The Price

BY : Immortal_katharina99
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He looked unnaturally small and fragile laying beneath me. The smell of his blood and my semen mixing together just flooded my senses, which was probably a good thing, since the boy hadn’t bathed in days. Not that the whelp had been given the option mind you.

I hadn’t quite expected him to bleed as much as he did though. Putting us both through this wouldn’t have done much good if he died right after the bloody claiming. The boy was sobbing. He’d completely given up on trying to push me away. I shook my head, I could sit and brood like some great magnificent tosser later. Better yet I could just act like a bloke and deal with it. Point being I had other priorities.

I scented the boy, trying to concentrate despite the racket the Poof’s followers were making. Good, he was bleeding, but it didn’t smell like he was in serious danger. He wasn’t resisting me at all though, which was unlike him enough to worry me. Well there was nothing I could do about it in the middle of Angelus’ “Great Hall”. And he wonders why I call him a ponce.

I straightened myself, and then picked the boy up leaving his clothing behind. They were rags at this point anyway. Harris weighed surprisingly little. I Don’t suppose the wanker had been feeding the captives all that much. I turned to look at Angelus; if the bastard wasn’t satisfied, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I wanted so badly to wipe the damn smirk off his bloody face, but there was no way I could fight my way out of here with all these minions around. Well maybe if I had been alone… At any rate, for the moment I… we were at his mercy. After what seemed like an eternity, he nodded giving me leave.

If I hadn’t been carrying the whelp, I probably would have gone after Captain Forehead when I heard the wanker start to applaud. In a way it’s a good thing the boy started trembling, it forced me to focus on the problem at hand.

I shoved my way out of the hall, snarling at anyone who came near us. How my grandsire managed to find another of these mausoleums in Sunny hell, I’ll never know. The great psychotic one is a bloodhound for the sodding things.

I made my way up a couple of floors and down the corridor towards the west wing, to the quarters I’d been assigned. There were a couple of minions standing guard outside the door of course. For my protection Angelus had insisted. After all there were still plenty of demons out there angry that I’d been the Slayer’s lapdog. I didn’t bother mentioning that the same could be said of him. As long as they stayed the Hell away from me and the boy, I’d live with it.

I was a little surprised when one of the minions opened the door for us. I could have managed, but it would have been awkward with the boy cradled in my arms. I walked in and kicked the door shut behind us. I made my way to the bathroom and found that my instructions had actually been followed; there was a hot bath waiting for the boy. I hadn’t been all that sure the minions would honor my request or even listen in the first place.

I set the boy down next to the old claw foot tub and dipped my hand in to make sure the water wasn’t scalding. It was was a little on the warm side, but still nothing unbearable. At least I wasn’t going to be bathing the boy in a tub full of acid, which frankly I wouldn’t put past that arse Angelus.

I picked the boy back up and lowered him carefully into the steaming water. He still hadn’t said a word this entire time, which would have worried me with any of the Scoobies, but with this one it was particularly out of character. I took one of the washcloths off of the ridiculously ornate towel rack and soaked it, before gently trying to scrub away some of the week’s grime covering the slayerette.

He’d been silent for so long, that when he spoke, I nearly jumped out of my skin. “Don’t touch me.”

“I’m just trying to clean you up a bit.” I told him. I wasn’t sure what to say to him. Hallmark doesn’t exactly make greetings for this sort of occasion.

“Washing away the evidence you mean,” the youth sneered. I was actually relieved. His voice had a hysterical edge to it, but at least he was talking. At any rate he seemed to be a lot closer to his usual belligerent self.

“You watch to much CSI, pet,” I replied trying to keep my voice light. I was all too aware of what I’d just done. I also knew that things were going to get worse before they got better.

“I’m not your fucking pet.” There right on schedule, the words that could get us all killed.
In retrospect there must have been a better way to handle the next few moments, but damned if I’ve come up with it. The soul, for all its supposed glory hasn’t added mush to my existence, but a big heaping pile of guilt.

He shrieked as I reached over and grabbed his throat by one hand. My other arm shot under water and caressed the one place I knew he never wanted me to touch again. His breath was coming in panicked gasps.

“Actually Alexander, that’s precisely what you now are. Marked by me in every way. You’re mine now.” How I kept my voice from cracking during that little speech I still don’t know. The boy’s heart was beating furiously. I could literally smell his fear. He’d unconsciously started shaking again.

I had his undivided attention now. I just hoped he would listen to me. I loosened my grip on his neck and started lightly caressing the flesh there, careful not to upset the fresh bite mark. I quickly removed my other hand from between his legs. My shirt sleeve was sopping, but I ignored it, I just started cleaning him again.

“I claimed you as mine. You’re marked now. Every Vampire or demon that you come across now, will know that you are mine. You’re marked as my property,” I explained in what I hoped was a soothing tone of voice.

“Why?” he whispered. I wasn’t even sure what he was asking. Why I was saying this? Why would I want to make him mine? Why had I raped him?

“It wasn’t my idea, pet. I’m sorry,” It wasn’t adequate and it never would be. The only thing I could do now was look after him the best I could.

“Sorry? You’re fucking sorry?” He spat. He had every right to be angry and I knew it. That however didn’t make his resentful gaze any easier to bare.

“I had to Xander. Certain concessions had to be made to keep you and the Bit alive. You, what just happened to you, was the price we had to pay for your lives,” I told him shedding my wet shirt. I think I pulled it off just so I could avoid looking at him for a moment.

“What the hell are you talking about?” He demanded grabbing my wrist and stopping the compulsive washing just I’d resumed.

“Angelus,” I answered uneasily.

“You’re saying that Angelus made you…” the boy faltered turning his gaze away.

“Rape you. Yes in a way,” there I’d managed to say it. I’d raped the boy, violated him in the worst way possible.

“What the Hell does that mean? In a way?” He demanded angrily.

“Angelus agreed to allow you and Dawn to live, if and only if I claimed you as a pet. Taking you sexually, as well as biting you was part of the claiming ritual.” I explained.

“Why didn’t you just tell me? I would have let you if… if it meant he would let Dawnie go,” He whispered in an unsteady voice. At least he seemed to be listening to me. He was still afraid, but was at least cautiously considering that what I was telling him was the truth.

“Tilt your head back,” I ordered, pushing him back so I could wash some of the grime out of his hair. “You couldn’t know before hand. It was part of the agreement that I made with my Grandsire. I asked to be allowed to speak to you, but he refused, said if I warned you ahead of time the deal was off.” I explained. The next part of the explanation I wasn’t looking forward to. The boy was going to explode. “Xander, I said he’d agreed to let her live. I never said anything about letting her go,” I told him as I rinsed the shampoo out of his hair.

“What, where is she?” He demanded, trying to bat me away as I attempted to towel his hair dry.

I hesitated a moment before answering. “In his bed,” I replied, letting the water out of the tub without meeting his eyes.

“What? You left Dawnie with that maniac!” He shouted, as I did my best to dry him off with a fluffy white towel. The boy was so exhausted that he was barely able to stand, let alone fight me off.

“She’s alive. He needed some practical reason to keep her alive. Something that wouldn’t make him lose face in the demon community. Besides, He’s always liked them young and innocent. What do you think Darla’s little school girl routine was all about,” I asked scooping him back into my arms.

“How do you know about that? You weren’t even in Sunnydale back then?” He asked, he seemed more curious then anything else.

“The slayer told me about it once,” I answered, laying him carefully in the center of the large four poster bed that dominated the bedroom. He eyed me warily as I reached into the nightstand for the supplies I’d left there. I took out a bottle of antiseptic and quickly cleaned the bite mark on his neck. It had pretty much already stopped bleeding, but I taped a piece of gauze there just for good measure. The boy thankfully didn’t fight me as I did this.

His other injuries, I was afraid he wouldn’t be so cooperative about. I pulled out the jar of ointment that I’d sent the minions out to the healer to get, and set it down on the bed beside him.

“I’m going to turn you onto your stomach now,” I warned him as I reached to do just that. It was obvious he would have fought me if he’d still had the energy.

“Calm down pet,” I tried to soothe; careful not to touch him more than was necessary. ”This ointment is going to help you heal. It’s a bit of a potion really, got it from a demon healer. I need you to spread your legs for me,” I warned, moving his legs apart.

“S…Spike. Please don’t. I can’t,” he begged me, tears beginning to run down his cheeks.

“Pet this is going to help you. It will make you feel better, I promise. All you need to do is lay still and try to relax. It’ll be over soon.” I tried to reassure, carefully rubbing his back.

“Why did you have to be so rough in the first place,” Xander reproached.

“I’m sorry, but you needed to bleed. Our fluids needed to mix for the chant’s magic to work,” I really wasn’t the demon to explain it to him. I really didn’t know that much about the demon traditions. The watcher probably knows more about it to be honest.

“That’s just… gross.” He replied, scrunching up his face.

“Most demon rituals tend to be, whelp. Look, I’d prefer to use this on you, but I won’t force the issue. I was told it would help numb the pain a little. You could try to apply it yourself, but it would be easier if it was done for you,” I offered.

“Okay,” He Agreed. I shouldn’t be surprised. This one has never been short on bravery.

I nodded to him, picking the jar up off of the bed. “It’s going to be a little cool,” I warned. He whimpered as soon as my finger came into contact with his red and torn anus.

“Keep talking to me pet,” I suggested, hoping to distract the boy long enough to finish my ministrations.

“Why? Why did Angelus make you do this?”

“It amuses him. He knows bloody well that we’ve never gotten on. The idea of us shackled to each other for the rest of your life, well it’s just the kind of joke he’d love.”

“Yeah, I guess he would get some twisted thrill out of this. Oh God, please no. I don’t think I can do this,” my brunet companion moaned as I spread some of the medicinal cream inside of him.

“Shush, you’re doing so well, Pet. I’m almost done. Keep asking me questions. Occupy your mind with other things.” I suggested.

“Angelus is kind of psycho. How do you know he won’t just kill us all? He can’t be fond of you right now.” Xan asked, sounding more than a little concerned at the prospect, which surprised me. I was actually quite touched that the boy was still concerned for me despite what I’d just done to him.

“It’s always a risk, but I think he’s enjoying these head games too much,” I answered, hoping that I was right on this count. “Besides I’ve managed to speak to Dawn. She understands what she has to do. She knows that she has to keep him and his new childer happy. Hopefully he’ll grow attached to her, before he tires of playing with her. The fact that I’ve officially put claim to you actually helps her chances. It would give me too much status in our clan to be the only Master with a blood pet,” I explained, quickly covering the walls of his torn passage with a thick coating of the healing cream.

“Jesus Christ Spike, she’s 17. Your answer is to tell her to whore herself out to that creep,” he shouted at me from over his shoulder. He seemed to, the very least, have forgotten about what I’d been doing. Didn’t even notice when I finally pulled my fingers out of him.

“All done,” I announced needlessly reaching down and pulling the covers over his nude body.

“Spike, she’s just a kid,” He mumbled sleepily into his pillow. The boy was completely worn out.

“Buffy was even younger than that when she took up with Angel. Bugger, I never thought I’d miss the great big poofter. Try and sleep for a bit, I’ll see about getting you something to eat when you wake up,” I suggested, running a hand through his still damp hair. Xander just nodded sleepily. Curling up into an almost fetal position, he drifted into a troubled sleep.

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