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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS), nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story

Potential Poker I (ffffffffffff/F, Spank, anal)

Author: IMTCWay

Rating: I think most people would consider that you should be an adult to read this.

Pairing: Buffy / Potentials / Dawn / Buffybot.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS), nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story

Alternative Universe

In Late 2010 I mapped out a story involving Buffy, Willow and Dawn, with lots of spanking (mainly for Buffy). It would take place over a number of years, the final few chapters even out into 2020 and beyond. Some of the chapters I planned appealed to me so much that I wrote them immediately. Unfortunately the writing bug then went away and at present I can not see me completing it. It seemed a shame to waste what I had already done, so I have decided to post the chapters concerned. If I do get back to writing the series you might see them posted again in their intended context.

Normally I would set up the situation within a story, but in this case it is intended that this would have been done in previous chapters, so I will explain what you need to know up front.

We are in an AU, although I will refer to the BTVS canon season to explain the time frame. Dawn exists from S1 – she is still a creation of the monks, it just happened earlier and will not be relevant in these excerpts. She is a couple of years older than in canon.

Buffy and Willow are a couple.  In S2 Buffy committed a serious offense against Willow that Dawn discovered. She was forced to agree to a serious punishment from her little sister and to get Willow to spank her (without knowing about the offense). Unfortunately for her, Willow discovered she loved spanking Buffy and believed Buffy loved it too. Nothing could be further from the truth, but there was nothing the slayer could do about it.

Due to factors I won’t explain, quite a number of the characters we know from BTVS get to turn the elder Miss Summers over their knee for one reason or another. In fact very few females miss out.

Joyce dies in S4 and Willow, Buffy and Dawn all live in Revello Drive.

The only other important piece of information is how slayer healing works. In the short term it only affects serious injuries and cuts. Lesser hurts and bruises heal only a little faster than normal, until the slayer sleeps when the process speeds up dramatically. After 8 hours rest, Buffy’s body is almost completely back to normal.



S7 time frame. The potentials are living at Revello Drive. Willow is still in England after a S6 meltdown. Buffy is lonely and missing Willow.


I'd noticed that the girls frequently played cards in the evening. One day, Vi called over and asked if I'd like to take part. I was about to say no but all the other girls cheered and insisted I should. In the end I suppose I caved in to peer pressure. But after all the girls need to have fun and I guess Buffy does too. They were playing poker, a game I've only played once or twice before, when Willow and I were in college. I was handed a pile of green counters and the cards were dealt. We were playing a simple form of the game in which no cards were exchanged, you played the hand you were dealt. Everyone had to put two counters in every deal as an initial stake.

I'm no expert, but I quickly came to the conclusion that the girls were not very good at the game. I had no difficulty whatsoever in holding my own, in fact my pile of counters increased steadily. The beers flowed freely, and eventually I took one myself and we all had a good time. This continued on for several days. Although it wasn't very important, I always seemed to win. In fact at the end of the evening my pile of counters was almost always the largest in the room. Several girls were wiped out and had to borrow from the bank. In return they had to pay a forfeit. This involved standing on one leg for a minute while everyone laughed. This seemed even funnier after a few beers.

It was all very convivial. When someone folded, they would often get up and walk round the table, examining everyone else's hands. No one made any attempt to stop them seeing. I'd a feeling that was a practice that wouldn't have been tolerated in a professional game, but everyone seemed to accept it, so I did as well I. It was all just a bit of fun.

I was coming to really enjoy our evening games; they stopped me feeling the loneliness of Willow's absence. So when Rhona suggested we spice things up a bit by playing strip poker, I rather reluctantly agreed to go along with everyone else. The reluctance was mainly due to worry that one of the girls would get hurt. I needn't have worried about that.

We were all issued with 200 counters to start with, with the authority to borrow from the bank, 100 counters at a time. The catch was that each loan would cost one item of clothing. I was pretty confident after the way the previous games had gone, and my confidence was soon borne out. After a couple of hours my pile of counters was twice the size I started with, so I was still fully clothed. Vi and Shannon were both down to panties only. In what turned out to be the final hand, I had three Kings and Vi bet quite heavily against me, leaving her with no counters. I was convinced she was bluffing and called her. She only had a pair of threes -- I said these girls weren't very good.

That ended the game but there was still the little matter of the forfeit. Far from being furtive and embarrassed, Vi climbed onto the table and gyrated her hips in a very suggestive way while the other girls pulled down her panties. I must admit I helped as well. The was a good deal of slightly tipsy groping which Vi didn't seem to mind at all. Her ass did feel very soft! For the rest of the evening everyone stayed in their current state of undress -- in other words Vi naked, Shannon topless and two or three other girls down to their underwear. A Good evening! I might be pining for Willow but that didn't mean I'd stopped looking at cute girls.

Everyone, including Vi, agreed the night had been great fun. So the next day it was no surprise when it was suggested that we play another 'spicy' game. We agreed that Vi as the loser the previous day would choose the terms. She suggested that the loser should be spanked by whoever had most counters. This came as a bit of a shock to me -- I've been spanked by so many people that I’ve come to believe my ass may be cursed -- but everyone else seemed to love the idea and after all I knew I could play much better than them. So the cards were dealt, the beer was drunk, my counters increased and most of the girls were wearing less. Everyone started speculating whose ass was about to get whupped. "Hey Chloe, I hope your little ass is as cute as your face because I'm looking forward to giving it a really bad time." That was one of my contributions -- not exactly great prose, but I was pretty drunk. Anyway, it wasn't Chloe that lost, but Molly, a pretty dark haired English girl. But it was me that won. In keeping with the long-standing tradition (one day old!) Molly got up on the table and we all pulled down her panties while she danced for us. There was a great party atmosphere, everyone laughing and joking, even Molly. I was pretty excited; I always enjoy spanking - as long as it's not me on the receiving end!

The girls pulled a chair into the centre of the room and I sat down. Naked Molly draped herself over me and I started to spank her. Everyone clapped their hands each time my hand struck her butt. When she started to scream they cheered. I suspected this was a game they'd all played before. I kept up a regular rhythm, careful not to use slayer strength. "How many should I give her?" I asked the room in general. "As many as you want" someone shouted back, and everyone else shouted their agreement. I was certainly not complaining. I went on and on -- I'd forgotten how much fun it was to be on the giving end rather than receiving. When I'd finished I felt a certain amount of dismay at the state of Molly's bottom. She was only a potential slayer -- no overnight recovery for her. She'd still have difficulty sitting down tomorrow.

Neither Molly nor any of the other players who'd had to remove clothes made any move to dress, staying as they were for the rest of the evening. It gave me quite a buzz every time I caught sight of Molly's very red backside -- knowing I was responsible.

I'd had such a good time that I was really looking forward to the next game. I knew Molly would get to choose a variation and I hoped that it would be nice and kinky -- I was so much better than them at poker that I didn't need to bother worrying about myself. Several people pestered her throughout the day, asking her what she was going to come up with but she just smiled and said she hadn't decided yet. At last, at seven o'clock, we sat down at the table and looked expectantly at Molly. We'd all had several beers already, and there were lots more lined up. "I know everyone loved seeing me being spanked by Buffy yesterday, thank you for that!" -- she gave us all a mock glare -- "and you're anxious for more of the same. I think we need to make things a little more, I don't know, spanky this time round." Everyone cheered, very much including me. I felt a little intoxicated before we even began. " I know you were all rather jealous of Buffy and would have liked the opportunity to get your hands on my luscious little backside." There was laughter and jeering at this, though I noticed no one was denying it. "What I suggest is that we do the same as yesterday, except that instead of just the person with the biggest pile of counters spanking the loser, we all do. The winner has first go, the runner-up second and so on. Even those girls that only have their panties left on will still get their turn. What do you think?"

We demonstrated what we thought by waving our arms in the air and cheering. I was so intoxicated by the thoughts of my own invincibility that I never even considered the curse my ass is under. Molly dealt the first hand, and from the very start things started going wrong. I bluffed on a pair of two -- a tactic which had worked every time until then -- but this time two people stayed with me and by the time I had to fold I'd lost 50 counters. A couple of hands later I had three queens. Up till now this would always have been a winning hand for me, and I saw a chance to get back my losses from the first hand. By the time I called Kennedy's three aces I'd backed 60 counters. It was only a shoe I had to take off, but it was the first time I'd gone into debt, and the girls gave me a big round of applause. I felt just an inkling of disaster, but mostly was confident that I'd quickly recover and buy back that shoe.

About 20 minutes later I was much less confident. Now I was removing my T-shirt, to excited cheers, leaving only my jeans, bra and panties. All of the other girls were fully clothed. I couldn't understand what had gone wrong. I was playing the same way as before, it was just the others were playing better. I suppose I should expect people to learn from their mistakes, I just hadn't expected them to learn so quickly. It wasn't that I was not getting any winning hands; it's just that on previous days two or three or even more girls would stay with me and I'd win a pile of counters. Today everyone folded immediately, leaving me with simply the initial stakes. If I'd been completely sober I might have been able to re-trench, work out a new plan but my intoxicated mind was unable to deviate from the game plan that seemed to have been so successful up till now.

As I started to get worried I found I was drinking more beer, to calm my nerves. Whenever I finished a bottle someone would hand me a new one -- it was almost as if they wanted me to get drunk. Perhaps I should have become more cautious, but my mind was too befuddled to think of that. I bet high on two pairs and the next thing I knew I was removing my jeans and was down to my underwear. The girls were already overcome with excitement and alcohol and I caught many lascivious glances at my increasingly exposed body. By now I had a pretty good idea I was going to lose, and I suppose I should have simply pulled out -- refused to go on. It's not as if anyone could have done anything about it. But of course that would have been impossible. That would've broken every known code of behaviour and the girls would never have trusted me again. Hell, they might never have spoken to me again. Anyway -- I didn't do that.

Now I was more cautious, and for a few hands folded where before I might have bet. But of course I lost my initial stake money and I came to realise the futility of this ploy. I was way behind everyone else. If the game ended now I would still be the loser. I'd no doubt they would strip me before the spanking began anyway. My only chance was to win some back. All the other girls were still fully clothed but it only needed one of them to have a streak of bad luck and my bottom might be safe.

My next hand was three nines. My heart leapt -- this could be the hand that started my recovery. I was worried everyone would fold but Chloe stayed with me. After we'd built up quite a nice pot I put in all the counters in front of me, about 40 and smiled at Chloe in challenge. I expected her to fold then but she called me. She had three queens. I needed another loan and it was going to cost me my bra. And a great deal of my dignity. Oh Buffy, what have you got yourself into! The girls started to clap their hands as I removed it -- something they had never done on previous occasions when a girl was in this position. My face was red, my heart was beating and it was all I could do not to cover my breasts with my hand -- I knew how much derision that would provoke.

So I had a pile of 100 counters in front of me and I knew I could get no more. At the end of that pile was uncounted embarrassment, humiliation and a great deal of pain. I told myself that I could come back but I think I knew in my heart that that was unlikely. I had five very weak hands in a row and folded each time. I now had only 90 counters. Everyone seemed to be looking at my tits, with a sort of longing. It seemed only too clear that it wouldn't be long before they had something else to look at as well. I sighed and picked up the next hand. I could not believe my eyes. It was a flush, King high. Five hearts. It was the highest hand of the day, the highest since I started playing. All I needed was for someone to stay with me and I might yet be saved. Unbelievably Kennedy and Eve did. We continued betting until my pile was exhausted. Disaster, I couldn't borrow any more. I wasn't sure what to do. The girls put their heads together and Molly came up with a suggestion. "Buffy, we will let you borrow 100 more, but if you lose then you will have to stay naked in the house for the next week. And no skulking in your room, you spend just as much time in the common areas as you usually do. That's our offer. Take it or leave it?"

If I'd thought there was any chance of that coming about I'd have refused it. As it was I looked at my wonderful hand and nodded, counting out 100 from the bank pile. The others gasped, they thought I was taking a terrible chance. Eve folded immediately but Kennedy wasted to time in counting out a hundred and five counters and pushing them into the pot. There was silence. To call her I would need a hundred and five and I only had 100. Misery. It was Kennedy who came up with the suggestion, without consulting the others although they immediately signified their agreement. "Buffy, you've almost exhausted the bank. We'll let you borrow five counters more, but the price will be high. If you lose, during your week of nudity, any of the girls here can share your bed, fuck you however they want. Anything goes. Or, of course, you can just fold. What's it to be?"

I could hardly believe my ears. Of course I couldn't agree to that, what was Kennedy thinking of even to suggest it? Did they all think I was a complete slut? I'm Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, superhero. Very drunk and nearly naked superhero. I peered at my hand again. It was still a flush. I had two choices, I could borrow the five on offer on those horrendous terms or I could fold. That would leave me still only 100 counters away from disaster and very little chance of getting another good hand like this. "Call" I said, pushing in my pile and adding five more from the bank. Kennedy turned over her cards one at a time. Two of spades, six of spades, seven of spades. O Shit. It was quite clear from her demeanour that she wasn't bluffing and the highest hand she could have was three sevens -- unless. She had to have a flush as well. I tried to be confident as I looked at my king of hearts, then at my second highest card, the 10.

Kennedy turned over her fourth card, the nine of spades. I felt a little relief -- there was only one card that could beat me. Kennedy turned over her fifth and I was staring at it -- the ace of spades. All warmth fled from my face and I started to shake as I realised what that dreadful card meant. I had lost. I'd lost everything. I burst into tears.

To be continued

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