Kennedy's pleasure slave: VampWillow

BY : Krulos
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Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the series, in all forms) is the property of Joss Whedon, and thus far, him alone. I accept no money for this.

VampWillow- Kennedy's pleasure-slave.

By James Carmody

Pennames: Cotto, Vantiri, Mollari, Thrawn, Krulos, Palpatine, Adalack, Vorchan.

Disclaimer: Buffy (and series') are the property of Joss, and only Joss, not me! Et Cetera. Prescott is a last name that a fanfic author gave to Kennedy, the author's penname is "Limewater", O'Hara is an actual historical last name (as in General Charles O'Hara, Cornwallis' second in command for the Southern Campaigns), I simply merged the two for Kennedy's family name, and her alias: DeSilver, was concocted by yet another fanfic author, this time on TTHFanfic.

Summery: Kennedy royally messes up in this one, it's sort-of a 'slayers-pet' concept, but surmising that the First Evil is up to his (or more precisely, it's) old gambit: temptation! Same exact trick it pulled in the Garden of Eden, all those (I'm going with) millions of years ago.

Author's notes: This is inspired by "Slayers Pet" series by DreamsofSpike (a story that I encountered), but involves Kennedy's temptations and orientation (lesbian). Typical of me: she'll see that she's doing wrong sometime in the story. The First Evil may or may not be present in this story, but if it is, it'll be operating via temptation- subtle, perverse, Never direct, sneaky, et cetera. In essence, Kennedy is behaving badly, Again! Whole thing's messed up: bad!Slayer et cetera, sort-of a sequel to my "Rescuer: Kennedy!" story. Also has to do with the story idea: "Stop Kissing Me, DARN IT!" (again, by me)

Pairing: Kennedy/VampWillow! Beware!

Characters: Kennedy, Vampire Willow, Willow (possibly), The First Evil (possibly) as tempter… Also: Aluwyn (A.K.A., Saga Vasuki), and Glory (or Glorificus, same being).

Tags/Warnings: Oh Boy! There'd be a Lot of them! Just to list the first few that come to mind; BDSM, slavery (private- sexual), Despicable Conduct, (since it's a mistress/slave deal) rape/non-con!, Temptation?; absolutely!, abuse: chemical- non-consensual (drugs), Really Very Despicable Conduct, Domestic abuse, Reversed Moral Compass- et cetera. Dom!Slayer/Sub!Vampress. Bullying. Betrayal. Infernal politics.

Chapter 1.) The Capture…

Kennedy Prescott-O'Hara was strolling down a mall, looking for a restaurant to eat at during a trip she was taking. Thinking her favorite song of the time in her head: Du Hast, by Ramstein, she looked this way and that happily, she was strong and confident at this point, and foundress of a bodyguard corporation called "Deep Scan", not only foundress, but also CEO. Settling her mind on Dunkin Donuts, she walked in, and as soon as she walked in, she felt the tell-tale cramp in her stomach of a Vampire; it put her on her guard.

Gazing around, she spied a pair of young redheaded females, apparently in a make-out session over in the hall to the bathrooms "Pleasant to look at, but disgusting! Don't they know that this is a public place?!" Kennedy thought to herself, she'd been attracted to girls since she was five, but she'd learned not to be physically intimate in a public place, predominantly for fear of being labeled 'promiscuous'. Looking closer, and listening more intently, way more intently, she realized something crucial: This Wasn't Consensual! One of these women was whimpering "No." Now Kennedy's blood boiled "That's Rape!" she thought angrily!

The woman who cried out for help was wearing a lady's typical outfit, and looked somewhat familiar, the other woman, who was kissing her, looked like she was wearing a leather outfit, like a decent dominatrix! And both looked very similar, strikingly so.

Kennedy didn't waste any time now, she walked over to this horrible situation, resolved to do something about it. When she got within arms reach of this situation, she punched the leather-clad woman full force in the face (knowing full well that the woman in the sweater and skirt was the one who had whimpered 'no'), the Vampress stumbled backwards, and shifted target. The Vampire had been hugging her and kissing her, but the two were clearly fighting about it.

The Slayer's opponent then tackled her to the floor, and it was a fight. The two landed and received blows on each other. "I'm really starting to truly dig this!" Ken thought with a smile on her face. As the two women wrestled, Kennedy realized that she had her opponent greatly outmatched, and to play with her a bit before truly claiming victory, she let her opponent drive her to the ground, but she was always in complete control during this fight. As these women rolled around, Kennedy laughed in her opponent's face in delight- she was winning this match. Initially, she planned on killing her opponent, but another thought entered her head, unbidden "Take her as your pet Vampire, your slave, as it were, you can then use her to test non-lethal means of control of the undead community, think of it, sister, you want to rescue others, why not include family members who are already Vampires… you could be a true heroine, a real rescuer!" Foolishly, Kennedy didn't even question where this inspiration came from, she thought "Yeah, I could use a Vampire Slave, and she'll do nicely! Plus, it's way more gentle than killing, I'll do it."

Both women stood up suddenly, Kennedy grabbed her opponent by the hair, bent her head down, so her back was at a 45 degree angle, punched her solidly in the stomach with her right hand, (her dominant hand) The Vampress turned to run now, Big mistake! Kennedy practically tackled her from behind, seized her by her left hand and turned her so her left side was facing the Slayer, pinned her head down with her right hand to the back of her nemesis neck (immobilizing her), elbowed her on the back of her skull (practically cold-cocking the other woman, were she a regular human, she'd be completely out cold!), Kneeing her in the stomach with her left knee, and then she realized she had won the fight- she had conquered her nemesis.

"Time to celebrate, Kennedy!" She THOUGHT she was the one thinking this, but in reality she had made her second great mistake; she went along with this idea! Kenn-doll hauled her beaten adversary over to a seat, forced her front down on the seat, so the base of her breasts were on the chair, and her right side was facing the back of said seat, pushed her down, and sat on her back! Not finished humiliating her adversary: Kennedy took out a zip-tie handcuff set from her back pocket, pinned her enemy's hands behind her back, and tied them there. Next she crossed her legs, lady-like, set her clothing (to look pretty), turned to the woman she'd rescued "Willow?!" her old girlfriend, these women had broken up some months ago. Kennedy felt really quite good: she had proven herself as a warrior-woman for righteousness, or so she thought. She had rescued her old girlfriend from being abused, she really felt like a typical heroine!- a rescuer! The breakup had caused tears, it had been bad, but Kennedy had grown from it, and she was happy to be able to talk to the woman she had been with for some months of her life; the one who had empowered her with her job- her eternal job!

Kennedy motioned to a seat, and Willow took it, smiling sweetly at her rescuer, who held down her assailant with her bodyweight easily. Kennedy smiled back. Willow asked her "Do you want some kind of repayment for rescuing me?" "Ever the Jewish Princess…" Kennedy chuckled, in a friendly manner. "I could use some food and drink." "Let me pay." "No, sweetie, you're not paying for this, I am!" The ladies got into an argument, finally, Kennedy convinced Willow to let her cover the price; while Willow would make the run to the counter- Kennedy would restrain her assailant. Neither one questioned the bizarre situation that there was no security in sight, surely people had seen and heard the catfight that took place a few moments ago, or the attempted rape before that!

Kennedy's order was simple: she wanted an Extra-Large Orange Smoothie, a container of hash-browns, some utensil, (to eat them with) and toasted egg and cheese with ham on a bagel, Willow's order was a Extra-Large Coffee, with Cream and sugar, and a Bagel with cream cheese. Kennedy had managed to pressure Willow into letting her fund BOTH meals, pretty much with the words "I love you, Will!" at the end, and Willow could keep the change, (she'd been handed $40.00!). "Man! Kennedy's sure feeling generous, quite a change from the self-described 'spoiled brat' she was at 19! I guess running a major corporation has changed her for the better! Her selfishness hasn't left, now she's selfish towards generosity!" Willow thought, blown away by shock.

As Kennedy and Willow talked and ate, reminiscing, Vampire Willow suffered under Kennedy's butt. Those two women were fast developing a rather profound hatred of one another, but, as Kennedy was clearly the more dominant one, it was going to be quite a suffering time for Vamp Willow (she was going to suffer a lot). The First Evil watched this situation he'd had some direct influence in orchestrating with a high degree of interest, it was that evil emperor of Gehanna that had inserted those thoughts into Kennedy: to enslave and dominate Vampire Willow… he (or more precisely, it) didn't care one bit about it's disciple who'd failed to accomplish her crime, this was much more profitable, but it'd have to be done with utmost subtlety!

For some reason or another, Vamp Willow had never vamped out, never used her full strength, and now, she realized, she wouldn't be able to: she'd be this mysterious Slayer's slave! The reason; she knew, but they never would, is that she wasn't trying to feed, her goal was to sexually assault her twin sister- Willow! And for that, she needed her human visage, not her Vamp form. In the heat of battle, it hadn't even occurred to her to change! In anger over her helpless situation, she squirmed and grumbled, trying to work her way free from under this woman's butt… however, all she got was made fun of by the woman who would obviously become her mistress, and flicked on the back of her head! 'This Raven-Haired bitch of a beauty had the gall to laugh at her?!' over the next few minutes, both women began to think of each other as a "bitch", Kennedy because she'd won against this Vamp, and Dani, (or Danielle) as she was going by now, because this woman was so brutal towards her.

After finishing her meal, Kennedy crossed her arms over her chest, in a relaxing stance (for her), Willow was put off, surely she hadn't offended Kennedy, why was this raven-haired beauty who had just rescued her now saying "do not approach"?, so Willow backed away, Kennedy sighed, and said, "No, you're fine, I am just trying to hurt my bitch!" clearly talking about Vamp Willow, it was clear to Willow that Kennedy was doing this deliberately so as to put as much pressure on Dani's back, to hurt her all the more. It was pretty clear that Kennedy hated Dani with a passion now, and Dani,- same deal towards Kennedy. Willow laughed lightly, she was angry at her twin, she said to Kennedy "Sure, she's yours, just don't kill her, Okay?" Kennedy thought a bit about it with her lips pressed together, she had some chemicals she was planning to check on a vamp, and this bitch would be as good as any to check them on, maybe some would work. Deepscan's chemical tech department had cooked up some promising stuff, and as Founder of Deepscan, CEO thereof, and Chief Stockholder, she felt it was kind-of her duty to do some fieldwork in the agency: just to prove her place as rightful leader. She nodded, and said "Agreed, Oh, and I love you, good luck!" Kennedy really did love Willow still "Any way I can help you, Love, I will." she said, and meant it.


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