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Dawn sighed and stretched her limbs luxuriously. She smiled contentedly, enjoying the feel of her skin against the cotton of the sheets. She kept her eyes closed and her movements deliberate, because she knew that drove him out of his mind. Somehow she always seemed to know how to do that.

His hand felt her belly, caressing the soft curve with his palm, gently, short painted fingernails trailing lazily across her skin. She chanced a sideways peek and smiled when she met his eyes.

He laid on his side next to her, naked also, his body curving naturally into hers. Hers was flat against the mattress, still flushed and heaving softly from her climax. She felt absurdly happy suddenly, and it occurred to her that she hadn't answered his question. Another blissful sigh left her lungs, melting into a moan by the time it reached her lips.


Next to her the attentive vampire stirred. "Yeah?"

"Oh yes."

He came closer and she let him do all the work, let his moist lips part her own, his tongue seek hers, teeth scraping, nibbling, always blunt, always wanting to do more, show more, give more. He moved over her and she opened her legs to cradle his hips, and it felt just right, he fit. Dawn felt his hard cock against her own sex, still moist from the shuddering orgasm his fingers had coaxed out of her earlier. Her mind reeling, her fingers dug into his short hair in the back of his head and she deepened the kiss before breaking it. Their faces hovered close still, refusing to part completely.

"Is this going to hurt?" she inquired, distracted by the feel of his weight half resting on her. There was was something impossibly comforting about it.

He didn't answer right away, but reached up to brush stray hairs from her brow. "It might, a little."

She nodded and her fingers played across his collarbone. She looked down at them, then let his gaze slither up her slender throat, and back to her face, first to her lips, then to her eyes.


"Yeah," she whispered, holding his head close to hers, and his face sought the warmth of her neck as he entered her fully. She gasped into his ear and clutched at his hair and back, but the feeling knocked the breathe out of her otherwise. Her heels dug into his calves then the back of his thighs, and she squeezed around him tighter. They stayed still, shocked motionless, curled into each other as though they had been carved from the same pale stone.

"Oh god..." They had both said it, her the child, and he just as virgin, tasting for the first time the warmth of a human embrace.




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