Watcher's Duty

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Buffy's heart had been hammering inside her chest during the entire drive, but when they stopped she thought it was literally going to explode from her chest Alien-style. Was that actually a thing? It seemed a good possibility that it was, both the possibility of your own heart and/or Aliens exploding from your chest, given that Buffy had been taught from a very young age that magic, monsters and nightmares were real. She wanted to ask her Watcher about it, but she didn't want to seem like a silly little girl on this, her first night as the Slayer. No, tonight was about using all the training she had been given to fulfil her destiny, keep the people of this town safe and just as importantly to her make her mother proud.

Feeling a comforting hand placed over her shaky one Buffy smiled, and turned to see her Watcher smiling at her, "You're ready for this Buffy. You have the skill, and now you finally have the speed and strength to match. The vampires don't stand a chance."

Buffy smiled again, "Thanks Mom."

Squeezing her daughter's hand Joyce said, "Go and get them honey."


Buffy Summers was one of the lucky ones. Most potentials were caught completely unaware when they became the Slayer, either because their parents ignored the warnings of the Watchers Council or because they showed no signs of being potentials to begin with. Joyce Summers though had not only listened but had accepted the role as her daughter's watcher. Apparently it was more cost-effective for the parents to simply train their children in the art of killing vampires. Also most of the Watchers were old men, and in this day and age it was difficult to justify a man in his 40s hanging around with a minor.

It wasn't all smooth sailing of course, Joyce had to take several blood oaths and start her training when Buffy was still a toddler. But ultimately Buffy felt she was better prepared for what was ahead of her because she truly trusted and loved her Watcher unconditionally, and couldn't remember a time she hadn't. It must be horrible to be a girl her age and be saddled with some stuffy old man who probably couldn't care less if she lived or died. Her Mom though, her Mom stayed with her for hours waiting for her first lousy vampire to rise from his grave, and when her nervousness caused her to miss the heart on her first try, almost costing them both their lives, her Mom did something a stranger would probably never do. Show her mercy.

"Please, please don't put that in your report." Buffy wept into her mother's shoulder, still shaking from taking her first life, in that moment unable to convince herself it was okay because it had been a monster, not a man, "It all happened so fast, and I recovered right away, and I swear it'll never happen again, just please, please don't tell anyone about this!"

"It's okay, it's okay, it's okay." Joyce repeated over and over again for several long seconds, then she calmly explained, "I won't put this in my report... but I can't just let you get away completely with something so foolish. You need to be severely punished, do you understand me sweetie?"

"Yes Mom." Buffy quivered.


Slayers were perversions of nature and thus, much like the monsters they exterminated, they had perverse desires which they could not be cured of. Buffy had overheard her mother explaining that to her little sister, then she had read that herself in the Watchers diaries and then finally her mother had tried her best to explain it. Then she had given Buffy her first spanking. That had been her 16th birthday and for over two years Buffy had to suffer through two or three bare bottom spankings a day even if she was good. If she was bad she was spanked with a hairbrush, a whip or a cane. Sometimes Dawn even got to watch.

Buffy used to think this was so unfair, that her Mom was going way overboard, especially as Dawn didn't have to put up with the same treatment. Now Buffy wondered whether her mother hadn't been harsh enough, because the things that were going on in her head were disgusting. Over night she had been turned from a normal girl into a sick and twisted pervert, Buffy finding she actually enjoyed the spankings she took first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Then there was how she felt after she had calm down and stopped freaking out about messing up her first kill, the realisation that part of her had gotten off at slaying a vampire unbearable for the new Slayer.

This was unacceptable behaviour from a Slayer and Buffy not only understood what had to happen but she welcomed it. She welcomed her punishment. She wanted it. She needed it. But she really didn't need Dawn to see it, Buffy whimpering as she obediently went up to her Mom's bedroom the second they got home to find Dawn grinning happily, one camera setup in front of the bed while she held another smaller one in her hand.

"MOM! Dawn's being weird." Buffy whined.

"Dawn." Joyce sighed, "Your sister has gone through a very traumatic experience, and she needs our help to deal with this."

"I know, but I just thought since-" Dawn started to protest.

"Dawn!" Joyce interrupted, "Put that stuff away right now, or you won't be allowed to watch."

For a second Dawn just stood there with her mouth open, then she scurried to put everything away as Joyce took her normal seat on the bed and looked at Buffy expectantly. Grinning smugly Buffy practically skipped over till she was standing beside her mother, pulled her pants and panties down to her knees and assumed the position she was so used too. The position she had never felt more deserving of, Buffy looking forward to what happened next as it would finally stop the uncomfortable arousal she had felt since that undead monster had crawled out of the ground and attacked.

Unfortunately for Buffy the exact opposite happened, as no matter how hard her Mom spanked her or how much Dawn cried out in encouragement the pain and the humiliation just didn't have the same effect as it did before. No, instead of quelling her unnatural desires the butt beating inflamed them like never before. So much so Buffy feared it would be noticeable, the new Slayer grinding her teeth and digging her fingernails into her palms to try and prevent a sound of arousal enjoyment from escaping her lips as she wallowed in her shame for being such a perverted slut.

What Buffy was unaware of was that there was always a certain amount of arousal every time Joyce gave her a spanking. It really made the older blonde feel like a failure as a mother, because not only did Buffy seem to get off a little bit on getting her butt beaten but Dawn did too, and she was supposed to be the normal daughter. Sometimes she thought the magic which had made her daughter a potential Slayer had infected her womb, corrupting her offspring and turning them into something unnatural. How else could Joyce explain her youngest's enthusiasm as she brought her hand down again and again upon her oldest's little bubble butt.

"Go Mom!" Dawn cheered on gleefully, "Beat that butt! Spank it red! Make her scream! Harder! Spank her ass harder! Harder! Harder! Harder! HARDER!"

Joyce considered scolding Dawn for her words. Maybe even punish her for her actions by spanking the brunette's butt. However the truth was that she enjoyed the encouragement. It was the same reason she had clutched so tightly to the Watcher's diaries in recent years, because it was like confirmation she was doing the right thing. That regardless of the way it felt, of what reactions it squeezed out of her offspring, of what this was doing to her family, this was the right thing to do. This was the thing which had to be done, not just for their own safety but for the safety of the people around them. After all, if Buffy's perverted desires weren't dealt with how could she protect people around her from the vampires, demons and the forces of darkness?

Normally that was enough for Joyce, but it didn't quite explain why she always spent a few seconds admiring the shapely rears of her daughters before and after each spanking session, why before this latest one she had squeezed Buffy's firm little bottom, why she got just as wet as her children if not more so during their daily butt beating. Today was particularly dreadful on that front, Joyce desperately wanting to pull Buffy's pants down in the middle of the cemetery and give her a nice hard spanking the moment she had finished taking her first vampire, and when she had Buffy back home and over her knee Joyce had found herself going berserk.

Not only did she beat Buffy harder and longer than ever before but she completely ignored her daughter when she burst into tears. Joyce was just so transfixed by the way Buffy's bottom slowly turned pink, to red, and then eventually a bruised and indescribable colour. It was only when her hand felt it was going to fall off she finally stopped and realised the horrifying truth Buffy's pussy was flowing like a river against her thigh, and her own cunt was just as wet. Hopefully this confirmed there was something wrong with all of them, something which Joyce would research later. For now she would do what she had to do.

For a few long minutes Joyce stroked her whimpering eldest's well beaten bottom, and then she softly looked over and addressed her dumbfounded youngest, "Dawn, please leave."

Dawn blinked herself back to consciousness and then pleaded, "Mom, please can I stay? I'll do anything if you'll just let me stay."

"No Dawn." Joyce said softly.

"But Mom!" Dawn whined.

"LEAVE! Joyce yelled.

Buffy was barely aware of this conversation or Dawn huffing, stomping out of the room and slamming the door behind her. She was only aware of her Mom's hand gently caressing her incredibly sore butt, the sensation the greatest comfort she had ever felt. She may be a disgusting pervert who got off on being spanked, but at least her Mom loved her. Then that hand moved between her legs, Buffy's eyes going wide as her own mother began diddling her slit.

"Mom!" Buffy tried to complain but it came out as a moan.

"It's okay sweetie." Joyce said softly, "Some... some Slayers just can't be dissuaded from their unspeakable desires. In those cases the Watcher, or someone else, must satisfy those desires... and as I can't stand the thought of you slutting around trying to pick up a stranger I hope you'll forgive me for this."

Opening her mouth Buffy tried to ask what her mother was talking about, but all that came out was a loud moan as the older blonde slowly slid a finger inside her. She was then given a moment to get used to the sensation, if such a thing was possible, or perhaps she was being given the chance to complain, although Buffy was far too overwhelmed for that. Whatever the reason for the pause it seemed brief, her Mom soon beginning to slide that finger in and out of her, again causing Buffy to moan loudly as she found herself pumping backwards against those thrusts. Or at least as much as she could while still bend over someone else's knee.

Not that this was just anyone, Buffy extremely aware that she should be disgusted by this. Horrified. Screaming for help. Using her newly acquired super strength to force her way out of this situation, then grab Dawn and head for the nearest police station to report her mother. But it just felt so good. So right. In fact for the first time since she had been chosen she felt at peace, the indescribable need inside her for something she couldn't quite put her finger on finally satisfied, this somehow putting any masturbation she'd tried to shame and it didn't even feel like her Mom was trying that hard.

Then her mother started to try, that wonderful fingering increasing speed as a thumb seemingly came out of nowhere to start rubbing her clit. Well, obviously it hadn't come out of nowhere, it was just in her delirious state it was hard for Buffy to think coherently, especially when the second finger was added into her cunt. Shortly after that her Mom curled those fingers inside her, hitting some extra sweet spot which caused Buffy to have the most powerful orgasm of her young life, the overwhelmed blonde beginning to weep again as she was then slowly brought down from her high and pulled into her mother's arms.

"There, there sweetie, it's okay." Joyce cooed softly, "It's going to be okay. I'm sorry I had to do that, but-"

Joyce was cut off from explaining herself by her eldest's lips, Buffy kissing her as passionately as anyone had before her. And Joyce wished she could claim later that she had tried to push her daughter away, explained to her why this was wrong and why she had only done what she had just done because she was desperate and didn't know what else to do, but the truth was she had been fantasising about this for a very long time, and now she finally had Buffy in her arms and kissing her like there was no tomorrow, she just couldn't stop herself.

She didn't even protest as her eldest daughter used her newly acquired super strength to tear her clothes away from her body and gently push her up the bed so she was lying with her head on her pillow. After that they made out like the horny teenagers that only one of them was before Buffy broke the kiss, ducked her head downwards and wrapped her mouth around one of her Mom's nipples, causing Joyce to let out a loud moan.

This was it. Joyce wasn't going to get a better chance to tell Buffy to stop, and if they went any further it felt like there would be no turning back. Although perhaps they were too far gone already. After all, being Watcher and potential had bonded them more closely together then Joyce could have dreamt, and now she was risking that close relationship in an unspeakable way. Then again perhaps this would be good for them? Perhaps instead of tearing them apart it would bring them close together. Perhaps she could even bring Dawn into... no, no she had to put a stop to this.

Despite that last thought when Joyce opened her mouth it was to moan, "Oh God yes, mmmmmmmm, oh Buffy, that's it! Harder! Suck my nipples harder, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, good girl!"

Joyce just couldn't help herself. It felt so good, far better than any of her previous lovers. Because sure, Buffy didn't have the technique quite down, but her enthusiasm was infectious, and the fact that she was with her daughter seemed to inflame Joyce's desire instead of dousing it like it rightfully should. Oh well, she could hate herself later. For now she was busy trying to keep her heart from exploding inside her chest before Buffy could move downwards, at first choice extremely enjoying the sensation of having her offspring once again nursing on her nipples, until her own need became too great and she found herself gently pushing down on Buffy's head.

Buffy was reluctant to leave the well rounded breasts in front of her, especially as she'd had so much fun going back and forth between them for the last few minutes. However she would do anything for this woman, so it wasn't long before she crawled downwards in between her Mom's legs, took a long sniff of the hole she was once pushed out of and then closed her eyes and began methodically licking her own mother's pussy.

It was funny, Buffy had spent the last few years wondering whether she would like eating pussy, but there was no doubt in her mind during the moments leading up to this that she would love the taste of her Mom. And she did. It was wrong, unspeakably wrong and taboo, but Buffy adored the taste of her Mom's pussy even more than she had dreamt she would, and the truth was she had fingered herself to the idea of this wicked act since she had first discovered her body. In fact it was the first thing she had ever gotten off too, her most powerful fantasy to this day being having sex with her own mother.

What she hadn't imagined was how much she'd love hearing her Mom moaning for her, Buffy grinning wickedly as she looked up past the older blonde's cleavage to realise that her mother had grabbed one of her pillows and was now trying to frantically silence herself. Instantly Buffy remembered her sister, who she had completely forgotten about in all the excitement, the blonde teen blushing in embarrassment but unable to even consider stopping. She also couldn't stop herself trying to make her Mom moan loudly, or produce more of the addictive cream which was flowing out of her mother's yummy cunt.

So in the name of that Buffy wrapped her upstairs lips around the older woman's downstairs lips and pushed her tongue as deep inside her mother as it would go. She then took a second to savour the sensation of having her Mom's pussy quivering around her tongue, then she started pumping that soft wet muscle in and out of the blonde Milf's love hole, Buffy determined not to stop until her face was drenched in her Mom's juices. Which technically it already was, but that was only pussy juice. Buffy wanted a face full, and ideally a belly full, of her Mom's cum, and she was determined to get it.

Joyce had been with many, many talented cunt lappers. Some of them even men. However none of them could compare to Buffy, and not just because she was her own daughter. Oh no, the girl was a natural pussy pleaser, her tongue effortlessly finding all the right places to lick and press against throughout her oral assault, automatically using techniques it took years for Joyce to learn and teach to her lovers. And the girls timing was perfect, and there was a forcefulness to the later tongue fucking which couldn't be taught, the powers of the Slayer serving Joyce so very well in that moment.

It was as if Buffy had been designed to specifically eat her pussy. As if The Powers That Be had wanted to reward her for her efforts in training Buffy and had given her the perfect pussy eater as a reward. Perhaps Joyce could test this theory, find others willing to let Buffy go down on them so she could see if her daughter took to orally pleasing them as well as she was doing with the pussy which had once given birth to her, thoughts like that only pushing Joyce closer to the edge rather than pull herself away from it as it probably should do.

Ultimately it was the thought of Buffy kneeling by a long line of people, men and women alike being serviced by her total slut of a daughter, which made Joyce experienced the most powerful climax of her life. Considering the build-up she had known what she would feel would be overwhelming, but nothing could have ever prepared Joyce for this. No amount of diaries which read like erotica, no awkward conversations, and no nights fantasising about exactly this could prepare her for this and that was cumming in her eldest's daughter's mouth and all over her face, Joyce becoming completely lost after her second climax, which was triggered by realising that Buffy was frantically gulping down as much of her first orgasm as the little dyke slut could get.

When Joyce came back to consciousness she found Buffy laying on her side with her head resting against her hand and a cocky grin on her face, the little brat having the nerve to ask, "So, do you think you'd be up for returning the favour now?"

Joyce scowled, "Hey, don't you forget who's in charge here young lady."

Buffy looked disappointed, "I didn't mean to-"

"To what? Overstate your boundaries?" Joyce questioned, more angry at herself than Buffy, "Well, you did."

Buffy lowered her head, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry isn't good enough Buffy." Joyce said firmly, before softening her tone as she added, "You will be spanked for this later, but for now let's see if we can punish you for your arrogance and help you deal with those pesky feelings of yours, shall we?"

Frowning in confusion Buffy watched her Mom get off the bed and reach underneath it, then she enthusiastically smiled when she saw what was retrieved, "Oh yes, please fuck me! Fuck my slutty lil Slayer pussy and officially take my cherry!"

"Oh Buffy, I wouldn't dream of robbing you of the chance of giving your virginity to your first love." Joyce said as she slowly pulled her 8 inch strap-on dildo up her thighs and then tightened it around her waist, "But you do have another cherry, and I am very interested in taking it."

Again Buffy frowned in confusion for a moment, then her eyes went wide, "You mean-"

"Yes Buffy, I mean I'm going to take your sweet little ass." Joyce confirmed, "After all, what better way to teach you some humility?"

"But-" Buffy began.

"No buts!" Joyce snapped, ignoring the pun as she added, "Buffy, if you are going to act like a little slut, I'm going to treat you like one. Now bend over. I will not ask you twice."

For a second Joyce thought she had gone too far. Well, she had gone too far, but she was worried that Buffy would be disgusted by her proposal and this would be the thing which ruined their relationship forever. Perhaps it still would, but whether out of obligation or curiosity Buffy lowered her head in submission and slowly turned over and lifted herself up onto all fours, presenting Joyce with that drool inducing bubble butt, the older blonde just staring at it lustfully before she quickly opened the tube of lubricant she had retrieved from underneath her bed, squeezed a generous portion out onto the dick and started to rub it in as she approached her target.

Buffy trembled with a mixture of fear and anticipation. Her dreams frequently featured anal sex, but she had never thought she would actually subject herself to such an unnatural act. Of course she never thought she'd actually have lesbian sex, or cross the ultimate line and have sex with her own mother, making this a taboo on top of a taboo on top of a taboo. That shouldn't be appealing, nor should she love the way her Mom totally took charge and was now demanding her anal cherry instead of asking for it, but Buffy loved all these things. Oh God, becoming the Slayer had turned her into such a perverted slut.

At least she could rely on her mother being gentle with her, Buffy thought to herself, as she felt the dip in the bed which announced the older blonde was now behind her. Then one of her butt cheeks was being pulled apart and a wet extremely big feeling object was placed against her virgin butt hole and then beginning to push its way inside her. This surprised Buffy, she was expecting a little fingering or something to help loosen her up, but instead her Mom barely took five seconds to shove the head of her cock into her ass, the younger blonde pulling away slightly but the older blonde preventing her from getting very far.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Mooooooooommmmmmmmmm! Take it easy!" Buffy whined as she was robbed of her anal virginity.

"Stop complaining!" Joyce warned, taking a moment to savour popping her eldest daughter's anal cherry before continuing, "As a Slayer you'll have to fight through far worse pain than this. Do you expect your enemies to take it easy on you?"

That wasn't the first time Buffy had heard those words, although hearing them now made her whimper with shame. Her Mom was right. She was always right. She shouldn't be whining about the pain she was currently feeling, she should be grateful that she had the opportunity to live through a painful and humiliating experience. Just like the spanking this taught her how to deal with distracting emotions which could cost her her life. Any pleasure she received was simply a by-product, although a more intentional one in this case, Buffy blushing as she felt more intense pleasure a lot sooner than she did when her butt was being beaten instead of filled with strap-on dick.

Even though it felt like she was being sodomised with a telephone poll, and that it felt like it took hours to shove it all the way up her butt, when the full length of the dildo was buried in her ass whatever initial pain there was quickly faded away and Buffy was introduced to the most exquisite bliss she'd ever experienced. It was better than anything she could have ever imagined, the bed sheets underneath her fingertips and animalistic like cries escaping her lips as she struggled to comprehend how good it felt to be butt fucked by her mother.

After a particularly loud cry Joyce shoved Buffy face down and whispered, "Be quiet honey, we don't want Dawn to hear us."

Honestly hoping that Dawn hadn't heard them and was completely oblivious to what was going on was futile. Dawn wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but there was no way she could have missed how sexually charged things were before she left, and honestly in the hours, days and months leading up to this night. Besides, despite Joyce's best efforts she wasn't sure she had done a good job muffling her screams, and Buffy was barely even trying to keep quiet even now her face was buried in the bed sheets. But for whatever reason Joyce had never worried about Dawn the way she worried about Buffy.

Of course she could think of several reasons but Joyce ignored them for now in favour of concentrating on what she was doing, which wasn't exactly difficult. When it came to officially taking her daughter's anal virginity Joyce had been focused on nothing else, the older woman captivated by Buffy's virgin butt hole being forced open for the first time and allowing inch after inch of dildo to pass through it on the way to the deepest depths of the 18-year-old's rectum. She then continued staring as she began pumping her cock in and out of Buffy's butt, officially ass fucking her daughter like she was one of the common sluts Joyce picked up on weekends.

When she was a teenager she'd had many loving relationships with men and women alike, although ironically getting married had quickly quelled her libido. Then she got pregnant and her husband just couldn't keep up with her, ultimately allowing her to go out and fuck women. Only she wasn't just fucking them anymore, she was dominating them in all sorts of kinky and even violent ways, Joyce particularly loving the act of sodomising another woman with a strap-on dildo. So in a way this was kind of fitting, she had become addicted to butt sex when Buffy was still in her belly, and now her baby girl was all grown up Joyce was taking Buffy's ass and making it hers.

Perhaps it was always meant to be this way, Buffy face down and ass up, her back hole stretching widely around Joyce's strap-on dick as she anally pumped her daughter. Not that it was merely the fact that she was doing this to her own daughter which made this so wonderful. No, Buffy's butt was so tight and fuck-able it seemed a crime that Joyce hadn't violated it until now, and from the way she was moaning like a shameless anal whore Buffy agreed with her, something Joyce was very eager to point out as she drove what had become a very obvious point home with some keep hard anal thrusts.

"Mmmmmmmmmm Gooooooooooodddddddddd I love this ass! I love this wonderful little ass!" Joyce tried to whisper, although at best it was a sort of soft moan, "It's so tight! Mmmmmmmmm, oooooooooooooh Buffy, your ass is so tight! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck, it's the best I've ever had! Mmmmmmmm, I can't get enough, and neither can you, can you sweetie? Ohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, my daughter is such a little butt slut! Ooooooooooh yes, you're a anal whore Buffy, mmmmmmmmmm, I've raised such a dirty little bitch who loves it up her ass! That's what you are, isn't it honey?"

"Yeeeeeeeessssssssss Mom, I'm a whore! I'm a dirty anal whore!" Buffy groaned into the bed sheets that she was clutching for dear life, "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddd, it feels so good! Mmmmmmmmmm, it feels soooooooooooo gooooooodddddddddd oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddd! Please don't stop! Please don't stop fucking my ass!"

Buffy squealed with delight as her Mom rewarded her by tightening her grip on her hips and began to increase the pace of the butt fucking. And she tried, she really tried to silence herself with the bed sheets, but there never seemed to be a point to it. Dawn had to know exactly what was going on, and Buffy found it impossible to believe her little freak of a sister didn't have her ear pressed to the door or her eye glued to the keyhole or something like that. Hell, Dawn might have even left the camera rolling, just so she could watch this later.

Regardless of any potential consequences Buffy really hoped that was the case because she would love to watch herself get ass fucked over, and over, and over again, Buffy never again needing Internet access for porn as that one clip would surely be enough for a lifetime of masturbation. Or at least a Slayer's lifetime. Then again maybe she could become her very own porn star. Or her family's porn star, her sister and more importantly her Mom helping her to create some very special home movies which would be very different to the ones she and Dawnie used to do.

Somewhere deep down inside of her Buffy was ashamed of acting like such a bad big sister/a total whore. What kind of role model was she for Dawnie? She couldn't even pretend she wasn't giving up her virgin ass to their mother. After this, there was no way Dawn would ever take her seriously again, not that she ever had. Then Dawn, her duties as a Slayer and the entire world ceased to matter to Buffy as she experienced the most powerful climax of her life, easily blowing the earlier fingering and anything else she experienced out of the water.

Not even caring anymore who heard Buffy lifted her head from the sheets and screamed hysterically as her cum squirted from her cunt and her body shook. For a few seconds she could do nothing else, then she started slamming back against her mother with what felt like every ounce of her strength, knocking the older woman of her stride for a few seconds. Then her Mom smacked her butt and then restarted the sodomy, drilling her little ass hole harder than ever as Buffy worked with her mother to try and make sure she would never sit down properly again.

Joyce had no doubt if Buffy was using all of her strength she wouldn't be able to keep up the butt fucking. Luckily the sweaty teenager was physically and mentally exhausted from her stressful day, and the energy consuming sex that they had already had, so Joyce was just about able to keep her balance as Buffy's butt banged back against her. Which unfortunately meant that her thighs became very red and sore, but it was totally worth it for the ecstasy which was sodomising her Slayer daughter.

In those wonderful moments Joyce dwelled on the fact that she wasn't merely breaking what had to be the biggest taboo possible/three taboos rolled into one, she was ass fucking a Slayer. Honestly part of the appeal of becoming a Watcher was she would be able to boss around a supernatural creature infinitely stronger than herself, and now Joyce was not only in charge of that creature but she was fucking it in the ass. Anally violating the girl who gave monsters nightmares, that thought/reality making her feel more powerful than merely butt fucking the week little teenagers she normally seduced.

Ever since her husband had left her, unwilling to deal with the hassle of accepting the supernatural around him or helping to raise his daughters properly, Joyce had become something of a sexual predator, seducing her way through as many women as she could and either butt banging them or teaching them to bang butt. It was more frequently the former than the latter, and lately her victims had all been blondes, so at least part of her saw this coming. However Joyce had never truly believed she would fuck her daughter, but now she was pounding Buffy's butt she was so glad to be wrong.

Unfortunately unlike her supernatural child Joyce didn't have nearly unlimited stamina, and ultimately she had to stop. She pushed herself through some amazingly powerful climaxes first though. Not as powerful as when Buffy had gone down on her, or as hard as the orgasms she was graciously giving to her daughter through introducing her to the joys of anal sex, but satisfying in a way Joyce had never quite experienced before. Then she abruptly pulled her cock out of her daughter's butt hole, moved backwards and admired the damage she had done, Joyce almost cumming again just from staring deep into Buffy's bowels via her eldest daughter's widely gaping ass hole.

Joyce had always had a great interest in the arts, resulting in her now running a gallery of her own, but nothing she had ever seen was more beautiful to her than the sight of her Slayer daughter's gaping butt hole, so after what felt like an hour of staring she whispered, "Don't move sweetie."

"Yes Mom." Buffy groaned, blushing a few seconds later as her mother grabbed a camera and started taking shots of her gaped behind.

"Spread your cheeks for me honey." Joyce ordered, marvelling as perfection was somehow made more perfect before she snapped another half a dozen shots. Then she put the camera down, took a deep breath and ordered, "Buffy, look at me."

Quickly letting go of her cheeks and once again pulling her face out of the bed sheets Buffy turned to her mother unexpectedly and then after a few seconds began, "I-"

"Silence." Joyce said softly, thinking for a few moments before addressing the situation, "For anyone else, what we just did would be wrong on so many levels. And it still was, however you are a Slayer, a perversion of nature with feelings that you just can't control. I have tried to quell your desires, but it seems we have no choice but to satisfy them. If you don't, I fear you will die in record time. Still, I'm not sure I can live with the shame of being the mother of the town whore, so instead from this moment on you will be my whore... if that is what you want."

For a second Joyce worried she had finally gone too far. That she had got so carried away indulging her most forbidden fantasy that she had completely deluded herself into believing Buffy had also enjoyed it and wanted more. That she was about to lose both her daughters due to unnatural desires she couldn't fully explain, nor understand, the look on Buffy's face first causing Joyce to offer her eldest a way out of this perverted situation, and then worried that she was going to be rejected and her whole world would come crashing down around her.

Then fortunately the blushing Buffy nodded her head and softly replied, "Yes Mom."

Joyce smiled, "Good... and since I have told you time and again to clean up your messes, your first job in your new role will be to clean my cock. With your mouth."

Again Buffy blushed, opening her mouth to no doubt protest, but then she seemed to think about it and instead closed her eyes, crinkled her nose and wrapped her lips around the head of the dick which had just robbed her of her anal cherry. She then hesitantly began sucking, and like so many women before her, quickly seemed to learn to like it. Love it even, Joyce watching as Buffy took to sucking cock with the same skill and enthusiasm which defied her youth, just like she had when it came to eating pussy. Oh yes, her Slayer daughter was truly a little whore, and as her watcher it was Joyce's duty to help her deal with it.

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