The Incredible Journey Series: An Angel's Lament

BY : DevilSoc83
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It's the year 1401, we are in Nepalsh Ireland. The pastures were green all year around and the air- nice and fresh.

Everyday, there's a new thing to do. The streets were crowded and loud. Bustling with life and energy............

Today's a rare day for me. On this one particular day, I am expected to do a loadful of work for the Jameston's household.

A maid's life is a sad life. You work and that's all you do.

I work in the kitchen and only earn 1 euro per day. My Gaelic tongue is always unpleasant to the other housekeepers that worked with me. I am rash and don't always think about what I say..........

That is what they do to you around here. They give you such rubbish that you become desperate.

I want to be away from here. Far away..............

One day, my dream became reality.

I was sent to visit a local missionary. The church was vacant and I had a chance to kneel before god. No one was around except me. Atleast, that's what I thought.


The man said I will never have to lift a finger again and I was sold! He promised me a better life. A life without hard labor and poor earnings. A life with expensive clothes that are fit for a queen. They were so endearing and sweet that I bought it without a second thought. I gave him my rich blood and he gave me his. We exchanged a few words before I let hell take me.

Now, I will never go hungry again!


I consumed as much as I could. The day that I rose, I went back to the master's house. While they were sleeping, we slipped in unnoticed. I went to the children's room first. It was open and easier to get in.

We killed the young master and Sarah. Their blood filled our appetite but we were still hungry.

It was Aida who found us. She was ready to scream when a hand came around her throat with the other covering her mouth. It was truly an amazing sight. To see my most hated enemy begging for her life.

It makes my unlife all the more easier.

To finally get my revenge.........!

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