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Spoilers: Early Season 2
Improv #40: pet cool sweat spray
Notes: This one's for Christy. It was a challenge issued to me at Bardcon 2002. The rules for the challenge are listed at the bottom.
Notes 2: This would be my first Improv response
Notes 3: On with the group sex...

“You want me to what?” She asked in disbelief. This couldn’t be happening… there was no way that this could be happening…

She cast a concerned look towards the bound Xander lying limply upon the bed on the other side of the room. She had played every worst-case scenario over and over in her head since Spike and Drusilla had made their presence in Sunnydale known. But she had never, even after all she’d been through as the slayer, considered that this could happen. Even as Xander’s chocolate eyes locked with hers, her mind denied the fear and hopelessness they found there. It couldn’t be possible… they couldn’t be here…

His sharp cockney accent tore her from her reverie, “You’re mine… or I drain the boy, and turn you anyway.” So cool and calculating… She reflected, as though she wasn’t even there… it was someone else that he was sizing up. Someone else he was making this offer to. Someone else who would have to give their life to him to save the foolish child before them.

Even now he was thrashing and trying to fight the ropes that had him bound. Muffled pleas and curses ignored as they struggled to pass the soiled rag in his mouth. She stared unseeingly at him, knowing there was little choice.

Eyes still locked on his writhing figure, she spoke hesitantly, “How can I trust that once I give myself to you, you won’t kill him anyway?” Blindly searching, scrambling, clawing at some way to avoid this forced treaty. A slayer fights… does not surrender… When a slayer’s life is compromised for the safety of the few, retreat may be necessary. A quote from the slayers’ handbook fleetingly crossed her thoughts. I’ll really have to study that book a bit more when I get back. She mused, her thoughts having abandoned the rational.

He smirked, “Really, slayer. No confidence in me…” he tutted in mock disdain, “I’m disappointed really…” His gaze grew cold and his tone sharp, “Not as though you’ve much of a choice, pet. So, what’s it to be?”

And that was it. It was either Xander and her… or she could go willingly and hope he kept his word… Her eyes grew glassy, and when she spoke again she wondered when she had ever sounded so small. “What about Drusilla?”

The line his mouth had been set in while he waited for her to reply quirked at the corners, “Don’t you worry about my Dru bein’ lonely. I’m sure she’s keepin’ herself plenty busy playin’ with the ol’ sire.” He grinned when the tiny slayer’s eyes glassed over with unshed tears. They were always the most fun to break.

She tried to lie to herself, tell herself it wasn’t true and that Spike would never let Drusilla… play… with Angel. She felt sick to her stomach, gazing at that knowing smile on his lips.

“What’s that, ducks?” He spoke harshly again, “Think I mind? I don’t… well, not much least ways.” He grinned now, clucking his tongue against his teeth as he stepped closer to her, “…got my own toys now, don’t I?” His voice was almost gruff now.

He leaned closer, “So… what’s it to be, lamb?” The slayer in her shrieked that he couldn’t possibly stop her if she surprised him with an attack now. He would be an easy stake. She could fight her way past his fledglings. Even manage to slip by Drusilla if she was busy with Angel… Xander… Angel… “What about Angel?”

She whispered. His expression was sour as a cloud settled on his features, “No deal. Angel’s Dru’s. I got no say in that. The only say you have now, slayer, is whether or not the whelp dies. Everythin’ else is set in stone. Now, as much as I’m enjoying this little conversation of ours, it’s business time. Make the choice, pet.”

The tears that were threatening her spilled over at the knowledge that there was nothing she could do for Angel. But if she played by his rules… she could save Xander. She stared again at the brunette who had grown still and been listening to their conversation. His eyes were pleading with her to run. She nearly smiled at that thought. Always belittling himself and branding himself a coward, and yet so willing to give his own life for any of them.

She sniffed though, and forced herself to stop crying now. It was time. It was her place. She set her jaw and hazel eyes locked and dared teasing crystalline orbs. “Deal.”

That cocky smirk was back, “Knew you wouldn’t disappoint, love.” From his place on the bed, Xander was practically wailing now, but the two blonds ignored him.

“Don’t call me love.” She practically sneered. The master vampire’s smirked only widened to a grin and Buffy shifted uncomfortably when he did nothing more for a moment. She was about to speak again, if only to break the silence, but a high-pitched yelp sprang from her lips when Spike’s arm darted forward and he gripped a fistful of her honey locks, pulling her roughly forward so his lips were brushing her ear.

“Much as I appreciate the spunk, sweets, I’ll call you whatever I damn well please from now on… and what’s more, I’ll ‘ave you beggin’ for it…” His accent grew more pronounced as he lowered his voice and she could feel his erection digging into her hip as she tried to squirm away from him. He merely tightened his grip on her hair, and she gasped at the pain before stilling her movements.

“That’s better.” And with no more than a quick nip at her ear, he strode quickly away from her and seated himself in a high-backed chair across the room. She stood quietly, waiting for him to give her a cue. And she absently noted that Xander was wiggling about the bed again and shouting into his gag.

The room remained silent, however, and Buffy found herself speaking again, just to break the smothering silence. “So… were you planning on actually turning me, or is this the part where you make a wish and hope it happens?”

That annoyingly perfect smirk returned to his lips, and he folded his hands behind his head, stretching his legs out before him. “Strip.”

She did a double take, “… excuse me?” She glanced around frantically, “uh… what about Xander! This is the part where you let him go, I’m sure of it.” She nodded firmly to emphasize the point.

He chuckled, “Call it insurance if you want… You agreed. You’re mine now. I’m telling you what I want… now… strip.”

She drained of color and she began to reluctantly pull at the buttons of her blouse to a backdrop of Xander’s muffled protests. Pulling it back off her shoulders, she let it drop unceremoniously to the floor and she forced herself not to cross her arms over her exposed chest.

She averted her eyes from the strained material of the bleached vampire’s pants as she carefully unbuttoned her jeans, pulling down the zipper and then pushing them from her hips to pool at the floor around her ankles. Suddenly, in nothing but panties and a bra, she felt her cheeks flush and she wasn’t able to stop herself from wrapping her arms around herself in a last attempt at concealing herself from him.

Spike shifted in his seat, “All of it, love.” She paused, and then, trembling fingertips found their way to the front clasp of bra. The tips of her ears were aflame at this point, as she let the silken material slide off her arms and, still shaking, her thumbs hooked around the satiny elastic of her panties and she slowly slid them to the floor. Straightening, she fought not to cover herself again, opting instead to let her arms hang awkwardly at her sides.

“Umm… right… so, kind of naked now,” she babbled uneasily, “So, can you just let Xander go now?” she finished, not caring that it sounded incredibly unslayerish to be begging.

Spike slowly shook his head, “No… actually, I think junior wants to play…” He grinned at the constant stream of muted curses pouring out of the teen. “Yeah… that sounds about right…”

“Hey now!” Buffy took a step forward, placing her hands on her hips indignantly, beyond the point of caring that she was entirely exposed, “Xander-usage wasn’t part of the deal!”

Spike’s expression grew serious, “Not really in the position to be negotiatin’, are we, pet?” He shifted to game face, and stood abruptly, “Then again, we can call off the deal if you want?” He took a step towards the bed, but paused when Buffy spoke.

“No! No, no.” She quickly walked towards the bed, stopping at its side, “Fine. I’ll play you’re little game.” She waited until he had shook away the ridges that appeared when he was vamped out, and then climbed up to kneel on the bed.

“Look Xan… just… just follow my lead, ok?” His cinnamon eyes seemed to reject the thought at first, but upon the look she shot him, he nodded in compliance. Buffy tugged gently at the rag in his mouth and he swallowed quickly when she had removed it.

“Buffy, get out of here! I don’t care what Spike said, just go. We can’t trust hi-”

“Hey now, kiddies! No secrets.” Spike was suddenly looming over them from the space next to the bed. “In fact, what say we get a little mood music, eh?”

Watching them closely all the while, he sauntered over towards an old phonograph in the corner of the room. Without looking at it the album in his hand, he slid it into it’s proper place. “One of Angelus’ old collection… poofter’s got bloody terrible taste in music let me tell you. Let’s just hope it’s not Barry Manilow, eh?” He prattled on while winding the turncrank on the old machine. “Bleedin’ crime against humanity that is.” He locked his eyes with the two on the bed who were staring at him with their mouths slightly agape, “You know the tune, right? Oh Mandy, you came and you gave me a wedgie…?” He mocked slightly off key.

Buffy was the first to some what recover from his rant, “Spike. We are not ‘buddies’. This is strictly business,” She raised her voice slightly as a hauntingly sweet orchestral piece poured from the speaker and their captor practically stalked towards the bed, slipping his shirt off over his head on the way. She tried not to notice the solidness of the body presented to them, “That’s it.”

He quickly knelt beside her and stole a kiss. “Perhaps not…” he murmured against her lips. She found it surprising that it was less of a task than she thought not to pull away. “Wh-what do you mean?” A nervous tongue darted out to lick bruised pink lips.

Spike leaned back, surveying the scene before him. A flushed slayer was perched, naked, Can’t forget that bit, now can we, mate? Next to that silent, for once, bound male body on the bed. He could smell the fear radiating from the pair and was struggling with a raging hard on of his own… and yet, one thing was missing from the equation… Dru… He sighed heavily.

“Alright, class, it’s like this. I might be willing to trade your freedom… and that of the poofter,” he noted with disapproval that the slayer’s features perked up at that, “for a bit of help… and, of course, some… entertainment,” he leered.

Buffy and Xander quickly exchanged a glance, “Ok… considering we don’t have much of a choice… what’s the help portion of our proposition? I can figure what the… entertainment part of this deal is.”

Spike was slightly taken aback that the slayer was being so willing to consider this, but quickly barged ahead before she could change her mind. “Layin’ the cards on the table, I want Dru back. And with Angel prancin’ around, that’s not much of an option-“

”I am NOT staking Angel!” Buffy’s eyes flashed and her nostrils flared in anger. Of all the dirty, rotten, horrible, awful, no good, not to mention EVIL, things she’d ever considered he’d say, this took the cake! How could he even SUGGEST that sh-

“Slow down there, love!” The vampire chuckled at the change in her demeanor, and leaned backwards against one of the posts of the master bed they were lounging on. “I’m not suggesting that we stake the poof… although…” He grinned at her expression, but continued, “I’m just suggesting a… treaty of sorts… Let’s say, Dru and I leave town, you and the poofter ride off into the sunset, and we all live… or unlive as the case may be, happily ever after.”

He let them consider this. “So…” she began slowly, gazing at Xander again, “There’s no Buffy turnage, no Xander killage, and you guys boot it?” The deal seemed almost too good to be true… Oh yeah… the entertainment segment of our show…

Spike nodded before shrugging, “I want Dru. You want Angel… and this moron,” He gestured to brunette beside them, “For some reason, alive…”

“Hey! Sitting right here, you know!” Xander objected, but shut his mouth quickly when Spike and Buffy both stared at him, “And shutting up now, I guess…” he finished meekly.

“Well, it doesn’t seem like I have any choice, now does it?” Buffy answered lamely, keeping eye contact with Spike. He nodded. And then grinned. “So… we have a deal?” The slayer nodded. “Right then…” He reached forward to brush his fingers along the side of her face. She started, but he gave her credit for not drawing back, “…on to the shagging?” He felt her shake slightly beneath him.

“Hey! I, in no way, think that her ‘shagging’ you,” Xander imitated in a poor British accent, before barging ahead with his protest, “Should be part of this deal!” He glared at Spike challengingly when the blond turned an amused gaze towards him. “Who said it would be just us?” Xander’s mouth dropped open, but Spike spoke again before he could reply, “Now, shut your gob before I put the gag back in.”

Buffy nearly giggled at the exchange, but their current predicament had her too nervous to do anything but stammer, “Uh… n-not that I d-don’t know how this works, but… uh… how exactly are we, uh… for a lack of better words, d-doing this?” Spike leaned forward again and pressed his lips to hers, “Just follow my lead, love.”

She trembled again beneath him, and he gripped her hair again, pulling her lips greedily to his. He and Drusilla hadn’t been very… active, as of late. She had been too preoccupied with the stars and visions of her Angel returning to them. What had initially been a plan to entrap the slayer and mock Dru with the fact that he too would find someone else, had turned into something better. Now he'd have a little fun.

Buffy suppressed a moan as he lowered her down upon the bed. She ran her fingernails over the pale skin of his chest as he pinned her down on the bed. For Angel… For Angel… she desperately tried to remind herself of why she wasn’t fighting back… that it had nothing to do with the teasing fingers that were rubbing the sensitive skin of her thigh.

Xander stared in awe at the couple that were working each other to a frenzy beside him. A smirk slid unbidden to his features. “Uhh… so, how ‘bout those Lakers?” He tried to distract the couple, who was now engaged in some heavy groping as Buffy struggled to unbutton the dark jeans that were hanging low on Spike’s hips.

The pair paused, and Spike turned towards the babbling teen with a wicked grin. Pushing himself up, he drew away from the panting slayer to position himself over the brunette. “Do you know what, mate?” Xander gulped and tried to squirm away from the piercing gaze that the bleached vampire had fixed him with, but he just moved closer to the bound boy, “You talk too much.”

Without another word, he closed his lips over Xander’s, eliciting a stifled yelp of surprise. Sliding his hand down to massage the other male’s firm thigh, Spike grinned into the kiss when he felt, more than heard, the keening moans of pleasure from beneath him.

Buffy watched in awe as the two men before pressed against each other. She felt herself growing wet and she didn’t fight the urge to slide her fingers down between her legs.

Pulling back slightly to let the boy beneath him recover his breath, Spike wrapped his arms around Xander’s back and began working at the ropes that bound him. “I’m untying you… but if you try to run, I’ll snap your neck. Got it?” Xander nodded furiously, wild-eyed and struggling not to lean up and claim those kiss-swollen lips. Spike chuckled at the boy’s eagerness even as he slid the rope out from beneath them.

Sitting up, he turned towards the slayer beside them while Xander rubbed at his raw wrists. Spike chuckled, “Couldn’t wait, love?” Buffy, finally noticing their eyes on her quickly drew her hand from between her thighs and pressed her legs together, crossing her arms over her chest in embarrassment.

Spike’s own hand darted forward though, and he pulled her arms away from her. “Don’t worry…” he cooed, “There’ll be more than that happenin’ before we’re through…” He pulled her towards him and kissed her soundly on the lips while massaging her breast with the hand that wasn’t currently grasping her hair with. He pulled back and laid a soft trail of kisses along the column of her throat and lapping at the sheen of sweat that covered her skin while murmuring, “Xan? Lay back and get yourself ready.”

His reply came haltingly, “R-ready for what?” Spike smiled at his inexperience. “For her, mate. Not me. Not yet ‘least ways.”

He heard a shuddered escape of breath and a shifting of the bed as the boy complied and lay back. Spike carefully moved Buffy, lips never leaving that delicate skin over her heated pulse point, and then repositioned himself behind her. Xander, without a word, helped him to shift Buffy’s weight so that she was straddling his hips.

“Alright, love,” he murmured in her ear as he lifted her up slightly above Xander and continued to toy with the soft fullness of her breasts, “Just relax.” He slowly lowered her onto the boy and grinned at the twin moans he received. Xander bucked his hips up to meet the heat of her body above him and the two soon had slow rhythm going. Spike slid closer so that he was almost spooned against Buffy, but shifted into game face for a moment. Biting his own wrist he used the blood to lube his own stiff cock while he shook away the ridges again.

Looping his arms around the curve of the slayer’s waist, he placed the tip of his penis her tight entrance. “This’ll hurt for a minute, love.” Without warning, he eased fully into her, causing a sharp cry to spring from her lips. Pausing when he had buried himself inside of her, the trio was still for a moment as Buffy adjusted to the feeling of both Xander and Spike inside her.

Spike was the first to move again, thrusting gently into the girl in front of him. She groaned and her head lulled backward to rest on his shoulder while Xander too began to thrust up, and soon Buffy found a rhythm of rocking back and forth to meet their thrusts.

“Uh… that’s it, pet…” Spike growled his approval out, listening raptly to the mewls of pleasure from the blond against him and the wordless chatter of the brunette beneath her. Sliding his length out of the slayer, who responded with a groan of loss, but doubled her pace on Xander. Spike repositioned himself quickly and drove himself in to the cool depths of his boy, who gave a strangled cry, and pulled himself up further until Buffy was resting in his lap, while Spike was still driving himself home at a brutal pace.

Buffy threw her head back, screaming as she came. The scream morphed into a howl of mixed pain and pleasure as Xander and Spike each claimed a side of her neck and drank of the slayer’s sweetest nectar.

Spike drove himself into his childe and let go of his control cumming in white hot spurts as the blinding licks of fire rose from deep within his belly to tease the back of his eyelids. He could feel Xander beneath him, clenching and screaming his sire’s name.

Spike withdrew, grinning at the slowing spray of blood that came from her neck as he pulled the slayer off of his boy and pushed her limp body to the side of the bed. He slid in closer to the content boy. “I’d say that Drusilla’s little plan worked out quite nicely, wouldn’t you?” The brunette smiled slyly at his master.

“Oi! I played some part of the plan, I’ll have you know.”

Xander smirked, “Yeah, the part where you said ‘Sounds right peachy, love.’ Staked her, twisted Angel’s head off his body, and then turned me. At the time it seemed a little extreme, but I’d have to say it did work out for the best.”

He stretched languidly, pushing Buffy from the bed. “So I improvised a bit.” The blond vampire pulled himself up to pin his first childe’s arms above his head.

“Xanpet, did you ever hear that the blood of a slayer is a powerful aphrodisiac?” Xander grinned up at his sire, licking the small trail of blood from the corner of his lips. “Might’ve… care to give a demonstration?” A wicked grin spread Spike’s features before he covered the boy’s mouth with his own.

One hundred and twenty-one years is enough to make any relationship go stale… don’t you think?


The challenge:
Pairing: B/S/X
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: During Season 2
Requirements: Spike has to sing "Mandy" by Barry Manilow

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