Past Love

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1. Discovering Love

The past is a funny thing and should never be forgotten, be it your own or humanities. Either way it should never be forgotten. For the past is also the future, for the past defines the future. Of what is to come. Those that forget that fact are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. A fact that Riley would soon learn.

At first, after they found the Templar treasure, Riley's life went well. Ben may have refused his share of the treasure but Riley didn't. Five percent of thirty billion dollars was alot of money. Add to the fact that he made provisions when the museums collected the treasure that he was to have access to the treasure. To study it, to use his rarely used Archeology degree. All agreed to it as they wanted the treasure and he was the great great grandson of Lord Carnahan who had helped Carter discover Tut's tomb, the great grandson of Evie O'Connell, Rick O'Connell and Jonathan of who discovered Hamunaptra and Ahm grandson of Alex O'Connell who had made several great discoveries in China and Egypt. The fact he was also Jack Kennedy's grandson helped to.

Months after the Discovery, after they came back from Cairo, an incident happened that changed everything. Ian bought his way out of prison and visited Ben and Riley. One thing led to another and instead of fighting they ended up all in bed. Having admitted to loving each other. Ben tried to hold onto Abigail but soon they broke up. Ian had to return to Britain but came back repeatedly. Ben moved in with his father as neither Riley nor Ben were ready to live together.

So things were going well, until a page from Booth's journal came out which accused Thomas Gates of being part of Lincoln's assassination. Things quickly went chaotic from there and Riley was forced to watch Ben and Abigail flirt in front of him. Ben would barely even pay attention to him while in front of his father as he still hadn't told Patrick the truth. A fact that hurt Riley terribly. With Abigail in the mix, he might as well have not even been there. He longed for Ian. Once they found the City of Gold, Riley quickly packed up some things and hopped onto a plane for Britain. To Ian, who greeted him at the airport and kissed him there as well. Something Ben never did, not wanting to risk someone he knew seeing him kiss a man. Ashamed of him.

Weeks past with Riley in hiding at Ian's, barely leaving his house at all. Ben had called looking for him but Ian lied to him without a problem. Having been told what happened. He was protecting Riley, though weeks of Riley not leaving, of staying in Ian's sweats and barely showering he had enough. Ian made arrangements than practically carried Riley into the car then the plane. Riley was annoyed by it but didn't really care. After Ben's betrayal, he had enough. Add onto that was the dreams he had been having lately. Dreams of being other people, of the 30's and of ancient times. It was...confusing to say the least.

So a new place to be wasn't so bad, as long as it was no where in America and it wasn't it was Egypt. Alexandria. His all time favorite city as it was built by his hero, Alexander the Great. Alexandros. The man he had named his children after. Who were with their aunt in France.

Things were meant to be better in Egypt but they got worse as the dreams intenfied so that Riley had one ever night now. Then things got weird. Plagues started happening and Riley was drawn to the desert while Ian was trying to get them out of Egypt. Riley left Ian behind and stole a car and just drove until he was in Hamunaptra. There he was greeted by the man from his dreams, who greeted him with a breathed word.

"Jonathan." Then a kiss that stole all of Riley's breath and took away his ability to think or even move. Held in his arms, all of the memories he had been dreaming of came to him and he knew who he was.

"Imhotep, you have returned to me...Where is Ardeth? Have you found him? Why are you trying to end the world again? I thought you were over that. We lived together for thirty years without any world end-age?"

"Because you were lost to me and I didn't know how to get you back, since as your wishes your body was burnt along side Ardeth. And as I cannot die, I...could not bare the world to live while you did not. I did not think of the fact you could be reborn." He touched Riley-Jonathan gently."You are returned to me." He started to draw him away when suddenly there was a gunshot and Imhotep jerked away from Riley-Jonathan. Who suddenly could think clearly again as if he had been dreaming.

Riley stumbled away from Imhotep and toward Ian, who had shot Imhotep. Ian reached out and grasped Riley, pulling him to him. Then they ran while Impotep was blinded by rage.

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