Buffy's Bad Bet

BY : Oric13
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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS), nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Buffy’s Bad Bet

Author: Oric13 (Oric13@xs4all.nl)

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Rating: X

Storycodes: F/F, f/F, MF+/F, D/s, exhib, humil, mc?, oral, spank, S&M, toys, voyeur

Summary: An unwise bet made with Faith leads to a heap of humiliation for poor Buffy.

Feedback: Always appreciated.

Author’s Note #1: I decided to commission a short Buffy humiliation comic from High-Heeled Jill using an idea that was inspired by Ikepear’s arousing Buffy smut ficlet “Show Me Up”. As usual, High-Heeled Jill made several excellent suggestions, including well thought-out plot changes and some awesome dialogue, which in turn inspired me to improve and expand on this idea further and -eventually- write this story around it.

Author’s Note #2: This story would take place in the early part of season 5 of BtVS, but in a slightly Alternate Universe. The most important changes are:

  1. Faith never tried to steal Buffy’s body after she got out of her coma. Instead she accepted Buffy’s offer of peace and gradually mended her friendship with her and the Scooby Gang. She even moved into Buffy’s old room after Joyce invited her to come live with her and Dawn. And later on happily accepted Joyce’s offer to legally adopt her.

  2. Faith and Willow are actually closer now than Buffy and Willow. Though Willow wasn’t very welcoming to Faith when she first rejoined the gang, this soon changed when Faith saved Tara’s life. Buffy and Willow’s friendship on the other hand became kind of strained when Willow came out to her as a lesbian and Buffy wasn’t very accepting. Reminding Willow about her previous relationship with Oz and her longtime crush on Xander, Buffy suggested the possibility that Tara was just a bit of “college experimentation”. Faith on the other hand right away accepted Willow’s lesbianism as a given.

  3. Spike didn’t get caught & chipped by the Initiative. Which means he also isn’t hanging out with Buffy and her gang.

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of its show's characters. This story is a non-profit parody.

Featuring (in order of appearance)

Buffy Summers (portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar)

Faith (portrayed by Eliza Dushku)

Willow Rosenberg (portrayed by Alyson Hannigan)

Dawn Summers (portrayed by Michelle Trachtenberg)

Janice Penshaw (portrayed by Amber Tamblyn)

Joyce Summers (portrayed by Kristine Sutherland)

Anya (portrayed by Emma Caulfield)

Xander Harris (portrayed by Nicholas Brendon)

Tara Maclay (portrayed by Amber Benson)


Buffy’s Bad Bet

by Oric13


Chapter 1 – Losing a Bet (F/F, D/s, humil, nudity, mc?, voyeur, no-sex)

‘It was just a stupid bet!’ Buffy incredulously thought for the umpteenth time as Faith led her into the crowded Bronze. But the dark slayer had taken their lil wager very seriously and already took things MUCH further than she had ever expected. ‘Yet here I am, wearing a freakin’ collar and being led around on a leash—in public! Faith is literally making me her bitch!’

The tiny slayer blushed as she noticed the numerous strange and lustful looks they were getting. Even in Sunnydale, USA’s capital of weirdness, it’s kinda unusual to see a beautiful young blonde wearing a collar and a very slutty outfit being meekly led around on a leash by a stern-looking, stunning brunette dressed in an incredibly sexy, black leather dominatrix outfit.

~~~~~a few hours earlier~~~~~

Not wasting any time to assert her newly won dominance over her friend-slash-adversary, Faith insisted on picking out Buffy’s outfit for the little victory party she’d already planned at the Bronze. And naturally the wicked brunette made it a personal challenge to put together the sluttiest ensemble she could.

The first item Faith selected made the dark slayer snicker the moment she spotted it: a bright red, very tight, tiny tank top with BITCH written on it in big sparkly golden letters—a quite recent and somewhat unexpected gag gift from Willow with a not so subtle hidden meaning.

“Now that shirt just screams you, B,” Faith commented with a grin as she held it up in front of her sullen sister slayer.

“I’ve seen a matching one with SLUT on it that really suits you, F,” Buffy wryly retorted, earning her a chuckle from the unusually good-humored brunette.

Picking the right underwear for the occasion took a bit more time. Buffy looked on annoyed as the dark slayer gleefully dug thru her underwear drawer, scattering panties and bras all over her room.

“Cheer up, B. Look on the bright side: I could be making you go commando,” Faith teasingly told the scowling blonde. And after dismissing most of B’s underwear as too plain, she was actually starting to give that option some serious thought, but then she came across a small glossy paper bag that contained a set of very sexy black lace underwear.

“Nice! And still brand sparklin’ new. What’s up with that?”

After a little prodding, Buffy sighed and explained that she ordered the underwear from a Victoria’s Secret catalogue about a month after she’d started dating Riley, but simply hadn’t gotten around to wearing it yet. “With all that Initiative stuff we had to deal with, I kinda forgot about it.”

“Tsk, you should always make time for romance, B.”

“Why, thank you, Dear Abby,” Buffy dryly responded. “Even when a crazy scientist and her Frankenstein pet-gone-wild is trying to kill me while my boyfriend is going thru some kinda weird ‘roid rage?”

Especially then,” Faith over-earnestly said, earning her a small smile from the blonde, which she cheerfully returned. Looking at the sexy underwear and then back at Buffy, the dark slayer’s dazzling smile suddenly turned decidedly mischievous. "Sucks for soldier boy that he won't be at the Bronze tonight and see you show this off," she muttered under her breath.

But Buffy’s slayer hearing picked up on that and she shot the younger slayer a suspicious look. "Even if Riley were at the Bronze tonight instead of in Idaho visiting his folks, I still wouldn't be showing off my undies there!"

For a brief moment, Faith looked a bit sheepish, like she'd just been caught at something. But then her cocky attitude kicked back in and she shot her adoptive sister one of those patented infuriating smirks. "My parties can get pretty wild, B, ya never know what'll happen."

'I'm betting YOU probably know,' Buffy figured with a sense of foreboding.

Seemingly unaware of the unease her offhand remark had caused, Faith was once again digging through Buffy’s closet for an appropriately slutty skirt for her new slave girl to wear. Without much success it seemed, because the dark slayer suddenly declared that none of these were right. “But I think I've seen a wicked lil skirt back home in your old closet that’s pretty much perfect.”

“What? Are you blind? There are already like four perfectly fine mini skirts hanging right there in front of you!” Buffy pointed out.

Faith pursed her lips as she shot another glance at the cute little skirts and stubbornly shook her head. “Nah, those wont do, I’m lookin’ for somethin' shorter and sexier.”

“Like what? A freakin’ BELT?” the exasperated blonde called out.

“Not a bad idea, B, lets keep that as a backup plan in case that skirt at Casa del Summers doesn’t pan out,” Faith grinned.

“Seriously? You want us to go halfway around town just to make me wear a skirt that’s a tad shorter and sluttier?”

Faith just smiled innocently and shrugged. “Hey, you hafta put in some effort if ya wanna look good, right? Besides, I’m in charge, so whatever I say goes.”

“You’re seriously quoting Cordelia Chase now?” Grumbling to herself, Buffy helped Faith pack up the clothes she’d already selected and followed the infuriating brunette out the door.

For the finishing touch, Faith brought along a gorgeous pair of black leather thigh high boots with stiletto heels for her to wear. Buffy really loved those boots, but knew that in combination with that slutty top and a mini skirt she could easily be mistaken for a hooker. ‘Which is probably Faith’s intent,’ she realized.

'What the Hell kinda party does she plan on throwing?! It’s at the Bronze and you can’t get much more public than that, so she can’t be planning anything too crazy… right?’ the tiny blonde anxiously tried to reassure herself.


As Buffy had feared, the sexy little skirt that Faith had in mind turned out to be her former favorite mini skirt, which had shrunk to indecent proportions after an unfortunate laundry mishap. That’s why she left it at home when she moved into the dorms. Sure, she liked dressing sexy, but that skirt didn’t even completely cover her butt anymore!

“Oh, c’mon! I can’t wear that!” Buffy protested. “I’ll be arrested for public indecency!”

“Nah, you know that once it gets dark, there’s never a cop to be found in Sunnydale.”

That didn’t exactly make Buffy feel much better about walking around in public with her ass hanging out, but it was pretty obvious that Faith wouldn’t change her mind about the skirt, at least not without some serious begging. ‘And I’m NOT gonna give her the satisfaction of making me beg.’

As if wanting to dress her up like a freakin’ prostitute wasn’t twisted enough already, Faith then casually informed her that she was gonna stay and watch while Buffy changed into her slutwear.

“I meant clubwear … Heh. Sorry, B.”

Now normally Buffy wouldn’t consider changing clothes in front of her adoptive sister to be such a big deal, but the shift in power between them had added a strong sexual vibe to the situation which made the whole nakedness part of it a tad uncomfortable. However, she didn’t wanna be a stick in the mud and welsh on their bet, so she grudgingly obeyed the dark slayer’s cheerful demand to see her in the buff.

But, as a small act of rebellion, Buffy kept her back to the brunette while taking her clothes off. Unfortunately, this meant having to endure a good deal of ribbing throughout her disrobing, including some inappropriate remarks about her “cute lil bubble butt” the moment she took down her panties. Still, it was worth it to deny Faith the chance to ogle her goodies; she definitely didn’t want the brunette seeing her snatch and discover the special grooming job she’d done after the Dracula affair.

Completely naked now, Buffy took a moment to try and figure out how to swiftly dress in the “clubwear” Faith had selected for her without flashing the avidly watching brunette any of her naughty parts. She stiffened when she suddenly sensed the dark slayer approaching her from behind. ‘Uh-oh… knowing Faith, she could be planning anything from tickling my sides to sticking a finger up my ass.’

But what she didn’t expect was for the other girl to put a collar around her neck.

“What the fuck, Faith?!” Buffy exclaimed as she swiftly turned to confront the impudent brunette, remembering just in time to place her arm in front of her breasts and a hand in front of her slit.

“You lost our bet, so ya hafta be my obedient lil slave girl for the next 48 hours, remember?” Faith explained with a smirk. “And slave girls should wear a collar.”

Buffy’s mouth dropped open at the other girl’s unbelievable audacity. Trying hard to think of the right words to properly express her outrage, the only thing she could come up with at the moment was, “What?! Are you freakin’ KIDDING me?!”

“Oh relax, sweet-cheeks. It’s no biggie,” Faith waved away the blonde’s outrage. “There are plenty of cute Goth girls who wear collars as a fashion statement, so you won’t even stand out much.”

“Oh really, ya think so? ‘Cause last time I checked, I’m like the freakin’ opposite of Goth!” Catching sight of herself in the mirror, Buffy discovered that not only had Faith the nerve to fit her with a collar, it even had an ownership tag hanging from one of its metal rings. Just like a dog! Her indignation exceeding her modesty, the irate blonde moved her arm away from her boobs and grabbed the weird looking, shiny silver tag, pulling it closer to her eyes so see could read the inscription.

Buffy the Slave-Bitch!?!” she yelped wide-eyed. “What the Fuck, Faith?!”

“Well, you ARE pretty much my bitch now, B,” Faith grinned, obviously enjoying her time in charge to its fullest. “And you shouldn’t have made the bet if you didn’t wanna be my pet.”

‘OK, I really should be kicking her ass right about now,’ Buffy thought to herself as she glared at the infuriating smirking brunette. ‘But… I dunno… I guess the bitch does have a point… I did promise to be her slave for two days if I lost the bet we made… And Giles always told me that it’s very important for a Slayer to always stay true to her word, even when dealing with the demonic underworld, which I guess includes Faith as well. So I suppose I actually have to honor this stupid bet… SHIT!! What was I thinking?!’

Pouting adorably, Buffy shifted her glare from Faith to the degrading dog tag again. “You certainly got this done pretty damn fast.”

“Bought it and had it engraved right after we made the bet,” Faith smugly declared.

“Wow, aren’t you lil Miss Confidence all of a sudden." Finally looking beyond the Slave-Bitch part, Buffy suddenly noticed that her collar was decorated with tiny pentagrams and the decoration on the tag was also a pentagram. "And what's the deal with the whole pentagram motif?"

“This is Sunnydale,” Faith said with a shrug, knowing those three words basically explain anything weird in this town, “they even sell pentagram shaped cereal in the supermarkets. And it seemed kinda fitting considering the supernatural theme of our bet… Alas, they didn’t sell collars with a stake motif.”

Suddenly noticing that the brunette was checking out her bare boobies, Buffy let go of the tag and quickly placed her arm across her stiff pink nipples again, but this time Faith wasn’t gonna let the other girl’s modesty ruin her fun. “Nuh-uh, B, no more covering up your naughty Buffy bits. Seeing you act all shy was fun at first, but now I wanna inspect the goodies I won with our lil bet.”

Buffy hesitated… Part of her, probably her common sense, was telling her that she should simply scoff at the brunette’s crude demand and get dressed as quickly as she could, but another more forceful voice (her sense of honor perhaps?) insisted that she had to keep her word and therefore do what Faith tells her to, no matter how stupid or twisted it may be.

‘Oh what the Hell,’ Buffy decided, fed up with agonizing about a bit of nudity. ‘I’ll just show Voyeur-girl my boobs again and hopefully that’ll do.’

Following intent with action, Buffy lowered her right arm to her side, revealing her perky pink-tipped titties once again to the brunette’s eager eyes. “OK, so here they are again. Satisfied?”

“Uhm, no. I want the full Buffy, not just your tits—nice as they are.”

“Oh, c’mon!” Buffy pouted, sending her sister a pleading look. “Isn’t this enough for now? You’ve seen me naked before.”

“Yeah, exactly… You know that I’ve occasionally peeked at you in the shower and already seen that the carpet matches the drapes, so why the sudden modesty, B?”

‘Occasionally peeked at me? All that was missing were a pair of opera glasses and a subscription to Nude Buffy Daily,’ the blonde wryly considered, remembering the long lustful looks the bi-curious brunette would direct at her during their showers after slayer practice. Being proud of her well-trained, tight sexy form, she never really minded Faith’s suggestive stares and casual flirting, though. Especially since the other slayer’s admiring looks would always result in a pleasant tingling sensation in her lower belly. Truth be told, she’d snuck some peeks at the Bostonian babe’s fabulous body as well.

But Buffy had a special reason to be feeling shy right now, something she knew Faith would tease her mercilessly with if she found out. “Uh… I just think this situation is awkward enough as it is without rating it up from R to NC-17.”

“Oh, poor, sweet, naïve B,” Faith chuckled. “You made a bet with me where the loser becomes the winner’s SLAVE GIRL for 48 hours, and you lost big time! What did ya think was gonna happen? Now I know that if you had won, you’d probably have me doing your laundry or something equally lame. But with me as the winner: slave girl equals lotsa NC-17 fun—that’s pretty much a given.”

‘She’s right, well except about me losing “big time”. But what DID I think was gonna happen? Well, I thought I’d beat her, of course, but still… why make that stupid bet in the first place?!’ Buffy wondered, once again pondering her folly. ‘Because you were goaded into it, you dumb bitch,’ she wryly answered her own question.


It all started yesterday during lunch when Willow suddenly wondered out loud who the best Vampire Slayer was. Kind of an odd question to blab out like that, but perhaps Giles’ lengthy lecture about legendary slayers at last Sunday’s Scooby meeting was still on her mind.

Without missing a beat, Faith instantly declared herself the best, sounding oh-so-casual about it, like its freakin’ obvious.

Being the caring person that I am, I worriedly inquired if she often suffers from delusions of grandeur. Issuing me that infuriating smirk of hers, Faith sweetly replied that the only thing she suffers from are jealous hissyfits from itty-bitty blondes.

After a few more barbs traded back and forth, Faith threw down the gauntlet by suggesting a little competition that night to decide once and for all who the best Vampire Slayer is, with the loser having to serve as the winner’s slave girl for the next two days.

Well, that didn’t seem like such a good idea to me. For starters: one night of vampire slaying doesn’t really show who the best slayer is. Secondly, that slave girl stuff sounds disturbingly kinky. And thirdly, this entire bet is just dumb. But when I tried to explain that to Faith she began making annoying clucking sounds, and she kept that up for several maddening minutes till I angrily, and stupidly, accepted her challenge.

Instead of trying to talk us out of it, like I thought she would, Willow offered to referee and also suggested we’d pinky swear to make our lil wager official.

I didn’t know it yet, although Willow’s surprising willingness to referee our childish bet should’ve tipped me off, but at that point my fate as Faith’s 48 hour bitch was pretty much sealed.

The next day, around four-thirty in the afternoon, when Willow and I had finished our classes and Faith had finished… whatever the Hell she does during the day, we met up to compare scores.

I’d dusted a dozen vamps, slayed three Chaos demons (who made those vamps look like cuddly kittens) AND took out a Rampage demon (who made those three Chaos demons look like the Three Stooges). My competition had only slain vampires that night: a grand total of eighteen, which admittedly is pretty good. But considering that even a single Chaos demon is more powerful and dangerous than 2 vampires put together (it literally says so in one of Giles’ books) and that my prize kill: Mr. “Gonna Rip You Limb From Limb” Rampage demon was even more dangerous than those coked-up Chaos demons, it seemed pretty obvious that I’d won this bet fair and square.

But, as it turned out, our “impartial” referee looked at it a bit differently and wasted little time in declaring Faith the victor. Because, as she so “logically” explained: “The bet’s about who the best Vampire Slayer is, and Faith slayed six more vampires than you. So… I’m afraid that means you’re gonna have to be Faith’s bitch for the next 48 hours, Buffy.”

Though trying to appear sad about this, the excitement in Willow’s voice as she declared me Faith’s bitch was pretty darn obvious, and erased whatever doubt I might’ve had that my once trusty BFF just royally screwed me over. Not only did she turn out to be about as unbiased a judge as a turkey doing a report on Thanksgiving, but I’m also fairly sure it’s her and not Faith who came up with the idea of this kinky lil wager.

Despite the redhead’s repeated reassurances that we’re “A-OK”, Willow’s obviously still harboring plenty of resentment about my somewhat undiplomatic opinion concerning her level of gayness. She probably thinks I’m homophobic or something. And since Will is well aware of Faith’s crush on me, tricking me into becoming my sister slayer’s slave girl must’ve seemed like a really good way to get back at me.

The witch’s parting words as an impatient Faith practically dragged me to my dorm room pretty much confirmed this, “Now I’m not sure what Faith has planned, Buffy, but if she ends up getting handsy with you, then just think of it as a bit of college experimentation.”


Replaying it all over in her head, Buffy still couldn’t quite figure out how she’d let herself get baited so easily. ‘Part of me suspected I was being set up pretty much from the start, so why--’

“Hello? Earth to Buffy?” Faith’s mocking voice interrupted her contemplations. “We don’t have all night, B: there’s a party waiting for us at the Bronze. And besides, this ain’t rocket science: ya lost the bet making you my slave girl, so when I say I wanna see your naughty Buffy bits, you go ahead and flash me your tits AND pussy—pronto!”

Biting her bottom lip, Buffy desperately tried to think of something to spare herself this latest humiliation, but she couldn’t think of anything. In fact, the only thought that appeared in her head was that annoyingly insistent voice, which kept reminding her, ‘You have to keep your word.’

Unable to think of a good excuse to get out of this, Buffy sighed in defeat and allowed the hand that had been shielding her snatch to drop to her side, surrendering the final vestige of modesty to her victor.

Buffy inwardly cringed when she saw a look of utter delight appear on Faith’s face as the dark slayer discovered why she had been so reluctant to reveal her pussy: her blonde pubic hair had been neatly shaped to form a crucifix—something she’d come up with after Count Dracula had seduced her with some vampire mind-control mojo (and fucked the bejesus out of her).

“Oh, B, so you’ve done a bit of landscaping,” Faith snickered as she stared at the blushing blonde’s snatch with rapt fascination. “That’s just… priceless.”

Buffy’s eyes widened when Faith suddenly squatted down in front of her with her face only inches away from her pussy, and let out a tiny gasp when the bold brunette tenderly petted her pubes.

“Mmmm, soft,” Faith purred in a way that made her legs quiver. “So tell me, my sweet little slave girl,” the dark slayer huskily questioned, “did you get this ‘do for that good Christian boy-toy you’re dating, or is it meant for lil ole me?”

“Uhh neither,” Buffy replied, licking her suddenly dry lips as she stared down at the beautiful brunette’s smiling face, so very close to her pussy, breathlessly wondering if Faith was gonna do anything else besides pet it. “It’s sort of meant as a last line of defense against horny vamps.”

‘She does have a very nice laugh,’ Buffy absently noted as her sister’s delighted laughter filled the room.

“I wonder if this would actually work?” Faith speculated out loud while tenderly tracing the blonde’s cross-shaped pubes with her index finger.

Buffy let out another gasp as she suddenly felt Faith’s finger rub across her clit, triggering a tiny explosion of pleasure from the swollen little nerve-bundle. ‘OH!!! Sweet Holy Mother of Muppets!! I’m not actually enjoying this, am I?!’ she thought mortified.

Trying hard to hide her growing arousal from her sister slayer’s supernatural senses, Buffy fixed an annoyed glare on her face and called out, “OK, so you’ve seen my tits AND my pussy—are ya happy now?”

“Almost, but I think there’s still some room for improvement,” Faith answered; a blissful smile on her face as she gracefully rose up and slowly circled around her longtime crush—so disappointedly unapproachable in the past but oh so deliciously at her mercy in the present.

“Whenever I’m inspecting you, B, I want you to pose for me like a proper slave girl, so there’ll be no doubt who owns that cute lil bubble butt,” the brunette cheerfully explained while affectionately slapping aforementioned ass, eliciting an outraged yelp from the naked blonde.

“You’re REALLY pushing it here, Faith,” Buffy growled thru clenched teeth, although her menacing expression kinda lost its impact when she childishly rubbed her tender backside with both hands.

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, B,” Faith promised with a wicked grin. “Oh, and from now on you should start calling me Ma’am or Mistress.” Her grin grew bigger upon seeing Buffy’s adorable expression of disbelief.

“Now lets teach you the standard “slave girl standing for inspection” pose…” The implication that there were more “slave poses” to be learned worried Buffy, as did the sudden realization how much thought and preparation Faith had obviously put into this stupid slave girl bet. “Fold your hands behind your neck and place your feet further apart… No, a lot further than that—I wanna see you spread wide, B.”

‘Have. To. Keep. My. Word.’ Buffy once again thought as she spread her legs so far that her pussy-lips spread open as well, which she knew was what Faith wanted to see.

“That’s a good girl,” Faith patronizingly praised while hungrily eyeing her sister slayer’s golden snatch, taking a good long moment to savor this wonderful sight before sliding her gaze upwards across the tiny blonde’s tight abs to those well-formed firm B-cups capped with the cutest looking pink nips she’d ever seen.

“Now arch your back and stick out those perky titties for me,” Faith excitedly commanded next.

Buffy blushingly obeyed, which earned her a satisfied “Atta girl,” from her “Mistress”.

“THIS is how you’re gonna present yourself from now on whenever I wanna inspect you, B,” Faith seductively whispered in her slave girl’s ear while once again circling her prey like a horny wolf.

Sensing the other girl’s rising lust, as well as her own, Buffy swallowed nervously before bravely replying, “From now till about 47 hours later when this dumb bet is over, you mean. After that, I’ll present my foot to your ass whenever you wanna “inspect me”.”

“We’ll see,” the brunette chuckled from behind her.

‘What’s that suppose to mean,’ Buffy somewhat suspiciously wondered. “Uhm, excuse me… “Ma’am”, but you do realize there is no way in Hell I’m gonna be your freakin’ slave girl for a second longer than the agreed upon time, do you?”

“Oh, I dunno, B,” Faith answered, smiling secretively as she once again faced the now uncertain looking blonde. “Who knows what’ll happen in the next two days… perhaps you’ll enjoy being my obedient little slave girl so much that you don’t want it to end.”

“Wha—you think I enjoy letting you order me around and humiliate me?!” Buffy replied, trying to sound outraged at the mere notion of it.

“We’re just getting started, B: the real fun hasn’t even begun,” the dark slayer chuckled in response. “Plenty of time to change your mind… Besides, judging from the way those cute pink nips have been saluting me since ya got naked, I’d say you’re not hatin' this as much as you pretend… Ain’t that right, my lovely slayer slave?” Faith huskily questioned while impishly tweaking Buffy’s stiff nipples.

“No! They’re just… really sensitive to the cold,” Buffy lamely denied while instinctively lowering her hands to cover her tender teats, trying very hard to hide that she’s indeed turned on already. ‘But I’m sure it’s just the whole being naked thing that’s getting me aroused! NOT the Faith ordering me around part—it… it just can’t be that?!’

“I didn’t say you could move your hands!” Faith admonished her slave sister with a stern expression on her face as she swiftly delivered a couple of hard spanks unto the blonde’s cute ass. This brought forth several adorable squeaks from the petite college girl. It also made Buffy’s hands swiftly migrate down to her blushing backside again.

“Now ya better get back in the proper position, slave girl,” the brunette haughtily demanded, smiling impishly as she wagged her finger at the glaring blonde. “Or you’ll be getting a proper spanking from me.”

To sooth her bruised pride, Buffy tried to summon the satisfying mental imagery of her giving Faith a good ass-kicking, but for some reason the mental picture that came to mind instead was of herself lying bare-assed naked across the dark slayer’s lap getting a good spanking.

Not wanting to give her “Mistress” any excuse to make that disconcerting mental image come true, Buffy let out a sigh and obediently folded her hands behind her neck again while thrusting out her tits. Catching the look of triumph in Faith’s eyes, the blonde’s infamous pout made a reappearance. ‘I can’t believe the kinda dumb, twisted stuff I’m forced to do here! I’ve never felt more humiliated! Stupid bet!!’

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, followed by Dawn’s voice calling out, “Hey Faith, can Janice and I come in? We wanna run something by you.”

Looking at Faith with a wide-eyed, panicky expression, Buffy’s desperate hope that the brunette wouldn’t be so mean as to reveal her humiliating slave girl status to her bratty kid sister and Janice was quickly dashed when she caught the look of wicked delight on the dark slayer’s beautiful face.

Despite having promised herself earlier that she wouldn’t plead for leniency, Buffy frantically shook her head while softly mouthing, “Please, No!”

Unfortunately, the only noticeable effect her pathetic plea for mercy had on the mischievous brunette was that it made her insufferable smirk grow even bigger.

“Faith?” When Dawn knocked again, Buffy was ready to offer the dark slayer to go down on her right then and there if only she’d tell Dawn and her friend to skedaddle, but as she opened her mouth to make this mortifying proposal it was already too late.

“Sure, come on in girls!” Faith gleefully called out.

To be continued...

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