Two Out of Three

BY : Maggie
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Disclaimer: I do not own Angel: The Series, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Improv #50: crisp -- fall -- return -- ending
Authors Note: Very much AU. Takes place some time after the ItD. Oz and Willow had already broken up at this point and he ends up staying in L.A. to help Angel & Co. Relationship with Wesley ensues.
Dedication: For Bex! Loki to my Bartleby, and the best Wes & Oz smut writer I've ever come across, requested this and I was unable to refuse. Hope it lives up to the standards:)

"Checkmate." The Englishman's eyebrows flew to his hairline as he stared, disbelieving, at the game board.

"B-b-but... how the..." he scrutinized the pieces as if hoping they would explain his tactical errors, while his opponent looked on passively, a bemused expression gracing his features. "Bugger!"

His companion raised an eyebrow at the unusual manner in which he was behaving.

Wesley was still having problems comprehending what had led the three time Watcher's Retreat Chess Champion to this conclusion... this sorrowful ending... this... He happened to glance up and see the look on Oz's face. The expression was met with a sheepish grin and a shrug.

"What do you say we try for best two of three?" He inquired coaxingly, angling his foot to brush along the side of the foot belonging to the ginger-haired man across from him. At this, said red-head's lips quirked up in a rare smile belying his usual aloofness.

"Why, Wesley... you wouldn't be trying to seduce me, would you?"

Humor sparkled in blue eyes, "Heavens no, Daniel."

Upon the emphasis placed none-to-delicately on his name, Oz gave a wolfish growl and catapulted himself over the table, launching his weight into Wesley, who yelped as they both toppled over, scattering chess pieces on the floor around them.

Quickly pinning the older man down and nipping playfully at his jugular, Oz's voice rumbled in his ear, "I thought we agreed you wouldn't call me that..."

The reply came rather breathlessly, "No. You agreed. As I recall, my mouth was rather busy at the time."

Grinning devilishly, the red-head above him ran both hands down the sides of his body, thoroughly enjoying the shudder that passed through it at his touch.

"Well, perhaps I can convince you..."
Sliding further down the trim body beneath him, Oz's lips quirked up at the contented sigh issued from somewhere aboce his head while his love stretched and then relaxed beneath his weight.

Making quick work of the impeding buttons, buckle and zipper that waylaid him for seconds too long, greedy hands soon found and worshipped the pale expanse of flesh they claimed. Fingers slid and massaged as lean muscles danced beneath them.

Sea-green eyes delighted in watching the erratic rise and fall of a flushed chest, before gliding over a trim tummy, pause to give it a quick nip and relish the gasps, and then up to gaze, grinning wickedly, into stormy blue-grey eyes.

Delicate fingers tangle into flaming hair and pull swollen lips down to meet in a different sort of game. Tongues clash, teeth nibble, and the room filled with the sound of rustling material and panted breaths.

Wesley gasped as he felt Oz's hand close around him through the thin cloth that still separated skin from- hey!

"N-not fair!" he managed between shaking breaths, tugging insistently at Oz's clothing, "You're highly overdressed for the occasion."

His complaint was rewarded with a grin as he was pulled to his feet and helped to half-hop, half-shuffle towards their shared bedroom.

Somewhere during the journey, the smaller man had managed to drag his shirt over his head and was pushing his pants downwards as he gave Wesley a small shove, letting the older man fall to land on his back on the crisp sheets of the bed.

Laughter danced in his green eyes as he tugged his lover's pants and boxers off the rest of the way, "Let me just get those for you."

Wesley chuckled and then moaned as the younger man clambered up the bed and then straddled him.

Grinding downwards and half-growling at the wonderful friction, Oz was already reaching for the bedside drawer as he asked, "Did you pick up a new bottle?"

Wesley gave a meek nod, watching as said bottle was retrieved and the smaller man returned to the position astride him and squirted the cool, slick liquid onto a pair of rigid fingers, tossing the bottle away before positioning his lube-slicked digits beneath himself and slowly sliding them into himself.

Oz whimpered softly, eyes closing as his body clenched around his own teasing fingers. Slim fingers wrapped around smooth flesh, and he bucked into Wesley's hand while slipping his fingers out of his body.

Opening his eyes and leaning forward, the younger man settled himself above the ex-watcher and locked eyes with him before sinking down onto the steeled shaft beneath him.

Wesley bit his cheek at the feel of it... the heat... and sucked in a deep breath as his partner began to rock against him.

Slowly at first, as fingers grabbed, held, slid, caressed, claimed sweat-sheened skin.

It was odd, Wesley considered through the haze in his brain as he gazed at his flushed lover, that Oz should be so smooth and compact while his moon driven counterpart was quite shaggy, long and lithe... and then thoughts were again driven from head by licking nips at the sensitive flesh of his nipples.

He gave a strangled cry, throwing his head back and bucking up against Oz.

The sudden movement upset the fevered rhythm which they had been driven by and the smaller man threw himself down, meeting Wesley's every thrust as they slammed against each other.

Feeling the urgency powering Oz's movements, the older man reached between them and grasped his erection.

"Jesus, Wes! Gonna- uhn-" Oz nearly sobbed the rest of the shout, slamming down to bring all of Wesley inside him, his body spasmed as he came.

Unable to hold off any longer, and not really wanting to as the warm body on top of him clenched and held him, Wesley too cried out a name before rocketing into oblivion.

The pair simply held on too each other for a few moments. Sated and near exhaustion, they lie still. Oz was first to recover, realized what his lover had called him at the end of their love-making session. He pushed up, his hands on either side of Wesley as he held himself above the brunette and mocked-glared down at him, "I thought I told you never to call me that."

Wesley smiled happily, reaching up to caress the younger man's cheek, "Ah, yes. And you were to set about convincing me not to... " He gently pulled the grinning mouth down for another heated kiss and then whispered against swollen lips, "I'll have to warn you, Daniel," another grin and a hidden chuckle, "It may take quite a bit more convincing..."


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