Altered Perception

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Unlikely Alliances

Spike heard the sound of metal ripping as the Buffy-Bot hit the tombstone the demon they were fighting had just hurled her into he saw her lost the internal battle to stay conscious and her head hit the ground as her eyes slid shut. Glancing around he saw Giles also unconscious on the floor, the whelp was leaning against a mausoleum bleeding from a nasty looking stab wound in his stomach, inhaling quickly he released the breath with a sense of relief as he realised there wasn’t enough blood for the wound to be fatal or even that serious. Red was on the ground but trying to get up Glinda kneeling next to her, he couldn’t tell if she was helping Red or trying to convince her to stay put, he hoped it was the latter.

This demon was lethal, it had the image of a human, a 7ft human built like a house admittedly but still it had the customary 2 arms, 2 legs, one head no tentacles or anything. Its skin was dark red, like blood that had congealed, or at least the bits he could see, it was covered by some medieval looking chain mail, had an iron helmet and wielded a huge bloody sword. Spike shifted his weight to one side and reflected that he himself had not fared much better than the Slayers gang, at least 3 ribs were broken and his right shoulder had been dislocated. Adjusting his hold on the axe he still gripped in his left hand, having abandoned the other when his shoulder had been hurt he faced the demon and smirked, at least this thing had some wounds to show for the battle. It swayed slightly looking confused until its focus landed on Xander.

Spike groaned inwardly, bloody demon magnet Harris, “Oi, don’t tell me you’ve has enough yet mate?” he quipped at the demon, hoping to distract it’s attention, snarling the demon turned to face him and then an evil smile slowly crossed it’s face. “You seek to distract me from my prey vampire. I am not so easily thwarted, yet I must confess to being intrigued. You’re kind have no soul yet you fight with these mortals, attempt to save this one’s life” as it spoke it reached out and grabbed Xander pulling him close wrapping one huge hand around Xander’s throat “would you grieve Vampire? If I snapped this human’s neck right now would you grieve for him?”

“Yes” Spike almost laughed at Xander’s expression at his response, he supposed he’d given the boy no reason to think that anything had changed between them, but for him it had. Since the chip he’d realised just how special what the Slayer and her friends had was, they had all made an impression. Red and Glinda had been the first to treat him as something other than a de-fanged vampire, they had both treated him like a man, someone with feelings, a friend even. Then he’d met Niblet and within an hour of speaking to the quirky, awkward teen he knew he was wrapped tightly round her little finger and what’s more he’d not minded one bit. Buffy had taken a little longer, both for her to accept him and him to accept her, after all they were natural enemies but after a few false starts they had first struck an accord which had blossomed into some strange friendship.

He and Giles had bonded over reminiscing about England and talking about demons, Giles had discovered that Spike wasn’t anywhere near as uneducated as he allowed others to believe and had quickly realised that Spike was a valuable resource, not just as a fighter but as a knowledge base. His intimate knowledge of various demons and demon languages had proven invaluable. Wednesday nights would often see him round the Watcher’s after patrol watching a football game that had been played back in England, Giles was an Arsenal fan but other than that display of appalling taste Spike accepted that he had a great understanding and passion for the game.

Xander had been the hardest of all, he and the boy seemed unable to stop the snarking and insults that peppered every verbal exchange between them. Spike knew on his part he was overcompensating, the growing attraction he’d developed for the white knight had only increased when the demon bint had left him and after 5 days straight dreaming about Xander he’d been forced to admit to himself at least that he was in love. It didn’t bother him, he was a demon and no stranger to the male body having spent a good proportion of the 20 years he spent as William the Bloody, childe of Drusilla, one quarter of the Scourge of Europe in Angelus’ bed. He had discovered exactly what a man could experience at the hands of another and he wasn’t ashamed of it. He was always surprised that it had never made it into any of the Watcher’s diaries but then he supposed that Angel hadn’t exactly been up for talking about it after acquiring his soul and as for him, it had been too painful to think about after Angelus left them. As to Xander’s reasons for the constant barbs he could only assume it was the boy’s deep-seated hatred of vampires that left him blind to the changes Spike had gone through.

Either way, despite the still antagonistic element to his and Xander’s interactions he knew he had to tell the truth, he couldn’t risk something happening to Xander and him not knowing how Spike felt. Hell he’d grieve if he lost any of them, these humans he’d claimed as his own, but Xander was different, Xander was his, even if he didn’t know it. As he thought of this his demon roared with rage at the idea of the red demon touching, hurting that which he had claimed. He felt his bones knitting together, cuts healing and grasping his right arm with his left he wrenched it back into joint. His rage fuelling his capacity to heal rapidly and he felt an evil grin stretch across his face as he contemplated the ways he would make the red freak suffer before he finally killed him.

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