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Standing on the edge of the newly formed Sunnydale crater Xander sighed at having survived the most recent apocalypse and the losses they had suffered, his mind was so caught up that he failed to notice the noise and color bleed out of the world until he stood in a frozen world of grey.

Blinking as he finally noticed what had happened Xander cursed his inattention before glancing about for whatever threat that might be using the recent event to attack, Xander blinked as words started scrolling up out of the crater.

Having defeated the First Evil and closed the Sunnydale Hellmouth the self-described "Scooby’s'  began the arduous task of rebuilding the watchers council, protecting the world from the dangers of the Cleveland Hellmouth and finding and training the recently empowered Slayers from their 'Command Central' in Scotland, in the years that followed the Scooby’s would split apart in their search traveling the world trying to help the innumerable slayers they had called during their last desperate fight.

Buffy would go on to have gain one of the worst dating histories in the world while with only five of her lovers ever 'Not' attempting to end the world...

As the text rolled on and on with the information of him and his friends future Xander rubbed his eye patch in shock before looking around again and beginning a cursing rant that would shock Ripper into silence.

It was nearly half an hour later that Xander ran out of languages to curse in and finally ground to a stop before glaring back at where the words had been and snarling at what he saw.

Game Over

Would you like to restart?


"Motherless son of a bitch YES YOU SON OF A WHORE YES!" Xander screamed at the heavens as he almost restarted his rant before taking a deep breath and sighed as the world around him faded away leaving him in darkness as a list of his achievements and faults scrolled by complete with video clips for maximum embarrassment.

Everything from helping Willow with the Yellow Crayon in kindergarten to his stealing her Barbie in second grade to his fumbling discovery of his being male slid by before things got interesting as he reached high school and the discovery of the Supernatural.

Immediately his points went from earning and losing dozens of points at a time to hundreds and even thousands.

His offering himself to Ampata for example had earned him nearly a thousand points, pleasantly offsetting the eleven hundred points he had lost for the Miss French situation.

And on and on and on it rolled through seven years of fighting and killing and dying and drama.

He lost most of his points due to Drama surprisingly enough,

Reaching the end Xander flinched as he once more witnessed his eye being removed in an attempt to save Kennedy and the final assault on the first evil before his final score floated up to his gaze.

110'575 Points total

Karma: White Knight

Rank: Tag-Along

Glaring at the score and his Rank Xander had to think for a moment before replaying his cursing rant from earlier.

Running out of steam once more Xander looked back and blinked as a list of options had opened up to him.

Normal Buffy-Verse

The Normal Buffy-Verse is filled with a mix of action, Drama and excitement, don't expect a higher Rank than Tag-Along or Follower unless you are Female or Super Powered in some way, with hard work and dedication you may one day reach Doughnut fetcher but don't be surprised to only attain the rank of Zeppo.

Emo -Verse

DRAMA!!!!!!! everything in this universe is drowning in emotional Drama, from the sudden death of your parents to your Girlfriend running away with your evil twin from another mother that was given up at birth and raised by a drug Cartel only to return with a mustache as you fall into a coma due to being shot during a random convenience store robbery by your long lost son.


Things did not turn out so well in this Universe, Vampires and Demons roam the face of the planet killing, raping and torturing at will, the Human race is all but extinct and live like rats for the entirety of their short terror filled lives, the demons aren’t nice, the people aren’t nice and live is not nice.

Scrolling through the list Xander blinked as he came across one that caught his attention almost immediately.


Powers are easy to come by here, from Mutants to Meta-Humans and everything in between, with a billion and one powers to choose from this Universe is filled to the brim with Heroes and Villains of all shape and Size

Blinking at that one Xander reached out to press the button for that option before the one below it jerked him to a stop.


Much like the Standard Buffy-Verse but far more perverted, from Tentacle Demons to Vampire Layers you are more likely to die by Snoo-Snoo than anything else, considered by many to be a vacation universe it has also served as a leveling area for new players due to the ease of gaining points.

Blinking at that one Xander looked around carefully before shrugging and stabbing that universe, while having superpowers would be cool Xander could really use a break from the near death lifestyle he had been maintaining for the last seven years.

As his finger touched the words for his Chosen new home everything exploded into light as he finished blinking away the spots he found himself standing in front of his entire extended family and loved ones both living and dead as they stood in a row with himself at the closest end.

Walking down the line Xander was surprised at how many people were there before walking back to himself, after several rotations around his Hawaiian printed self Xander touched his face and jumped back as a small wall of text popped up in front of his avatar.

Strength: 4

Dexterity: 5

Perception: 5

Intelligence: 4

Charisma: 2

Constitution: 6

Luck: 9

Flinching at his rather poor stats he really hoped that the stats were out of ten before sighing, given his past history it was most likely out of a hundred, he frowned for a minute before taking notice of the arrows on each side of his stat points and a Hundred extra points waiting to be distributed, fiddling with the controls Xander found that he could level his stats up to ten before the cost started to increase every five level he put into it.

Dropping the stats back down to his base Xander leveled everything up to ten before leaning back and thinking of his options carefully.

Thinking of his options Xander wondered if he should Min/Max something before shaking his head, while that was a decent option in most RPG's he doubted if it would be all that effective in this... whatever it was.

Leveling the lot up to fifteen each Xander dumped the rest into Charisma and Dexterity and Luck before pressing the arrow at the bottom and shaking his head at his perks and flaws he had. this at least seemed to be where his points could be used as he could add or upgrade his personal perks or pay to remove or diminish his flaws, doing away with his low confidence and uncoordinated flaws Xander noticed that each time he took one away the cost to remove the others went up considerably.

Shrugging at his options Xander decided to keep the Demon Magnet, open mind and universal spittoon flaws, before tossing the Lady killer perk and Silver tongue perk onto his character and hitting next the arrow.

As the screen faded away Xander stepped to the next person in line and gently touched Willows face and began to upgrade his friends, For Willow he smoothed out her Min/Maxed stats away from the Intelligence slightly and bumped up her perception and Dexterity a bit, while her Intelligence still blew him out of the water at a Staggering twenty five points he hoped that the increase in perception would help her from making some of the mistakes his best friend had before.

Checking on her perks and flaw Xander spent the points to remove the Always right and Ego-Trip flaws before swapping her Lesbian to Bi-Sexual in the perks and tossing in Strong Willed perk as well to help keep Darth Willow at bay.

On Buffy’s screen Xander spent a lot to remove all the Crazy flaws she had picked up to balance out the Slayer boosts she got before adding in the Strong Willed perk as well.

Dawn was surprising as she had the option to either activate her Slayer bloodline or activate her Key Aspects, each giving her substantial boosts but after a moment he opted to give her the Key abilities before adding a couple years to her age and removing the Sticky fingers flaw.

Tara was surprising as she already had some considerable stats but also had the Bi-Sexual perk, the cost to remove the dozen flaws her family had forced on her was worth it in his mind before tossing in a couple extra perks to her already amazing self before moving on, Joyce and Jenny both had their stats raised and balanced before the perks of open minded and strong willed were added as well as a half dozen years taken off their ages.

Kendra and Faith both received a substantial amount of points to clear their heads of the different but still detrimental mental issues they had arrived with before tossing perks their way that he felt would be beneficial to the two slayers, for a moment he had considered removing Kendra's nearly overwhelming Pervert flaw before simply tossing the Strong willed perk her way and adding Kinky to her perks stats.

Cordy, Amy and Anya all had their stats smoothed out and flaws removed, Cordellies 'Cursed Destiny' flaw cost a sizeable chunk of his total but was worth it in his opinion.

the remainder of the female crowd simply had their stats balanced slightly more before he turned his attention to the males, Jessie for example had the Flaw 'Dark Fate' removed as soon as Xander saw it as well as bumping his friends luck up to nearly godly levels, Giles had his link to the 'Sleep Walker' broken before a decade was taken from his father figures age, Xander had added Strong willed and Beast Master to Oz to keep the wolf at bay before spending most of the rest of his points to permanently bind Angels soul curse to him.

Seeing his rapidly diminishing points Xander tossed the rest of the points to Wesley, Spike and Riley with the Open minded and Strong willed perks on all of them.

Checking his work over Xander shrugged before looking around and finally noticing a door at the far end of the twin lines, walking up Xander reached out for the door and blinked as he found himself struggling to stay on a skateboard as he weaved between students outside of Sunnydale High, for a moment his attention was diverted by the sight of Buffy and Dawn walking in front of him before reality reasserted itself via a railing introducing itself to his stomach and flipping him over onto his back.

Groaning as he held his gut Xander blinked at the sound of a giggle and forced an eye open before looking up as Willow stood over him in a light Sundress and smiled at his current predicament, opening his mouth to greet his oldest and best friend Xander froze in shock as a light breeze shifted Willows dress up and Xander got an eyeful of his Oldest and Best friends carefully trimmed snatch.

Laying there with his mouth hanging open in shock Xander was blown away as Willow giggled again before spinning around giving him another view of her delicious pussy and an amazing shot of her naked ass before making her way back up the stairs towards the school.

After nearly a minute Xander finally managed to reboot his brain before forcing himself to his feet and chasing after Willow with a smile plastered on his face, it looked like this new life was going to be fun.


Walking through the Halls Xander was surprised at all the faces he saw that would be missing between now and Graduation, not the least of which was Jessie, seeing his long lost friend had almost brought a tear to his eye before he had managed to get himself under control and meet him with a smile.

Of course that had been almost fifteen minutes ago and Xander was headed for the administration section of the school in the hopes of clearing up a Detention misunderstanding from the week before, supposedly he had something involving the English teacher, a jar of honey, a fifteen inch Dildo and some itching powder.

Having seen the English teacher that was a mental image Xander could do without, not that there was anything wrong with that or anything but the man had to be nearly eighty years old.

Moving past the principal’s office Xander was surprised when a pair of girls burst out of the office in a rush, one getting knocked over and her book bag spilling across the floor and the other tripping on a suspicious chunk of pointed wood and tumbling into him.

Crashing to the floor with the Brunette atop him Xander blinked at the sudden change in fortune as the girl atop him blushed as she locked eyes with him "Can i have you?" she whispered in surprise as Xander wrapped his arms around her protectively.

The two were there for a moment before Buffy cleared her throat heavily and glared at her brat of a little sister "Dawn no humping boys in the halls" Buffy chastised tiredly as Dawn blushed again at the insinuation before glaring at her sister.

"Fine, let’s go find a closet" Dawn said as she ground her hips against the shocked Xander for a moment before bouncing up with a laugh at the scandalized look Buffy shot her and walking off towards her class with a sway to her hips that the Dawn of his time had perfected.

Sighing at her sisters antics Buffy reached down to help the boy to his feet "Sorry about the but pain" Buffy said with a grin as he accepted her hand up before assisting her in gathering her scattered school supplies.

"Not a problem, of all the options i had to start my day off a field tackle by a cute brunette and her sexy sister is definitely at the top of my list" Xander assured her with a smile before offering his hand in friendship "I'm Xander by the way, resident crash mat and all around hero of falling damsels the world over" Xander flirted as Buffy laughed at his antics.

"Well I’m Buffy and the star of the Sunnydale high hallway football team was my sister Dawn" Buffy said as she shook his hand and collected the rest of her supplies before heading towards class herself.

Looking down Xander smiled at the lonely piece of wood at his feet before picking it up "Hey wait, you forgot your stake" Xander said quietly as he flipped the anti-vampire tool over in his hand before pocketing it and continuing on his way towards the administration’s office.

A buzzing in his pocket confused him for a second before he pulled out a smart phone that would have been future tech in his old world before checking the message on the screen.

Buffy and Dawn Summer met +500 points

Dawn Falls for Xander +500 +2 to relationship with Dawn

+1 to relationship with Buffy

Blinking at that Xander shook his head before pocketing the device and continuing on his way.


Sitting through the class Xander took his time to ignore the lesson and focus on the people incarcerated here with him; surprisingly he had to estimate that roughly eighty percent of the class was female with the vast majority fitting into the 'Daaaaaamn' category of good looks.

Focusing on the teacher again to see if they were actually teaching anything of value Xander shrugged at the drivel they found to be important before his ears picked up a sound, a bit of concentrating turned his attention to the raven haired girl to his right, if he wasn't mistaken it sounded almost like...

His mind locked up as she took a deep shuddering breath as she struggled to take notes with a shaking hand as her other was under the shared table the two of them were sitting at in the back of the classroom, for a moment he thought his mind was playing tricks on him until she gave another shudder and the sound picked up its tempo slight.

His jaw dropping open at the girls audacity as she used a vibrator on herself in the middle of class Xander sat stunned for a moment before taking another look around the classroom and noting that the vast majority of the female audience were staring straight ahead with one hand hidden beneath the tables the faint noise of vibrators in use more than enough to indicate that this was far from an isolated incident.

For a moment Xander considered making a scene before his Hormones hit his more prudish self over the head with a shovel and set about burying the body in the depths of his minds furthest reaches.

Giving the equivalent of a mental shrug Xander scooted closer to the dark haired exhibitionist and let his right arm slide beneath the table gently running the tips of his finger along her elbow Xander waited for her to turn her shocked gaze on him before he raised an eyebrow and gently ran his fingers down her left hand towards her hand where it was busy at her crotch making to stop before he got into to dangerous territory, the sound of her breath catching in excitement was certainly leading but he wasn't willing to make assumptions in something like this.

After a moment and a quick glance around the girl shifted in her seat and turned slightly in his direction and spread her legs a bit wider in invitation.

Fighting to keep the smirk off his face and pretending to be focused on the educator Xander let his hand drift the remainder of the distance and joined her hand at her core gently removing her own hand and taking a moment to pet the slight bush of hair that he was greeted with before taking ahold of the small vibrating rod she had been using, gently pulling it from her depth Xander moved it over her lower lips for a moment before reinserting the device from where he got it, as his new friends breath caught Xander thanks Anya for making sure he was well versed in all manners of sexual pleasure.

Pumping the small device into the girl again Xander leaned towards her so as not to cause a scene "I'm Xander by the way" he whispered gently as he withdraw the device again this time rubbing the vibrator across her clit in a soft up and down motion before returning it to where it belonged and enjoyed the muffled squeal his action had caused.

"S-Sharon" she gasped as she tried to keep from screaming in pleasure as he continued to toy with her as the class droned on.

Smiling at her name Xander shifted the angle slightly before inserting a finger along with the vibrator and pressing it against her inner walls as he sought her more enjoyable areas. "Well, Sharon I’m wondering what you’re doing sitting here in class with vibrator up your pussy" he asked pleasantly as he finally found her G-Spot and rubbed it with the little pleasure device as Sharon gripped the table desperately to avoid making a scene.

"I W-Wasn't..." she trailed off as her eyes lost focus for a moment as he repeated his previous action as he withdrew the device and gently messaged her lower lips again giving her a chance to recover slightly "I was j-just trying..."

Rubbing the vibrator against the clit once more cut off her explanation as Xander smiled again "I think you were being a dirty little slut Sharon," he said conversationally as her legs squeezed together to trap his hand in place at his words and actions.  smiling Xander finally noticed that the class was wrapping up "Well it looks like were done today Sharon" he said before turning the small device off as the dark haired beauty let out a whine of need at her missed orgasm as Xander slid the small pleasure device into her purse and quickly gathered his things.

Ten minutes later Sharon would make a scene in the girls bathroom as she screamed in release, throughout her pleasure Xander’s name remained at the forefront.


Heading for the Quad to relax with Willow and Jessie Xander felt his phone buzz again; hauling the device out of his pocket Xander blinked at the message he had received.

Your name on her lips

+500 points +1 to relationship with Sharon

For a moment he wondered what that was about before his new intellect made the connection with the name and the condition he had left his recent playmate in.

Smiling he returned the phone to his pocket before heading out to meet the gang, blinking as the sunlight assaulted his eyes Xander saw Jessie join Willow as she greeted Buffy and Dawn.

Stepping up as Introductions were made Xander wrapped an arm around Dawn from behind and hugged the younger girl to him "Ooh yeah, me Buffy and Dawn go WAY back, best friends, then there was the incident with Dawn her throwing herself at me and the closet and we had that whole awkward distance thing going on, but i feel we are past that now and our relationship is stronger for it" Xander said pleasantly as Dawn snuggled into his embrace, his speech was almost interrupted when the youngest Summers girl slid her hand in between them and rubbed his cock through his pants but he was able through hard experience to finish up with none the wiser.

Once more he thanked Anya for her desensitization of reaction during their relationship; she had once given him a hand job under the table at one of Joyce’s Dinners with none of the gang being the wiser.

Of course if he didn't find some relief soon after Sharon and now Dawn he would probably snap and fuck the next thing he came across in the hall.

Without his bidding the mental image of fucking Willow in the middle of the cafeteria ran screaming to the forefront of his mind and his erection responded much to Dawns delight.

blinking as he came back to reality Xander sidestepped around Buffy with the nubile form of Dawn blocking all view of his current predicament he sat down on the bench and pulled the youngest Summers down onto his lap "Ooh yeah Buffy you dropped this earlier" Xander said pulling the Stake from his bag and holding it out for all to see "The only thing i can come up with is... Hmmmm Kinky...." Xander said with an eyebrow waggle that sent Dawn into a giggling fit and Buffy into embarrassed denials and lame cover stories about muggers in LA.

Cordellia's glorious entrance interrupted anymore playful banter as Buffy made an excuse before rushing off to investigate the student death, Jessie and Willow also left to engage in a rousing game of "Guess that Mystery Meat' at the Cafeteria leaving Dawn snuggled into Xander as she slowly ground herself against his erection.

"Miss Summers i must protest your actions" Xander said with a heavy accent as his silver tongued ability came into effect, he slowly slide his hand under her shirt and rubbed her stomach before slowly moving his hand upwards "i would hate to ruin a friendship with such a beautiful young lady as yourself for something as brief as thirty seven hours of intense sexual intercourse broken only by the occasional acts of pornographic animalistic fucking that will have you screaming to the heavens for mercy." he whispered as he messaged the pert breasts his exploring hands had discovered as Dawn moaned in response to his words.

Blinking her eyes back into focus Dawn spun around on his lap before attacking his lips with her own, after a minute the two broke apart breathing heavily in excitement "Just making my position clear Xander" Dawn said happily before pecking him on the lips again and hopping up she took a moment to straighten herself up before going to join Jessie and Willow.

Taking a deep breath Xander rearranged himself to be slightly less conspicuous before he fled for the safety of the Library.

In his pocket his phone left another message concerning yet another five hundred points and another point to his relationship with Dawn.


Standing in the rear of the Library Xander let his erection relax as Buffy gave her Anti-Slayer speech with all the passion of a civil rights leader committed to their cause Xander felt his phone Vibrate again, ignoring the speech Xander dug out the device and looked at the screen.

Special Timed Event

Mr. Giles has a book on Vampires, investigate for a boost in fighting the Undead.

Reward: +5 to fighting the Damned, +1 to Slaying arguments, increases Reputation with Mr. Giles and other Watchers, this mission must be completed before Mr. Giles returns the book to its shelf

Blinking at that information Xander glanced out as Buffy stormed out and a frustrated Giles returned to his office to contemplate his next move with the obstinate Slayer he had been sent to assist, listening as the Watcher went about making a relaxing cup of tea Xander crouched out of sight and made his move, slipping up to the library table he low crawled over to the reception desk and peeked over it carefully, he could tell that the water was already hot and the leaves were busy imparting their flavor into the liquid, reaching up he carefully lifted the ancient book from the counter and slipped back into the stacks with his prize.

Sitting down he opened the massive tome and began to struggle through the old English text, within an hour he had finished a third of the text and was surprised at the amount of information that it gave for the beginning hunter, he had been hunting for over seven years and he had not even known everything the book had suggested.

His phone vibrating tore him out of his perusal of the words, digging it out he took a moment for his mind to reset on how to read the normal writing of the modern day.

Mission Complete

Vampyre 1/3 Read

+5 to fighting the Damned

+1 to all interactions with Rupert Giles

+1 to all interactions with the Watchers Council

Blinking at that Xander considered cramming and finishing up the book before a glance at the clock warned him that he needed to hurry if he wanted to make it to the Bronze.

It was a big day after all.

Standing up on stiff knees Xander walked out of the Library dropping the ancient book on the desk before he hit the doors before taking to his skateboard and rushing home.


Making it home in near record time Xander ran upstairs and got to work, a change of clothes into something that would blend into the crowd and could easily conceal his arsenal and he was ready, grabbing the necklace he had with a cross and another that had the star of David, both gifts from his two friends one year, he had never worn either out of fear of hurting his friends, making his way to the garage Xander hacked out a trio of crude stakes to start with before slipping them into easily concealed but reachable area's on his person.

Stepping out into the bright Sunnydale evening sun Xander whispered a soft prayer before heading off to save his friends.

The trip to the bronze passed quickly as his mind wound through a half dozen scenarios all geared towards keeping Willow and Jessie safe, his mind was so focused that he arrived before he had a solid plan, staring at the building Xander took a moment to map out his battlefield before heading to the side.

The Scooby’s had long ago coined the term Vampire Alley for the side area of the Bronze that many of the undead would use to get their victims away from prying eyes, staring into the rapidly darkening alleyway Xander glanced around before heading to a half dozen broken pallets and beginning to work.


Watching carefully as Darla led his bewitched friend from the club Xander resisted the urge to snarl at the bitch, slipping out of the shadows he followed the duo carefully as the master vampire kept his friends attention through a series of slight hypnotic commands, intense kissing and flashing the horn-dog a bit of cleavage from time to time.

He actually had to admit that the tactic was sound given the level of hormones his brother probably had to deal with.

Following the two Xander once again considered simply attacking before shrugging the thought off, if he attacked now she would kill him, of that he was sure.

The best option would be to wait until Darla moved to help Luke and then stop her from returning to pick up the weak Jessie after the fight was over, he almost changes his plan when the Vampire upped the ante a bit by biting Jessie during one of their make out sessions, draining a considerable amount of blood to keep him from fighting her commands, thankfully she left more than enough for his brother to survive, most likely due to laziness as he doubted she wanted to haul his body all the way down to the Masters cave.

Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves Xander continued to tail the master vampire through the night.


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I hope you all enjoy it,


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