The Incredible Journey Series: God Fearing Childe

BY : DevilSoc83
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June 1860, London England

Me and Angelus ran into a group of church girls outside of a marketplace. She was still young and naive, not yet ready for the world. If only she could see her potentials. She has no clue that we are out here, waiting to ambush her. She's just a child. Vampires and demons meant nothing to her. They were just fictional characters from the bible.

Her name is Drusilla.

"That's her Angelus, she's the one!!!!!!!!!"

I could tell that he didn't want to wait any longer.

Go on I told him as we pushed ourselves through the crowd of people. I ate a family along the way as I waited for him.

They tasted sweet but Angelus told me that Dru tasted better.

Lucky him....................

July 1863, London England

I read him like a book. He wanted to find Penn and finish him off but I wouldn't allow it.

Penn was my favorite one out of all the others. He protected me during that one gruesome year. It was the year of 1458. We were out enjoying our dinner when another mob attacked us. We fought as a unit but somehow Angelus got seperated from the clan. I still have nightmares about that.

"No Liam, Penn is under my protection!"

July 1864, Venus

"Sweet Jesus, what happened to you child!?!"

Dru: Don't you remember mummy? I was supposed to feed the daisies but they never grew!

Angelus: Now Dru, we wouldn't want to scare her now would we?

Dru: Oh yes, I remember now. I ate the mailman and he got stuck in my teeth!

I sigh, it turned out that Dru lost her sanity.


Dru: Ooooh, here comes grandmummy...............!!!!!!!!!

Dru: Do you want to play grandmummy? We can sing and dance and have tea together. Isn't that right mummy?

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