Willow Is Everyone's Cumbucket

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Schadenfraude - taking pleasure in the suffering of others

Previously on "Willow Is Everyone's Fuckpuppet"........

"Willow Rosenberg, the Watchers Council have found you to be the biggest threat to humanity in living memory so we have had our coven of witches remove your powers permanently. The attempted murder of six BILLION people carries quite a weighty sentence you know and so we have decided that with your attempted genocide a suitably heavy punishment is in store. You are hereby given six billion life sentences, so to make sure you carry them out we have placed a curse on you. Every time you die or are killed you will return in time to this exact moment to start the next life. But you and everyone involved, namely us, will retain all memories of the indignities poured upon you from each life. You are eligible for parole in ten million lifetimes, which I find way too lenient" boomed out Giles who, by the Council's orders had been named judge, jury and executioner. He was disgusted by this girl's actions at trying to murder everyone he loved in this world and his sadistic streak he had once honed as Ripper now came back with a vengeance.He had many things planned to torture and torment her through many of those lifetimes.

Buffy too had become quite the cruel bitch, as had all the other Scoobies, at this betrayal and her attempt to kill all their friends and families. Their brothers, their mothers, their children were all lined up to be slaughtered by the redhead with their souls sent for an eternity of torment in demon dimensions. Revenge was justified.

Buffy had testified against Willow and had spat on her during the trial which was conducted in Angel's old mansion which would be her home for now. Her cell from which to serve her sentence.

Xander had been her only supporter so he was to be the first victim. Spike had recently made Buffy watch 'Bloodsucking Freaks' and was so inspired and turned on by the rampant sadism that she wanted to have a go herself. Buffy had forced Mr Harris's neck into a guillotine but the rope which held the blade was put into Willow's mouth and if she let go he would be decapitated. She was tied up and whipped unmercifully by her blond former friend and even though her resolve was considerable her body was not nearly as strong. After a vicious twist of a nipple she yelled out letting the rope go and the guillotine's blade sliced off the begging head of young Mr Harris. Everyone cheered.

------On This Week's Episode-----------

"I..I ahhh.....grrr..."

"I'll take that as an 'I do'. I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss" said the pointy toothed priest barely containing his snigger.

Willow pulled back her veil, it was the only thing she was wearing except for her slave's collar and thick metal cuffs welded onto her ankles and wrists which left them raw and sore, ready to press her cracked lips to her new husbands.

Everyone in the congregation watched her body move forward which was criss-crossed with whip marks and bloody welts she had received at her Bachelorette party. She reached her heavy hands up and started to take off his padded hockey helmet.

She was now Mrs. Ronald Hickenbottom which was fitting punishment for a disobedient lesbian to spend the rest of her life servicing his man parts. But her new spouse had Down's Syndrome and as she pulled his helmet off she saw that his constantly streaming nose had let a small river of snot bubble down to mingle with the mong slobber (hey, Mong Slobber, good name for a death metal band) on his thick lips.

Her will was broken, her body abused. She was barely recognisable anymore as her head had been shaved and she now had a chip in her neck so she could be located at all times. All her teeth had been pulled out so she would drool profusely which only aided in a smooth blow job. Her vocal chords had been cut with precision so she could only make mere animalistic noises as that's what she was now, a mere beast to be fucked by whomever or whatever felt like it. As an animal she knew that one day her owner would take their shotgun and their shovel and take her round the back of the barn never to return.

She took a deep breath and, ignoring her own tears, pressed her lips to his and forced her tongue into his mouth and caressed his oversized drooling tongue with her own. The crowd cheered and laughed at this thin woman making out with her retarded lover. All present were invited to watch the consumation of the marriage as he was a virgin and you couldn't even find shit like this on YouTube.

Spike slowly inhaled a cigarette as her held his wife, Buffy, in his cold undead arms.

"Do you think we should've thrown her a bridal shower?" she asked.

"Nah luv, Jews and showers don't really mix" he quipped back.

The vampiric Aryan posterboy loved to abuse Willow's hesidic heritage and so had indulged all his Nazi fetishes with her in a series of Death Camp rape scenarios. As an afficionado of the Holocaust he had swayed Buffy to his narrow minded way of thinking and soon she joined him on the bandwagon of mindless hate. Spike and Buffy had worn matching peaked leather caps and trenchcoats as they had raped and tortured her to death many times. From slowly working flesh eating acid to a grenade up her cunt they had explored so many of their twisted ideas and with Willow going to live billions of time they could experiment with her death. Even murder has it's sexual side apparently.

Lying Ronald back on the bed she removed his soiled diaper and lowered her head to try and make him stiff enough to fuck. As her head bobbed up and down on the downie's tool the crowd gathered round laughing hysterically at the degrading spectacle as Willow's tears ran down to mingle with the stale urine taste on her husband's limp member.

Her head rattled around with distant memories that she couldn't place. She had been sold to her incontinent husband for a mere twenty cents as that was all the money he had in his pocket at the time. His parents agreed to it knowing that they were now free of cleaning up his bodily filth. It was now Willow's job to wipe up his shit and suck him off for the next fifty or sixty years.

He was defiantly limp but after a little magic from Amy he became stiff and Willow lowered her sagging pissflaps on to his now throbbing cock. As she rode him up and down Ronald got scared at this new bodily feeling and so shat himself covering the bed in his faecal matter which he found hilarious. Willow tried to ignore the shouts of disgust from her audience and carried on fucking away. Ronald laughed as he scooped up his poo and rubbed it all over Willow's scarred breasts which caused her to scream but as she opened her mouth he slid his dirty fingers in and coated her tongue in his shit. She gagged and though she tried she couldn't help but puke over her new husband to the combined groans of the crowd. Against her better judgment she felt her natural instincts kick in and bent down down to start licking the vomit and shit from the face of the spastic. How the hell had she fallen so fast? How had she gotten into this situation?

Only a few weeks ago she was ordered to become the new Entertainment Officer at the local old folks home by Anya. By Entertainment Officer she meant 'Geriatric Fuckpuppet'. With a little magic and viagra she had sucked, licked and been fucked by every octogenarian available but worst was Mr Greening. He was 103 and had really bad eczema with bits of skin falling off all the time, so when was being ploughed by him it was like having sex in cornflakes.

But before that? Her other lives?

Well that mis amis, is where our story begins....................


((Coming soon to "Willow Is Everybody's Fuckpuppet"................

Chuckle as Willow is ass raped and mutilated by Oz in his werewolf form

Nod quietly at the notion of the Turok'han's thorned thirteen inch penis tearing up Willow's insides in a haunting bloody spectacle

Smirk as Willow visits the amputee wing of the Sunnydale Hospital and is 'stumpfucked' in every hole silmultaneously by those with missing extremities

Wipe a humorous tear away as Dawn shits in her mouth and makes her eat it

Revel as she gives Clem an all over tongue bath

Chuckle as she is fucked by Faith with an electric cattle prod

Feign interest as an angry badger tears her up and uses her still breathing body as a sleeping bag

Guffaw as her back is used as an ironing board by a old man with Parkinsons

Marvel as Spike cuts off her head and fucks the still bleeding stump of her neck

Gasp in mock horror at Fred's horrific science experiments on Willow manipulating her fear of spiders

Masturbate furiously as Willow is sold to a horse whisperer who lets every stallion in his stable rip both her holes until she is raped to death by a Kentucky derby winner

Write to your Congressman in protest as mouse traps are slammed shut on her nipples and clit

Make a sandwich as you read about Willow being facefucked by a ghost

Demand that Tipa Gore is freed from her cryogenic stasis so she may take offence at the notion that the severed heads of children are rammed up Willow's cunt

Report this author at the idea of Pinnochio's ever growing nose pushing deeper and deeper in to her ass until it pops out her left eye and pins Willow to the wall

Try to understand the idea of Japanese eel sex

Whistle a merry tune as Willow is sodomised by a unicorn

Scar your dreams with the image of Willow being violated at both ends by Vin Diesel and a bear

Wish you had read something else as screws are driven into Willow's face and used to hang ornamental coffee cups

All this plus incest galore, coprophagous onslaught and many other sadistic fantasies to fuel your mental breakdown.....))

((By the way, I am taking the piss ;) Satire isn't what it used to be.))

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