Giddy Up Buffy

BY : saladie
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Willow’s cheerful mood vanished the instant she entered her girlfriend’s dorm. Seeing Tara cry her eyes out had her quickly at her lover’s side.

“What’s it baby?” asked Willow with fear riding her words as she watched her girlfriend wipe the tears from her red and puffy eyes.

“It’s… nothing”, Tara mumbled back as she nuzzled into Willow’s arms as they sat on her bed.

“Don’t nothing me. Is it a spell? Or some demon has…”

“Willow, being on a Hellmouth doesn’t mean that everything bad has to be supernatural”, Tara snapped uncharacteristically making the redhead’s worry increase a little more.

“Then what’s wrong? Honey, I hate seeing you so upset, you know how that makes me feel”, Willow said gently as she cupped Tara’s face.

“It’s… money”

“Money? You haven’t been gambling again have you?” Willow gave Tara a playful nudge.

“No, Anya called it quits after I helped her with that G’Farl demon.” Tara gave a little smile. “It’s money for college. I don’t have any” Tara waved her hand at the crumpled, official looking papers that littered her bed.

“You don’t have any? Like nothing at all?” gasped Willow.

“I was told that when I turned nineteen I would get an inheritance from my mother’s will, but it seems my jerk of a Dad has pissed it all away over the last few years. I… I have nothing”, Tara said bitterly through gritted teeth.


“Baby, I’ve never seen you like this”, Willow whispered. By now, she had tears in her eyes too.

“I’ve never felt like this before”, Tara said running her fingertips over her girlfriend’s succulent lips, “I-I’ve only just found you… I can’t lose you now… I-I just can’t… I have nothing… except you”

“Shhh baby”, soothed Willow gently as Tara sobbed in her arms.

“If I can’t pay for college then I’ll have to go back home… a-and I can’t do that… I’ve only just found my heart and if I lose you… I don’t see how I can carry on living….”

“Oh my sweet, don’t talk like that… please”, the redhead said softly for she would do anything to keep Tara in her life, no demon or debt collection agency would ever part them. “Have you asked about a student loan from the bank?”

“I tried. No luck”, replied Tara with a sniffle as she roughly wiped her nose.

“Oooh, what about the Mayor?” the redhead said.

“The Mayor? What’s Mr Finch got to do with all this?” asked Tara curiously.

“Well he helped us take down the old Mayor and took over last year”, Willow nodded, “I’m sure if I explained things he could loan you some money. He owes us big time”

“I thought Faith broke his jaw?”

“Well… kind of. Well how stupid do you have to be to jump out during a fight between two slayers and bunch of vamps, it’s just lucky they weren’t carrying any stakes or anything or else Mr Finch could have seriously got hurt. But yes, Faith punched him in the face and broke his jaw, but he told us all we needed to know to take down the big bad in exchange for protection. So now he’s in charge...”


“No Will, I wouldn’t feel right about that. That money could be used to buy a new MRI machine for the hospital or finally fix those damn potholes on Main Street, it would be like stealing from tax paying, law abiding citizens. And I don’t like the idea of being indebted to the Mayor, who knows what he’d want in return, or how corruptible he is”

“He’s not that bad” Willow tried to reason as she attempted to buoy her girlfriends humors.

“Honey, he’s in politics. Have you ever heard of an altruistic politician?”

“Good point Tar, but what do we do? I’d give you all you need but I’m barely scraping by as it is, it seems that being upper middle class and having your parents pay for everything so I didn’t have to get a job, well it doesn’t stretch as far as it used to”

“That’s sweet honey, and I do appreciate it. But I’m not going to leech off you”

“But how can we make some decent money?”

“You know how for your birthday I got you those handcuffs?”, Tara said with a sly smile.

“And did that whole Catwoman thing? How could I forget? It was an amazing night, I always knew there was something naughty lurking beneath your surface”, Willow said with a slight chuckle. “You looked incredible in latex, it really suits you… so hot… so yummy”, she purred with lust filled eyes.

“I know”, Tara grinned, loving the way her girlfriend looked at her when they were being playful.

“Honey, you know how I love playing with you, it makes you happy so even though the sub thing really isn’t me I’m always willing to do it for you… within reason.”

“Well, what if…”

“What if what?”

Tara gave Willow a shrewd look. “What if we both got to play with someone? Someone who could make us some money and we could both keep hold of the keys”

“Tara, you’ve kind of lost me”

“You know at Xander and Faith’s housewarming party, well more like ‘crappy one bedroom apartment’ warming party?”

“What about it? You’re not still annoyed about me and the tequila are you? I told you it was Faith’s bet, I had no idea I would be that sick”

“No, not that. Though I did kind of like playing nurse to you the next morning, when you were all whiny and groany about feeling so ill, it was fun rubbing your tummy and tending to you like that”, Tara smiled softly.

“I still say I should’ve got you that uniform. You would look sooooo good”, Willow replied trying not to drool over the idea of Tara dressed in a tight rubber nurse outfit.

“Will, can we focus here?”

“Sorry baby”

“You know when they were telling us about being in San Francisco during that kinky fair thing?”

“Yes, now that’s an image I don’t think I’ll ever get out of my head. I mean Faith always wears leather so it’s not that much of a surprise that she liked to get Xander on his….”

“No, not that bit. I mean that ponygirl thing they were telling us about. You know, hot girls in latex with the hooves and bridle and everything, prancing about and performing for the crowd and entering competitions. Being under the control of their owners…….mmmmm”, Tara said with a distant lusty look in her usually dulcet eyes.

“Oh that thing. Well I have to confess I…..I did kinda look it up on the net”, Willow said with a blush of the cheeks and a quivering in her pussy, but with Tara she felt so comfortable she knew she could admit anything to her without being judged.

“I know. I saw you bookmarked a few sites on your laptop… the same sites I’d checked out as well”, confessed Tara with a smile, “I knew we were on the same wavelength in so many ways”

“I love you baby”

“I love you too”, replied the hippie pressing her lips to her girlfriends, “So what do you think?”

“About what?”

“The ponygirl thing?”

“M-me? You want me t-to be your ponygirl?” Willow sucked in a sharp breath. “I mean, I know I said I’d do anything for you but…”

“No honey, I didn’t mean you”, Tara hastened to explain. “I meant it could solve all our problems if we had a ponygirl we could train and enter into these competitions as we could make some serious money. It would mean I could stay on at college, maybe we could even get our own place off campus, plus we could both enjoy being the one with the keys to the cuffs”

“It’s a pretty big step though. But if it means we can be together always then it’s something we should seriously consider”

“I think we can do it Will”, Tara said, “I mean we’ll have to do a little more research…”

“So what do we do?” Willow pulled her girlfriend in closer, the redhead fully convinced. Now that her libido was roused she's fixated on making their vision reality. “Where are we going to get someone to be our ponygirl? I mean, we need someone with grace, poise and femininity. Someone we can get to dress up and…”

“Hey you guys!”, came the unwelcome yell as their dorm room door burst open and Buffy barged in, all styled up.

“Buffy! What are you doing? I told you Tara and I were having a quiet night in together, have you not heard of discretion?” Willow snapped in irritation feeling Tara’s warm embrace slide away.

“Oh Willow, I really need your help on the paper”, said Buffy as she walked across the room towards her friend. “Don’t be such a meanie” she pouted prettily.

“I thought you were going to do that paper alone? You’ve got to hand it in by the end of the week you know”, Willow tried to keep her outrage at bay, for the blonde slayer had been grating her nerves for a while now.

“Yeah… about that. Look, I really need your help with that. I’m like way crap at psycholology”

“Then why did you take it?”

Buffy just laughed Willow’s objection away, although she couldn’t help the faint blush that stole over her features.

“Buffy, I can’t keep…”

Trying to get attention away from her academic endeavours she turned to the shy witch. “Hey Tara, how’s it going?” she chirped happily.

“Buffy!” Willow felt outraged at the slayer’s insensitivity, as she saw Tara shy away from the overbearing slayer. At Buffy’s clueless look the redhead felt her fingers twist into fists.

“Umh guys, Riley knows some people over at the Delta Kappa block. They are throwing a big party right now and I could get us in, no problems whatsoever...”

Buffy trailed off uncertainly as she saw Willow’s pinched face. She felt like kicking herself, ever since Willow had come out as a lesbian she suffered a permanent foot-in-mouth disease around her redheaded friend. Every plan of hers seemed to backfire, like right now.

“Umh... I’m just gonna wait in our room... See you soon”, grinning awkwardly Buffy darted out the door, leaving in a blur of perfect feminity.

Willow, flushing with anger and shame, slammed the door shut and locked. At the moment she had no desire to see the blonde slayer again.

“Tara… I’m so, so sorry. I told her not to bother. I don’t really know what’s got into her recently...” Willow rambled on, ”The break-up with Angel kinda got up her ass and...”

“Will, you’re not seriously going to do her paper again are you? How many times have you dragged her ass out the fire in the last year? You have to stand up to her.”

Tara was furious. She’d hoped for a nice night with her honey. All her problems and all she got was a visit from dumb Buffy. “She is dumping all this stuff on you, you’re always away, helping her. Can’t she do anything alone?” Tara said still sneering at the doorway where Buffy, once more, had talked down to her like she was beneath her.


“But what? I love you Will and I’m only friends with Buffy for your sake but would it be so bad if she left us alone so we could graduate in peace?” Tara stood up and embraced her downcast lover.

“Don’t you see, Willow? She’s dragging us both down with her. You’re grades are starting to suffer because of her, and when you’re in a downer it makes me feel bad so I’m beginning to slip as well”


“Shh, honey”, Tara put a finger on her girlfriend’s lips, “Faith does most of the slaying in this town anyway, Mr. Giles and the last of the Initiative people helping her, and Mrs Summers, well, I mean, Buffy is never visiting her and she is feeling so alone...”

Willow rested her head on Tara’s shoulder as she recalled the sweet woman, how grateful Joyce had been for them to have come by. And to think they’d both been so nervous, now that they’d come out, but all they got was support.

“Buffy takes her Mom for granted, if my Mom was still alive I would never treat her like that” Tara choked out in a breathless voice.

“You’re right Tara”, Willow said. ”I’ll talk to Buffy...”

“How many times have you done that in the past? It doesn’t work!” Tara said. The mere presence of Buffy and her treatment of Willow had her going into over-protective girlfriend mode.

“I know”, sighed the redhead.

“Willow”, Tara wet her lips, “Baby, I would never ask you to make a choice between your girlfriend and your so-called best friend…”

“To be honest, Buffy and I haven’t been best friends for a while. Sure, we’re still friends but the way she’s acts now….”

Tara nodded. “You know you can’t let her treat you like this. Things need to change!”

Taking Willow by hand she pulled the redhead to the table. Latching onto her girlfriend’s gaze Tara smiled mischievously as she turned the open laptop around.

“I think it’s time for a new approach” Tara said.

“What...” Willow’s eyes brightened as she looked at the screen. Her gaze skimmed over the close-up of a petite young woman of comparable age, completely naked and smeared with sweat, wearing a tight leather harness and an iron bit between her dazzling white teeth.


Tara smiled as she cupped her stunned lover’s face and pulled her into a deep, soul searing kiss.

“How do you think Buffy would look wearing a bridle?”


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