City of Lost Angels

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This a sequel to Big City Sin.

After the fall of Sunnydale Dawn and Buffy’s relationship has deteriorated to such an extent that Dawn ran away to LA and, after meeting Cordelia Chase, has become a porn star. Willow discovered this and tracked her down, but on returning with the news to Buffy the Slayer disowned her sister. Meanwhile, in Cleveland, Buffy is struggling with her role in leading the Slayer’s Council and has also been shocked to discover she likes women after she fucked Faith.


It was a good thing that looks didn’t kill, thought Cordelia Chase, cos otherwise she’d be dead and not in a nice fluffy drifting off to sleep way, but in agonisingly, blood curdling, lots of screaming type of way. The porn star tried to ignore Buffy’s killing stare and concentrate on what the priest was saying over the graveside. It wasn’t really that good – it was like he hadn’t known Wesley, Gunn or Fred/Illyria; and certainly he didn’t know that the ashes that were scattered on the earth and coffins were the two souled vampires, Angel and Spike. Cordy had known them so she wiped away a tear, a real one, she wished she was good enough an actress to fake.

The priest started talking about family, mainly for Fred’s parents – the only people apart from current and ex-members of the Sunnydale scoobies to be there. (If one ignored the couple of policemen in the background looking on. After all when two badly torn up bodies were found in an alley and another discovered in the house of mysterious millionaire, who was also missing. And if one of the alley bodies was a gang member with a rap sheet as long as your arm, even if the convictions were minor, it was no surprise the police had put it down as a gangland murder rather than a last stand against demonic forces). Cordy looked up from the grave; it seemed Buffy wasn’t that interested in the family sermon either as she was glaring at Cordelia from across the hole. Cordelia tried a trademark Charisma smile, a beam that had made a million cocks go hard; it didn’t work with the Slayer – the gulf between them was much wider than the grave.

It wasn’t fair, thought Cordy, it was hardly her fault that Buffy’s sister had run away from home to become a porn star. In fact it was lucky that Cordelia had been around to put her up and help her with contacts, otherwise God knew what the little nymphomaniac would be doing, but it was likely to be more at the street end of the sex business than the fame and fortune end. Trouble was from the look on Buffy’s face the older Summers wasn’t seeing it in the same way. The only good thing was at least Dawn had skipped the funeral, otherwise the glares from Buffy would be matched by those from Dawn, likely culminating in the two sisters cat-fighting in the cemetery. Cordy glanced at the others: Giles standing straight paying his last respects to a fellow Watcher and Xander torn between staring at his gorgeous ex-girlfriend’s tight black dress and ignoring her. Finally Willow also torn between checking out the porn cutie she’d banged a couple of months ago and supporting her friend by staring daggers at self-same porn cutie. Cordelia decided that she wouldn’t be hanging around for reminisces at the end of funeral…


The motorbike’s engine was hot, though not as hot as its rider was and she knew it. Faith Lehane pulled off her helmet and twisted her head like she was in an advert for shampoo sending her dark hair whipping round her face. Her leathers clung to her frame like wrapping paper, accentuating her bosom and slim, but firmly toned body. And her smile was alluring and sensual, bright red lips pursed against a pale skin. She turned her head towards the two bouncers standing next to a peeling wooden door of an almost hidden club, smiling as she reached for her panniers. They thought she was express delivery come with a package, or perhaps from their yellowing eyes and lascivious smiles they thought she was the package.

"Surprise boys," she said as she brought a pair of stakes out from the panniers, twirling them in her hands like they were six shooters and she was the sheriff. The two vamps went for her, leaping forward like wolves snarling for a kill. It wasn’t the right thing to do, Faith Lehane was no doe startled in the forest, but a Slayer and one of the best at that. Her arms shot out, perfectly angled and the two vamps stopped, slow looks of surprise crossing their faces before they tumbled into dust.

The brunette flicked a tiny speck of vamp from her jacket, the ashes stuck to it way too easily. Then, satisfied she was prepared, she kung fu kicked an entrance, shattering the wooden frame and sending the door exploding inwards. She could hear the startled squeaks and squeals as she stepped through the dust and haze into the darkened bar. She wouldn’t have been any good as a Slayer if her eyes weren’t able to adjust easily from the moonlight outside to a room who’s only lighting were a couple of small slits of windows, covered in brown paper. There were a couple of tables and chairs, a few mattresses tossed on the floor and the bar was a couple of upturned crates – the only other furniture was a pool table, its cloth ripped and torn. It was a sty, though it wasn’t as bloody as some of the vampire hangouts the Slayer had hit.

"Hey, you forgot to send me an invite," Faith smiled. A dozen pairs of eyes were gazing at her, some the deep, soulless eyes of vamps, dark and evil, aged beyond comprehension and damned for eternity. Some were human, dulled by blood loss and hopelessness – the lowest of the low, those who gave themselves to vampires for a brief moment of ecstasy and joy. And one pair that belonged to the bar owner, which were filled with anger. He had a sweet gig here, the vamps paid well for the club’s secrecy, and sure sometimes one went too far, but an enterprising man knew how to dispose of blood drained bodies.

"Bitch," he hissed as he smashed a bottle and went for her.

Faith’s palm took him under the jaw, she could feel it dislocating and hear the crunch of his teeth smashing together so hard that there was major dental work in his future. She’d have liked to do more, she had no doubt he was as evil as the vampires, probably worse – at least they had no souls, he had, he made choices. Unfortunately he was human and she wasn’t stupid enough to make the mistake she’d made with the Deputy Mayor. She let the unconscious scumbag fall, making no effort to slow his descent. She looked at the rest of them, two vamps were sitting at a table, their mouths still attached to a couple of human wrists, the owners of which were slumped barely conscious in their seats. A few other humans were sitting against the walls, drying blood covering their necks and wrists and breasts, they tried to focus but couldn’t. The last two vampires were on a mattress bent over a topless teen, so skinny she was almost anorexic; their heads had twisted round to look at Faith and she could see the blood dripping from their mouths.

The Slayer smiled and gestured with her thumb over her shoulder to the door, "Living breathing people, scram. Vamps you can stay, any of you beat me you can suck me dry."

There wasn’t exactly a tumble for the door, more a slow shuffle from some of the more lively junkies, with some of their brethren too zapped even to do that. Faith sighed, she would have preferred to have a bit more space to fight, now she’d have to make sure she didn’t accidentally trample a comatose blood donor or let the vamps grab one as a hostage. Luckily vampire number one was too arrogant to even think of that as he leapt at her… she stabbed out with her stake…


"Here she is, Best newcomer AVN award winner… Dawnie Springs!" the announcer boomed into the microphone, almost running from the stage as the music started to boom and this year’s ‘Best newcomer’ from porn’s premier awards sashayed out onto the stage dressed like a Catholic Schoolgirl in a priest’s fantasy. She moved to the pole in the centre of the stage and began to twist herself round it in time with the music, before swinging round one final time so that her back was to the audience. She bent down to touch her toes and flipped up the short skirt to show her teeny thong, before straightening up and closing in on the pole, rubbing her body up and down.

The teen brunette could hear the appreciation from the crowd, whispers and murmurs and guttural moans. Her hands played with her blouse buttons before turning round and showing the audience her half-undone top. The approval heightened, chairs scraping as the men, and a few women, adjusted them to make sure they got the best look of the porn starlet. Dawn’s tongue played seductively over her lips as she pulled her blouse so that it went half way down her arms, leaving her shoulders uncovered. She turned again, wiggling her ass sexily, her hips twisting to the music. Her lithe fingers undid the rest of the buttons and as she turned back to face the audience she shrugged it off, leaving her top only covered by a sexy push-up black bra. She teasingly played with the hook at the front, undoing it quickly and then rebuttoning it again. The audience let out a collective gasp and sigh at her tantalisation, but they didn’t worry – porn stars in strip clubs would only stayed clothed for so long. And as if to proof them right off went her short skirt, leaving her in thong, bra and heels.

She danced back to the pole and began to rub herself over it, moaning like it was pleasuring her, her face twisting and contorting in fake throes of ecstasy. But if her orgasms were obviously fake and designed to titillate the audience her excitement was real, for the young exhibitionist stripping in public was a real turn-on, perhaps not as much as getting fucked on film, but not miles behind. And it paid - she was getting a cool two and half thou for one evening’s dancing, five hundred more than she’d been paid for her last double anal – though the orgasms Dawn had got from two huge dicks in her butt at the same time was worth the five hundred. She turned away from the pole and this time as she unhooked her bra she didn’t swiftly cover herself up, but pulled it away from her titties, bouncing and jiggling them as she tossed the bra to the back of the stage.

She could almost feel the waves of lust from the audience as they watched her gyrate and wheel, twisting away from them and arching her back to display her tattoo and then twirling back to juggle her titties. She swung away again, her thumbs sliding down to a pair of hooks on the elastic in her thongs. When she turned back the thongs were split in two and her shaven pussy was bare and on display. She dropped the panties and slid a hand down to her pussy, spreading it with two fingers whilst her middle one slid in. There was a visible gasp of appreciation and excitement as she masturbated live on stage.

The cheers got wilder as the teen dropped down onto the edge of the stage, dangling her feet over the parapet as she spread open her legs. The nearest audience members were just feet away, able to see everything as she began to touch herself, opening the hole as she rubbed at her clit with her thumb. "Oooohh," Dawn moaned in excitement, no fake pleasure this time as she pressed at her bud and probed at her pussy, "Ooooohhh, yessss."

She licked her lips sensually and gave the lucky businessman in the seat nearest her the dirtiest smile she had. He slurped at his drink, open mouth, tie undone, staring at her as she pushed harder into her cunt. Her other hand slid over her boobs, playing with her sensitive nipples, making them stiff and erect, gripping and cupping at one tit and then the other. Her finger moved harder. She’d have preferred dick or dildo, but this was as hard as this club went… She shoved harder and faster, thrusting the digit into herself. Yeah cock was better, thought Dawn, but fingers could be fun too, if you knew where to hit; and you were being made hornier and hornier knowing dozens of people were just feet away getting as turned on as you were. She moaned and gasped, as the orgasm hit her, her head thrusting back and her titties out.

Harder and harder she pounded, driving her fingers deep into her cunt. Fuck you Buffy, if you could see me now. "Oooohhh, yessss, oooohh, urrrhhhh, urrrhhh," her back arched and her insides curdled, her cunt dripped cum, covering her fingers with her warm juice. She hammered at her G-spot, digitally penetrating herself with a passion, increasing the intensity of the orgasm welling up in her, "Oooohhh, urrrrhhh, aaaaarrrhhh."

She screamed and squealed, shaking and shuddering to the audience’s delight. Her body tensed and relaxed and tensed again, her titties bouncing like a pair of balls on a trampoline. She closed her eyes and shrieked again as her fingers did their work, "AAAArrrrghhh."

She collapsed backwards on the stage as the audience hooted and cheered; that had been a real turn on the teen thought; she’d go have a quick shower and then take a prowl and sell a few autographed nude glossies…


"Nice funeral," Giles remarked, like he was talking about the weather.

Buffy could see him look in the car mirror checking her out. She straightened up in the back seat of the hire car and nodded, "Yes, it was kinda nice as funerals go" she didn’t want him thinking she was depressed. She wasn’t; that was the depressing thing. She had barely known Gunn or Fred/Illyria and whilst she had known Wesley better, their past meant they weren’t buddies, bosom or otherwise. But she’d known Angel and Spike, both of them intimately, she had been in love with one and told the other she loved him. But she felt nothing more than a vague regret that their ashes were mixed in with the dirt that was shovelled on their friend’s coffins. She should have felt more…

"It was sweet of Cordelia to turn up," Giles said, his eyes flicked to the mirror again and Buffy was aware that Xander’s were doing the same as beside her Willow casually turned her head.

For a moment Buffy wondered if the feelings of sadness she should be having were being swamped by anger at seeing Cordelia Chase. But no, she didn’t think she’d have been tearful anyway, she’d said goodbye to Angel years ago – it had hurt then, and Spike she had thought was dead when the Hellmouth imploded, that been less painful, though she had mourned him for a few days. No, she had just moved on, for better or for worse, the two dead vampires were tinges of regret, but that was all. Still Cordelia Chase… "I think the skank’s putting on weight. Or else that dress just makes her look weighty."

"Totally," agreed Willow.

"Hippo sized," lied Xander, who Buffy noticed had being giving his ex the eye on through the funeral.

Giles wisely said nothing and concentrated on driving on the right side of the road. Buffy settled back into her seat, looking out as the road shot by, she didn’t really want to talk at the moment. As silence descended in the car and as the traffic began to blur into an endless stream Buffy slipped back into daydreams, including a worryingly one when she started out by spanking Cordy for stealing her sister and ended up fucking her in a lightless dungeon. She pushed it away, not wanting the fantasy to worm its way into her mind; there had been too many of late. Ever since she’d banged Faith it seemed half her dreams were about other women – though seldom of Faith herself, it was as if she’d got that bug out of her system, but had picked one up ten times worse instead.

"I’ve got a date we get back," Willow said, "with Rona."

Buffy glanced round; Willow was looking ahead speaking to Giles and Xander. The Slayer momentarily took in the slender neck, the paleness of her skin, the redness of her hair – she was beautiful. Buffy blushed at the thought and forced herself not to think of her friend’s alluring attractiveness, instead she said, "Rona? I didn’t know she was single." As the head of the Slayers she tried to know her team, but there were too many of them, all seeming to whirl around in a circle of adolescent teenage relationships, with each other, with local guys and, it seemed in many cases, local girls. Her mind went back to the last social she’d attended, at some club/bar where the music was loud and the beer was bad, but cheap. She had left early to kill a vamp. "I thought she was seeing that basketball player from the local school?"

Willow smiled, "That was so last month. She’s dumped him for that girl she saved from a werewolf in the college library, but that didn’t work out either."

"You’re dating a lot as well recently," Buffy said, then she realised that she may have sounded jealous, of Willow, of who she was dating and so she quickly added, "Not that that’s bad. I mean it’s good. You should date."

Willow nodded, "I guess it took me a while to be confident about seeing other girls. I kinda just fell into it with Tara and we were lovers before I even realised I was a lesbian and with Kennedy she took the lead. But now, I know who I am, I can ask women I find attractive out, not hug the wall hoping they might notice me."

Buffy smiled, "Good for you." It was nice Willow was getting laid, at least in their house one of them was; and to her shame she had found herself lying in bed using her Slayer hearing to listen to every grunt and squeak from her friend’s room after a date had gone well. She wondered if Rona would be one where Willow dived down into her pussy and licked it clean, whether the black Slayer would squeak as Willow fucked her, whether she’d rock the bed scissoring the redhead. Buffy blushed at her thoughts and turned back to watch the traffic go by.


"So did you see Buffy?" asked Dawn adding unnecessarily, "at the funeral on Tuesday," as if there was a chance that Cordy had seen her somewhere else.

Cordy paused, waiting as the make-up woman leant over her and touched up the gloss on her lips. The middle-aged woman gave a small nod of satisfaction as the brunette’s lips pursed up for the brush before relaxing and smiling into the mirror. She glanced down at Cordy’s pussy, her brow wrinkling as she decided whether it needed some more talc to whiten the red skin where she’d just shorn the young woman’s hair so that she was as bald as a coot. She obviously decided that it did as she dipped a pad in the powder and began to dab it over, Cordy opening her legs obediently, letting the woman do her work. As her pussy was primed she turned to Dawn, like her the teenage porn star was dressed only in a lacy suspender belt and knee length socks. She had finished with make-up and was busy prepping her butt with a thin dildo, working it in and out of the hole so that it was nice and ready for the scene; her new belly-button ring jiggled as she pushed the toy in and out. She looked questioningly at Cordy, "So was she there?"

"Yes," Cordy paused, "She was. And Willow, Giles and Xander."

"So what did they say?" Dawn asked with a smile, "I bet Buffy’s pissed that I’m making it."

"Livid," agreed Cordy.

"So what did she say?" Dawn asked again, her face suddenly contorting and turning as she pressed the toy deep and found a sensitive spot.

"We didn’t speak," admitted Cordy, "She just scowled at me all the way through the sermon; and if I’d stuck around I was guessing that she’d push me in the grave and shovel earth on top, not have a heart to heart on how much she misses you."

Dawn looked vaguely disappointed, but before the teen could say anything more the make-up woman looked up from Cordy’s cunt. "You’re done with make-up. You want me to tell the Director you’re ready or do you want to spend five minutes working on your asshole?"

"Give me five," confirmed Cordelia. She stood up and looked around for her dildo.

"Have mine," said Dawn and pulled the toy out of her ass, "I’m prepped."

"Thanks," Cordelia said and took the toy. She reached behind, one hand pulling at her cheeks as with the other she began to push the toy in. It was thinner and narrower than a real cock, not something that she would normally use for pleasure. She jerked at the toy, feeling her ass loosen up enough for the huge dick, but not enough that the camera would pick up anything but a firm, tight hole. She continued to prep herself, turning round to watch the others.

Dawn was over talking to their co-star, Jon Don, he was even nuder than they were, the only thing he was wearing was a pair of headphones, which he’d slid from his ears to round his neck as he talked to Dawn. In one hand he held an old-fashioned personal stereo with CD, whilst with the other he stroked his large ten incher, keeping it erect. Beyond him and a laughing Dawnie was the Director, Billy and his camera and sound guys, the three of them in a huddle as they talked through the last technical aspects of the shoot. A few feet away the stills’ photographer was fiddling with his camera as he mentally made up the shots in his mind. Finally there was the make-up lady and her assistant, standing next to the table with the cold drinks and some nibbles, the two-middle aged women partaking of both as they waited.

Cordy pulled the dildo out of her ass, if it hadn’t made her cum, it still had left a nice tingle and she knew it wouldn’t take much for it to move from happy contentment to screaming pleasure, a nice big dick would certainly do it. She walked over to Dawn and Jon, "I’m really looking forward to this shoot," she smiled. She wasn’t lying; she’d worked with Jon a number of times before and he had one of the best dicking techniques she had received as well as being a genuinely nice guy. And as for working with Dawn again… she was definitely Cordelia’s favourite co-star, female or male.

The teen was smiling at Jon, "Cordy’s being telling me all about you."

"All good, I hope," Jon smiled, showing his white teeth as he continued to gently tug at his erect dick.

"Nothing but… which was isn’t a pun," smiled Cordelia.

"It is," corrected Dawn with a grin, "but I’m really looking forward as well."

"Hell," Jon shrugged and gave a grunty laugh, "The pleasure’s all mine. I’m just a work-a-day cock on legs, and I’m getting to fuck Charisma Carpenter, last year’s AVN award winner and this years best newcomer, Dawnie Springs. It’s gonna be a blast…"

"That’s what Cordy said, all over her face last time I heard," grinned Dawn.

"I was left dripping, in more ways than one," her fellow brunette said smiling as she remembered.

Before they could continue with the conversation, Billy the Director came over. He stopped in front of them, "You all know the schedule." He gestured towards the make-up table where three A4 sheets sat, containing a list of the sex acts and the positions. The three porn stars nodded, all were professionals, they’d done their work – not that it needed much, this wasn’t a scene with any story behind it, just a pure jack-off shoot for a website that liked them hard, but shallow. Even though they knew it Billy quickly ran through the schedule, making sure they knew what they were doing, when and in what position. That finished he clapped his hands, "So everyone ready?"

The three stars all confirmed they were, Jon taking off his headphones and giving them to the make-up assistant before lying naked on the bed, his cock sticking up like a flagpole. Dawnie and Cordelia moved to either side of the bed, standing just out of shot as camera rolled and the Director shouted, "Action."

For a few seconds the shot was off Jon stroking his large cock. But the Director knew that, whilst the viewers liked to know the female co-stars were going to get filled by something way over average, if they wanted to fixate on the male organ they’d wouldn’t be watching a Charisma Carpenter or Dawnie Springs movie. He gave his two main stars the nod, "Prowl in like you’re panthers." He made a sign of a claw.

Cordelia didn’t think like a big cat, she wasn’t old enough to be a cougar, but she did come slinking in like she was a cat looking for a bowl of warm wet milk… or at least pussy looking for something white and gooey in it. Opposite her Dawn was sashaying in, wiggling her sexy ass and the tattoo above it at the camera. Almost in unison the two porn stars got onto the bed. Dawnie’s head moved upwards towards Jon’s, their mouths locking together as they began to kiss, his hand moving from his dick to cup and massage her titty. Cordy felt she still got the better deal, her head and mouth moving down to his cock to lick and slide round his hairless balls and up his huge member.

His spare hand rubbed through her hair, mussing it, but acting as encouragement to lick it. "Mmmnnn, yeah, Charisma," he groaned as Dawn stopped making out with him and began to move her mouth down between his firm pecs and sternum. "Yeah, baby, that’s good."

Round and round Cordy’s tongue moved, lapping round the thick cock with the expertise of a born slut. From the corner of her eye she could see Dawn approaching and she pulled back to concentrate on one side, allowing the other free for the teen. Dawnie’s tongue moved enthusiastically out, slipping and licking at the huge dick as her hand reached out and began to rub the top of it. Below her Cordy’s hand was stroking at the member, her palm drying the skin even as her tongue lubricated it again. Above her she could hear the grunts and pants of Jon’s excited breathing, his body as stiff as his cock as the two porn starlets promised him heaven.

And delivered. Dawn opened her mouth and slid it down over the cock, her jaw stretching as she took its thickness. Cordy’s tongue moved lower as her mouth opened and she began to suck in the ball sack, slurping at the mottled flesh as her hands played over the porn stud’s hard thighs. She watched Dawn’s head bob up and down, the teen greedily sucking at the huge dick; behind her Cordy could hear the snap of the camera as the stills photographer took shot after shot of her friend’s blow-job. Dawn moved down deeper, the dick first pushing hard against her cheek and then slipping from that and pronging up her throat.

"Oh, fuck, Dawnie," gasped Jon, his hand lightly pushing at the back of her head as the teen’s eyes widened. Cordy continued her licking and lapping as Dawn dribbled down the dick. "Oh fuck." Jon gasped again.

"Cordelia’s turn," said Billy from the sideline.

Dawnie reluctantly pulled her head, licking her lips and letting the saliva drop out as she disengaged. Cordelia’s mouth was open and down on the huge dick in seconds, her jaw stretching so much to accommodate its thickness that it began to ache. She moved down further, ignoring the soreness and just enjoying the wet taste of his dick coated in her friend’s spit. She had sucked so many large pricks that her jaw was soon used to it and she relaxed, pushing herself further down, watching as Dawnie replaced her in licking and sucking at the bottom of Jon’s shaft and balls.

"Oh shit, Charisma, suck my cock good," Jon’s hand pressed on the back of her head; there was no force but a lot of encouragement. The brunette went with it, swallowing more of his dick and coming down so far that her lips were almost touching Dawn’s. "Ooohh, yeah, fuck," groaned Jon, relaxing his grip so that Cordy went up again, her mouth leaving a trail of saliva. She paused for a second, hearing the snap of the camera, then down again. The video cameraman was kneeling on the bed, filming in close-up. Cordy and Dawn ignored him, concentrating on sucking and slurping at their co-stars cock. Jon grunted again, "Fuck yeah, Charisma, fucking yeah."

Up and down Cordy bobbed, her mouth working round the dick, making it ease into her throat and against the taste-buds, washing it with her spit as her eyes opened wider and watered. The cameraman moved closer, almost knocking Dawnie out of the way as he zoomed in on the twentysomething porn star’s lips clamped round the engorged dick. The brunette moved slowly upwards with a slurpy, sucking sound, leaving the cock soaked and shaking. Then she went down, her spit dribbling between her lips and her eye shadow running as the dick pressed at the back of her throat. Below her Dawn’s tongue dabbed and dived at Jon’s balls, leaving them as clean and shiny as his erect penis.

"Okay, take five," Billy called, "Cordy, Dawnie you want to touch up your make-up?"


Buffy had taken Kennedy and a couple of trainee Slayers on patrol last night, so she didn’t know how well Willow’s date with Rona had gone. Though the thudding of the bed against the wall and the sound of giggles and shrieks from Willow’s room suggested it had gone pretty well. The blonde Slayer stretched as she was awakened by the other Slayer’s and the witch’s energetic screwing next door, automatically her hand crawled down to her pussy, itching with desire. And then stopped, drawing back. Buffy blushed, what was she doing about to finger herself to the sounds of her best-friend fucking? She wasn’t some sort of out of control horny teenager, she was twenty four and if she was single, that was cos saving the world took precedence over finding a man. She emphasised the word ‘man’ in her mind as she looked at the clock on her bedside table and decided it was late enough to get up; she had some planning to do before the meeting of the Slayer’s council at midday.

She got out of bed and walked across the landing to the shower. Quickly she divested herself of her clothes and stepped in, enjoying the feeling of the warm water against her skin. She could have stayed in there for ages, luxuriating in the steam, allowing her fingers to explore her firm body and tight cunt. But there wasn’t time and as soon as she clean, she stepped out and dried herself.

Downstairs in the kitchen she put on the coffee and made herself some late breakfast, eating it as she started to go through the paperwork – first an ongoing legal fight to get her hands on the accounts of the now defunct Watcher’s council. Then reports on new Slayers – one discovered two days ago in Moscow, another flying in today from Reykjavik with her parents and sister. More reports of a demon in New Mexico, Vampires in Hong Kong and an unnamed horror haunting a small town twenty miles from Rome. And then there was LA – it was a hive for demonic and mystical evil, but whilst Angel Investigations had been operating they had been able to keep it contained. However, with the members of Angel Investigations either in coffins or sprinkled in the earth over them Slayers would need to step-in and set up a small base there, more rent they could hardly afford and more Slayers…

Buffy sighed, she’d discuss it with the rest of the council after lunch. In the meantime she needed to go over to the gym and put in some training time; she knew if she slacked a lot of the younger Slayers would follow her example. And that would get them killed.


Billy mouthed something. "What?" Dawn asked and then realised that she was shouting, Jon's headphones really did deaden the noise. She pulled them off and passed them back to the grinning porn star. "Sorry," she blushed at the Director, "What did you say?"

The man grinned, obviously used to having to deal with naked porn stars bopping with headphones in the break, "I was just asking if you’re ready to go back?"

The teen looked at Cordy and Jon, her fellow porn stars were nodding, draining their cool sodas and placing them back on the table. Dawn nodded as well, draining her own fresh orange juice. She glanced at Cordelia as the three of them walked over to the bed, like her the older brunette had had her make-up touched up during the break so that it was impossible to tell that she’d been deep-throating a dick twenty minutes before. She looked as fresh as a daisy and raring to go; Dawn was as well. She loved shooting with Cordy, the more experienced porn star wasn’t a limelight hogger, allowing Dawn both her share of dick and movie time, and she was more than willing to also share her knowledge and expertise, filming with Cordelia was like taking a master-class in porn theatre.

Jon got onto the bed, lying down on his back. Cordelia followed on after him, her back facing towards him as she squatted over his dick. Both the video and stills cameramen positioned themselves as the brunette gripped her butt cheeks and, prying them apart, slowly impaled her butt on his huge member. Dawn watched as her friend’s face contorted in pleasure as the dick entered her ass, sliding up the prepped hole like a key in a lock, perhaps a stiff lock, but a lock nonetheless. The older brunette began to work herself up and down, getting used to the thick meaty member in her and working a rhythm. The stills cameraman clicked a few times and the video cameraman hoisted his equipment on his shoulder as Billy turned, "Okay, Dawn in you join and we can start shooting."

"Sure," Dawn bounded onto the bed enthusiastically and cast a quick look at the cameramen to make sure they were ready. At their nod she moved forward to grab Cordy’s mouth in a passionate kiss, her lips locking with the ass-fucking brunette and her tongue pressing in. Her friend’s mouth pushed back at her and the other’s tongue flickering against hers. Dawn kissed and mouthed, her hands sliding down over Cordy’s shuddering sides and waist and then back up again, feeling the young women’s warmth and the vibrations as she bounced on the dick. Their tongues twisted around again, driving against each other as Dawn’s hands continued to explore.

"That’s looking good, carry on downwards," Billy called from the sidelines.

"MMmnnn," Dawn’s mouth disconnected from Cordy’s as she began to do as directed, her eyes travelling to Cordy’s bouncing tits and heaving belly, as her hands followed the contours of Cordy’s side, making the shape of an hourglass as they moved from her waist to hips. Licking her lips she moved her head lower.

"Ooooohh, aaaarrghhh, yesssss," Cordy gasped and moaned, her body shuddering as she slammed her ass up and down on the dick.

Dawn got down opposite it, her own hand spreading her pussy and sliding a finger into it, fingering herself. Watching Cordy get a cock in her ass wasn’t the hottest thing ever, getting anally fucked herself had to be hotter, but it was still damned hot. The teen looked at the dick pounding in and out for a few more moments, taking in the way that her friend’s cheeks seemed to be clamped round it and that her cunt seemed to pulsate and leak even without a direct touch. "Aaaaarrrgghh, uurrrrrrhhh, yesssss, fuuucckk!" Cordy screamed, breaking Dawn out of her brief trance.

The teen’s tongue moved round her lips and she moved in, kissing and slurping at the wet twat, before sliding down and dabbing at the dick as it shot up her friend’s anal chute. With Dawn’s encouragement Jon was moving faster and harder, pounding at Cordy’s hole, slamming it open. Dawn watched it, whizzing in and out of her friend. The teen was wet one of her fingers sliding over her cunt as the other probed and pushed at Cordelia’s, trying to feel the dick as it rammed against the brunette’s ass wall. She continued to move her tongue, momentarily sharing the pussy hole with her finger, before sweeping down to try and play with the pounding dick as it shot up, before going lower still to lick and kiss at the ball sack. And then she would slither back to the cunt and start again. The video cameraman was above her, shooting down, taking plenty of footage of the teen combining with the stud to pleasure Cordy. The photographer was at a different angle, shooting from behind Dawnie, taking in her firm butt and Cordy’s sexy body and contorting face. The older brunette squealed again, "Oooohhh, fuuuuckkk, yeaaaahhhh."

"Let’s move to the hands and knees," the Director called.

The three porn stars broke apart, gratefully taking cool drinks from the make-up ladies before Cordy got back on the bed on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass, "I’m ready."

"Me too," Dawnie had climbed over on top of her friend, resting her pussy on the brunette’s back and was leaning forward, reaching for Cordy’s buttocks and pulling them apart.

"Me three," grinned Jon as he guided his dick into the open hole.

"Me four," said the photographer and the video cameraman put up a thumb to show he too was ready.

"Let’s fuck, action," said Billy.

The cock began to pound at Cordy’s asshole, thrusting deep into the chute. Dawn was leaning face down, her tongue playing at the crack of Cordy’s asshole, licking at the valley between the cheeks. It tasted of salt and gel, sweat and anal lubricant combining; it tasted of great fucking and kinky anal, Cordy squealing as her butt was banged and licked. Dawn’s tongue continued to flick, probing down the crack and shivering as the cock brushed under it on the way into Cordelia’s asshole. The older brunette screamed in pleasure, "Oooohh, aaaaarggghhh, fuck my ass, fuck my ass!"

Dawn used Cordy’s back as a masturbation aid, rubbing and rolling her wet pussy over the brunette’s arching spine, feeling the vertebrae push at her cunt. A trail of pussy juice followed her, making Cordy’s skin shine under the lights. Dawn could see the photographer, kneeling down to take shot after shot of her twat pressing over her friend; thinking about guys (and girls) masturbating over the pictures made her hotter and she moved quicker, shuddering and shaking and lifting her head to moan and cry in pleasure, "Ohhh, urrrhhh."

Below her Cordy was moaning as Jon continued to thrust into her ass, ramming aside the cheeks, making them wobble and shudder as he thrust in. Dawn leant forward again, her tongue sliding down the gap between the buttocks to tickle at the man’s dick, wet with lube and hard with lust. Jon panted and slammed harder, as if it was his aim to send his dick so speedily into Cordy that Dawn wouldn’t have a chance to clean it. The teen’s tongue dipped out further, no longer attempt to lick, just leaving hanging so that the big dick pushed at it as it pounded past and into Cordy.

"Yeah, baby, yeah," Jon gasped, though whether he was talking to Cordy and her fuckable ass or Dawn and her lithe tongue was hard to tell.

"Okay pull it out now," barked the Director.

Immediately Jon pulled out his huge member. Dawn lifted her head from her friend’s butt and slid her lips round the throbbing dick. She bobbed up and down, sucking sensually at the cock, tasting the lube and Cordy’s butt, sweetness and bitterness combined. Jon’s hands were holding the back of her head, using it as leverage as he rocked and pushed his member into the teen’s mouth. He wasn’t fucking as hard as when he had been pounding Cordy’s anus, but it was still slamming in, hammering at Dawn’s cheek and filling her mouth. "Fuck baby, yeah," panted Jon and there was no confusion about who he was talking to. Dawn bobbed, sucking greedily as her naked body rolled over her friend’s back. She knew that for a moment she was the star, all eyes and cameras focussed on her; she gave it her all, taking the cock as deep as she could, energetically bouncing her head and wiggling her body sexily.

"Well done, you’re all doing great, let’s take a short break," Billy called.

Jon pulled his cock out f Dawn’s mouth and the teen gasped in some air, smiling up at him as he gave her his hand to help her up. She stood and jumped off the bed as Jon gallantly helped Cordy to stand. The three of them walked over to the drink’s table, helping themselves to some orange juice. The make-up lady walked up, eyeing them like she suspected them of grand larceny, "Dawn you need a touch up on the eye-shadow." She gestured the teen over to the make-up chair. Dawn downed her drink and went over, sitting still as her eye shadow was reapplied, follow by a dash of lip gloss where it had been rubbed away by too enthusiastic a cock gobble. The woman finally stepped back, "That’ll do."

Dawn stood up. Billy and the techies were clustered in a circle still, talking about the next shots. Dawnie picked up the dildo and walked over to where Jon and Cordy were standing, talking next to the drinks table. They turned to her as she approached and she started to reloosen her hole with the toy, "What you talking about?"

"Just saying what we’ve got on next. Jon’s doing an anal with Sabrina – y’know her? Cute blonde chick?" Cordy replied.

Dawn frowned trying to connect a name and face, "I think vaguely, I’ve not worked with her."

"She pretty hot," said Cordy, turning to Jon she said, "You’ll have fun."

"Yeah, I did a scene with her a couple months back she’s pretty energetic, but too loud for my personal tastes, but there seems to be fans of the high-pitched screamers. So what about you? Who’s next?"

"I’m doing a lesbian scene with a newbie Milf called Jay."

"I think I know her," nodded Jon, "Big tits, blonde curly hair, very fuckable?"

"Haven’t seen her," answered Cordy, "but my agent said the Producer told him she was stacked and enthusiastic, he said she was up for anything."

"Sure sounds like Jay. I fucked her a couple of weeks ago, y’know Mikey S?" he paused as the others nodded, "We did a dp scene with her, really gave her a hardcore fucking in both holes and then gave her a facial. She was really up for it, we were really banging her like crazy and she was still screaming for more."

"I’m looking forward to it," grinned Cordy, "You know I love hard dick, but juicy pussy is also a must have."

"What about you Dawn? What you got next?" Jon turned to her

"I’m doing a bukkake scene tomorrow. Should be fun, there’s six guys and I’m supposed to fuck them all, then suck and toss them until they cum over me. I’ll need to shower after…" the teen smiled, she was looking forward to it.

"You three ready to start again?" Billy called over.

"Yeah," called Dawnie, pulling the toy out of her ass and placing it on the table. She walked over to the bed and lay on her back.

Cordy was next up, kneeling over Dawnie’s face so that her pussy was comfortably nuzzled against the teen’s lips. Dawnie gave her a quick lick and the porn star giggled, "Behave you. We’re not filming yet."

"Just practising," Dawn put on her most innocent voice as she lifted her legs backwards. Cordelia took hold of the calves and pulled them back so they were resting on her shoulder, the angle lifted Dawn’s lower back from the bed and exposed her asshole. She moaned in pleasure as Jon’s cock entered the back hole, pushing down. He gave a few sharp shoves to get in nice and deep, her prepping helping. Then he reached down and began to fondle her clit with his thumb.

"Okay let’s roll. Action," called Billy.

Dawn gasped in pleasure as Jon’s cock started to thrust down her ass, bashing aside the walls and filling the hole with dick. Even as he pounded her he was sliding a finger into her cunt, exploring round and pressing at her clit, pushing the bud between the labia. And on top of that he and Cordy were locking mouths, kissing passionately as he fucked Dawnie and the brunette rubbed her wet pussy on the teen’s face. Dawn licked up, slurping and kissing at the cunt, dimly aware that the cameraman had pushed his machine just inches from her face and was filming her lithe tongue slapping at her friend’s pussy. "Mmnnnn, urrrhhh," she moaned as she lapped, loving the taste of Cordy in her mouth.

"Oooohhh," Cordy squeaked and arched her back, grinding her pussy into Dawn’s face, leaving the teen’s lips and nose soaked with girl-juice. The older brunette shuddered some more as Dawn’s mouth pressed at her cunt and her tongue continued to explore it; then she was leaning forward and making out with Jon.

The stud wasn’t pausing, girding his loins and rocking his waist as he slammed his thick ten incher down Dawnie’s asshole. The teen shuddered and writhed under his hammering, her tongue passing on the enjoyment to Cordelia, making her friend leak even more. The teen grunted in enjoyment, blowing air into the Cordy’s hole, she loved her job, loved being fucked whilst filmed, it was such a turn on knowing that she was being watched now and in the future. And the orgasms were great; Jon was both big and skilled, his huge prick stretching and packing her hole, whilst sending her to orgasmic heaven and leaving her soaking and hot. Her back bent and she arched, letting out a muffled squeal into Cordy. Above her the brunette vibrated and again let go off Jon to gasp and moan, "Oooohhh, yeaaahhh, uuurhhh."

"Sixty nine her now," Billy called.

Jon paused long enough for Cordy to rearrange herself, letting go off Dawnie’s legs so that they lay v-shaped on the bed, as she kept her pussy in place, but moved her own mouth so that she was over the teen’s cunt. Jon began to fuck again as Cordy began to lick and lap at her friend’s slit. Dawn gasped and shuddered, the pleasure of the cock deep in her ass being magnified by the touch of tongue on her twat. Jon moved harder, thrusting the dick deep into her. Dawn could smell his sweat, the manly scent mixing with the sweet perfume of Cordy’s cunt juice. "Yeah, fuck, yeah," the man grunted, "Yeah fuck, fuck."

Cordy’s tongue lifted from Dawn’s cunt and began to lick at Jon’s dick as it went in and out of her backhole. If they’d been fucking for real Dawn would have complained, said that her pussy should be Cordelia’s priority, but on film Cordelia tonguing a prick as it pounded ass would have the guys watching almost bursting with horniness. She continued to slurp and lick at Cordelia’s hole, even if both the video and stills cameraman were concentrating on the dick, Cordy’s mouth and the teen’s ass, she needed to carry on. It was good manners and it kept the expression of intense pleasure on Cordy’s face and you never knew if suddenly the cameras would shift focus. Cordy grunted and slammed her tongue down the dick so that it was trying to join it in Dawn’s asshole. The stud gasped, "Fuck, baby, fuck, yeah."

"Uuurrhhh," Dawn grunted herself, her back bending and arching as the pleasure rose again in her. Cordy’s head dipped down towards her cunt and again the brunette began to service it with her tongue.

"You ready to cum soon?" Billy called.

"I was ready half an hour ago," grinned Jon back.

"Okay let’s get in the final shot," the Director said.

Dawn rolled onto her front and got onto her hands and knees. Behind her Cordy knelt, helpfully pulling apart the teen’s cheeks as Jon repositioned his dick in her ass. As soon as it was in he was fucking her, pounding the member deep into her butt-hole. "Ooohhh, yessss, aaaarrggghh," Dawn shrieked as her she moved her hand to her cunt and began to rub at the wet hole, stuffing her finger up and trying to find her G-spot in the shuddering hole, "AAArrrghh, yeaaah, give it me, give it me!"

Cordy’s hands were still on her ass, keeping the cheeks apart and licking at the crack as the cock went in the hole below. Dawn shook harder, her spine bending like a humpbacked bridge as another orgasm hit her, "Aaaarrghh, yeesssss, aaaarggghhh!" She was so hot she was afire, getting fucked on film as her best friend’s tongue licked down at her ass, threatening to join the dick in the hole, "Aaarrrrghhh fuccckkk me, yeahhhh, aaaarrrrhhhh."

"I’m gonna cum," grunted Jon. It was a warning not just to Dawn, but to the cameramen and Cordelia as well. The brunette moved away to give the video cameraman a clear shot. Jon pounded for a few more seconds "I’m cumming."

Dawn felt the sperm explode into her ass, blasting the hole with slimy warmth. Behind her Jon remained in position as his dick twitched again and a further spurt blasted out and then another and another, until the tunnel was soaked and filled with his cum. He grunted as he withdrew, his cock immediately being replaced by Cordelia’s. She rested her chin on the top of Dawn’s butt cheeks and her hands pulled apart the hole. She smiled for the photographer as he took snap after snap of her beautiful face and the silvery strands of sperm slowly leaking out of her friend’s butt.

"Okay that’s enough for the photos, let see some action for the finale of the shoot," called Billy.

Cordelia again shifted position, this time so that she was on her hands and knees behind Dawn. Her hands again reached up and pulled apart the teen’s cheeks, except this time she didn’t pose, but brought her face closer, her mouth opening. Dawn gasped and giggled as her friend’s tongue slid into her asshole, swirling around and licking and lapping at the cum. She wiggled a bit, trying to get Cordy in deeper and also to show her sexy butt and tramp-stamp to best effect for any viewer who’d managed to avoid cumming yet. Cordy’s tongue went deeper and faster as she slurped up the white goo. Dawn giggled, "Oh that’s it. That feels so good"

Cordy didn’t reply, but carried on sucking out the cum, her hands prying the cheeks further apart as she tried to get her tongue further into the hole to lick out every last drop of cum.

"Okay, that’s a wrap," Billy called, "Fucking hot shoot people."


"I enjoyed last night," Willow grinned at Rona.

The black Slayer nodded, "Me too. I had a blast." She leant into kiss Willow’s cheek, but the redhead was having none of it and turned her head so that Rona either had a choice of the mouth or nothing. Willow guessed right what Rona would choose as the teen’s soft lips pressed onto her own, their mouths opening just enough that both knew it wasn’t platonic. "I better go," Rona stepped back reluctantly, "I’ve got a kick-boxing sessions with some of the trainees, and I’m already almost late."

"Okay," Willow took a step back and smiled as she watched Rona walk away down the corridor to the gym, her sexy ass wiggling under her jeans, a sexy ass that Willow had nailed hard and deep last night. The redhead waited until she had gone before turning the other way down the corridor and heading up the stairs to the conference room. She, like Rona was almost late, but she had a zing in her step; walking on air as her body refused to come down from the heights of pleasure she’d reached last night. Whilst she wasn’t going to pretend the younger Slayer was the love of her life, she had been enthusiastic and skilled, energetic and sexually aware; worth another bout of fate played that way. But if not Willow was finding that she didn’t lack for sexy female company recently – it was if after banging with both Cordy and Dawn had turned Will from an ugly duckling to a swan.

She opened the door of the conference room. Unsurprisingly Buffy was already sitting at the head of the table, frowning as she read some papers. Xander and Giles were over by the coffee machine making some of the tasteless coffee that the machine churned out on demand. Willow joined them, making herself what the sachet ambitiously described as a latte before taking a sit beside Buffy. Giles and Xander joined her, Giles coughing surreptitiously.

Buffy looked up surprised, as if she hadn’t noticed they were here. She quickly glanced round, giving them all a friendly, if swift, smile, "Ready to begin?"

"Yes," they nodded and Giles began to speak, "Buffy about Angel’s hotel…"

"Sorry Giles, I don’t want to be a total agenda bitch, but can we come to that in item three – LA, if we don’t we’ll be all over the place and I do need to finish on time. I need to debrief to Kennedy and Andrew on their return from seeking out that demon in Peru – we lost two junior Slayers, we need to learn from that."

"Okay," Giles took the admonishment well and looked down at the agenda, "Item one – training?"

"Yes," Buffy said, "I think we need to look at the schedule again. We’re putting too much time into identification of demons we never come across and not enough on basic sword work…"

"Yes, Buffy but without a thorough understanding of what demons they may face…" Giles started on the counter argument. Willow followed it, chipping in now and then with a comment of support for Buffy, or Giles - if he was right. But all the time she was looking at her friend, Buffy seemed drained, exhausted and ground-down, not physically, but mentally. It took ten minutes of arguing before a compromise was sorted and they moved onto item two – finances, Giles wanted more on research, Xander on better accommodation for the junior Slayers and Willow had her eye on some mystical orbs. Buffy felt that they couldn’t afford any of them… Giles started to raise the hotel again and Buffy did go all agenda bitch on him.

Suddenly the door opened and the last member of the Slayers Council, and its least punctual, opened the door grinning widely as she dropped her motor bike helmet on the desk and dropped to a seat, "Hey. Sorry I’m late," said Faith Lehane, who looked like the least apologetic person Willow had ever seen, "Dusted some vamps and afterwards went clubbing to find some hot and heavy relaxation."

"We’re on item two – finances," Buffy pushed a piece of paper towards the dark haired Slayer, which Faith ignored. Instead pulling a small vanity mirror out of her pocket and starting to touch up her lipstick. Buffy paused for a moment, then carried on explaining that they had no money.

Willow’s took a glance at Faith, she was kinda cute and sexy, and Willow knew she’d had a few lesbian flings with some of the Slayers. Sometimes it seemed to the redhead that the only Slayer who wasn’t at least bisexual was Buffy, though Willow doubted her friend would find time for fucking, even Giles was getting more than the blonde Slayer.

Beside her Buffy wrapped up the finance section, "So until we can get our hands on the Watcher’s Council bank accounts we stick with current spending." She paused and everyone nodded, even Faith who looked like she was just doing it so that the meeting would end and she could leave. Buffy looked down at the piece of paper, "LA…" She looked up, glancing round, "Now Angel’s gone I think we need some Slayers down there… I know it’s an expense after all I just said, but it is one of the centres of demonic activity."

Giles coughed, "It may not be as expensive as you thought. The lease on Angel’s hotel, it’s signed over to the Council, paid for six months."

"Good," Buffy smiled, "We can use it as an office and a base, and if the worse comes to pass we can rent out rooms to tourists." There was a brief round of smiles at the joke, at least Willow hoped it was a joke. Buffy paused, "So who’s for LA?"

"I’ll go," said Faith, "I could do with some sunshine."

"I didn’t think you were the tanning type," said Buffy dryly, "Take Vi as well, and one other I think." She glanced at Willow. Willow knew what she meant, if Vi was going it would make sense to send Vi’s normal Slaying partner Rona, the trouble was that Buffy thought Willow was hot for her and didn’t want to send her away. Willow didn’t mind either way whilst she wouldn’t have said no to a second or third fuck, she wasn’t dying for it; but now she knew if she mentioned her Buffy would think she was trying to get rid of the Slayer after a one-night stand.

Luckily Faith had no idea, so she shrugged, "Rona seems the obvious choice. We can do a few weeks, see how the land lies and if its quiet I can send them back."

"Good, that works," nodded Buffy, "Item four – rogue demon hunters…"


Cordelia dropped her towel in the laundry basket and stepped into the floating robe in front of her. "Thanks Dennis," she said, "How about a glass of wine?" The silent ghost didn’t answer, but the bathroom door opened and by the time Cordy had wrapped a small towel around her still damp hair a glass was floating in front of her. She took it with a smile and sipped it, as she walked into her main room and over to her laptop sitting on the table. She turned in a random direction and addressed thin air, "You want to watch some porn?"

The laptop swivelled seemingly of its own accord and another chair was drawn up beside Cordy’s. The brunette grinned, "I’m guessing that’s a yes, you’re the most lecherous ghost in LA." She sat down and clicked open her e-mails, searching for the one Jon had sent. She quickly identified and opened it, rereading the message, "Cordy: Great fuck today, really enjoyed it. In case you’re interested here’s the shot I did with Jay, it’s being released next week on ‘Anal Milfs’ so enjoy the sneak preview. Ciao. Jon"

Cordy clicked on the first attachment, a wmv file. After a few seconds the file started with Jon and another porn stud, who Cordy knew was Mikey S, sitting outside a house drinking beer and listening to some crappy (and copyright free) music. The camera swung round to focus on a Milf coming through gate and up the path, wearing high-heels, tight shorts and a top that was designed for a chest a couple of cup sizes smaller. Cordy frowned, she recognised Jay from somewhere… but she couldn’t think where. Had she been a make-up lady before moving front of the cameras? Or a stripper? Cordy didn’t think so, she was sure her agent would have mentioned it if Jay had been in another part of the business, instead of saying she was new to it.

The brunette sipped her wine, sure it would come to her. She continued to watch as Jay explained her car had broken down and she couldn’t get coverage on her cell. Gallantly the men invited her into the house and after finding that the tow-truck wouldn’t be here for a couple of hours, Jay joined the guys on the couch, after removing her top.

It didn’t take Jay long to get rid of the rest of her clothing, her panties and shorts being removed at speed to reveal a hairless pussy and a small cute devil tattoo just under her hip. Cordy saw what Jon had meant about her enthusiasm as she jammed his cock in his mouth and started to suck deeply as she jacked at Mikey’s cock. The men were soon naked as well, Mikey fucking her first and making her gasp and scream. He was soon replaced by Jon, who took her doggy-style as she sucked Mikey’s huge member.

That wasn’t enough for blonde Milf slut. The position changed to the two guys dping Jay on the floor. She was on top of Jon, riding his cock with her cunt as Mikey rammed her ass. She was screaming and gasping and writhing, shrieking for more as she was pounded. Cordy wasn’t an amateur, but even she was impressed by how much the Milf was getting, the two cocks slamming ball-deep into her holes, fast and so hard that if she was glass she’d have shattered. And it wasn’t enough for Jay, she was still calling for more.

The men swapped holes and rammed hard again, squashing her cute, busty body between them as they thrust in and out. Cordelia knew how good Jon was at ass-fucking, so she wasn’t surprised by how much Jay was screaming and shrieking, but the Milf wasn’t stopping or letting them just fuck her. She was working with them, shuddering and shaking, crying out for them to go harder, contorting her face in excitement and riding the dicks. Cordy could see why Jon had thought she was good, cos she was, a natural slut who loved getting fucked and filmed, like Cordelia.

Jay was on her knees, looking at the two cocks pumping in front of her. "Cum on my face, cum on me."

And just as they exploded, sending waves of sperm all over the woman’s face and tits Cordy knew where she recognised her from. She stopped the movie and rewound it a couple of frames, looking at the woman looking into the camera. She hadn’t known her well, they’d only met a few times, mainly when they were being threatened by undead monsters. Still Cordy felt she would have recognised her quicker if she hadn’t known Joyce Summers was dead.

She picked up her phone and dialled Dawn, "Dawnie… this is going to be hard to believe, but I think I just saw your Mom…"


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