How I Spent My Summer Vacation

BY : mcee
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Xander remembered being asked, every year for more years than he cared to remember and usually while standing in front of a class, how he'd spent his summer vacation.

While others happily spun tales of family trips to Disneyland, weekends spent at cottages in Oregon and beach houses in New England, Xander remembered never having anything interesting to say. His parents never took him anywhere, and both times Willow's parents had taken him along on a family trip, he'd gotten embarrassingly sick. Hardly anything he wanted to share with his Space Camp-going classmates.

Older, when they had finally stopped asking, Xander started spending summers doing things that would stun entire classrooms speechless. Those were the summers - five of them - spent with the Slayer, the girl guaranteed to make you have a good time, murderous fiends aside. Xander was proud of those summers (and of all the seasons in between), but it didn't matter much anymore. Buffy was dead, and someone else, not-Buffy and decidedly less of a hoot, was kicking demon booty. Their little defunct gang had, for the first time in their adult lives, uneventful nights that added up to months and seasons and years, all just as unremarkable. Barely any apocalypses, no one going to Hell or coming back from it, no villain du jour to annihilate, preferably at the last minute.

But Xander, never to be outdone, went right out and got himself his own little adventure.

This is what he reflected upon tonight, sucking on a cigarette idly while his fingers raked lazy circles in disheveled blond hair against his chest.

Let them ask, now. Alexander, how did you spend your summer vacation? Well, Miss, I spent most of it sleeping in a car older than you, pressed into the upholstery by a body the likes of which you've never even dreamed of. On the road, going anywhere and nowhere, and fucking like bunnies on the way there.

Xander reached up and carefully flicked cinder out the crack of the window. He felt oddly revitalized, with the air around him cool and wet from the rain pouring outside. It pounded the car with hard, fat drops. Beyond the fury of the weather, it was calm around them, and they were the only ones at the rest stop at this time of the night that could only be described as 'ungodly'. His Ungodliness himself was sprawled luxuriously across him, their legs tangled onto the driver's seat. Xander had long ago stopped feeling the car door digging into his shoulder, and reveled instead in the feel of Spike's compact weight on him. Road-coma had claimed the vampire, and Xander simply enjoyed letting his mind wander from self to nature to boy, spending a little more time on the latter.

Xander sucked on his cigarette one last time and flicked it out the opened window opposite him. He nudged Spike with his knee, meeting unresponsive dead weight. He kneed harder.

"SPIKE. Wake up."

"Mgh..." The vampire stirred.

"Rise and shine, fangless."

"Mmm still dark."

"I want sex."

Xander felt him smirk into his chest. "S'that right."

"It is. Get your ass in gear, 'William'." This time he shoved, and they both sat up groggily.

Spike rubbed at his eye with his fist, yawning. "And I suppose *I* should do the honours?"

Xander patted the wisps of unruly bleached hair. "You bet your ass you should. I won."

Spike snorted and threw him a look. "I hardly think your outstanding skills at car bingo merit sodomy, pal."

Xander grinned smugly and undid Spike's belt.

"Besides," Spike continued, ignoring the fingers hovering close to his crotch, "there weren't any cows on my side for, like, all day."

"Tough shit," Xander slipped a hand inside the worn denim, meeting with warmed flesh.

Spike bit back a come-back and tilted his head appreciatively. He considered this carefully, aided by the calloused hand on his cock. "Yeah, this could work," he conceded, nodding.

Xander pulled his hand away and peeled off his own t-shirt, throwing it in the backseat.


"Yes, luv?"

"I love rest stops."

Spike laughed and sank down on him again, covering Xander's smirk with his own. Once again he found himself glad he didn't drive a Miata.

Spike lapped at an attentive nipple, kneading the pliant flesh of a strong arm next to him. With his free hand he fiddled blindly with the button of Xander's jeans. "Bloody h-- Why do you even bother to close these?"

"Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you."

"I'm just saying."

"I'm flattered, but less than impressed with your hands-on skills."

"I'll show you hands-on skills," Spike muttered as the zipper slid down with a satisfying sound.

Xander grinned to himself; he loved it when Spike felt the need to prove himself. He tucked both hands under his head comfortably and propped a bent knee on the steering wheel. Let the games begi--

"SPIKE!" Xander bolted half upright, heart threatening to rip open his rib cage. "Jesus CHRIST."

"You liked that, eh."

"Where'd you picked THAT one up??"

"I'm fairly creative, you know."

"Please, less talking, more... of that." Xander made a gesture in the general direction of his genitals.

"Ah, but you know what they say about too much of a good thing."

"I though you killed those people."

"Point taken."

Spike dived back down and yanked the boy's jeans further down his legs, until he had proper access to what he considered to be rightfully his. 

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