The Magic Pencils

BY : christinaboone
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(Big thanks go out to ANnon82 for all the help. Also NoRefund, DemonGoddess061, and whole bunch of other people from the first time round whose names I can’t remember ;)Yes, this is a complete re-write)


Chapter One

“Here you are firecracker, happy birthday!”, said the Mayor with a wide and seemingly sincere smile as he handed the slayer a small box covered in garish wrapping paper topped off with a poorly knotted bow.

She winced at his hideous taste in colors but still smiled back with the daughters love which had blossomed so rapidly in her and hugged him tightly creasing the fine knap his tailor made suit.

“Woah there young lady, not all of us have Slayer strength you know. I may be invulnerable but that still hurts”, he gasped out with a wry toothy grin, the trademark for every politician with self-serving malevolence on their mind.

“Sorry Boss”, Faith said a little sheepishly as she released the warm embrace and stepped back a little turning the present over with her well-manicured fingers.

“That’s ok…..aren’t you going to open it?”

She fired back a dimpled grin and tore into the paper with all the fervour of a Ritalin free child at Christmas, it had been so long since anyone had actually remembered her birthday that Faith, despite her cool façade, felt like such a child but with the Mayor she really didn’t care. As the paper, now but shining confetti strewn around his immaculately organized office, lay in a delicate sprawl around her feet clad in the kitten heeled leather ankle boots she now had become accustomed to wearing, Faith’s eyebrows knitted as she turned the box over and over wondering just why such a revered man of intelligence should think that such a gift was appropriate for a seventeen year old.

“Er….they’re pencils”, she said flatly trying to veil the disappointment in her raspy voice.

“They certainly are, you know how much I enjoy your little doodlings and what-nots you leave all over the place, that’s why I got you to do that self-portrait last week. I thought you were just adept at cartoons and such but once I saw just how good you are and how well you drew yourself, well what kind of man would I be if I didn’t encourage a talent like that”, he said back never letting his ivory rich smile drop once.

Faith didn’t know what to make of it. On one hand it was thoughtful of the man she regarded as her father to get her a gift as she knew no-one else would have bothered, but on the other hand this man who owned half of Sunnydale and had fingers in every industrial pie in town had only bought her some nice pencils!

The Mayors haggard face fell slightly when he saw the not exactly enthusiastic response from his young charge who seemed to stand awkwardly in her well-pressed jet black pants. “Don’t you like them because I thought…..”

“NO!”, Faith snapped as she held the plain box close to her chest, “I mean no, they’re great

…..thankyou….Sir”, she finished with a curl of the lips.

“Good girl, now run along as I’ve got some important business to attend to. Those Jehovah’s Witnesses won’t eviscerate themselves you know”, the soulless man said back as he cupped her cheek.

The birthday girl just nodded, her ponytail flapping eagerly brushing against the collar of her satin lilac shirt, and span round on her heel setting for her apartment which took even less time than usual as her jaunty stride had been fuelled by her wicked mind unravelling a dark tapestry.  The slayer paused as she brushed her fingers over the brass plate on her apartment door that bore her name and let out an uncharacteristic giggle as she opened it and strutted in with all the confidence of a woman who had truly found her niche in this world. Whereas once her life had been little more than an exercise in masochism, it was now a glorious existence which gave her a sense of joy and achievement she never thought possible.

Faith flicked on the kettle and turned on the stereo until the Calamity Jane soundtrack bled from the high quality speakers, but the rousing show-tunes failed to soothe the hurt which tickled at Faith’s heart at being given such a meagre gift. Chewing on some liquorice she perched on the edge of the neatly made bed, complete with firm hospital corners, tossing aside her favourite vibrator, its thick head and purple glossy sheen still bearing her dried cum as she had been using it often in the last two days since she bought it for there was something about it which was irresistible to her. As she hummed along to the song ricocheting off every artistically wall she opened the box and stared at the set of finely carved pencils and a set of instructions.

“Instructions? For pencils? What do they think I am, like five years old…..or a creationist?”, the brunette scoffed aloud but as her dark liquid eyes scanned each word of the instructions her aggravation began to ease as she heard the kettle flick off in a blaze of steam which fogged the small window in the small kitchen area.

She poured herself a coffee and carried on reading the italicised scrawl on the faded paper. Inside the luxurious private rooms Faith knew she was the heir to the new world, protected by the future ruler of the dumbed down populace. The shelves that lined the wall held pristine condition copies of 'Pride And Prejudice’ through to 'Thus Spake Zarathustra' along with a great number of cd's from ‘Johnny Mathis' to 'The Wizard Of Oz', all sitting above an Orrefors crystal decanter that contained the rich robust flavor of fine Andalusian sherry. One wall held a framed picture of the stadium where her beloved Red Sox played though she felt less inclined to enjoy their particular brand of sporting disappointment of late.

“You have got to be kiddin’ me, this is so cool”, she mused through the wash of perky strings filling the air with its quirky majesty as a devious plan began to form in her underused brain.

Throwing the liquorice to one side the slayer pulled out her sketchpad and began to draw like a creature possessed as wry chuckles broke out as the picture took shape. Running her thumb along the graphite lines to create depth to the curve of breast and buttock alike Faith was in her element as, being in such a position, she could rarely let her perversions expel themselves from her mind. She had doodled and scrawled thousands of pictures in her life, whether in a parking lot whilst skipping school or spray painting her distinctive tag on police cars, and was now quite the accomplished artist but this picture was different.

This was to be her masterpiece.  Or ‘Mistress’piece.

Her Sistine chapel.

Her Mona Lisa.

Her black album.

Two hours later and Faith finally stood up and flexed her fingers back to life and pulled a cigarette free from the slightly crumpled pack and inhaled deeply as the grey wisps danced in the air.

 A sharp knock at the door suddenly rang out and Faith switched into an uncharacteristic panic as she wafted her hands around trying to dispel the small fog which had formed a crooked halo around her as she searched for the air freshener. Though it was a thin lavender scent Faith hoped it would be enough to disguise the smell from the Mayor who had lectured her more than once about the perils of her habit.

A quick spray into her mouth for a minty fresh flavour and Faith opened the door but her smile dropped as she was not greeted by the sight of her benefactor but that of a grimacing Buffy.

Before the brunette could even utter a word she felt a sharp strike slam into her chin as she stumbled backwards until she fell into an undignified heap on the wooden floor as the other slayer, clad in tight jeans and a stained wifebeater, strode into the apartment cracking her knuckles around the nunchuks which dangled with menace from her well taped hands.

For Buffy was here on business……deadly serious business.

“Didn’t think I’d find you so soon, did you?”, the blonde girl snorted out with contempt as Faith quickly got back to her feet and into a fighting stance.

“I…I...well….thing is….”, the gorgeous brunette was lost for words as the day, once filled with so much fun and promise, had escalated rapidly into a swirl of violence.

“Oh shut up bitch, I’m gonna make you a one-time deal. Get out of my town and never come back, and I’ll let you live”

 “Your town? Since when did you become Queen of Sunnydale?”

“Since like….shut up, I’m the one in charge over this Hellmouth. Not you”

“Well, your majesty”, said Faith with a mock curtsy, her words dripping with sarcasm, “If you’re Queen then welcome to the revolution, as every monarch is overthrown”

“And that would be you?”

“Yep. Think of me like Eleanor of Aquitaine”


“Jesus B, you hang out in a library all the damn time. Don’t you actually read any of those books?”

“I…we…oh shut the fuck up, it’s time for payback. Everyone knows you’re an evil psycho whore so we all got together and decided there was only one option… have to go. One way or the other. I don’t really relish the idea but I think we’d all be much happier without you around”

“We? Don’t you mean you’d be much happier without me? Well tough titties, oh glorious Queen of Sunnydale, ‘cos I’m going nowhere”, glowered Faith in return.

“That’s what I thought you’d say, so now I have no other choice”, snarled Buffy as she drew out a dagger from her sleeve and pointed the glimmering shaft towards Faith, “But don’t worry, no-one knows I’m here so they won’t suspect me in the slightest…….when they find your body in the gutter where it belongs”

As Buffy’s knuckles cracked and echoed around the apartment her malevolent glare fragmented as she heard a series of pitiful yaps coming from out on the roof terrace which was furnished with a new propane barbeque and a near to full litter tray.

“What the hell? Since when did you get a dog?”

“Puppy B, he’s still a puppy……and he’s not mine, he belongs to a neighbor”, replied the Beantown native with a roll of the eyes.

“But he’s really big”, said Buffy staring towards the large Alsatian who stared through the glass, “And what do you feed him on? Death and treachery?”

“What in the name of buttcrack are you gibbering on about B? I give him…..oh will you shut up, Joey!”, Faith snapped to the dog pawing desperately at the double glazed window.

“But who in their right mind would let someone like you look after a puppy? You’re barely responsible enough to put on underwear….”

“Screw you B, but don’t you remember? I told you I always wanted a puppy, course you remember …that night when I had you all chained up?  You looked hot y’know, all sweaty and at my mercy”

“Stop it Faith, just stop with all your bullshit”, yelled Buffy as her eyes misted over with rage tinged with a sullen sad hue.

“Wait B…I mean Buffy. Just chill for a sec….look….I’ve drawn you a picture”, Faith said with tearful eyes as she pointed at the table in a sudden enveloping panic.

“A picture? What’s your game Faith? After all the shit you’ve pulled you think some picture is going to help anything?”, the petite girl said with anger peppering her words.

“Just listen….it’s all explained….everything…’s in the picture, I swear”

“Whatever you’re planning Faith….it won’t work”, came the abrasive reply.

“Hey, you’re still a slayer so what am I going to do exactly? Just look at it….it’s us…what we could be…y’know….”, Faith admitted with a strange shyness.

Buffy felt her curiosity pique and stepped across to the table not dropping her wary eye from her bizarrely smartly dressed adversary. She picked up the piece of paper and after a moment of confusion her eyes snapped wide open as a crimson sheen flushed her cheeks as she recognized the characters well, though certain liberties had been taken with breast size and length of tongue.

“F…F…Faith!....I-is that….”


“A-and is that….”

“Me? Yep”

“B-b-but Faith….I….no wait, y-you’re just…, none of your tricks this time…c-cos it won’t save you”, Buffy babbled out as she tried to regain her rage but was cut off by Faith who strode closer.

“I know, I know….you’re here to kill me, but I got just one word for you”, she said with devilish smirk as Faith dropped her mask of faux fear and crocodile tears.

“What?”, asked the blonde girl as she clenched her weapons tighter ready to send her foe to the clutches of the underworld.


A bright flash blinded Buffy momentarily but as she regained her senses she felt strangely immobile. Her eyes slowly focussed until, across the darkened room she now found herself in, she could see a pretty girl staring back. The girl was naked and had a red rubber ball gag buckled around her mouth forcing her day-glo red lips tear-inducingly far apart. Her thin arms, glistening with sweat, were bound above her to a chrome spreader bar that was held by a long chain running to the ceiling which tinkled gently in the quiet room, her legs were bound at the ankles to another spreader bar which was chained firmly to the cold stone floor where mildew snaked along the mortar. Her head held high and firm by a thick leather slave collar but what really caught Buffy’s eye were this girls breasts which were about a 38DD and were swollen with nipples standing firmly to attention.

As the slayer stared at the prone girl she a felt a pang of recognition ignite within her head quickly encapsulated by a dread panic.

‘Oh shit…i-is that…oh fuck…it’s me! Oh god no…what the fuck is going on?

As Buffy pulled feebly against her bondage she realised that this svelte girl with ludicrous breasts was merely a reflection in a full length mirror, gilded in ornate gold, obviously placed there so she could drown in the image of total submission. As her body pulled against the shackles Buffy felt little give but as her head swum in a maelstrom of confusion she heard a heavy wooden door open behind her and sharp clack of heels crossing the dungeon she was manacled in.

As Buffy could do nothing but stare helplessly at her reflection as her eyes nearly popped from their sockets as, circling round her, was Faith looking like she was the very doyenne of debauchery.

“Heya B, I knew I was right. Bondage does look good on you. You see, Willow isn’t the only one who can play with magic”, said the brunette with a sultry purr and she stroked a leather clad hand across Buffy’s sensitive skin.

Faith flicked a switch and the whole room was bathed in a fierce neon light showing Buffy the mass of whips, crops and bondage aids hanging from every wall, leather lined yokes and stocks standing idle awaiting her pleasure. The thigh high leather boots glistened in the glaring bright, creaking as Faith slowly strode around Buffy.

“Let me explain, it’s my birthday and I’m sure you and your lapdogs have been up all night planning my surprise party but I have a secret”, drawled Faith as she brought her torso, covered in a tight studded leather leotard in close to her slave girl, “The Mayor got me a present, it was these pencils see and its instructions said that whatever I drew, once I said the magic word, would happen. So I drew a picture of you tied up and me being your Mistress and…..voila!”

Buffy’s eyes could stretch no further as she tried to focus her powers to try and escape from this predicament but as she twisted in her manacles Faith watched as she understood what her panic ridden counterpart was trying to do.

“Oh sorry B, you have no Slayer powers here. Until I say the magic word to take us back it’s kinda disabled under this spell, but I still got mine. He-he, ain’t that a kick in the pants, eh?”, the dominant brunette said with a sliver of intimidation as she flexed her leather covered fingers.

The high soft collar of Faith’s outfit sparkled as each silvered stud snared the neon light as she stepped around the prone girl dragging her fingers across her captive’s smooth supple body causing Buffy to flinch as her pussy clenched fiercely. The brunette chuckled as she could almost smell the desperate need radiating from Buffy, she hummed lightly as her fingers tapped her chin as the leather clad domme ran her eyes over the shelves heaving with unbroken toys until Faith decided on a cat-o-nine tails and drew it through her fingers letting each tightly woven strand flail in the air before…..


The first blow came down hard across Buffy’s back making her writhe in pain until another and another struck her toned figure as even the tips snaked round to sting her heavy breasts. The blonde haired vassal shook as her skin rose to a patchy scarlet hue as the whip, wielded by an expert hand, sliced the air in twain before lashing firmly onto Buffy’s body. Each stroke of the twenty scoured Buffy’s skin but she couldn’t help but groan in delicious pleasure as her nether regions begged for release as they drooled down her thighs. Her clit had filled with blood and puffed out further with each whipping blow, throbbing even harder when the swift flagellation swerved to tender her moist pussy.


Buffy breathed heavy through her nostrils as her body ignited with desire, a maddening lust firing up her rampaging endorphins as she hung helpless. Every loud thwack of leather on flesh making Buffy’s cunt weep with mind bending want.


“Shhh, there, there my lil’ slut”, cooed Faith as she took a lipstick, one of her signature deep shades of red, and drew a circle around each of Buffy’s nipples as a target. Her five inch metal tipped heels crunched against the stone floor with a foreboding menace as Faith backed across the room to an appropriate distance and coiling the whip in her hands.

Faith snapped the whip loudly in true Indiana Jones fashion, mainly to amuse herself, a couple of times before she lashed the leather at Buffy. It cracked against her stomach making the blond fire out a scream muffled by the jaw dislocating rubber gag.

“Oops, sorry B.  A little out of practice I guess. Oh, you may have noticed your boobs are bigger too, thought you could do with a little improvement in that area, Little Miss Tiny Tits”, Faith said with her customary smirk as she drank in every second of her fantasy.

A second crack lashed out and snapped its rounded tip against Buffy’s rock hard nipple making it swell and pulsate even more. Every nerve ending within Buffy electrified at this brand of deviancy hitherto unknown to the blonde slayer, but as the pain sang its sweet melody she felt her pussy gnawing as she had never been so turned on.

Another lash to her other nipple made Buffy’s glistening body buck as her tears, borne of frustration more than pain, run down from her hazel eyes until the salty droplets veered round the curve of the rubber gag. She wanted to scream her anguish but she was trapped. Powerless and subject to the whims of someone she regarded in the lowest manner, but as each second slowly ticked past Buffy couldn’t help the overwhelming urge within her to submit to the whims of the leather wrapped beauty.

“Shhh, my little whore. Be a good girl and Mistress may give you a treat”, said Faith as she coolly walked up to her and softly stroked the throbbing breasts of her toy. The air clogged with sexual tension and the walls seemed to drip with sweat in the claustrophobia of the dungeon as Faith’s leather clad hand slid up Buffy’s slick thigh and cupped her moistened slip.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about this B. You…me…..a bit of bondage”, the brunette smiled as she ran her fingers along the rhinestones on Buffy’s thick and heavy collar which spelt out the word ‘BITCH’, “What was it you called me, ‘loser’ wasn’t it? Well now you’ll call me ‘Mistress’…..  and be grateful for the privilege ’.

Despite her deep down revulsion of the situation Buffy found herself desperately trying to grind against the offered hand as she descended into the decadence which clouded her senses.

“Come on B, feel it…beg me for it”, Faith purred as she unbuckled Buffy’s ball gag and tossed it to one side bouncing off the savage looking nipple clamps and the leather covered St Andrew’s cross which sat idly against the blood red wall.

Faith carried on rubbing the hairless mound until Buffy felt her core slowly liquefy as her jagged breath slithered from her enormous bosom.

“Come on B….I told you to beg me for it”

“F-F-Faith..I…I….oooohhh shiiiitttt”, Buffy hissed back as lust tore through her prone and naked body.

“Beg me”, whispered Faith in her smoke ravaged rasp as her fingers slipped inside the wet crevice until her knuckles slid from view while her thumb flicked at Buffy’s clit which throbbed harder at each leathery swipe.

Buffy tried to resist but as no-one had ever touched her like this, made her feel like this, she could sense herself slipping into utter abandon.

“I said….beg!”, Faith encouraged with a stern tone as, much to her bound slave girl’s chagrin, her hand stopped pumping steadily as Buffy let out a whine of distress.

“P-p-please….I w-want to cum…please F-Faith….I need it….soooooo bad”, she forced out through her ivory white teeth.

Faith took one of Buffy’s sore nipples and twisted it angrily causing her to squeal with a mixture of pain and desperate want.

“Who, you dumb bitch? Who do you want to make you cum, slut?”, Faith snarled through her smile as her slayer powered fingers continued to squeeze the engorged teat.

“Y-you Faith…I want….ahhhh!”, Buffy stammered but was rewarded by another tight wrenching of the nipple.

“Try again, bitch!”, said Faith, the words slithering from her mouth as Buffy’s nostrils tickled with the slight scent of Chanel.

“I-I-I want you…..M-M-Mistress”, she oozed out hoping to earn her release. But as the sacred ‘M’ word sneaked from her lips Buffy felt a thud in her heart as by calling Faith by such a term of reverence her lust turned up yet another notch.

“That’s better, hey does this have a little touch of déjà vu about it? Remember the night of that school dance? Oh sorry, I was supposed to keep it a secret wasn’t I”, Faith grinned as she let go of Buffy’s aching nipple and slid her battle weary fingers into the drooling cavern between her legs.

Buffy’s eyes shot open at this sensual pleasure carousing through her system, her tongue fizzed and her heart pounded until all she could hear was the thunder of blood and the scream of her soul which had raised the white flag in surrender. Faith continued to pump her digits in and out of her slave until her new property was ready to pop so, to elongate the delicious torture, she withdrew her hand making Buffy whimper like a naughty pet.

Clamping her eyes onto Buffy’s misty gaze Faith hissed into her face, “Beg me, my pretty little whore”

“P-please M-M-iiiiiistresssss….I w-w-want to cummmm”

The assertive brunette fought to keep her laugh contained as she once more rubbed her nemesis’ salivating groin a little before plunging deep into Buffy’s needy cunt. Her fingers slid past Buffy’s lower lips and thrust firm and fast as the blonde girl’s voice was choked by her pitiful wheezing. The smaller girl moaned in unbridled ecstasy as her walls contracted and squelched around the leather coated intruders hoping to get as much contact as possible. She was succumbing to Faith’s twisted will and, despite her mind’s stubbornness, Buffy had fallen into a vague and hopeless shadow of who she used to be.

“Ask me properly!”, came the lascivious command.

“M-Mistress Faaaiiitthhh…….I…..ahhh….you….ooohhHHHH….your b-bitch wants to cum, M-Mistress. I h-humbly beg you…M-Mistress….ahHHHh…p-pleeaaasseeeeEEEEE!”, Buffy squealed in utter desperation.

“This pussy is mine and mine alone, its only for my pleasure now, understand?”

“Y-yes Mistresssss”

“Who does this belong to?”, asked Faith as she flicked Buffy’s pounding clit.

“Y-you Mistress, my pussy is y-yours. All I am is yours, Mistress”, Buffy spluttered out.

Faith pumped her hand into her slave wet slit until her knuckles were deep into Buffy’s hole, thrusting with more force each time until her eyes glassed over as her mind severed itself from sense and plunged headlong into carnal gratification. The brunette domme could see the dilation in the eyes of her new pet and that she was about to unleash her vaginal torrent.

“It’s a shame Mrs Post isn’t here anymore, as I would have loved to fist your ass with the Glove of Myneghon. But nevermind that now……so who are you, bitch? Who owns you, slut?”

“I-I-I’m your bitch Mistressss..I…I…ahhhhh….ohhHHHH….I’M YOUR BITCH MISTRESS FAAAAIIIITTTHHHHHH!”, Buffy screamed as she erupted into a tsunami of lady fluids as her body bucked and writhed on the crests of the unholy mindfuck.

As Buffy’s body thundered with orgasm after insane orgasm she feared she would pass out but even as the room drew darker and the stars began to twinkle in front of her eyes she found the resolve to remain conscious as she had never felt this good…… this alive.

And it was all down to her new Mistress who now owned her completely.

Inside and out.

As the last of the sticky outpourings trickled down Buffy’s thighs, Faith slid her fingers back out of the sore and clenching pussy and held her shimmering hand up before Buffy’s glare. Faith pushed her cum glazed hand against Buffy’s thin lips and chuckled as her slavegirl lapped at it feverishly, sucking each finger with a lust which bound her to her Mistress.

“Thankyou…..slurp…Mistress….kiss…for the best …..slurp….fucking orgasm….suck….of my life, I…I love you Mistress….slurp…..your lowly pet isn’t …kiss….worthy of you Mistress……suck”

“Good girl……Yagsicigam”, Faith said softly as she fought to hold back her bellowing laugh.

Another blinding flash roared out and within an instant they found themselves back in Faith’s apartment, Faith was clad in her normal clothes but Buffy was still naked except for her leather collar of ownership. The blonde girl was so caught up in her hunger for her own spilled nectar as well as her desire to please her Mistress that she kept held her arms up above her head and was still sucking Faith’s fingers though they were no longer gloved nor coated in love juice.

Buffy caught herself in her actions as her eyes flickered open, her blood chilled and her lips began to tremble as she fell to her knees and began to lick and kiss Faith’s stylish leather boots in penance.

“Oh Mistress, please forgive me. I had no right to stand in your presence without your permission Mistress. Please Mistress, I am a filthy little slut and unworthy of your attentions, please let me show you my devotion, Mistress”, Buffy grovelled and sobbed as her tongue ran along the neatly stitched Italian leather on Faith’s feet.

Faith’s eyes shot open and was momentarily shocked at Buffy’s desperately pitiful whines as she nuzzled into her feet like a humble pet in need of some firm skin searing discipline. As the brunette tried to wrap her head around the situation her doe eyes fell onto the picture she had drawn. For no longer was there a picture of Mistress Faith and her naked slave Buffy, but just a drawing of Buffy wearing the dreary sweat laden clothes she had worn when she turned up at Faith’s swanky apartment.

Faith’s confusion still echoed around her head as her eyes fell upon the instructions that came with the pencils, she squinted her smoky Kohl painted eyes at the small print and bit her lip in concern.

She quickly pulled out her new cellphone, still puzzled why none of the Scoobs would invest in such a time and life-saving device, with the distinctive ringtone and called the only other number she had one speed dial, apart from the pizza place downtown. She listened to it ring a few times before an amiable voice finally answered and she could breathe again.


“Hi Boss”

“Oh hello Faith, did you enjoy your birthday?”, the Mayor said cheerfully as he relaxed into the plush leather chair in his study.

“Yeah, that was a wicked cool present. They’re things of beauty, Boss”

“You’re very welcome my dear, nothing but the best for the number one slayer now, is there?”

Faith was glad her pseudo father couldn’t see the rosy blush warming her cheeks, “Er….no..I mean yeah…I mean….er, I have a question….about these pencils”

“What about it my dear?”

“Well I drew someone and we went into the picture, but when we came back out she was …well… kinda different”

Faaaiiith?”, the Mayor said sternly in lower tone stretching out the vowels of her name in the way that most parents do when they want their children to confess to a wrongdoing.

“What?”, she chuckled with an unseen shrug, “Ok I’ll come clean. I drew Buffy as my bondage slave and…”

“Oh Faith”, he said with a weighted sigh.

“Hey, I’m a girl with needs”, she retorted.

“But I thought you liked boys?”

“I’m bi”

“Sexual or polar? Because you can get medication for that”

“Which one?”

“Both I think”, said the Mayor with an unseen smirk.

“Very funny, but when I say ‘bi’ it’s more 70-30 in the favor of women”, admitted Faith brazenly which she had never done out loud before.

“I really don’t need to know the details, Faith. But anyway, you were saying about Buffy?”

“Like I said, I drew Buffy as my bondage slave girl and when we came back, well, she’s still acting like she’s my bitch and I’m her whip wielding Mistress”

“Well if you drew her as your slave then that’s exactly how she will act and……oh, were you touching  when you said the magic word to come back?”, the Mayor quizzed.


“Well it seems you have brought back the bondage slave version of Buffy into our reality”

“No way! So what about the real Buffy? The one who’s going to totally kill me when she finds out what I’ve done”

“Let me explain, the sex slave Buffy in the picture you drew is now very real and the Buffy from this world is now trapped within the confines of the picture, well her essence that is. When you returned you brought that persona back with you. For example, if you drew her acting like a monkey and then said the magic words, the tough fighting machine would be trapped within the drawing and exist in the picture only, in this reality Buffy would act and think like a monkey but deep inside it would still be her and feel every indignity and humiliation heaped upon her from acting that way, but with no way to function any differently”

“Oookaaayyy”, Faith drawled as she realised the significance of her actions as she glanced down at Buffy who was laying long attentive strokes of her tongue up and down Faith’s heels.

“All her free will and personality that made up who Buffy was, is now stuck within a mere two dimensional portrait. All that exists now is your docile sex slave Buffy. But be careful with the picture for if it is destroyed then both versions of Buffy will be no more”

“You mean?”

“Yes, if you destroy the picture she will die”, the Mayor said with a jolly tone as he crunched a cashew nut, ”But be  careful with the pencils, wouldn’t want them falling into the wrong hands would we?”

“No, that would be a bummer”, she mused aloud.

“But there are limits to what the pencils can do, oh hold on, I have the darned EPA on line two, I bet they’re still miffed about the plethora of dead foxes turning up with no skins. Can I call you back later?”

“Er yeah sure Boss”, Faith said quickly and hung up the phone.

She looked down at her boots which now gleamed with Buffy’s saliva and saw that though slave Buffy was behind the wheel, the real Buffy was still in the back seat unable to act any other way but as a toy to her Mistress’ whim.

Faith picked up the picture and looked at it intently as she flicked open her zippo ad sparked a flame. But as the fire reached closer to the drawing she could feel something deep within her stirring, a deep rooted sickness that chilled her bones and made her hands shake, for something about it all felt so very wrong to her, despite her amusement.  As her pet raised her head Faith could see that somewhere buried under the layers of submission the real Buffy was begging her for mercy. She knew that if she destroyed the picture it would, essentially, be taking a life and her heart still wrenched of the memory of that night, so despite what the Mayor had subtly urged her to do, Faith just put the drawing to one side.

Even though every fiber of her being rang out with the cruel notion of effectively killing the real Buffy, Faith couldn’t bring herself to burn the drawing.

“What the hell is wrong with me? What can’t I….man, must be getting sentimental or something”, she mused aloud and punctuated it with a sloping shrug.

“Hey B, who are you now?”, Faith ordered as she put a toe under Buffy’s chin and tilted it upwards until her humble glare caught her owners.

“I-I am nothing Mistress. I am your pet and your toy and I only exist to serve and please you, Mistress”

"Haha…man this is so….I mean, good Bitch," Faith smiled and gave her a quick peck on the nose which her new slave was honored to receive.

"This is awesome, but you know what would make it an even better birthday?" Faith said with a wide grin as she fished a cigarette from her pack.

"No Mistress" Buffy obediently shook her head but as she followed Faith's southbound gaze she realised what she wanted her to do.

"Lick it Slutty!" Faith ordered as she pulled down her pants and silken underwear and lay back on the couch.

"Y-yes Mistress, with pleasure Mistress",  came the meek subservient reply, but behind Buffy's eyes shone a look of disgust and hatred but could not help but comply as she shuffled forward on  her knees and got to work running her unworthy lips along the sopping slit of Faith and nibbled her throbbing clit.

"Man, this is sooooo cool. I can make anyone in the world be my bitch now. Cordelia, Xander, Angel even. I could make Joyce my doormat, Wesley my spitoon, even make Willow my toilet slave. It doesn't matter 'cos I got the power now!" Faith thought triumphantly to herself.

As she lay back stroking the sweaty hair of her new slave licking her pussy Faith wondered who she would draw tomorrow.


(To Be Continued)

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