Xander's Dogma

BY : Minalumos
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Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS/Charmed or anything else that might seem familiar they are owned by Joss Wheadon and Constance M. Burge respectively. im just a broke Fanfic writer who loves to have fun, and I make no money from this.


Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS/Charmed or anything else that might seem familiar they are owned by Joss Wheadon and Constance M. Burge respectively. im just a broke Fanfic writer who loves to have fun, and I make no money from this because if I did Buffy, Willow, and Piper would mud wrestle at my command. This is my first try at this so please be gentle with me.

TITLE: Xander's Dogma

AUTHOR: REXCALON (rexcalon@gmail.com)

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DISCLAIMER: : I do not own BTVS/Charmed or anything else that might seem familiar im just a broke Fanfic writer who loves to have fun, and I make no money from this because if I did Buffy, Willow, and Piper would mud wrestle at my command. This is my first try at this so please be gentle with me.

SUMMARY: A lost soul, a shattered life, and Murphy's glee. Xander finds out the Hellmouth is the least of his problems nowadays, Xander is thrown into fate cruel hands when his life takes a darker turn when he sees his dad strike his mom, and it all spirals from there. 

FEEDBACK: Please reviews are welcome and I need them a writer can’t get better without listening to readers and as a novice I need pointers

RATING: R may change in later chapters.

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SPOILERS: Well the way I see it all of BTVS and CHARMED I don’t really know.

AUTHORS NOTES: This story is a remake of the story that was posted by the same name I rewrote everything because I decided that the last storyline I had wasn’t going anywhere, so I sat down with my muse and after a tough game of rock, paper, scissors.. which I lost horribly in she decided I needed a fresh look at the story so here we are, I hope you all enjoy. 

Chapter One: Xander Harris Natures Fu*k-bunny.

The week after the fiasco of Halloween walking home after leaving Buffy and Willow at Buffy’s for a girly night-in Xander finds himself lost in thought of his new secret from his girls. ‘I don’t see why I can’t just tell them!’ He thinks. “Well I can’t really tell them because Buffy loves the fucker and Willow still thinks im a jealous fool over Buffy.” He ranted as he walked up the street to his house.

Now not much had changed about Xander he was still the sloppy dark haired young man he always was but now his eyes held a knowledge most would deem highly unlikely for him to have but the truth is that ever since the night ‘solider boy’ came out to play as Xander had taken to call his Halloween jaunt, Xander found himself holding himself better in a few areas namely now when met with Cordelia and her band of drones He found that their insults and put downs hurt a helluva less than before in fact just today in fact when he was face to face with the Harmony Cordelia’s second in command h just smirked at her and kept walking past as she shouted something at him about his usefulness  or lack thereof.

Xander was jarred out of his thoughts when he heard a scream ring out in the and he froze as he searched the street he was on

and before he had time to stop himself he took off in the direction he heard the scream from and hoed that he wouldn’t regret it but knowing in his heart that once he heard the scream that as long as he saved whoever it was regret would never cross his mind.


A few minutes later Xander came to a stop as he came to the mouth of an alley and the site that meet him was one he never saw coming the sight was simple a vamp was stalking close to a woman who was on the ground in a corner of the dead end alley with a shopping bag not too far from her and said vamp was smirking as he stalked closer ever so slowly, but the shock to Xander was caused by who the woman was under the tears and dark hair Xander would know this face anywhere as it was his own mother Jessica Harris ‘shit’ Xander cursed In his head putting aside the worry he now felt running through his body his ran for all he was worth and right before he ran into said vamp he dropped low and tackled the vamp at the knees and then rolled so that he could stand up quickly and looked back at the vamp as it now stood there looking at him pissed that its meal was interrupted.

“Who the fuck are you boy and do you know what the fuck you just did.” Growled the pissed vamp in game face as he looked Xander over and sized him up.

“Im guessing by the cursing and the lack of manners that it’s not the national twinkle hugfest.” Xander said with a goofy smirk on his face as he palmed the bottle of holy water he kept in his back pocket, as just as he thought how happy it was that it didn’t break in his roll, the vamp growled and rushed him with the claws of his right hand aimed at Xander’s neck so Xander ducked down and pulled off the cork on his bottle and tossed it at the vamp who dodged the bottle but got hit by the tail end of some of the holy water, it stopped and screamed as it's face was smoking and Xander took his chance and pulling out a knife he kept strapped to his ankle he slashed the throat of said vamp knowing that while it wouldn’t kill it it would keep it busy enough for him to pull the stake from his jacket, and stab it into the now choking vamp and watch as it dusted in front of him.

But before he could check himself over for any cuts he heard a gasp behind him and knew that when he turned around that unlike any other person that him and the gang saved his mom had not fainted or run away and that she wouldn’t take the I ran the mugger off story and knew that his night has just started and sleep was but a wish.


Ten minute of awkward silence later found Xander and his mom sitting in their living room staring at one another Xander with a quiet dread in his eyes and his mom with a frantic look in her eyes as she looked at him.

“Ok since I know your still in shock I’ll start with what do you think happened tonight.” Xander asked his mom.

“Umm im not sure I was just stopping past the store getting your dad a case of beer when this man jumped me and chased me into the alley then his face a-and then you then the fighting a-a-and then the stabbing a-and I don’t know Alexander. His mother cried as she dropped her head into her hands and started crying.

“Well mom the truth is that the man who attacked you was no more a man than a dog is one and the next words out of my mouth are gonna sound crazy but I can offer you other proof other than what happened tonight.” Xander took a deep breath and hoped he was doing what was right. “Mom tonight you were attacked by what the fairytales and monster movies call a vampire but unlike all the books and movies these ‘things’ don’t want to be a part of mankind and they are not damned souls looking for soulmates, no these monsters are demon possessed corpses who only live to kill and destroy and they exist as well as many other things you adults claim are stories.” Xander stopped there as he felt his mom stop her crying as soon as he said the word vampires and from there she was silent and when he stopped talking she looked at him with haunted eyes and the next thing he knew was that his chest had his moms head against it as she cried harder then before.

Xander sat there and let his mom cry herself to sleep as he stroked her hair and then he stood slowly and placed her head on a

pillow and got a blanket from the closet and placed it over her as he looked at her, before today all he had saw of his mother was a woman who was barely there when she wasn’t drunk and who he never really got a chance to know but over the last month his mother had been getting better she had been drinking less he wished he could say the same about his asshole of a father but the lazy fuck still was the same but ever since Halloween Xander had been able to avoid his dads drunken attempts to hit him and he hoped the fucker stayed gone on whatever job he had been on for the last few days so that he could ease his mother into the world of the night that he now walked.


The next morning found Jessica Harris waking up to the smell of food coming from the kitchen and for a second she thought the night before was nothing but a nightmare that is until she noticed she was on the couch and that the pillow she was on still had tear marks from her crying and her stomached dropped and a chill ran down her back as her mind went over all the things her son had told her, but before she could think too much her son emerged from the kitchen with a tray holding two plates and two glasses and she looked to his face and by the sad smile she saw there she knew her day was not going to be good.

Xander sat the plate of eggs and bacon down with the glasses of orange juice, and sat down with his own plate and waited for the question he knew was coming, Xander looked up as his mother called his name and then smiled grimly as she asked him what he thought she would.

“X-xander how do you know what attacked me last night was a vampire and not something else?” She asked with a hopeful look in her eyes.

Xander wanted to give his mom what she wanted and to deny the existence of everything he had to fight but he knew if he did that last night might happen again and he wouldn’t be there to save her so he dashed her hopes as gently as he could. “Well mom I know because all the late nights I spent at the school weren’t just for studying because for just over a year now me and some friends have been hunting these things and trying to keep the death rate in this town down.” Xander sat there and watched the look of shock cross his mother’s face.

“You mean to tell me that you hunt those things?!?” She yelled at him.

“Yes mom ever since Jesse was killed and turned into one of them and I had to kill him again to save willow I made it my mission in life to kill every last vamp the dares to walk this earth and that is a mission I will only stop when I breathe my last breath.” Xander stated hotly to his mother with fire in his eyes.

Jessica was taken aback by the heat in her sons voice and part of her mind always wandered to her sons friends Jesse and now she knows and she knows that no she can’t deny what she’s found out and can only hope she can handle things.

After Xander’s outburst breakfast was quiet and soon they were done and Xander took the dishes into the kitchen to clean and Jessica was left to think some more but was brought out of it quickly as her bulk of a Husband Anthony Harris stumbled in and made his way into the kitchen without so much as a glance at her, from the couch she heard him yell something at Alexander and then come stomping out of the kitchen and then he saw her and rounded on her screaming. “Where the hell is all my beer woman!”

In all the drama she had forgotten the beer in the alley not that many would blame her for it but many were not Anthony. “I-im s-sorry I must have forgotten it.” She stuttered at the look in his eyes as she knew what it meant for her.

“Yeah well sorry doesn’t get me more beer does it u worthless piece of woman.” He sneered down at her and brought his hand back and slapped her across the face making her cry out and fall from the couch to the floor. “Now maybe you won’t forget again but I doubt it knowing you.”

Jessica thought that was the end of things but the next thing she saw was her husband hit the ground next to her going through the table in front of the couch, she looked up to see her son looking down at Anthony with a look of pure anger on his face and his fist still clenched and dripping a little bit of blood that she knew had to come from Anthony’s face, she almost didn’t hear his voice when he spoke.

“Mom I want you to tell me the truth, is that the first time he has hit you?” Xander asked in a cold whisper, And Jessica had to keep from jumping as her son growled when she shook her head no, no it wasn’t.


Xander stood in the kitchen after knocking his ‘father’ out and picked up the phone and hoped that Giles was in the library as he knew he would be missing school today he listened to the ringing as his mom came into the kitchen to sit down and watch him.

{Hello Rupert Giles Speaking}

“Giles its Xander and I need you to drop whatever you’re doing and get to my house as soon as possible and whatever you do don’t bring the girls this is not something they need to know about.” Xander almost growled thee last part at Giles.

{Xander my dear boy what is going on with you im..} Whatever Giles was about to say was cut off by Xander.

“Giles right now I don’t have the time just get here as fast as you can because im about to kill a very human piece of trash if someone doesn’t stop me and you’re the only one I trust right now to do that.” Xander growled.

{Xander please hold off on any action you might take im on my way and please dear boy don’t do anything you will regret} Giles said as he hung up.

Xander turned around to see the shocked face of his mother and said. “Yes mother you heard me right Anthony might not live the next hour depending on my friend.

“Who is your friend that’s coming?” Jessica asked the only question she could at the moment.

“His name is Rupert Giles and he’s the closest thing I’ve had to a father this past year so im hoping he can talk me down from killing ‘dad’.” Xander snarled the last word “And he’s also been helping me with my nightly hunting.

Xander sat with his mom till Giles showed up 20 minutes later and made his way into the house since the front door was unlocked and when he saw the brute of a man on the floor of the living room he called out to Xander and was happy to see him step from what he guess was the kitchen.

“Hey Giles how has your morning been.” Xander said with a smile crooked grin on his face.

Giles looked from Xander to the body on the floor then to the woman to the side of Xander who had dark red almost black hair then back to Xander. “My morning will be ok if you tell me the body on the floor is still alive and just what is going on here.” Giles said as he looked into Xander’s eyes.

“Well Giles the body on the floor is none other than the man I call ‘father’ and no he is not dead…yet that is and the reason why he is on the floor is because he hit my mother.” Xander said as he put his hand on his mom’s shoulder. “And all over the fact that she forgot his beer, which I might add was because I had to save her last night from a vamp in an alley on her way home.” Xander finished with a smirk.

“Yes, yes a vamp attack good job dispatching the vampire I hope you did not gain any injuries in your endeavor and im happy you saved your mot…” Giles stopped as he looked away from Xander’s eyes when he realized all that he had said in front of Xander’s mother.

“It’s okay Giles I gave her the basic rundown on the bumpier side of the night last night after we came home she’s ok for the most part, now for the most important thing what to do with ‘dad’ here. Xander said as he looked at the still figure of his father.

“Well Xander I say go help you mother pack and you do the same, while I deal with this pathetic piece of human that dares to call itself a man.” Giles said as he cleans his glasses and instead of putting them on he put them and the handkerchief he cleaned them with in his pocket and regarded Xander with a very cool look.

Xander never seeing this look but knowing it from his own mirror knew Giles would handle it and lead his mother away to go pack.

“Now then Mr. Harris let’s get you tied up and see what you have to say for yourself.” Giles chuckles darkly as he opens the bag he sat down by the front door when he ran in.



One hour later found Xander and his mother standing in front of the chair that held one Anthony Harris in it but what they were staring at was not him but the fact that Anthony Harris now had not one but two broken knees, his left arm seemed to be broken in more place he was missing three fingers on his right hand and he was covered in bruises. Now most would think that he would be dead from blood loss by the looks of him and that would be true if his arms, hands, knees, and a few other places weren’t brunt shut to stop the bleeding, Xander and Jessica were brought out of their stupor as Giles walked out of the kitchen cleaning his glasses in a fresh suit with not a drop of blood on him.

“Hello Xander, Hello Ms. Harris I regret to inform you that while Anthony here is not sorry for his actions he is also not awake to feel the pain he is in but well he isn’t going anywhere so I dare say it matters not now let us retire to the library where we will meet up with the girls to ensure your mothers state of mind after last night.” Giles said as his British accent came through more strongly in his anger and the last bit was said with a glare that told him no questions would be asked.

“Come on mom lets go, today is gonna be a long one.” Xander said as her pulled a wide eyed Jessica with him to Giles (classic) car.

“Now to add the last touches to you ‘Mr. Harris’.” Giles said as he turned toward the bound and gagged Anthony.


End of chapter One: I hope that this is better than my last try at this story. Please rate and review this story.  

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