The New Girl

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The New Girl

By James Carmody.

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the entire franchise thereof is the property of Joss, and until he decides to sell or give it away, in whole or in part (by way of giving permission to sell stories therein), I will not accept a single red cent for this or any other Buffy stories that I write- this is fanfiction, and is written for fun.

Summery: Fuffy story set in College, Faith is a bit late (by a month) due to getting her GED, and Buffy helps her get up to speed in her studies.

Characters/Pairings: Faith/Buffy, Willow Rosenberg, the First Evil (possibly), Professor Bruce Hoffner (OMC)

Author's Notes: This story is inspired by IrishAmerican67's challenge to me; he wanted a Fuffy story- basically a STORY involving them in a relationship, and that developed into this in my head. I hope you like this idea, IrishAmerican67! This is a Faith/Buffy love story. Please do the following: Read, Enjoy, and Review (or PM me about it, but I'd prefer both).

Chapter 1.): Buffy's New Classmate…

Chapter Author's Notes [Beginning]: Willow has serious issues with Faith, (serious issues is an understatement; she absolutely hates her!) as you'll learn later on in this chapter, so if she can be gentle enough with her to wish her a good education and a happy time, she is really doing a 'bang-up job' as the saying goes.

Buffy Summers was seated in the UC Sunnydale math class, waiting for the professor to arrive in the room and begin the lesson. Just about two minutes before Professor Bruce Hoffner should have arrived; she spotted a young brunette she thought she remembered from her High School days walking into the classroom. Said brunette wore leather pants and a leather jacket (both were black), and had a pretty backpack on, small, but not too petite. "She looks beautiful" Buffy thought to herself "don't I remember her from somewhere?" she thought some more, then "Faith?! No, it can't be!" she thought, it bugged her that she couldn't remember who this young lady is/was. It really bugged Buffy that she couldn't recall this woman's identity for sure, but she looked surprisingly like Faith Lehane.

This mysterious young female student had her black hair in a bun, but it looked like a perm too (What Faith has is her hair in a bun and her hair has been put in a perm, so it's both.)- so it looked a bit weird, but pretty. Hey, this female was gorgeous in her eyes. [Make out with her.] suggested an errant desire in her head [she wants it.] "Yeah, Right!" Buffy responded sarcastically, in her head. Before continuing her hammering of this perverse desire "Just because a female is pretty doesn't mean by definition that she wants to be kissed." Buffy was kind of mad at this message, and the messenger- though she didn't know for certain who this messenger was; in reality it was the First Evil, a being known in religious history as the Devil. That explained why she got a 'email' that if she had followed the instructions therein; Buffy Anne Summers would have been risking expulsion from school for pretty much sexually attacking Faith Lehane! And if she followed that 'paper trial', she would realize that the entity wanted to get her to waste her mind; it really was a 'first-rate' mind. , and that would devastate many more than Buffy (and probably Faith- who that new student was), it would also hurt Dawn (who loves Buffy deeply), and Professor Hoffner- who feels with his very fibers that she's a spectacular student, and that just scratches the surface of those who'd be hurt. Buffy would likely wind up in prison too. Hence the First Evil was out to hurt as many people as possible.

This class day was in early October, so the air was getting rather brisk, especially for Southern California… but the room was heated. Buffy was wearing her black leather jacket, but more because she liked to be able to fight if need be than for keeping warm. Faith glanced right at Buffy, and it was clear that the blonde had caught her eyes, so Buffy smiled sweetly at Faith. She genuinely felt a growing love for the brunette, but she wanted to control her desires towards the gorgeous brunette. When these two women had met, they had a nearly sisterly bond; but Faith's antics had ruined their relationship. Buffy was determined to give Faith another chance to be her friend and practically sister. However, she wasn't ready to go any further than 'sister/friend' with Faith. She loved her, and wanted to give her a seat of honor amongst her friends, but they kept on fighting., Buffy was, however, a Christian woman- as it turned out, so was Faith, so she absolutely wanted to 'turn the other cheek' as the saying went. But there were hard feelings to get past in her heart.

As the class went on, Buffy kept on glancing at Faith- concerned about her new classmate, so, after class, she waited for a while until almost all the rest of the class aside from herself and Faith had cleared out to talk to Professor Hoffner about her idea.

Looking up from his desk, Professor Hoffner saw Buffy standing there with her hands in her lap, and her blonde hair in a wreath-braid around her head, she looked beautiful in the sunlight. And he asked "What is it, Buffy?" to her. "Professor Hoffner" Buffy began "I have to ask you what your policy on students helping other students is." "It's just that they cannot allow themselves to fall behind in their work, Miss Summers, what is this about?" he tried to find out more from her regarding what she is talking about "I just noticed that Faith has just began, and wonder if I might help her to get up to speed with her studies, if that is OK with you" she asked him, meekly. "That's" his eyebrows went up to the middle of his forehead "a wonderful idea, Buffy… I do want my students to have a 'teamwork mentality' too, the only objection I have is what if you fall behind yourself." was him voicing his position on it- he loved the idea of his students helping eachother, and Buffy understood math quite well.

"Then I'll just have to keep that under control." Buffy responded, she was elated that she could help Faith; even though she felt she had no choice about nearly killing Faith, it was in a fight that she felt that Faith had left her no choice in- she was angry at her sister-slayer for poisoning her boyfriend, Angel; and she was GOING to make Faith pay! "So like Cain and Abel." Buffy thought bitterly "Darn glad I side-stepped killing her by the skin of my teeth, though." she still felt bitter about that.

"You have my full permission to do so, and you'll get extra credit for helping her, too." The professor was saying to her, and the fact that she was so lost in her memories meant that she nearly missed his authorization to help her fellow student out!

Willow Rosenberg had been seated at the back of the room, and was perpetually nervous with the idea that Faith was now her classmate- these two females had almost never gotten along, and Willow was scared of Faith. But hearing that Buffy had offered to help Faith study made Willow see Buffy's soul in a new light- and what a beautiful soul she had! Willow was frankly amazed at how gorgeous Buffy's personality had become; and felt a genuine teammate love for the blonde woman who was her best friend!

After class she cornered Buffy in the hallway, and seizing her by her upper arms, she told her in no uncertain terms that she was most proud of her for volunteering to help Faith with her studies, that she found Buffy to have a beautiful personality. This alarmed Buffy, she didn't even think of herself as bisexual, she still considered herself a straight woman.

A taller blonde woman walked up to Willow and said something near her ear, Buffy's hearing was spectacular- so she heard clearly what was being said "W-W-W-Willow" "This woman seems nervous." Buffy read while the other blonde was talking to her best friend "she doesn't seem entirely comfortable right now, p-p-p-perhaps we should…" "That woman has a bad stutter." walking up behind Buffy was Faith, and her remark made Willow go ballistic- she wanted to punch Faith full in the face for speaking so bluntly about her friend, and what's more, girlfriend: Tara! "You want to bring it, Red? Come-on then, let's bring it!" Faith said, about to hit Willow hard. These two ladies had Never gotten along; and it looked for all the world like another fight was about to begin between them right then and there!

Buffy would have none of that! She immediately stepped right in-between her best friend and her sister-slayer and said in a voice that brooked no argument "Hey, if you want to hit someone, hit me, but be warned; I hit back!" she wouldn't have them fighting amongst eachother, as that would hurt her. She had her hands practically on both ladies chests, to hold them apart, and was willing to die that day in College to stop her friends from killing one-another. Buffy didn't want to die, not at all, but she was willing to do so, so that her friends could live- and come to their senses.

Buffy had, by some bizarre co-incidence, managed to embarrass her colleagues and friends into coming to their senses; Willow hung her head, and mumbled a quick prayer for forgiveness of her hatred of Faith that had come the fore, and Faith turned away- disgusted with herself for her activities; she so wanted to leave her bad past behind herself; her time in a cell, her counseling, her GED work, her classes in prison, all of these had the background of her penance for her violent past, in the younger brunette slayer's life,- and now to see it coming to the fore again was very upsetting for the younger slayer.

"Faith had no business bullying you." Willow said, resting her forehead on Tara's, as the two of them talked and tried to comfort eachother about that upsetting event. "No, she's right, I do stutter… mainly when I meet new people." Tara explained, her perspective was different from Willow's: whereas Willow's perspective was about Tara's rights (especially her right to emotional happiness), Tara's was about the accuracy of information that she and others receive about her and their situation. That was what was most important in Tara's eyes: honesty, flavored with charity.

"I'm sorry Faith's such a bit of a b*tch, Tar!" Willow said, bitterly. Tara was, however, rather offended by Willow calling Faith so hurtful a name, and said to her "I've asked you to stop using that term for a female dog to refer to a woman, before, Will… you know that. It offends me." These two were in Tara's room, standing in the middle, trying to talk out their issues. "What did she do to you that got you to hate her so?" Tara asked, probing angrily towards Willow's issues with Faith. Tara could clearly feel Willow's hatred of Faith, it was like hot concrete in her soul- blocking out any use of the fertile soil that made her personality so beautiful to Tara- "like a well-tended garden" was how Tara described Willow's personality- she absolutely loved to spend time with her, but when Will's like this; Tar can easily see the ugliness Will's prone to, and it frightens her immensely.

Some hours later, Willow and Tara had still not gotten to a resolution, and Willow suddenly let slip out that she wanted to rape Faith! Tara almost physically slapped Willow full-strength across her face then and there- she was so angry about that! "Hate-sex is absolutely disgusting Willow! There's no love in it, no gentleness, no kindness, no respect, it's intended to hurt the other person… for crying out loud- why would you want to do something so Horrible?!" With each of the "there's no's" in her speech, Tara shook her head in anger. Victoria {Tara} was well beyond berserk now! The mere reference to Willow raping Faith set her over the edge with anger towards her girlfriend- and it wasn't that Will would be cheating on her, it was what Willow would be doing to Willow: making herself into a lesbian rapist! (basically a female rapist with lesbian tendencies) That's what offended and scared Tara beyond all reason! Victoria was almost in tears, she was that upset by what Willow had mentioned, so she turned herself away from her girl; with the intent to hide her quiet crying.

"It's what she did to me and my friends; she tried to kill us, she raped my friend-slash-brother-of-the-heart: Xander, and she threatened me. She also betrayed us- to a sorcerer by the name of Richard Wilkins III" Willow finally said, and she said the "betrayed" part bitterly, as if she was still bitter about that, feeling petty for bringing herself into the equation- she wanted to be a 'soldier for righteousness', not a petty little girl who couldn't place others needs ahead of her own.

"So, you've got a series of legitimate grievances with her, but those don't justify you trying to rape her." Tara explained, now slightly embracing Willow to try to comfort her. "Even combined they don't come close to justification for rape, believe me, I know." Tara explained.

Willow went wide-eyed at Tara's emphatic response "What does, then?" Willow asked "What does it take to justify that deed?" "Willow" Tara responded, shocked that Will would want to do such a misdeed "there's never any justification for forcing oneself on someone else- NEVER! I ought to know." Tara said, then her voice dropped into a whisper "Some people I know were subjected to that horror, and they took almost all the time from then until now to recover, and the character of the violators never recovered!" Victoria {Tara} began her tirade. "When my father found out that I was a lesbian for the first time, he…" she paused "took it upon himself to make sure that I'd never be violated by another female; now, make no mistake, Willow, my dad doesn't approve of my orientation, but I am still his child- so he felt responsible for protecting me; and when he learned of my intellectual nature,,, well, he referred me to a book titled "Woman-to-Woman sexual violence… does she call it rape?" and told me that that book would help me to realize the dangers in my situation. Well, I read it, and it has been useful to me., it pointed out some of the things that women will do to eachother, and that has helped me to avoid being violated in my dates with females- when to draw the line… that sort of thing." Tara explained "So, when I heard you saying that you wanted to rape Faith; I got understandably scared for your future. I love you, Willow, and I don't want you to be worthy of prison." "Wow! That can happen? To us?" Willow was shocked. "As easily as with a guy, it turns out, and it is a lot harder to prosecute." Tara explained "But if you do this horror; I'll have to testify against you, and I DON'T want to do that! So, please, for my happiness, stop and re-think your intentions towards Faith!" Tara begged Willow to re-consider her intent to sexually abuse Faith.

Willow felt enormously guilty now… especially since she had wanted to sexually abuse and assault Faith at the same time- it truly frightened her what she had wanted to do to her! "Very well, Tara, I'll hold myself back, but I don't love her, or even LIKE her!" Willow said, still bitter about Faith's even existence.

"Willow, it's your hatred of Faith that is ugly." Tara tried to reason with her girlfriend, she didn't want her to wind up re-incarnated into something very low- she wanted Willow to be a queen in her own life, and right, and in Tara's life too- and the love of her life; not some kind of ugly parasite!

What Tara really wanted for Willow was absolute self-mastery, as Catholics call the trait- though Tara's a modern Pagan, she liked the Judeo-Christian concept of being in charge of one's: life, choices, lifestyle, and all that... In short- she liked the idea of ruling over herself, not being a puppet of the First or any other true demon that comes along; and she wanted that same power for Willow.

Meanwhile; Buffy talked to Faith earlier than this argument about what Willow wanted to do to Faith, with Faith Lehane… she told her to meet her at her (Buffy's) room in Stephenson Hall on campus to study, and then they'd possibly play a game of Buffy's that she wanted to try out called Ace of Aces, made by a certain Alfred Leonardi. "Faith will be so surprised" Buffy thought, "nobody yet knows of my budding hobby as a wargamer." Buffy mentally added with a grin as she and Faith separated to go about their days "Oh, Faith, be careful around Willow." Buffy added, fearing that a fight would break out between those two.

Previously (some months ago):

Willow and Giles had met in a secret meeting; a meeting about Buffy. It was mentioned there by Willow that she felt that Buffy would get better at monster-fighting if she took up wargaming, and to her surprise: Giles had agreed. "Buffy's a superb hand-to-hand fighter" he had said "but to wage war requires a far more strategic-mind than Buffy has been able to develop- even with weapons, she is still superb- beyond that, in fact, but she isn't up to par in strategy or tactics, and I fear that in a major battle; she'll be put to flight or worse., you're right, Willow, I'll encourage her to take up wargaming very soon." he had agreed, and that surprised Willow greatly!

When Willow had broached the subject to Buffy, Buffy had been somewhat angry at her for deciding her life's course without her present or able to have any input, but Willow had persuaded her that it'd be fun to learn to wargame, and that would make a nice little hobby- she'd also mentioned the subject of passed slayers, including the rumor of Joan of Arc being one... And Buffy was interested, to say the least! That interest had made all the difference for her, and finally she'd consented.


Buffy was deeply offended that Willow and Faith had almost fought, and the reality that they had almost come to blows- besides Willow's obvious hatred of Faith scared Buffy, she was scared for Faith! Scared of what Willow might do to her, and she was concerned both her new friend: Faith, and her best friend: Willow… Buffy really didn't want them to fight, or worse… she didn't know what Willow had told Tara in their room, but Willow was very angry and was clearly interested in hurting Faith in any way that she could! This, above all else, scared the blonde heroine.

End Chapter Author's Notes: Don't worry, while Alfred Leonardi's work is referenced, and to avoid plagiarism, is credited to him, he will not show up in this story- but his work is in it: the Ace of Aces book wargame. I've played it, and it is fun. Buffy in this story is bisexual, but predominantly straight, but that is merely her desires (and that seems to match her in the comics too), she is developing a fast love interest in Faith Lehane, and in the next chapter (which will be called "Study-date and Play-date", appropriately so) she and Faith will be playing a game of Ace of Aces, and her affection for Faith will begin to become something she has to worry about.

She'll still love Faith, and she should, but she will be appropriately frightened by her love of Faith. To anyone in school, currently or in recent personal history, you'll appreciate what I mean: you love your friend/classmate, but you don't want it to interfere with your studies- and that interference is exactly what the First will take advantage of if it can in Buffy's heart to try to ruin her education!


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