A New Kind Of Pride

BY : pixel
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Author: pixel 
Title: A New Kind Of Pride
Pairing: xander/wesley, xander/lindsey 
Rating: NC17
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AN :~ This is an AU sentinel style verse, with Xander as a sentinel and Wesley a reluctant guide


(December 1996)

Jesse was dead. The words screamed in Xander’s mind as he forced himself awake. Jesse was dead, and the pain in his own body didn’t matter, his weakness was unimportant. Jesse was dead and someone had to pay for that.

He pulled himself to his feet and went looking for something to wear, eventually finding a worn pair of jeans one of the healers must have left behind. He winced as he dragged his injured body through the endless corridors of the main halls, heading for the council chamber; but it didn’t stop him, nothing could.

Xander slipped unseen into the vast cavern and looked around at all his people. They were as silent and unquestioning as ever. They all knew what that bastard had done, but none of them were willing to speak out against him.

His eyes went to the dais, to Joseph Nest, their Master, their Alpha. He’d ruled the Aurelian pride for twelve long and bloody years, hated by most and feared by all. It had been more than a decade since he’d last fought to retain his position, people were just too afraid of what happened to those who crossed him. They’d become a people without dignity, without honour and none of the other great prides would have anything to do with them.

Next to Nest, almost huddled at his feet, Xander could see Wesley’s trembling form. Their Alpha’s youngest Guide was a shadow of his former self, Nest had beaten and tormented him, until the strongest Guide in a dozen generations had been reduced to a broken shell. He’d been Xander and Jesse’s friend; one of their teachers, and the brutal treatment he’d received at his Sentinel’s hands was now was one more reason that Nest had to be stopped. Guides were supposed to be protected, revered even; all the ancient books said so. But Nest had twisted the words and turned the sacred need of a Sentinel to protect his Guide into a form of slavery. In these halls, Guides were stripped of status, forced to submit and kept away from the world at large.

Steeling himself for what was to come, Xander limped out to the centre of the floor, waiting until the commotion his appearance had caused died down, before shouting out, “Joseph Nest, I challenge you.”

Dead silence reigned in the hall as the watching Sentinels and Guides tried to come to terms with what they were seeing, until it was broken by the sound of laughter, Nest looked down at his challenger and laughed. “You can barely hold your self up boy, and you think to challenge me. Come back in a couple of years, you’re not ready to play with the grown-ups.”

Xander said nothing, trusting in the traditions that ruled the pride to get him what he wanted; and he was right. The senior lore keeper rose to his feet and spoke directly to Nest, “I’m sorry my lord,” Rupert Giles voice trembled slightly, but he refused to back down from his duty, “But the boy is fifteen, which means he’s of age. The challenge stands, unless he chooses to withdraw.” The look Giles shot Xander told him that he expected him to do the sensible thing and back down, but Xander was beyond caring about sensible. Jesse was dead at Nest’s own hands, and Xander intended to hold him to account.

The glare Nest aimed at Giles promised retribution for daring to speak out, but there was nothing he could do to avoid Xander now. The rules of succession dated back to the first ever gathering of Sentinels and if Nest tried to ignore them, he be stripped of all his credibility. He’d based his power on religiously following the rules, albeit interpreted in his own unique way, if he walked away from this fight he was finished and he knew it.

Nest could barely suppress his anger at Xander’s defiance of him. He’d been training the boy himself, had seen potential in him, and this was how he was repaid. Stalking into the centre of the room, he turned and posed for the crowds. He struck an imposing figure, powerful and virile; an Alpha in his prime, supremely confident of victory. He sauntered across the floor and approached Xander, not bothering to hide his contempt as he spoke. 

“Any last requests boy, before I send you to meet your whore. I thought that you’d take my place one day; that I’d finally found an heir. I’d have forgiven your indiscretion with your little friend; I know it’s hard to resist a pretty slut like that one, but you both should have known better than to touch another Sentinel. If you wanted to fuck that badly, you should have taken a guide like everyone else. Your toy got exactly what he deserved.” 

Xander ignored the hateful words spilling from Nest’s lips, concentrating on getting his senses under control. He dialled down his sense of hearing and smell; the murmurings of the crowd and the stench of Nest’s disdain were distractions he couldn’t afford. Boosting his sight and speed as high as it was safe to go, he then shut down his pain receptors, it left him vulnerable, he’d have no way of telling how badly he was hurt; but if he had to feel the pain from his injuries, he’d never get through this.

Looking Nest in the eyes, Xander allowed all his hatred and contempt for the Alpha to show in his face. He felt, rather than heard, the soft snick of his claws dropping down and knew he was ready. “His name was Jesse.” Even as he spoke, Xander was darting forward, his claws extended for attack, knowing Nest wouldn’t expect him to strike first. The element of surprise meant Nest had no chance to block the blow, and when Xander moved back everyone could see the bloody furrows along their Alpha’s chest. The challenger had scored first blood.

With an inhuman roar, Nest launched himself at Xander pushing him back across the floor. His body was twisting, turning, always moving; never giving Xander an opening. He landed blow after blow and it was only a matter of seconds before Xander felt his already damaged ribs, snap and break under the fierce attack, but he refused to let himself feel the pain.

Xander pulled away from Nest’s grasping claws and slipped under the Alpha’s guard, managing to rip a deep wound into the older Sentinels exposed back. It was enough to slow him down a little, but not enough to stop him.

Up ‘til then Nest had been playing with Xander, he’d wanted to humiliate the boy, make an example of him; now he just wanted it done. Circling the beaten figure of his challenger, Nest began to taunt him. “I think I’ll keep you alive when this is done, I could do with a new pet. Do you think you’ll like that? I’ll keep you muzzled at my feet, on a leash, so they can all see how pathetic you’ve become. I’ll get a nice kennel for my rooms and you’ll be my little puppy. You’ll beg and plead for me in no time at all.”

The watching crowd gasped at the implications of Nest’s words, this wasn’t allowed. A challenger who lost was killed or exiled, no Sentinel was ever kept chained; it went against their most sacred rules. The mood in the room began to shift, even if Nest won this fight, there’d be other challenges. Xander’s actions had at least proved the man was vulnerable.

Nest didn’t care about the crowd, didn’t care about anything but the defiant boy in front of him. He wanted Xander to bleed, to break; to bow down to his Alpha and accept his place in the hierarchy of the pride. Nest allowed his fangs to drop and renewed his attack, this time holding nothing back. Xander couldn’t move fast enough to get away and Nest was able to grab hold of him and sink his fangs into Xander’s neck.

Xander felt his strength begin to ebb away as Nest drank from him, and he had to struggle with everything he had to keep his feet. That part of him that made him Sentinel, his darkness, his beast; rose up and urged him to submit. The little voice was whispering to him, telling him Nest was stronger, better, that Xander had to let go.

He ruthlessly pushed the voice away, focusing on the image of Jesse as he’d last seen him; a broken and bloody corpse. Xander reached back and sank his claws wrist deep in Nest’s gut, twisting and turning them to cause the maximum damage.

As the Alpha’s grip loosened, Xander was able to pull away and then he repeated Nest’s move, clamping his fangs deeply into the Alpha’s neck. He felt his strength return with each swallow of the powerful blood, and he ignored Nest’s increasingly desperate struggles. Shifting position Xander got an arm locked around Nest’s throat and simply twisted the Alpha’s head. The whole room heard the loud snap of Nest’s neck breaking, and they rose to their feet in awe as Xander dropped the, still bleeding, body to the ground.

Xander turned slowly, looking at the shocked faces, they hadn’t expected this, hadn’t thought it was possible for him to win. By all their laws he was the Alpha now, but it didn’t look like anybody was rushing to proclaim him king. His eyes searched the crowd; looking for the familiar faces of his family, when he finally spotted them he saw Darla bent low over Angel’s body, whispering in their brother’s ear.

It was with a bitter sense of inevitability that he watched as his brother rose from his seat and walked into the ring. Angel’s voice was quiet but it still echoed through the silent room. “Alexander of Aurelius, I challenge you.”

Xander was spent, it had taken every last piece of his strength to stand against Nest, he had no chance and everyone knew it. Looking into his brother’s eyes, Xander thought he saw a brief flash of regret, before Angel’s usual mask came down and removed all trace of emotion from the beautiful face.

As Xander stood and waited for the first blow to land, his last coherent thought was that he might have been Alpha for less than a minute, but it didn’t matter because Jesse was avenged. Then Angel swung his fist and sent his brother spiralling into darkness.


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