Slayer, Interrupted

BY : Buffy1987
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"Buffy! Fuckin' wake up already!"-Faith yelled, impatient and shook the blonde Slayer roughly.

"N-no..."-Buffy mumbled, in her sleep she was happy, and this insane reality she had to deal with wasn't so much fun.

For the last four months she had been trapped in a hell dimension or something, and everything was different. She had no idea how exactly she ended up there, she just remembered fighting Faith in the church when Faith stole her body, and suddenly, when they caught each other's hand, instead of just turning to their normal selves, they got pulled into a whirl of hot wind that just kind of blew them away to this dark place where demons ruled.

Faith had known the dark side better, and she kind of managed to fit there, she fought for the demons and killed whoever they asked her to kill, except for Buffy. She wanted her alive and she refused to kill her when the demons told her to. They knew Buffy's death wouldn't activate a new Slayer and they couldn't care less if she lived or died.

Faith cared, though. In this crazy world she was Slayer Numero Uno, and Buffy was a source of entertainment for the demons. They loved to make her fight almost to death and watch.

After the fights, Faith would take beaten Buffy to her chambers and give her something to drink and eat, but kept her chained up to the wall. At first, Buffy fought so hard to break the chains and escape, but after fighting the demons daily for hours, after being beaten and bruised and cut constantly, she just gave in and stopped fighting cause she figured she needed force to stay alive.

Faith, impatient and a little mad that Buffy dared to say no, kicked the blonde chained girl so hard, Buffy doubled over and gasped, her eyes wide open suddenly.

Buffy was almost naked, wearing just a black bra and a thong, the demons didn't want her to have any pockets she could use to hide her weapons.

"Faith, please... Stop this... Help me... Begging you..."-Buffy BEGGED, which was really unusual for someone so independent and strong, and Faith liked it. No, she LOVED seeing Buffy defeated, alone, hurt and helpless. It was a nice change after witnessing all of those victories of her's. She was always the Golden Girl, but right now she was just the Lost Girl.

"Heh, B, sorry but I ain't making the rules here, just trying to stay alive, just like you. It's not my fault you're such a goody two shoes and don't wanna work for the demons, with me. And, hey, having you chained up is actually cool. A turn on, even. Always thought bondage looked good on you."-Faith grinned and gently touched Buffy's cheek, and Buffy moved backward, the touch made her flinch a little, she got used to being touched only roughly.

"Aww, you're afraid I'm gonna hurt you? So cute..."-Faith giggled and Buffy shot her an annoyed look, which made Faith laugh harder.

"Faith, please. Tell them I can't fight today, that I'm too hurt and...and I might die... and they wouldn't have a Slayer to torture anymore... Please... I think I have a few broken ribs..."-Buffy started crying, feeling horrible cause she had to beg Faith for her own life. It was wrong! She was supposed to be in charge, winning, and this shit just kept getting worse for her.

"I might be able to help you out, but only if you do something for me. You suggest what it's gonna be."

"I... when we get back to Sunnydale, I'll tell everyone you saved me and let you take the charge. We'll be a team, and you'll be a leader."

"What makes you think we'll ever get back to Sunnydale? I'm the Live-For-Now-Girl and I want something now, not IF we ever get out of here."

"So... what do you want? I'll do anything, just please, stop letting them abuse me this way."

There was a knock on the door and a husky, growling voice said: "Faith, is our slave ready to fight?"

"Faith, please..."-Buffy begged, eyes huge with fear. Faith thought for a sec and punched Buffy in the head hard to give her a fresh bruise big enough to shut her eye and stepped on her hand until she heard a bone crack.

Buffy screamed, even though she did her best to remain silent; it hurt like hell, she was sure she would pass out.

"I don't think she's fit to fight today, Thowk. I got carried away when she pissed me off and I think I broke her hand. I just touched her now and she screamed, you heard her."-Faith answered, but didn't unlock the door for the knocking demon.

"Let me see her."-Thowk growled and Faith and Buffy looked at each other, both hoping it would work. Faith didn't want Buffy dead, and she was sure she'd die if they made her fight.

Faith unlocked the door and the green demon with red spikey hair and blue eyes entered the room. He was one of the scary ones, who hurt Buffy the most. His power was to throw a gel like liquid over his victim that immobilized them and made them so easy to hurt. Buffy couldn't count how many times she'd been covered in that horrible yellow slime and tortured till she passed out.

"Oh, look at her. Big Bad Slayer all broken. Literally."-one glance was enough for him to tell that Buffy's hand indeed was broken.

"P-please, not today... I'll make it up to you..."-Buffy looked at both Faith and the demon, tears running down her face because her hand hurt so bad.

"Yes, you will. Your Slayer healing will help you get better soon and then the real games are gonna begin. Faith, come see me later."-he left the room without sparing another glance for the Slayers and Buffy sighed and said:

"Thank you..."

Faith caught Buffy's hand and pulled it to make the bones fall back to their place and then she wrapped it up in bandages and said: "You're gonna live. Let's talk about the thing I want now."

"What is it?"-Buffy asked and gasped in surprise when Faith ripped off her bra and panties easily, leaving her naked and exposed.

"I want you. I've always wanted you, but you didn't see or understand me, you just wanted your Angel."

The surprise on Buffy's beaten, yet beautiful face made Faith laugh, but that laughter sounded bitter...

"Faith, I... I can't do this..."-Buffy whispered, still not believing Faith wanted to fuck her and had her chained up completely naked.

"You don't have to do anything, yet... Just spread your legs."

Buffy wasn't moving, she just felt completely confused and kept thinking she'd wake up soon.

Faith forced Buffy's legs apart and started touching Buffy's, still not wet, pussy.

"Faith, please..."-Buffy's eyes teared up again, she felt humiliated and used, and Faith hadn't even started yet.

"You're so soft. You know, when I was you I fucked myself so hard in the bath. But fucking YOU is really way better."-Faith whispered and thrust two fingers into Buffy hard and fast.

Buffy sobbed, she wasn't wet and the sudden penetration hurt her. Faith forced her fingers in hard and fast and whispered: "Finally... Come on, B, relax. This can turn out to be helpful to you. You NEED human touch and feelings, to survive in this place. You need ME, you like it or not."

Faith was right, on some level, and Buffy had to admit that Faith wasn't hurting her, her fingers were skilled and when she managed to make herself relax a little, Buffy started getting wet.

"Mmmm, you like it, ha?"-Faith whispered, held onto Buffy's waist and started going faster and rougher, making Buffy moan.

Buffy didn't answer, and it made Faith smile.

"Faith... oooh...."-Buffy moaned, still surprised that she let herself actually enjoy Faith's touch. It was insane to like her touch after everything she'd been through because of Faith, but she couldn't help it; her own body was betraying her and Buffy didn't know if she should hate it or love it for it.

"I always wanted to hear you moan my name..."-Faith whispered and slowed down her pace, she actually wanted to be gentle to Buffy, which surprised her.

Buffy's battered body wasn't used to feeling such pleasure anymore, and it was responding to Faith a hundred and ten percent, as much as she hated it.

Faith felt Buffy shiver in her arms and she loved the feeling, but she didn't want to show it to Buffy, so as soon as Buffy came (and boy, she came hard), she moved away and let Buffy lie on the cold floor alone.

"Faith?"-Buffy whispered, not trusting her own voice at that moment.

"Gotta meet Thowk. 'Later."

Buffy didn't know why she felt so disappointed at that moment, she should have known it was nothing but fucking to Faith, she wanted her body, not anything else...

She just lay on her side, still feeling ache in between her legs, but now that she was alone, she let her mind and body cool down and realized her hand hurt like hell and, well, so did the rest of her body. Faith had punched her eye shut and she couldn't see through it at all. The floor was so cold and Buffy curled up into a ball to try to warm up, but it was impossible. Tiredness was stronger than pain and everything, so after ten minutes of crying, Buffy fell asleep.

Faith wondered what Thowk wanted to talk about and she hurried walking through the dark maze of corridors which led to his chamber. Buffy kept popping in her head, she loved the way she reacted to her touch, and she was actually touched by all the hope she'd seen in Buffy's eyes...well, eye, the left one was so bruised she couldn't see through it.

A big part of her wanted to hold Buffy after fucking her, but she considered herself to be too tough to cuddle anyone, especially her blonde nemesis-sis.

Hesitating a little, Faith knocked on Thowk's door.


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