Buffy noticed that her face hadn’t acquired the demonic frown that was usual among vampires when they showed their fangs.

The woman was carrying a grenade in each of her hands. She pressed a button in each of them and some green gas started to come out of them, as she dropped them on the floor. The woman kept the most condescending smile towards them as she started talking.

“My little pretties. I’m so glad you finally came here. I’ve been waiting so long. Let me introduce myself: my name is Violet Song Jat Shariff. And it’s my job to defeat you two”.

“What a stupid name” Faith remarked, as she roundhouse kicked the vampiress. Violet was sent backwards three feet, but somersaulted and landed on her feet, not seeming injured in any way.

“Yes, I believe the surnames are kind of silly” Violet said, assuming a martial arts posture, with her hands protecting her head. “But I enjoyed that movie so much.”

“What movie?” Faith asked, taking a stake from inside her jacket with her right hand.

“I forgot. This is still 1999. Your world is some years behind mine. But that doesn’t matter. You can just call me Violet for now. Soon enough you’ll call me mistress, though”. 

“No way, Jose” Faith answered, trying to impale her enemy with the stake in her right hand, while her left still held the torch. Violet dodged the attack, and answered with an attack of her own, trying to punch Faith.

While the two women fought in the middle of the room, Buffy tried to open the metal door. She kicked and she pushed against it, but it didn’t bulge, not even with her considerable strength. Buffy’s lungs were starting to burn and she noticed that Faith was coughing occasionally while still fighting Violet. Their combat seemed balanced, without any of them able to land a solid strike against the other one.

“OK, I saw what you’re capable of. Time to show you my zulo form” Violet said, while grinning maliciously. Her body then started to expand, growing to eight feet tall. Her skin became a sickly greenish-gray chitin, the arms extended and became apelike.  Her nails elongated, turning into long black talons, and out of her back a row of sharp spines protruded. The beautiful, perfect face was replaced by a hideous brown thing out of nightmares, looking like a cross of a flea and a wolf’s face.

“She’s not only a sucker, but some kind of demon as well. Cough, cough. I could use a little help, B” Faith said, while covering her mouth to try to stop inhaling the green gas that was still pouring out of the grenades. Buffy stopped trying to open the door and instead joined her fellow Slayer, trying to stab the creature that Violet had turned into.

“Not a demon, my little pretty. The correct nickname for a Tzimisce is ‘fiend’” the creature said. The fact that it had the same melodious voice as Violet had made it much more disturbing.

The two Slayers attacked the monster with all their might, but the gas was having its effect. It was becoming harder to breathe and to fight, while Violet, in her zulo form, had become much stronger and deadlier.

Soon Violet backhanded Faith with such intensity that the Slayer flew into the wall, banging her head and becoming unconscious. Buffy then was alone fighting the Tzimisce, and all that she was able to do was defend herself. The onslaught kept going on for some time, and Buffy could feel her arms becoming number and her head turning dizzy with the effects of the gas. She had to gamble on one last chance to kill the monster before she passed out. Turning all thoughts of self preservation aside, Buffy opened her guard, inviting Violet to attack her stomach. But as the fiend’s talons penetrated her torso, Buffy put a stake right through the beast’s heart. The blonde smiled as she expected the creature to turn into dust.

But that didn’t happen.

“Good job, my little pretty. You’d have paralyzed me if you had hit my heart. Too bad my heart hasn’t been in that place for a long time. Vicissitude is useful in so many ways” Violet said, while pushing the Slayer against the metal wall. Buffy could only despair as all went to black and she fell unconscious.

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