Vampire's Bitch

BY : Chen
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Title: Vampire's Bitch
By: Chen
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A/N: My first smut. And a slash too. Probably will be my last (yeah, right).  Way  too complicated. Angel doing the deed is a homage to Spike's nickname for him: poof.

I want to thank my many BETAs, who even after reading this, helped and encouraged me. You guys RULE!

Riley had tried to control his impulses. He had tried hard to ignore the pull in his gut and the intrusive thoughts crowding his mind to the point the thought he was loosing his sanity. Damn this town.  Coming back was wreaking havoc with his new found domestic bliss. He  turned to look at his perfect wife sleeping next to him. She was  perfect: strong, beautiful, sweet and not dead.

Which was his problem right now.

Just one more time. It was not like he would want to do this again once they left the Hellmouth. Or be able to. He found his clothes and silently got dressed. With infinite care he closed the door and walked into the night.

He quickly found what he was looking for. The house was falling  apart - it was nothing more than a skeleton with some rooms which  still held some resemblance of having belonged to a building.  Vampires and humans mixed together in dark corners and the smell of  blood impregnated the air. Yes, this was perfect for him. Riley wandered around trying to chose a cute one to suck him. His build and  whitebread looks made him very popular with the lady vamps. A hefty  meal he was. He found a little blonde vampire, still wearing some sort of uniform. Her green eyes and ponytail made him think of Buffy.  She would do just fine. He reached out his hand and she took it, quietly following him while licking her lips.

Going upstairs Riley opened dilapidated doors in search of an unoccupied room. He wanted to be sucked, needed it. In his twisted rationale it would be okay, if after getting his vamp fix, he dusted the girl.

Good, this one is empty.

"C'mon this will do."

He headed to the corner where what used to be a couch stood.  He sat down on the chair and unbuttoned his pants, pulling the zipper down just enough to make his hard-on less uncomfortable. Maybe she could suck him first and then *suck* him.  The girl went into vamp face and kneeled down between his legs and with her hands started massaging his bulging cock.  "Suck it."  She was about to when a noise made both of them aware they were not alone. A tall figure walked out of the shadows.

"Get out." 

The little vamp girl didn't think twice about obeying, once she saw the tall vampire's ugly growl.

"Well, well. What do we have here? Riley, the soldier boy has a little vamp problem?" 

"Angel? What in the fuck are you doing here?" Riley tried to hit the vampire, but Angel was quicker and he found himself immobilized from behind.

"Bad language?" Angel shook his head with a scornful smile on his lips, but maintained the firm grip on Riley's arms. "Now what is such a righteous demon hunter doing in a dump like this? And from what I saw from my little corner you were about to get the double suck from the Buffy look alike. How sick are you?"

"Me, sick? I am not sick." Riley spat his words out, finally revealing his fury. "And about Buffy - she was the one responsible for this. If it wasn't for that freak I wouldn't have had to ever come to a place like this. That bitch is the one who got me hooked -  having sex with her was like eating cold pizza. Limp and cold. I had to find something to fulfill my needs."

With each word coming out of Riley's mouth Angel's anger rose, until it had reached unbearable levels and his demon gained control.  Holding Riley's arms with one hand only he brought his other hand to cup the still present hard-on the human had pressing against the zipper of his pants.

"Hummm. So you like vampire sex, don't you? With a little bite thrown in? Why should you be denied?"

"Take your hands -- awww." An involuntary moan escaped Riley's lips.

Angel had unzipped him and with a deft move had freed his hard dick and was now expertly rubbing him.  To his surprise, he became even harder.

"You like it, don't you? You like me squeezing you?" Angel grazed his fangs on Riley's neck, sending delicious shivers up and down the totally turned on commando's spine.

Riley couldn't help himself and his body responded with gusto. He pressed his butt to Angel's pelvis and was impressed with the volume he found there. Immediately he  started rubbing his cheeks against the vampire and was rewarded with a lustful growl.

"So you want to be my bottom boy, eh? We can arrange that."

Angel thought it was safe to free the boy's arms now. Besides he would need them soon.  Bringing both his hands to the front, Angel finished unzipping Riley's pants and lowered them with a yank.

Riley felt the cool flesh against his body and it thrilled him even more. He loved the roughness of being handled by a stronger man and the bonus of that man being a vampire eliminated any misgivings about who the vampire was or whether somebody would find out. He just wanted to be fucked.

"Bottom boy, you know what I am going to do to you? I am going to make you pay for every single word you said here tonight. You have been bad and bad boys should be on their knees." With that Angel made Riley turn and forced him down. Holding the dirty blond head with both hands he ordered, "Bitch, undo my fly."  Riley complied with trembling fingers. A long and thick cock popped out from a nest of dark curls. Riley opened his mouth and was about to take it  all in when Angel pulled his hair and made his head snap  back.  "Did I tell you to suck me, bitch?Did I give you permission?" Angel  looked down at Riley's face and smiled. "You suck me when I tell you and how I tell you to. You want to suck me, don't you?"

"Yes. I want to suck you. Please." Riley wanted to fill his mouth with dick more than anything else in the world.  "Lick me then. Slow." Riley clumsily stuck out his tongue and licked the length of Angel's dick as slowly as he could over and over again. "Good slave. Now open your mouth because I am going to fuck you there  first."

Without further warning Angel shoved his entire cock into Riley's mouth and began pumping it mercilessly. Riley licked and sucked while digging his fingers into the vampire's ass for balance. The thrusts were hurting the back of his mouth and Angel was so big it made him fight for air, but there was no other place he would rather be.  Angel abruptly stopped pumping and held his cock to the opening of Riley's mouth, its head smooth and shinny with saliva.

"Lick it, I am beginning to drip slave."  The tongue came out quickly and Riley licked the head of his cock  with glee, but the minute he tried to pull it back into his mouth  Angel stopped him. "You just don't learn, do you bitch? You do..." Slap. "What...."  Another slap. "I tell you to do." He pulled Riley to his feet by the hair and made the tall soldier boy lean against the couch's back. "Now I will have to punish you." 

"Yes, please. Punish me."  The vampire rubbed the head of his cock against Riley's crack, teasing him, but not penetrating. "If I fuck your ass, you will like it. Won't you soldier?"

A loud moan was all that Riley could muster at this point. He wanted it, he needed that cock inside him.

Angel laughed. "Ask for it soldier. Beg for it." 

"I want your cock inside me. Fuck me. Fuck me. I need it." 

"Yeah, you really do. Don't you, you sick fuck?"  Angel couldn't wait much longer himself, the pressure in his balls was starting to hurt him.  Why not give the sick bitch what he wanted? He spread the cheeks and started inching in. He wanted the hypocritical motherfucker to feel every inch of his hard cock ripping his asshole open.

Riley gave a cry of mixed pain and pleasure when he felt his ass burning like fire. The pain was incredible, but the sensation of having a stiff dick in him was beyond good. He had never felt like this before. He loved it.

"Take it up the ass like a man, soldier boy. Take it." Angel's thrusts were deep and determined at first, but he soon started loosing himself in the tightness of the human's ass.

Riley had also lost any shred of control by now and was moaning loudly and freely.  He turned his head to face Angel with begging and lust in his  eyes, "Bite me, please."

Angel's anger had only increased with the lust to fuel it. Just a little bite wouldn't hurt the bastard. Angel took a handful of Riley's hair in his hand and pulled the soldier's head back and with a feral growl sank his fangs into the human's neck.

The sensation of having Angel pumping him from behind and the vampire's fangs digging into his neck was enough to send Riley over the edge. He found his own dick and started rubbing himself  feverishly feeling his climax so close he could taste it.

Angel was shocked by the taste of fresh and extremely hot human  blood. The jolt he received made him sink his cock even deeper and with renewed force. He heard Riley scream but he didn't care. He cared for nothing but coming inside that tight ass and feeding with that delicious red liquid.

The fuck of a lifetime. Yeah. Hurting the stupid soldier after all the bastard had put Buffy through. Having him beg for more. Drinking him in while fucking the living daylights  of him.

That made Angel feel so good. So very good. Total bliss.

His head began to swim and as he came the vampire felt his whole body spasm while he sucked at the neck more and more.

Riley tried to stop Angel, but the vampire had already drank too much.

- It's all that fucking bitch's fault. -  That was his last thought before Angelus drained him dry. 

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