The Skirt

BY : MudbloodMalfoy
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The Skirt
A Spuffy Oneshot
BtVS (c) Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy


Spike loved that skirt. He hated it. Knee-length, flimsy material, horrid orange in color. But Buffy made the color work. When he picked the bloody skirt up at the dorm when he and Scoobies were trying to fix Red's spell, he could just imagine Buffy's short but shapely legs wrapped around his waist. Or his neck. "Either way works," Spike thought with a smirk. That smirk died a bit when his cock reacted to his thoughts. Groaning, Spike slammed his head into his pillow. "Not again," he thought to himself, not looking forward to yet another round of wanking off.

Resigning himself to it, Spike wrapped his hand around his cock, sinking into his fantasy world. In his imaginings, Buffy burst into his crypt and called to him softly...
Stepping down the ladder, a breeze from Spike's fan blew that damnable skirt up a bit, giving him a little peek of black lace. After reaching the bottom floor, Buffy slowly turned and faced Spike. When she noticed his hand moving up and down under his sheets, she blushed as her eyes shot back to meet his amused gaze. "'s okay, love. You can watch," Spike said with a head tilt. Still blushing, Buffy made her way to the bed. Once there, she began a slow crawl to Spike's side, losing her shoes along the way. Spike lifted his free hand and brushed back her bangs, smiling a bit. Buffy leaned into his touch, turning her head to press a kiss to his hand. Gaining a bit of courage from the way Spike's breath caught at her simple caress, the Slayer leaned down to press a kiss to his lips. Spike slowly tangled his fingers in Buffy's golden tresses, angling her head back a bit to deepen the kiss. When his tongue brushed her lips, she parted her lips on a gasp, allowing him entrance. As their tongues brushed and caressed each other, Spike's hand left his aching cock to run up and down Buffy's back. With a small amount of pressure, he had her atop him, pelvis to pelvis, chest to chest. Shyly, Buffy ran her hand down Spike's bare chest, all the way down to where the sheets barely covered his hips. After a brief hesitation, that hand brushed the sheet down part his thighs, then trailed back up to brush against his cock.

When Spike's hips bucked at the contact, Buffy's hand became trapped between them, causing her fingers to brush against her clit. Seeing her eyes dilate with need, Spike smirked even as his own reflected the same need. The hand on Buffy's back made its way down to where hers was trapped. After moving her hand up to his chest, his returned to ghost up Buffy's thigh, taking the skirt with it. Reaching the black lace thong, a growl rumbled through Spike's chest. With preternatural speed, he had Buffy on her back and was making his way down her body, pressing kisses to her skin as he went. He pulled her up a little to remove her jacket and halter top, then bent to worship her breasts with his lips. He outlined the lace of her strapless bra with his tongue, dipping under it once in a while to lick at her nipples. Buffy's fingers threaded through his hair as she begged him, "More, please." Happy to oblige his lady, Spike reached under her to unhook her bra, flinging it across the room and bending back to her breasts. His lips wrapped around her pebbled nipple, trapping it lightly with his teeth as he swirled it with his tongue. Buffy's back arched off of the bed as the sensations coursed through her body.
Not one to take things lightly, Buffy retaliated by cupping his rock-hard cock in her tiny hand, squeezing just a bit to get his attention. A sort of whine came from Spike's throat as he pushed his hips into her hand. Switching to her other nipple, Spike brought one hand down to cup Buffy's mound, groaning at how wet her knickers were. Breaking away from her breasts and hand with a grunt, he began trailing kisses down her body to the top of her panties, where he licked along the edge until Buffy's legs wrapped around his waist and pulled him down just enough to where he could reach out and lick her quim if he wanted to. Which he did, no doubt about that; he could smell her arousal and it was near to driving him insane. But first, he wanted to play a bit. Teasingly, he reached out with the very tip of his tongue to run up and down her lace-covered slit. On every upstroke, he pressed a bit harder on her clit, making her gasp and moan his name.

Finally, unable to take it anymore, Buffy grabbed his head and forced him closer to her burning core. Chuckling, Spike gave in and pressed a kiss to her clit before sitting up to remove her thong. Returning to settle between her legs, Spike licked up her slit like it was an ice cream cone before plunging his tongue inside her. Buffy panted and moaned as Spike's tongue worked its magic on her, then screamed when his lips wrapped around her clit and started lashing it with that devilish tongue of his.

Hearing Buffy make those delicious sounds because of him, tasting her honeyed cream, was driving him to his own orgasm. As Buffy's cries got louder, as her channel walls started spasming around his tongue, Spike plunged two of his fingers into her hot pussy. Screaming his name and locking her legs around his head, holding him in place, she came hard. Just as she was coming down from her high, Spike morphed into game face and turned his head to sink his fangs into Buffy's femoral artery. Buffy came again as the pain turned into more pleasure than she could remember, even when Angel had bitten her. Which, in retrospect, didn't feel good at all compared to this. As Buffy once again drifted back down to earth, Spike licked his fang-mark, then kissed it. Growling, still in game face, Spike rose over her and spread her legs. Coming to rest with the head of his penis resting just shy of entering her, Spike leaned down and kissed her. Buffy gasped at the feeling of his bumpies, strange but not unpleasant, and groaned in need. "Please, Spike."

"Please, what, pet," he fairly growled back.

"Please...fuck me!" Buffy begged as her hips shifted in an attempt to draw him in. Spike looked into her eyes and pressed his thick cock into her molten core. Spike gasped at the feeling of Buffy's scorching and sodden walls grasping his ultra-sensitive demonoid penis. Buffy moaned as the new ridges and veins brushed her walls, causing even more friction. it wasn't long before they were both crying out their release. Spike's fangs once again sank into Buffy's skin, extending both of their climaxes. Retracting the fangs, Spike slipped back into his human visage and kissed the mark he had just left.
Gently collapsing on top of her, Spike turned his head to whisper in Buffy's ear, "Love you, pet."

Tears came to Buffy's eyes as she whispered back, "I love you, too, Spike."

Burying his face in the crook between Buffy's neck and shoulder, Spike gloried in the words. When Buffy murmured something that he didn't hear, he leaned back up. "What was'at, pet?"

"Spike," Buffy said softly.

"I'm right here, Slayer."

"Spike," she said a bit louder.


"Spike, what the hell are you doing?" the real Buffy demanded from across the room.
Sitting straight up in bed, Spike snagged the sheets to cover himself. "What the bloody hell are you doing in my crypt, Slayer?"

Glaring with her hands on her hips, Buffy said, "I came to talk about what happened during Willow's spell."

It was around this time that Spike noticed what Buffy was wearing. Black knee-high boots, that damnable skirt, a black halter top, and a denim jacket. Mouth watering, Spike stood up. Buffy gasped as she saw his erection, then quickly turned her face to the side. "Bloody hell, pet. You trying to kill me?" he asked hoarsely. A second later, he was standing beside Buffy, one hand reaching up to brush her hair back from her face.

Risking a glance at him, Buffy's eyes flicked to his only to be caught by his mesmerizing blue gaze. Slowly, giving her time to back away, Spike leaned down and brushed his lips against his Slayer's. For a heartbeat, Buffy was in shock, then her lips responded to Spike's as she returned the kiss wholeheartedly.

As the kissed, Spike walked them backwards to the bed until the were both laying on it. Spike's hands roamed Buffy's body as his kiss became more demanding, pushing his tongue past her lips and coaxing her to do the same. A moan escaped from Buffy's lips as Spike left her lips and moved down her throat to nip at the junction between her neck and shoulder. Spreading her legs just a bit, Buffy straddled Spike and pushed her hips into his hardness. Groaning, Spike used his preternatural speed to pin her beneath him. Buffy gasped as the gauzy material of her skirt slipped up her thighs, making Spike's next thrust brush against her barely-covered clit. Silently cursing her decision to wear underwear that day, Buffy pushed back against Spike's hips. The vampire growled and reached down to shred the thong, then thought better of it. Smirking, he made his way slowly down Buffy's body. When he finally reached her skirt, he slowly pulled it down her hips, kissing every inch of skin that was revealed. Once the skirt was off and tossed over the side of the bed, Spike turned his attention to the lacy black thong currently covering the one spot on Buffy's body he was most interested in.

While breaking the thong into little pieces for daring to come between Spike and the object of his desire seemed like a great idea, the vampire decided he would save them as a keepsake to remember this night. He teased Buffy by sliding his hands up and down her thighs maddeningly close to her aching core before finally reaching the straps of her underwear and pulling them slowly down her legs. After slipping the black lace between his mattresses, he kissed his way up Buffy's leg and ended with a lick to the drenched slit he was aching to be inside.

Buffy's hands shot to Spike's head, tangling in the mussed curls and bringing him closer to her. Happy to oblige, Spike pushed Buffy's legs over his shoulders to get a better angle before returning with vengeance to torture his Slayer. He nibbled playfully at Buffy's clit, then plunged his tongue into her core. Head thrashing, panting and out of breath, Buffy couldn't think past the words Spike, ohmygod, more. The last came out in a whispered plea. Spike's ears caught it and smirked. Vamping out, he licked across her clit with his now-rougher tongue and nibbled it with his fangs. Buffy's heart stopped as she climaxed hard. As the waves of pleasure crashed around her, Spike's fangs sank into her thigh. Still convulsing, Buffy pulled Spike up by his hair, wrapping her legs around him and reaching between them to lead his still-hard cock into her pussy.

Spike felt like he was coming home, sinking into her silken heat. When he bottomed out inside her, he paused and looked down at Buffy's face. Her eyes were closed, a look of pure ecstasy written on her soft features. Sensing his intense stare, she opened her eyes and looked up at him with a smile. After a second, her expression hardened. "Fuck me, Spike."

If he had a heartbeat, it would've stopped at that moment. The dirty words, combined with the look in her eyes and the obvious pleasure on her face, caused another surge of lust to course through his lifeless veins. A feral look overcame his face as he slowly pulled out then shoved back in, hard. Buffy threw her head back as Spike hit a spot inside her that made her toes curl. Taking that as a cue to keep going, the vampire repeated the motion, increasing his speed and force. "Harder. Faster."

With a snarl, Spike used his vampiric speed and strength to meet his Slayer's needs. Moaning, Buffy squeezed his erection with her inner muscles. The words "pop like warm champagne" flashed through Spike's mind. Apparently Faith hadn't lied about that. Thankfully, this was the real Buffy, not Faith in her sister Slayer's body. The two moved together in a timeless dance, reminding both of their previous conversations. "You think we're dancing?" "That's all we've ever done."

For what seemed like hours, the two broke in Spike's bed. Finally, after three orgasms, a bit sore and ready for a new position, Buffy pushed at Spike's shoulder. When he looked down at her with a puzzled expression on his vamped out features, she smiled and pushed again, motioning for him to flip over. Pulling out, he was caught by surprise when Buffy pounced on him like a cat on its prey. She looked kittenish, too, with her green eyes and coy expression. Buffy kissed his lips, slicing her bottom lip a bit, then moved down his neck to nibble a bit. A growl reached her ears, making her smirk. She skipped down to his chest, circling his flat nipple with her tongue then biting down softly. Spike moaned and brushed his hands over Buffy's hair.

Moving over to his other nipple, Buffy bit down a little harder. Spike's hips thrust upwards instinctively, causing Buffy to grind back down into him. The both groaned, but Buffy pulled away when Spike made to move her upwards and continue their dance. Kissing, licking, and nipping her way down, Buffy made her way to Spike's throbbing erection. She licked the tip like an ice cream cone, then slid her lips down his shaft. One hand reached down to caress his neglected balls, while the other wrapped around the length of his cock that wouldn't fit in her mouth. Feeling her warm mouth and hands worshiping him, Spike's eyes rolled back in his head, a low moan rising from his throat. "Deeper, love. Just a bit, please?"

Buffy forced her throat muscles to relax, then lowered her head to fit Spike's thick length farther down her throat. Following the Brit's harshly whispered directions, she swallowed around the shaft and hummed softly. Quickly, before he could explode down her throat, Spike yanked her up by the shoulders and shoved himself into her. Buffy cried out and forced her hips closer to Spike's, bumping her clit hard against him. Spike grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard every time his hips moved upwards. Before long, they were both at the edge. As if reading her mind, Spike pulled her torso down to meet his, then buried his fangs into her shoulder. Crying out, Buffy retaliated with a bite to Spike's shoulder as the most powerful orgasm she'd ever felt washed over her.

She tasted blood in her mouth and instinctively swallowed it. Coming down from their high, hips still moving together in the aftershocks, they each pulled away from the other's wounds. Spike morphed back into his human visage and slowly licked across the bites in Buffy's shoulders. Collapsing backwards onto the bed, Spike breathed out heavily. "Bloody hell, love. Fuckin' amazin', you are."

Buffy panted and sighed into Spike's neck. "Same to you. Best...ever."

The two fell asleep, still connected. The next morning, Buffy awoke to Spike moving slowly in and out of her. When he saw she was awake, his force and speed increased, but not by much. Buffy went to move her hands to Spike's back only to find herself restrained by a pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs. Spike grinned at her expression. "You can break them easily, pet. It's just the idea of you being all tied up and at my mercy gets me hot and bothered."

Rolling her eyes, Buffy pulled a move that had Spike's cock throbbing and eyes glazing. She snaked her legs around his waist and twisted, using her weight and the momentum to flip them over and landing with her on top, arms crossed at the wrists. Grinning back, Buffy said, "I kinda like to be in control."

Spike choked out, "Control all you you like, Slayer. I don't mind a bloody bit as long as you keep squeezing me like that."

Blushing, Buffy relaxed her muscles and raised up a bit, then dropped back down and tightened around him once again. Hips thrusting wildly, Spike silently begged for more. Buffy obliged with a smirk, riding him to her own satisfaction more than once, but always backing off when he got close. "Stop teasing me, baby. Please."

Buffy kissed Spike slowly as she finally allowed him to seek his own pleasure from her body. Afterwards, Buffy slowly stood to pull her clothes on. Spike leaned up on one elbow and tilted his head. "Where you off to, pet?"

Buffy grimaced. "I have class in an hour. I still have to run home and shower and change. Stupid class."

"Why don't you skip this once, love? Stay here with me, get shagged into oblivion. Again."

Smiling, Buffy ran her fingers through her vampire's curly bleached hair. "I wish I could, but I have to pass this class."

"What is it, then?"

"History. Buffy and history don't mesh."

"Love, I lived history."

"Oh. Oh. Tutor me?" Buffy asked sweetly.

Spike grabbed her bum and answered back. "Only after you shag me."

Slapping his hand, Buffy shook her head and reached for her skirt. "Pig. Wonder where my panties went?" she asked herself as she slid the material over her hips. Bending over, she slid her boots on. The next second, she was being pulled back into Spike's newly-hardened cock.

"Shouldn't have put the skirt on, pet. Now I can't let you go," Spike said as he lifted her up and tossed her back onto the bed. Landing on her hands and knees, Buffy glared back at Spike over her shoulder. Groaning at the picture she made, wearing only her skirt and one boot, with her breasts jutting downwards and her bum up in the air, Spike was behind her the next instant, raising the skirt and thrusting into her slick warmth.

Buffy moaned and moved back to meet him. "H-harder," she begged. In this position, Spike seemed to reach even further inside her, a feeling that was proven two seconds later when the tip of his penis brushed against her cervix. Crying out at the pleasure-pain, she pushed back to force him ever deeper. "There! Oh, god, right there!"

Spike vamped out at the raw animalistic lust surging through them both. In his transformed state, his cock grew larger, brushing even farther inside her. On the next thrust, he pushed right past her cervix and into her womb. Buffy screamed at the feeling of such pain mixed with pleasure. When he moved to withdraw, Buffy whimpered. "No. Stay. Please." Spike froze as her soft pleas reached his ears. Buffy's inner muscles rippled around him, clenching harder than ever and literally forcing him to cum. Buffy felt his cold seed rush into her womb, pushing her over the edge. Unwilling to let him go, Buffy whimpered again as he started to pull out of her. Smiling, Spike leaned over her and lowered them both onto the bed. When her breath evened out, Spike finally moved off of her, chuckling when her muscles seemed to grab at him even in her sleep. Feeling absolutely satiated, Spike pulled the covers up from the foot of the bed and over them, then wrapped an arm around Buffy's waist.

When he kissed her lightly, she murmured to him, "Guess I'm skipping class after all."

Spike chuckled again. "Told you about wearing that skirt, pet."


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