Xander & Dawn: To Feel Alive

BY : DevilDuck
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<This takes towards the seventh season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer beginning in the episode ‘Chosen’.>

The swelling was going down. Hell it was almost gone but that was no reason to give up the eye patch. Really Xander should just leave it on but sometime he couldn’t help but check out the wound in a mirror, especially when he was alone.

“You know you owe me right.” Or mostly alone.

“Dawn,” he straightened the patch, hopefully before she could see under it, “this is a bathroom, the door was shut, that means stay out. Or at least knock.”

“Sorry.” She closed the door behind her before leaning back against it, crushing a pale pink robe that had been hanging there for who knew how long. “You still owe me though.”

“For what?” He could go another day without shaving but did he really want to face the apocalypse with stubble?

“You dosed me with chloroform.”

“You tased me.”

“Because you dosed me with chloroform, for which you still owe me.”

“Dawn,” no chance that he was going to get to shave now, “I did it for Buffy. She asked me to do it, she wanted you to be safe.”

“Like I was safe with you driving.”

“I’m a good driver.”

“You have one eye.”

“And tasing me made it safer?”

“You chloroformed me.”

“Buffy’s. Plan.”

“I’ll deal with her later; right now this about you and how you owe me.”

“Sure, fine, I owe you.” He gave up. “What do you want? And keep in mind that every store has been abandoned so I can’t buy you anything. I could maybe loot you something. Would that count as pillaging..?”

“First, apologize for saying I left my crossbow in the car.”

“You know I just said that to get you out there.”

“I couldn’t grow up in this house without learning how to handle a crossbow; I don’t around with them, I don’t leave them lying about, and I don’t point them at people in the kitchen like some potentials I could name.”

“Alright, I’m sorry I lied about your crossbow.”

“Thank you.”

“...Your ‘first’ suggested a ‘second’.”

“Mmmm,” her confidence seems to all been spent; her eyes dropped and her voice was barely a mumble, “I, ah, mmrrm.”

“You what?”

“I don’t want to die a virgin.”


“I don’t want to die a virgin, and you’re going to help me with that.”

“I’m going to what now?”

“You and me are going to do that thing people do, without the clothes.”

“Dawn you’re… Dawn. Little Dawnie, you’re too young to do that thing you can’t say.”

“I’m a big girl, I’m bigger than Buffy. Well taller than Buffy. I’m almost as tall as you. If I wear heels. Really high heels. Anyway I’m old enough to make my own decisions and I’ve decided that I want to have,” her voice dropped to barely a whisper, “sex.”

“I can’t. I’ve known you forever, since you were nothing more than a ball light. I- This doesn’t have anything to do with the crush you use to have on me does it?”

“No that was just childish fantasy while this was a mature decision that had nothing to do with you.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Come on look my options; it was either you or Andrew and I don’t care how sure I am that I’m going to die I’m not going to sleep with the Ono.”

“Again thanks… You didn’t consider accosting Spike or Giles or Principal Woods.”

“Please, they’re all totally ancient.”

“That’s… more or less true to varying degrees. But no, I’m not doing this.” This conversation had been going on too long, it was time for him to leave it and the bathroom.

“What’s wrong with you?” Dawn leaned all of her slight weight against the door so that he would have to move her before he could open it. “You didn’t have any problem having sex with Anya and it’s not like you’re still together.”

“You know about us and the kitchen?”

“Yes, everyone knows about you two and the- wait, kitchen? I was talking about the basement; you had sex in the kitchen!”


“There’s food in there.”

“We didn’t touch the food, not that time.”

“Alright there’s no way you’re getting out of here without either making me happy or facing a house full of potentials who love their cookies. So how do we do this? We should be naked; get undressed.”


“Uh-uh,” she crossed her arms in an effort to look tough, “strip. Leave the patch on.”

“Like I was going to take that off. Or any of it… I’m not getting out of this am I?”

“Not a chance.”

“Alright but remember I’m not exactly at my fighting weight.” He had only undone two buttons before he started talking fast. “It’s not like I’m a Hutt or anything it’s just that I’ve been eating a lot of junk food lately, not getting much exercise.”

“Are you still trying to talk me out of this?”


“Get on with it.”

Xander finished taking off his flannel, stalling for a moment, before draping it over the sink and giving into the inevitable. Each item of clothing came off and joined the pile faster than the last until he was left standing in his socks, and of course his eye patch, trying to cover himself.

“Don’t be shy.” Dawn pushed his hands away before kneeling to get a better look at him. “Isn’t it suppose to be hard? I thought it was suppose to be hard.”

“The situation isn’t the most romantic.”

“Oh come on, a guy, a girl, a death threat; what about that doesn’t work for you? Here, let me try something.” She then popped his flaccid penis into her mouth, the whole thing in one go, rolling it on her tongue.

“Dawn,” he hissed as some reflex made him hunch his body over the girl, his hands almost grabbing hold of her head.

“Shh, this always works in the films; it seems to be working now.” She gave his stiffening shaft a few wet pumps before diving back in. Given the growth that was a natural part of the process she could no longer fit the entire in her mouth but she didn’t give up; she knew exactly how much she had fit in earlier and was sure she still would have been there were it not for his interruption. Again and again she bobbed her head forward coating his shaft with spit, not understanding why she kept choking on the length she was trying to force in. Thinking that her tongue was somehow getting in the way she stuck it out as flat as she could so that it cupped the underside of his penis reaching on especially successful bobs all the way to his balls.

Despite his slow start Xander was quickly getting worked up with the teen if not wantonly at least energetically trying to swallow his cock. Leaning back he grabbed hold of the sink so that he wouldn’t grab her but that just made it worst as she followed him with her mouth, causing her jeans to stretch tight over her butt as it stuck out behind her as she shifted. This reminded him of what it looked like out of the floor of the bronze when he’d seen her dancing not that long ago and how much he’d liked looking at when he didn’t know it was attached to his Dawnie. If he didn’t think of her as the little girl he saw grow up, the girl he’d always thought of as a kid sister he could she how attractive she was and how sexy this situation should be. If he closed his eyes and pretended she was someone else, maybe one of the potentials, he could…

“Ah, Dawn-” He tried to warn her, to tell her what was coming as soon as he felt it building, his knuckles turning almost as white as the porcelain as his grip tightened, but she just mumbled around his dick at him, probably telling him to be quiet, which set him off. His first shot filled her making her cross her eyes and spit him out. His others hit her face, since she was too stunned to hold on the base of his cock that was keeping him, making a mess of it before dribbling down to her shirt. Alright ‘a mess’ might be overstating it but she would definitely have to wash her hair.

“Is, is that normal?” Cleaning her face she looked at the white stuff on her hand before trying to wipe and shake it off.

“Yes.” Xander slumped thinking this might be over.

“Do you think you can do it again?”


“Alright let’s go.” Rocking back onto her feet Dawn started peeling off her top with her still sticky fingers.

“Again? Now?”

“When else?” Realizing how mess her shirt had gotten she threw it in a hamper before starting on her pants. “Can you give me a little room?”

“Right.” With no where to go as she was between him and the door, and he was naked, he sat down on the toilet to give her as much floor space as possible. She needed that space; her jeans were tight enough that she had to wiggle quite a bit to get them down past her butt.

Watching that pink panty clad rear wave in his direction as she bent over to work the denim down her legs Xander’s wet penis gave a little twitch, a sign that a second wasn’t that far out of the question. That butt was really Dawn’s best feature nice and tight and just big enough to overflow your hands; it would be a pleasure to hold. Not to disrespect her breasts they were just not as well developed, though they were well on their way to surpassing her sister’s and even through the bra that didn’t quite match her underwear he could tell that they were capped by nipples that were the type of hard, pink points that would scrap against his palm were he to try to hold them. With that thought he completed his rise.

“Good, you’re ready,” she when she notice his erection, quickly dropping her panties. “How are we going to do this?”

“If you don’t know maybe we should-”

“I know, I might in here. Wait I got it, stay there.” Straddling his legs she slid forward so that his penis was squeezed between their bodies. Planting her feet on the tiled floor Dawn lifted herself up reaching between them to try to line him up but to fit her arm in she had to shift back so it didn’t quite work. A few more attempts and it was clear that he would have to hand that part of it while she wrapped her arms around his neck and focused on getting as close to him as possible.

The next time she lowered herself she wasn’t penetrated but cock came closer to doing the job, close enough to brush and slip across her lower lips making her hiss and draw in breath. It turned out that slumping, letting his rear slide forward and his face lowering until his mouth was even with her collarbone, was all Xander had to do so that he could drive up into her. Dropping down she let out a gasp, her thighs trembling against his.

“Is, is it suppose to feel like this?” She didn’t look at him, her eyes gazing unfocused at the wall as she tried to under the sensation of having something, someone inside of her.

“Yes,” he mumbled as he planted a kiss on the girl’s chest.

A simple confirmation of rightness was all Dawn seemed to have needed to start moving, not up and down but rather grinding against him, rocking her hips as if she was trying to make him hit every place inside her. Her amateurish exploration felt surprisingly good but Xander made a point of focusing on something else, in this case getting her bra off. His fingers quested up her back to the hooks-and-eyes just reaching them when she changed her pattern.

Her legs doing most of the work she lifted her as slowly possible, her body sliding along his, until she reached a height where he just remained inside her that she maintained as long as she could, a trembling building in her core before she had to let herself down. A few deep breaths and she repeated the process, muscles he didn’t even know existed twitching around him as she work. Her up and down movements on his dick not only distracted him but also kept threatening to pull her bra strap from his hands. He maintained his focus, remaining relatively quiet when compared to the hissing, gasping girl, until the fabric parted and he let out a yip of success.

“No, not yet.” Clearly mistaking his celebration for the same type of warning she’d earlier ignored Dawn sprung up off his dick. “You can’t cum inside; I can’t get pregnant.”

“I thought you were going to die?” He had to turn his face speak as she had smash her soft and smooth belly against it as she stood.

“Yeah, but if I don’t I don’t want Buffy to do me in.” After a moment she seemed to realize that he hadn’t cummed, spending his seed against her legs, and looked down to confirm what had happened. “Oh? You can still go. Well there’s something else I’d like to try.” Leaning over she opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out a bottle of lotion that she passed to Xander as she backed up. “Here, this should make you slippery enough to go, where I, the place, I want.”

“Are you sure?” He no longer wanted to talk her out of anything but he had to ask.

“Yes.” She didn’t sound too sure but she said it and nodded, her eyes flicking down to his member that seemed to pulse at her as she did so.

“Alright, then turn around.”

“Okay.” Not really knowing what he was about to do she did as instructed; noticing that her bra was loose she was in the process of removing it when he pushed on her back forcing her to lean forward. “What?”

“Stay like that.” Xander poured some of the lotion onto her ass, making her jump, before applying his hands to the work. With his thumbs he spread the lotion over her flesh and into the crack until she started to relax. That’s when he went in. With one hand spreading her cheeks the fingers of his other starting probing her anus. This was more about getting her use to the presence of his digits than working in the lotion. “Are you ready?”

“I think so; it feels strange almost…” Dawn was still trying to figure out what it felt like when he pulled her back onto his dick. She gave a ‘yeep’ that was a little too loud but there was a limit to how gentle he was able to be after the break so he kept her moving. Up and down his kept hands on her hips kept her going until she picked up the rhythm herself and he could let his fingertips drift up her torso to Tweak her pink nipples. A quick pinch was all that was needed to make her clampdown almost painfully tight; she didn’t stop moving though so it was only a few pumps later when he hissed and he let loose inside her.

“That was fun,” she said getting off him after catching a breath. “We should do this again if we live through this.”

“What again?” Xander looked at his limp dick not quite hearing her words.

“Yeah with this,” there was the sound of a shutter as Dawn, standing in the robe off the door, used to her phone to take his picture, “I can get you in trouble whenever I want; I own you."

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