A Good Night for Never Again

BY : Maggie
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AUTHORS NOTES: For Baco, because she chided me to keep more coming and talked of the evil Joss with me... Plus, I'm suffering from 'lack of sequel' to VIGIL and hope if I spotlight her she'll gimme some *grin*

A Good Night for Never Again

They sprinted away from the rusted gates of the cemetery’s entrance, running as though they could dodge the raindrops that poured down around them, and quickly ducked into the backseat of the waiting DeSoto, slamming the door shut as soon as they were in.

Buffy had gone to a cemetery across town that night, and Spike had just ‘happened’ to be out driving near there. Saw her enter, offered a hand. She had told him ‘no’, because she remembered what he did with that hand last time and there’d be no more of that. He had simply smiled, not the usual patronizing smirk, but a knowing smile and an almost-courteous nod. So, had had agreed… and then, a torrent of rain had fallen from the sky… just her luck.

Now, she was stuck in the backseat of his car, clothes clinging to their bodies, and she was casting a wary look in his direction while he ran a tongue over his lips and tried, unsuccessfully as it were, to hide the predatory look in his eyes.

“So… uh… luv… perhaps you should… ya’ know,” Innocence, thy name is not Spike, “Shed those wet clothes b’fore you catch a cold…” Her eyebrows hit her hairline and he snorted, throwing his hands up in mock defeat, “Fine. Suit y’self.”

And she watched him while he toyed with a seam on his duster, trying to hide his disappointment from her. If there was one thing Spike could do, it was emote. He thought it was a downfall. On the contrary, Buffy found it to be his saving grace.

Especially the sweet, little boy pout he didn’t believe he had. She had only mentioned it once to him, and he had completely wigged out. All ‘129 year old Master Vampires, do not pout.’ And he followed the statement up with a hearty portion of bottom lip. She had merely hid a smile behind her hand and given up the fight. Besides, she was worried she’d never see it if he was aware he did it.

Right now, though, even after she had promised herself ‘never again’, all she was interested in was that look of adoration that crossed his features when they coupled. Yeah… she could definitely do with some Buffy-adoring right now. And hey, what could the harm be. She glanced at the windows, which were already beginning to mist from her breath heating the cool panes of glass. They were outside a cemetery at nearly 3:30 in the morning… doubtful they’d be spotted.

Running a nervous tongue over her suddenly dry lips, she began to shrug out of her jacket, “Now that you mention it, it would be nice to get out of these wet… clothes.” Just enough emphasis to get his non-existent breath to catch in his throat… enough to draw his attention back to her and away from whatever it was he had been studying with a begrudged expression.

He gave her a quizzical look, but his doubts were soon assuaged as she slowly slid her plain white t-shirt over her head. It had been almost soaked through, so it did her little good anyway. Spike hesitated only a moment longer, until she reached down to unfasten the button on her jeans, before he sprang into action. In the time it took her to finish taking off her blue jeans, he had ripped off his duster, shirt, and those ever-present bljeanjeans. She appreciatively eyed the marble-esque skin as it was exposed to her, and then leant back against the seat, waiting to see what he would do.

Spike, paused too, when he saw her settle back into the seats, wondering for a moment if she was leading him on, just havin’ a bit of fun… but when he saw her eyes trained on the formidable bulge beneath his boxers, a feral grin slipped over his features and he slid casually over to her side of the seat, enjoying the sharp intake of breath as a reaction.

“Pet… looks as though you’ve got your knickers all… wet…” His grin widened when she squirmed in the seat, “How’s about I help you out of those, luv?” She didn’t trust herself to talk, but he was quite pleased at the whimper and nod he received.

He gently pushed her until her back was leaning against the door of the car, and then moved so that he was between her legs. Hooking his thumbs on the straps of her panties, he tugged them down and off before turning back to look at her. She was beautiful like this. All spread, and flushed, and waiting… waiting for him… He could spend eternity in the backseat with this girl… He shook himself from his reverie though, You’ve got her now, mate.

Grinning at the thought, he ran his hands up her calves and thighs, coming to tease her soft nest of curls with his fingertips. She sighed out a breathy whisper of his name and closed her eyes at the sensation. With one hand, he continued to massage the curves of her pelvic bone, causing her to try to buck her hips up to force more contact. He pushed down lightly though and chuckled, “Tut tut… give it time, Buffy…” he leaned forward briefly to lay a soft kiss on her belly and whispered against her skin, “Just let it happen, luv.” She heeded his request, and he resumed his ministrations, while reaching down with his other fingers to pinch and tease her clit.

She moaned again, using all her restraint to keep from bucking her hips again when he buried two fingers inside her. Drawing them slowly in an out, he used his thumb as a trigger to brush against her clit with every thrust.

Soon she was squirming and writhing beneath him, almost begging him for more contact. He did no more than he already was though, murmuring softly to her “Tell me, Buffy, luv… Tell me what you want…”

She gave in to her body’s instincts this time, bucking up when his voice reached her ears, “Oh God… please… please… Oh Spike…”

He smiled softly as she babbled… She was gorgeous really. Panting and begging… all for him. He wriggled in his own seat, his erection almost aching at this point from the lack of contact. Sure the thin material of the boxers gave him some slight friction when he shifted positions, but still… he was yearning to sink into her… No. Not yet…

She was still murmuring nonsense under her breath, bucking and writhing and pleading with him for more. “Buffy, luv, just tell me what you want, pet. C’mon, sweets… what do you need?”

He slipped a third finger in her and her inner-muscles clamped around him. She cried out in pleasure from the added resistance, but it wasn’t enough. Suddenly Spike found a small, warm hand gripping his neck as she hauled him up to loom over her. “You… now… need you…”

In the blink of an eye, his boxers were on the floor of the car and he was positioned above her again. Using one hand to tilt her head so he could look her in the eyes, and the other to support himself, he thrust suddenly to bury himself in her heat.

Both of them keened from the exquisite pleasure of it. He fit her perfectly, filled her, grazing a part of her she had denied for so long… And she burned him, scorched him, and remolded him…

They moved in a different dance now, a mad rush to find release, and Buffy raked her nails over his back, hard and deep, the scent of his stolen blood filling the auto. Spike howled as he came, thrusting into her and still somehow having the wits about him to reach down and between her legs and tease her over the edge as well.

Together they shuddered, and Buffy shivered against him, wrapping herself in him and hanging on for dear life. Hooking her chin over his shoulder she gazed up at the windows of the car and giggled.

“Look…” Unwrapping an arm from around his back, both their eyes followed her hand as it reached up to make an imprint in the fog on the windows. After being sure she made a clear print, she drew her hand back and looked expectantly to Spike.

His lips quirked in a smile, and he reached up with his own hand and made a twin imprint next to hers before looking back down to her.

She was gazing up at him with a soft expression on her face, and he gazed back a moment before speaking again, loathe to break the moment, “Stopped rainin’, luv. Better be headin’ back… nibblet to take care of, an’ all.”

She smiled before replying, “Yeah… Probably should be heading back…” But instead of moving, she wrapped her arm back around him and pulled him closer, “…later.”

Surprised at the sudden show of affection, Spike decided not to question it. Better to just appreciate and dwell later. So, instead of pushing the subject, he slid an arm underneath her and turned them so she was atop him while they lay on the back seat. Pulling his duster from the floor, he covered them both with it and dropped a kiss atop her head.

“Sleep sweet, Buffy.”


He smiled. Yeah… never again. Won’t happen… And then the smile broke into a grin. It had been a good night. A real good night for ‘never again’.


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