Acting Lessons

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Acting Lessons

Joyce Summers (a blonde, thirty four years old divorcee) looked over the bills again and sighed. The divorce settlement had paid for the house and opened the Gallery, but the money she made just wasn't enough to keep up with the bills generated by both a fifteen and ten year old daughters. It looked like she was going to have to fall back on something her father had taught her and she'd hoped never to involve her kids in.

It wasn't that she thought it was horrible or anything, it was just that there was such a stigma against it these days. Lord knows she certainly enjoyed it when she was a child. Still, needs must as the devil drives.

The Setup

Joyce looked at the inside of one of Dawn's school workbooks and read Dawn Harris written over and over with some satisfaction. Xander was the right age, and her daughter's crush on him made him the perfect choice. Going through the box she had hidden in the back of her closet, she found the tape she was looking for. Taking a blank case labeled ‘How to Make an Older Boy Like You’, she smiled. A bag containing a lifelike jelly dildo finished off all the props she needed.

She remembered nostalgically when her own mom had left a bag out for her to find, when she was about a year younger than Dawn.  Of course, this was a new tape.  She'd had some of her old contacts make it specifically for Dawn, but the idea was the same. Shoving the bag under the sofa cushion, where Dawn always sat to watch afternoon cartoons, she then rechecked the nanny cams she hid around the room.  Satisfied that everything was in order, she left out milk and cookies for Dawn and a note saying she was going to take a nap and not to wake her 'til Buffy got home at five.

Retreating upstairs, she locked the door to her room, flipped on the monitor, and watched the camera feeds.

* * *

"Mom, I'm home!" Dawn called out loudly, tossing her backpack on the couch and slamming the front door.

Seeing the note, Dawn winced, hoping she hadn't woken her mom. After a minute passed with no response, Dawn grabbed a cookie and the remote and plopped down in her seat. Frowning, she shifted as she felt something under her. Hopping up, she lifted the cushion and found the package. Opening the bag, her eyes almost popped out as she saw the lifelike dildo. Dawn quickly closed the bag and looked around like someone was going to jump out and catch her. Seeing no one around, she cautiously opened the bag again and looked inside once more. Reaching in, she poked the realistic jelly dong a few times and then pulled out the tape. Reading the title, she quickly scampered to the VCR and put it in.

"Hi, I'm Brenda," the girl on the screen said. She looked about sixteen, blonde, and was wearing a cheerleading outfit. "I'm going to show you how I stole the guy my younger sister, Dawn liked."

Dawn's eyes shot open.

"Dawn was so into Alex, but he was my age and I didn't like the attention he always gave her, when he should have been paying attention to me," Brenda said. "Luckily, a friend of mine told me the secret of how to make a guy like you more than any other girl, and since my little sister Dawn didn't know it, it made it easy to make him mine."

Dawn glared at the screen ((feeling solidarity with the actress' sister)).

"Of course, if Dawn had discovered the secret before I had, she could have easily claimed him first. So whatever you do, don't let your younger sister see this tape or she could be the one who ends up with the guy while you end up ignored."

Dawn watched the TV with an evil grin.

"Ok, first I'll show you what to do on this," Brenda announced, holding up a jelly dong that was identical to the one in the bag.

Dawn pulled out the jelly dong and examined it while Brenda talked.

"This is good for practice until you're ready to try it out for real," Brenda said. "Now for you to be able to do this, you have to be able to fit this in your mouth without biting it. The easiest way to do that is by covering your teeth with your lips, like so."

Dawn watched and copied her ((determined to learn the skills that would win her man)).

"Now, with your teeth covered, see how many inches you can fit into your mouth."

Dawn slowly fed the jelly dong into her mouth until it was halfway in and suddenly jerked it out, coughing loudly.

Brenda smoothly inserted the whole thing into her mouth and pulled it back out again. "The first time is the hardest, because when it hits the back of your throat, you'll cough and gag. Fortunately for you, you don't have to be able to take the whole thing yet, three or four inches is fine for beginners.”

Dawn blinked her watery eyes and held it at the four inch mark as she slowly fed it in, before pulling it out; happy that she hadn't had a problem this time.

* * *

Joyce watched as her daughter learned how to deep throat, practicing on the jelly dong and obeying all the instructions that Brenda gave and only pausing to massage her sore jaw as she got used to keeping her mouth open that wide for minutes at a time. Smiling at her daughter's enthusiasm, she began to edit the footage, darkening Dawn's skin tone and using other subtle tricks to make Dawn look like she had some Hispanic heritage.  A quick copy and paste, substituting the Spanish covers for the books she'd set on the coffee table for just that purpose, and anyone viewing the video would be convinced that the video was shot in Mexico or someplace similar. Joyce didn't know how people had managed to keep from getting caught before video editing software was invented.

* * *

Brenda smiled out of the screen. "Ok, now let your jaw rest for a bit. Another advantage you have over your younger sister is that she'd never have the discipline to practice every night the way big girls do."

Dawn glared at the screen and swore right then and there that she would practice every night!


"With practice, your jaw will stop getting sore and you'll learn to enjoy sucking cock," Brenda promised. "But I'm not just going to teach you what to do, I'm also going to teach you what to say."

Dawn perked up and leaned in close to the screen.

"Now, I'm not going to tell you what I said to try and win him over, because as much as I hate to admit it, Dawn almost snagged him out from under me. Instead I am going to tell you what Dawn said. If she'd known the secrets of being a champion cocksucker, like I'd just shown you, she would have had him ignoring me and spending all his time visiting with her. So I am going to teach you what she said and did and you can just change it later, using your own name and age in place of hers. Unfortunately, a lot of these would only work for a ten year old girl."

Dawn's grin took up half her face.

"Of course, it's not just what she said, it's how she said it, and how she made sure it was the right time, but I'll explain all that as we go on."

* * *

Joyce chuckled as she watched the video end and Dawn scrambled to hide everything as Joyce's alarm went off, signaling she'd finished her nap. "Honey, do you want my old TV-VCR combo in your room?" Joyce called down.

"Really?!" Dawn squealed.

"I'll take that as a yes," Joyce replied.

Friday Night

"Thanks for having me over, Mrs. S," Xander said warmly. At sixteen, Xander was already a couple of inches taller than Joyce and had broad shoulders and short, dark hair.

"We're always happy to have you over," Joyce replied. "Besides, Dawn loves having you around even more than Buffy does, and it allows me to run to the store or the gallery to take care of something without World War Three starting between the girls."

Buffy rolled her eyes and dismissively stated, "We're not that bad."

"Of course not, dear," Joyce said, teasingly.

"Xander!" Dawn shouted, running up and jumping on him like a kola, then inching her way up until she was face to face with him.

"Stop hogging, Xander," Buffy ordered. "He's my friend."

"I'm your friend too, aren't I?" Dawn asked softly, her eyes moist.

"Of course you are," Xander said, instantly melting and wrapping his arms around the young girl and rubbing her back.

"Really?" Dawn asked softly, looking into his eyes.

"You are my friend," Xander said firmly. "Never let anyone tell you different."

Dawn gave Xander her best smile and buried her face in the side of his neck.

Buffy winced. "I didn't mean you weren't her friend, I was just pointing out you were my friend too. Sometimes it's hard making new friends," Buffy admitted, feeling guilty since she still blamed herself for the move. "I didn't mean to hog all the good ones."

Dawn blew softly across Xander's neck, her actions hidden by her hair as she had her lips pressed to him, as if by accident.

"Did you wash your hands?" Joyce asked.

"I'll do it now," Dawn said, reluctantly pulling back from Xander's embrace, but mindful of what the tape said about how to act.

Xander set her down and Dawn shot him a bright smile before running up stairs.

"Thank you for that," Joyce told Xander. "Hank isn't around to give her the approval and affection she needs to make her happy, and she lacks a big brother that could fill in for him. Without you, she'd probably fixate on a male I didn't approve of, who'd either ignore her or use her without regards for her feelings... though that last part probably isn't a big worry until her teens."

Xander blushed under Joyce's attention while Buffy gave a sickly smile.

"That sounds sexist," Buffy said weakly, "like saying a woman needs a man to be complete."

"There's a reason the human race comes in two genders, and it's a proven fact that children who have someone of the opposite sex, to provide attention and affection, make better life choices. They are less prone to self-destructive behaviors and generally choose better when it comes to who to date," Joyce explained.

"Whoa," Xander said, feeling like he'd just been handed a huge responsibility.

Joyce chuckled. "Xander," she said to get his attention, "it's not that big a deal."

"But it's important for Dawn!" Xander exclaimed.

"Yes, but unless it's escaped your notice, you've been filling the role just by being yourself. Unless you start ignoring her or push her away, she'll be fine. You treat her as her own person and give her plenty of physical affection, which is all she really needs."

"Really?" Xander asked hopefully.

"Really," Joyce assured him. "She doesn't need much to be happy at her age. Now, when she turns sixteen she'll require a learner's permit, a cell phone, the right clothes..."

Xander and Joyce broke up laughing.

"Those things are important!" Buffy complained, making the two laugh harder.

"Not being ignored or rejected is a lot easier to supply," Xander admitted.

"And I'll take care of the rest," Joyce promised.

Dawn bounced down the stairs. "Time for dinner or a movie?"

"Both!" Joyce said. "I've ordered pizza and picked up some movies."

"Woo!" Dawn cheered.

"Drat, I have that thing at school for extra credit," Buffy said, as she always did on Monday nights, just before she snuck off to patrol with Angel.

"I'll give you a ride," Joyce offered. "That is, if Xander doesn't mind."

"That's fine with me," Xander said. "I've got nothing planned."

"Great," Joyce said cheerfully, setting out a glass of Coke for Xander and one of Sprite for Dawn, as well as forty dollars for the pizza and a stack of napkins. "Try not to make too big a mess and I'll be back in a couple of hours. I have to pick up something from the gallery."

Joyce had barely left when the pizza boy arrived. Dawn dropped a small tablet, that she’d found in the bathroom medicine cabinet just as Brenda had promised, into Xander's drink while he was opening the door. 

"Nineteen eighty five, dude," announced the tired, and probably half stoned teen who had delivered the pizza.

Xander handed him a twenty. "I know it's not much, but keep the change."

"Cool," the stoner said happily as he headed for his car, pleased he didn’t have to make change.

Xander opened a mushroom and olive special and they both dug in, their first slice vanishing in record time. Xander sipped his Coke and then looked at it closely. "Vanilla Coke?"

"Yeah, it's not bad, but I still prefer my sprite. Mom says I don't need a lot of caffeine before bed anyway." 

"True," Xander agreed, and they both ate another couple of slices and finished their sodas before cleaning up.

Dawn popped in the movie she’d begged mom to get for her and after about fifteen minutes in, both of them looked bored as could be. The plot was predictable and the actors were woodenly delivering their lines, like William Shatner with huge gaps in between lines. 

Dawn suddenly stood up and turned to Xander. "I somehow doubt your last secretary came along with you on all your cases."

Xander grinned and stood up. "She was a woman of few talents, but those few were memorable," he said, much more believably than the main actor, during the pause between lines.

"Would any of these talents get us out of this jam?" Dawn asked, arching her brow and putting her hands on her hips.

"Regrettably not," Xander said, before busting out in a long yawn.  "However, they'd make the time pass more pleasurably."

Copying the actions on the screen, Dawn pushed Xander so he fell on the couch.  "Well, I have no doubt of that!"

Xander felt a strange lassitude steal over him, leaving him alert, but making his limbs feel like they were made of lead.

Dawn put the back of her right hand to Xander's forehead.  "The poison from that knife is affecting you worse than I thought." What followed was a ranting five minute monologue as she figured out what the poison was and how to neutralize it while the detective sat frozen in place, which Dawn copied exactly even as the movie slowly devolved into a porno. "It looks like one of your last secretaries talents would indeed save your life, as I have to speed up your pulse to keep you from dying," Dawn said, flicking her hair long, brown hair over one shoulder.

Xander, much like the detective on the screen, found himself unable to move as Dawn knelt between his legs.

"Fortunately for you, much like your last secretary, I excel in taking dictation," Dawn announced.

Xander's eyes darted to the screen and back to Dawn. Unable to move, he just watched in shock as she unbuttoned his pants and slowly pulled out his cock.

Dawn looked back at the screen and studied what the girl was starting to do before looking Xander square in the eye. "If you weren't such a good friend I wouldn't do this for you, poison or not, so you better appreciate it."

As Dawn's small hands fingered his cock, he felt the traitorous organ grow hard and, as he watched in shock, her tongue slowly lapped up a drop of precum that was welling from the tip.

"That's not bad," Dawn said, ignoring the movie and remembering what the tape had told her to say. "It's kinda sweet," she said, despite the fact that she thought it was rather salty.

Xander would have groaned if he could, as Dawn's mouth engulfed the head of his cock easily, her tongue swirling around the underside of his cock head as she cleaned it of any possible trace of precum.

Dawn happily sucked his cock, positive that he would soon prefer spending time with her to spending time with Buffy. Recalling the instructions, she was careful to take a little more of his cock into her mouth with each bob of her head until she'd gotten half his cock down easily. Pulling her head back, she released his cock with a purposely loud pop and gasped for breath. "Wow, it's so big," she said looking into his eyes. "But I’m sure I can do just what the lady on the screen is doing," she promised, smiling brightly.

Xander's fingers twitched as Dawn opened her mouth and engulfed his cock in moisture and warmth once more, making him whimper aloud.

Hearing her cue, Dawn sucked harder and gently cupped his balls while using her freehand to stroke the third of his cock not in her mouth.  When she felt his hips begin to inadvertently thrust, she worked herself further down and let the head of his cock hit the back of her throat, before pulling back and coughing. After she regained her breath, making sure to keep stroking him all the while, she said, "I think you're going to have to help me." Lowering her mouth just over the head she sucked hard and gave it a quick tongue bath, causing Xander's hips to rise up off the couch and his toes to curl. Dawn placed his hands on the back of her head, tangling them in her hair so they wouldn't slip off. "I need you to press down really hard, so it'll all go in, ok?"

Xander was slowly regaining control of his limbs, but Dawn kept him distracted as she did her best to make him moan, holding back just enough to get his hips thrusting and feel his hands begin to unconsciously apply pressure. Coherent thought was quite a bit more than the teenage boy could handle at the moment as he found himself focused on thrusting more and more of his cock into the young brunette's mouth while she sucked and lapped at him, his hips rising and his hands pulling her head down into his lap.

Feeling his balls tighten in her hand as he was about to cum, Dawn bobbed quicker and deeper, timing it so he thrust his hips up just as she got the head of his cock at the back of her throat.

"Yes,"  Xander hissed, his fingers tightening as he thrust upwards, feeling the final couple of inches suck into the hot, tight channel of her throat, her nose buried in his pubic hair, as the sensation proved too much for him and he exploded, emptying his balls into her throat as Dawn swallowed rapidly, milking him for all he had.

Dawn slowly pulled back, nursing gently on him as he sat there bonelessly, panting.

Xander felt himself growing hard again, even as he realized with a shock everything that had just occurred.  "Dawn, honey?" he asked nervously.

"Yeah 'ander?" she mumbled as she looked up into his eyes with a smile on her face and the head of his rapidly hardening cock in her mouth.

"We aren't supposed to do this," he moaned.

Dawn pulled her mouth off his cock, making sure to slurp loudly while doing so. "I saw Mom doing this and she told me it's something girls do for their bestest friends," she explained, stroking his cock.  "And that it was something private that no one was supposed to talk about." She stuck her lips to the side of his cock and slurped her way up the trail of pale fluid until she reached the head, her tongue working at his penis slit while she sucked on just the very tip, like it was the straw in a milkshake.

"W-We can't!" Xander stuttered.

"Don't you like me- I mean, it?" Dawn asked, sniffing like she was going to cry.

"Very much!" Xander quickly backtracked, not wanting to upset her.

"Good!" Dawn said, all smiles again as she opened her mouth wide and swallowed half his cock in an instant.

"I c-could get in a lot of trouble," Xander moaned, his hands finding their way to her head as he ran his fingers through her hair and struggled not to just grab her by the ears and fuck her face.

"I 'on't 'ell," Dawn promised, moving her head at the slightest hint of pressure to encourage him to guide her head.

"It-it's wrong," he moaned as he unconsciously tightened his fingers in her hair and fed her more and more of his cock.

Dawn ignored any more complaints, as she reveled in the fact that she was making him feel good and he was encouraging her with his hands. It was causing a growing warmth in her chest, as proof he did like her and a tingling between her legs that she was beginning to enjoy. Dawn's jaw began to burn a little as she'd never kept it open for this long before, but he was almost ready to cum, so she redoubled her efforts and was rewarded with a hiss of indrawn breath and a tightening in the thighs that the tape promised meant he was about to cum.

Brenda, the friend stealer, had said that getting him to willingly throat fuck you, while pretending it wasn't what you had planned on and that it was a bit uncomfortable and rough, would get him eating out of the palm of your hand, but Xander pulled back before she could take him that deep.

"I'm going to cum," he moaned, just before filling Dawn's mouth with warm, salty fluid that she eagerly sucked down as the tape said it would make him like her even more!  Finishing up and sucking out the last few drops, she tucked his cock away and climbed onto his lap, letting her jaw rest.

"I'm a bad person for enjoying that," the teen groaned, even as he wrapped his arms around the young girl and cuddled with her on the couch.

"Mom said it's only wrong if someone forced me, and that it was up to me when and who," Dawn said recalling the script Brenda had given and enjoying his arms around her even more than sucking his cock, though she enjoyed them both she decided, one just made her jaw hurt a little.

"I'm pretty sure she was thinking you'd be older when it happened," Xander said stretching out on the sofa and laying down.

"She said she was about my age and the boy was older than you," Dawn said, before yawning and trying to remember what the tape said to say.

"Really?" Xander asked, yawning himself.

"Yeah, she was almost ten and he was almost twenty." She yawned again, her eyes getting heavy. "So it's our secret and not a bad thing, unless you force me or don't recip-or-kate."

"Reciprocate,"  Xander corrected absently.

"yeah, whatever that means."

"Means I have to do the same back," he explained, beginning to drift off.

"You owe me two then," Dawn said before falling asleep with her bestest friend's arms around her and a slightly sore jaw from the size of her smile.

"Two," Xander muttered and drifted off.

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