Knowing Real Friends and True Soul Mates

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Full summary: This is after the episode 'Lovers Walk' and all his friends except Giles, Oz, and to surprising people have stopped talking to Xander. Buffy found out that Xander lied to her in the end of the "Becoming Part2,"and puts him in a coma. He finds love and new things about himself he didn't know and has to help find a way to defeat the mayor. Reily and Graham are in Sunnydale now. Buffy and Willow Bashing. Slash. Xander is Bi. Characters might be OOC


Xander sighed as he drank his soda alone in The Bronze. It was only 2 months ago he woke up in the hospital after Buffy beat Xander unconscious and putting him in a coma for 2 months, because she found out about his lie when she went to fight Angel. He had broken ribs, fractured skull, a small internal bleed, and lots of bruises. Giles, Oz, and surprisingly Cordy were the only ones still talking to him and stayed by his side while he was at his physical therapy to help regain the strength in his limb. They brought him his homework and Giles helped him catch up with things he missed. 

It hurt that Willow was no longer talking to him but also that she was also taking Buffy's side in her reaction to the lie. Willow says Buffy didn't mean to use so much power that she was to angry to remember to hold back. Willow was also blaming him for Oz not talking to her even though it was her fault because of they way she was acting.

The one thing that surprised him the most is when Angel visited him in the hospital.


Xander hrumphed as he changed the tv channel, it was late and Giles had just left because of a new evil to look up. Xander could tell that Giles didn't want to go and deal with Buffy, but as her Watcher he had to. Xander not expecting anyone nearly jumped as someone knocked on the door. What surprised him more was when Angel walked in.

Xander felt his stomach drop. "What do you want DeadBoy? Have you come to finish what Buffy start?" Angel sighed as he sat down on the chair next to the bed before saying something Xander never expected. "Thank you Xander." Xander's chin dropped with shock. "If you had told Buffy that Willow was trying to re-soul me again she would have staled and Angelus would have killed her." 

Xander finally finding his voice said "So you don't want to kill me for having you sent to hell." Angel gave a small smile "No, it was Buffy who sent me to hell. The way to close the portal was my blood, she could have stabbed me then throw in the bloody sword. You are the reason she is alive Xander and that the world didn't go to hell." Xander felt a weight that he didn't know was there lift off his shouldes. Angel smiled softly before leaving the room and Xander know this was the start of a friendship between them.

~~End Flashback~~

Xander nearly fell out of the chair as the seats on each side of him were pulled out and two hot guy sat down next to him. The one on the right had floppy brown hair and blueish gray eyes. He had a nice build and the look on his face kind of reminded him of a happy puppy. The other on the left had short spiked brown hair and light blue eyes. His build was slimmer then the puppy guys and he had the sexiest smile on his face. It was a couple minutes before the one on his right offered his hand. "I'm Riley Finn, and that's Graham Miller, we thought you looked lonely and decided to join you." 

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