A Latex Romance

BY : DevilMayCare
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Who would’ve ever thought it possible, that I actually found someone so like me that I could willingly spend the rest of my life with. Yeah, I’m a simple romantic at heart but to find my other half, the part which completed me, the jagged missing piece of the puzzle that was Xander Harris, it was damn miracle, and she was right here all the time.

My Faith.

As I slowly run the zipper up the back of her catsuit I can barely stop myself from ravishing her here right now, but with everyone waiting for us it so was not the time. But as soon as the wedding reception was over then my deviant bride and I were set for two weeks of love, lust and latex. I could barely breathe in my own skin tight suit she helped me put on, its glossy black rubber hugging me in all the right places from the moulded toes to the form fitting hood with open eyes and mouth. As soon as she slipped the collar round my neck and padlocked it on I damn near fired off my love seed in the squeaking black confines of my wedding attire. It was in moments like this that I truly felt alive, as did she. Covered in rubber knowing that our hearts were as one.

“Are you ok, baby?”, I breathe lustily as she turns in my arms, her own body now encased in creaking white latex, her eyes dancing with joy and her dimples on full display as the light danced all along her lithe glossy skin.

“Five by five, hon. Just watch the hair ok?”, she said back with an equally heavy rasp to her voice as I slipped the hood over her head and lined it up so its hem lay over the high neck of her suit. Man, she’s going to have a nightmare trying to comb out all the tangles in her hair but it’s been hard enough trying to coil it round flat and get it under the damn hood as it is.

We had them specially made, by a friend of ours up in San Francisco we met at a convention a few months back, it’s just a shame she couldn’t be here today, with 1.8 mm latex as we wanted to really enjoy our day, and that’s what it was….our day. It was my idea we should help dress each other ‘cos knowing my Faith the way I do she would’ve have got her half-sister Kennedy to dress like this and exchange vows with me just for a laugh, and under all this rubber I wouldn’t have a clue who I was marrying. I know I have trust issues but so does she, so as soon as we woke up and showered together Faith covered me in Cult Pjur and helped to slide my limbs into my suit.

She purposefully had the catsuits made slightly smaller so it would really caress every fold of our skin, I know we would sweat like hell but with the three way zips we could unzip our crotches and bang away ‘til dawn as we have done so many times in the last year or so since we both came out as rubber lovers.

It was kind of weird when we told all our friends, they weren’t surprised that Faith was a kinky bitch who loved tight clothing after all that leather and all, but they were a little freaked by me admitting that latex turned me on as much as it did my girlfriend. Willow thought that Faith had coerced me into this but no, it was the other way around if anything. I always had this desire for latex and once Faith saw how turned on and breathless I was after we watched Underworld just after our engagement party, well several shots of Sambuca later and all our dirty little secrets poured out. Though my beloved was always more of a leather chick she was willing to try out rubber for my sakes and holy shit, that was one birthday I would never forget! Faith, once in her latex stockings, min-dress and shoulder length gloves, rode me until I begged for mercy as, to my astonishment, she was as turned on by the tight creaking feel of latex as I was, maybe even more so. That night the door was opened, one we never wished to close again.

We tried doing the sub/dom thing but it really didn’t work, Faith didn’t like to use me and I cracked too many lame ass jokes during playtime so we just stuck with what we loved. To be equals, just cocooned in heavy rubber. We subtly started wearing our favourite clothes when we went out, just a latex shirt for me or a mini-skirt for her, just to acclimatize our friends into who we really were and with Faith by my side we got more and more bold until we just thought ‘screw it’ and wore our catsuits whenever anyone came over to our apartment for dinner. It made for interesting conversation that’s for sure!

Things snowballed after that and once we downloaded all these patterns, well I never thought in a million years Faith would end up being a seamstress! But don’t tell her that or she’ll kick me in the knackers again, but after a few weeks of failure she soon got the hang of cutting and gluing the latex as we didn’t want to have off-the-rack wholesale items at ludicrous prices, and within three or four months pretty much our entire wardrobes consisted of home-made garments. But for day to day wear we just use the 0.8mm stuff as it’s we do live in California and it’s hot as hell here all the time. But the shirts and ties I wear all squeak deliciously, but once I saw Faith in the pinstripe skirt suit she made, well we never left the apartment that New Years and ended with rubber burns everywhere!

It was Kennedy’s idea to sell them online and now Faith is working day-in, day-out making custom latex clothing for people who are willing to pay a shit load of cash for her outfits, of course she models them for the website, and yeah she’s modelled for various magazines in the scene too, but I couldn’t be prouder. We went to various conventions up and down the west coast and we were soon raking in the big bucks, but it was me who came up the name for her latex clothing line – ‘Boston Deviant’. It has a nice ring to it doesn’t it.

After that San Fran convention where we checked out all the bondage apparatus, well it wasn’t much of a leap for me to adjust my carpentry skills to make stocks, St Andrews crosses and stuff, so like her, I’m busy as hell and charging whatever I like as people will pay.  I never would’ve thought that Buffy would be a repeat customer of mine! I can only picture Angel being bent over and shackled to my creations, he-he.

“There you go babe”, I say as I slid the collar around her neck and click the padlock shut sealing her in as I am.

“Thanks hon, so you ready to rock?”, she said with a wide wet smile peeking out from the mouth hole of the glistening hood. Good ol’ Vivishine.

With only her glossy red lips and deep soulful eyes on show I wanted to fall to my knees and thank god for bringing this woman into my life. We slid into a creaking glossy embrace and pressed our lusty lips together as, within the confines of the heavyweight rubber, we truly were as one. Our hearts melded with each other and mummified themselves in this thick latex, screw what the people of this town think of us. We are happy and we are probably the only people in Sunnydale brave enough to admit and express our sordid little secrets.

“You bet”, I replied feeling happier than I have ever known.

She clipped one end of the chain to my collar and then handed me the other end of the chain to clip on to her. As it clicked shut she let out a delicious purr as I could tell her pussy was moistening more and more as the rubber caressed her intimately, our hands slide into each-others with a squeak and we stepped out of the room along the aisle.

The congregation was small as most of my family had shunned me since my true kinky nature came out and so had some of our friends, but our true friends were here and we loved them for that.

As we walked hand in hand I felt my cock starting to ache as it was pressed hard into the shiny suit, but I wouldn’t change any of this for anything. The chain between us tinkled and the thick skin smothering rubber rang out in kinky tones, but as we insisted on all the guests to dress appropriately Faith and I had never felt more at ease.

Faith had made all the bridesmaids outfits and I must say Buffy looked wonderful in her red and yellow rubber cheerleader uniform, luckily she’s only in her first trimester so it didn’t stretch the latex too much. Though when she first tried it on she nearly burst a blood vessel in embarrassment in wearing it in front of people because even though she had her kinks she very much likes to do them behind closed doors. Kennedy was fine with wearing the uniform but the Buffster was still all cranky about it. But once I suggested a mask as well with holes for her pigtails, and some evil pouting from Faith, Buffy soon caved in as did Willow.

As Faith and I walked proudly past our friends we looked down to see Willow on all fours in her own pink latex suit complete with paws and kitty cat ears, she did look so cute being on Tara’s leash like that. I admit I don’t know Tara as well as Faith does but from what my bride-to-be tells me and judging by the smile on her face……. hmmm, is that a tail plug in Willow’s ass? He-he, looks like Tara has unearthed her domme side at last, I think she’ll be joining us when we go clubbing in LA again. Tara and her new collared pet. That’s so sweet.

It was weird seeing Mrs Summers in the red chinese dress also created by Faith but as she had been like a cool Aunt  to my beloved she was willing to do whatever it took to make sure her pseudo niece was happy. Though Mrs S wasn’t in anyway kinky, well except for the foot thing she drunkenly admitted one xmas, she did look a kick ass combo of classy and deviant even though she seemed really uncomfortable in her dress and our general show of kink but she was happy enough to go along with it. She’s one cool lady, since that near death experience with her brain tumour a couple of years back I think she’s really embracing life again, I just hope Giles treats her the way she deserves ‘cos if he doesn’t then I can see his balls ending up in a meat grinder.

As the wedding march faded away we turned to each other and I swear I saw a tear of joy slide from under Faith’s hood, a tear to match my own. We were all we needed in life, a pair of remorselessly happy kinksters bonded for life.

In sickness and in health, in latex and in love.



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