Xander takes over ! (Buffy the vampire slayer)

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Chapter 1 - Buffy, Dawn and Joyce are bred !

As much as the others tried to convince him, Xander always felt like the weakest one in the group. It was obvious why, of course, he was the one with no powers – sometimes he felt like he was nothing but the inferior sidekick. Of course, he had contributed to the Scooby’s gang success in the past – without powers, he was still able to keep up with the rest of the superpowered gang – but he was still frustrated by how he always seemed to be slightly behind the rest. So I’m just the butt-monkey of the group, he thinks gloomily. 

It didn’t help that he was currently recovering from the stupid spell that damned Amy had placed on him yesterday– it was kind of great while it lasted since the spell made him completely irresistible to all girls that set their eyes on him – but now the effects were gone and he was just back to being plain old Xander. He lies in bed, staring at his ceiling in frustration. 
What would he need to do to become more powerful, or even just more attractive to girls without Amy’s spell? Because, to be honest, there isn't much he wouldn't do to become Buffy's lover ... The most busty slayers in history. He felt a bit different after the spell but he didn’t think too much of it.. until he stood up to get out of bed. 

He gasps as he feels a huge, heavy weight flop between his legs. He looks down and freezes in total shock at what he sees. What was this? His previously normal-sized cock was gone, replaced by an absolute monster of a penis that was so thick and long it looked more like a huge rod or pole than a cock! It was huge, smelly, and it was so long it flopped to the ground even as he was standing up. It flexed hungrily on the ground. And this smell – Xander sniffs. The room was filled with a heavy, musky odor that seemed to be coming from him. 

It smelt completely masculine and virile, dominating and stinking up the entire room with how potent it was. He opened his mouth and realized that it wasn’t just his cock that grew longer, his tongue was also much longer than it ever was before, a long muscle that stretched and hung out of his mouth like a tentacle! This must be the side effects of the spell Amy put on him. Xander is stunned, staring down at his huge, gigantic anaconda cock. 
It was amazing.. but his amazement was soon replaced by the familiar frustration that plagued his mind earlier. So what if he grew this absolute beast of a smelly gigantic cock? He was still the loser, the butt monkey of Scooby gang. He sighs. He’ll call up Amy and ask her to revert him back to how he was before, even if that meant reverting back to the lanky, nerdy low testosterone self that he was. 

Xander scowls as he thinks of how much Buffy had sex with the masculine hunks of the group like Angel and Riley. Of course Xander was jealous - none of the girls have ever looked at him with anything close to desire until Amy put that spell on him… Xander was about to continue stewing in how upset he was when the phone suddenly rang. He sighs and picks up. “Hello?” There is a lot of background noise crackling through the phone but Xander is still able to hear the frenzied voice of Angel. “Xander, come quick! We’re currently fighting some demons – there’s a lot of them and Buffy’s fighting all of them! We need help!” 

Xander jumps up, his huge cock flopping with his movements. He must deal with his problem later, then – he had a mission to go to…. Even though he doubted that he’d be able to be anyone particularly useful to the Scooby gang. “Okay, tell me where you are and I’ll be right there,” Xander says into the phone, stuffing his new gigantic cock into his pants. 


 Xander rushes to the address Angel told him. Immediately he can hear the sounds of fighting and snarling. 
He arrives at the battlefield, having run all the way there but strangely he doesn’t feel tired at all! Must be the adrenaline, he thinks, thinking no more of his sudden burst of energy. He sees Buffy fighting furiously against the gang of huge, snarling mystical demons. Despite the intense situation, the fighter was in and how powerful those ugly demon beasts were, the blonde girl was clearly winning, her moves confident and fluid. Phew... Xander thinks, forgetting his own problems as he admires the absolute sexbomb that was Buffy. 

Buffy’s huge, gigantic tits were swinging and bouncing with every move she made. She was wearing a tight tank top that stretched lewdly over the absolutely gigantic pair of melons that she had, causing every jiggle and shake of her huge soft milkers to be prominently seen. It was a wonder that tight top doesn’t simply burst with how huge her tits were, especially with all of the dodging and attacking the sexy blonde was currently doing. Her fat ass and thighs jiggled together with the rest of her. Her perfect hourglass body was so curvy and plump Xander nearly forgot what situation they were in. Her ass was just as round and fat as her melon milkers, shaking and jiggling with every jump and step she took. Her thick thighs were powerful, flexing with muscles as she leaped and dodged the attacks of the demons... 

Yes, every move she made caused her jiggly plump body to shake and bounce. The pair of tight shorts she was wearing also did nothing to hide how fat and puffy her fat pussy was, the tight denim wrapping tightly around the mound of her pussy to form a tight, jiggly cameltoe. It was obvious to anyone who looked that the sexy blonde had an absolutely fat, jiggly pussy with juicy fat pussy lips. The blonde was sexy when she fought, her strong curvy body slaying the demons and splattering her skin with their blood. Xander felt his new huge cock twitch as he watched the sexy blonde girl slay the reminds.. oh, the things he would love to do to that strong girl. 

Another wave of shame crashes through him. As if that would ever happen! I bet she sees me as the loser of the gang, Xander thinks glumly, nothing but the clown of the group.. too different from Angel or Riley... He’s shaken out of his thoughts when he sees Buffy suddenly stumble, letting one of the remaining demons rear up and start to advance on her, their teeth out and sharp. Xander immediately rushes forwards and throws himself between Buffy and the demon. Geez, is this another effect of the curse? Xander felt much, much stronger than he ever did before – like he had developed super strength alongside his increased testosterone level. 

He easily blocks the demon with a single-arm like it was no big deal and, with a strong kick, caused the ugly beast to fall to the ground. Buffy, having recovered quickly, comes up beside him and quickly kills the demon, looking at Xander in surprise as she had also noticed the change in strength in the previously weakest member of the group. The two of them then fight together, killing off the remaining demons one by one. Xander had never felt so powerful or confident in his life, his newfound strength easily allowing him to kill and slay demon after demon. Buffy was as always as skilled and confident as ever, her fat plump tits and ass shaking and bouncing as she fights alongside. 

The fight goes on until there is just one demon left, crumpled and weak on the ground after Xander had landed a fierce, powerful punch to the demon’s ugly head. Buffy stands over the demon, about to land the killing blow, when the beastly creature lets out a laugh. “Hah! Never could I imagine myself like this.. being killed by a curvy bimbo slut like you!” Buffy looks unaffected by his words, raising her chin proudly. “Just because I have huge, fat tits and a curvy hourglass body that has a fat ass do NOT make me a bimbo, you ugly creature. I’m no slut, I’m loyal to Riley and I forever will be.” With that, she crushes down on the demon’s neck. 

The demon lets out another weak laugh as his life starts to fade away. “Hah, that’s what you think.. well…” the demon weakly reaches out and touches Buffy’s leg with a glowing finger. He grins an evil smile. “..there. I just cursed you.” The demon laughs, an ugly crackling sound. “...If you betray your boyfriend Riley in the next 24 hours.. if you present and open your fat pussy to anyone but your loving boyfriend within the next day, you will be a sex sow for the rest of your life!” The demon continues even as life starts to fade from the monster. 
“You will become completely horny and thirsty for big, thick cocks for the rest of your life.. you will be unable to resist them… your pussy will clap and become wet, begging for gigantic fucksticks to just break your pussy wide open..! Yes, if you fuck anyone else in this 24 hours, that’s what your life will become!” 
The demon laughs and strangely, Xander realizes that the demon is staring straight at him as if the demon knew exactly what happened to Xander’s previously weak and unmanly body... 

With one final gurgle, the demon falls back and dies, an evil smile still on its face before it disintegrates into dust. Buffy flips back her long blond hair in a collected fashion, her huge plump tits jiggling slightly with the motion. “Hmph, what a load of nonsense that damn demon was saying. As if I’d ever cheat on Riley.” She then looks at Xander coolly, raising her eyebrows at him. “The situation was under control, by the way. I appreciate your help but I was doing just fine without you.” Xander narrows his eyes. 

He thinks of what the demon says – he definitely saw the demon place the curse on the curvy blonde girl, so if what the beast said was true, then now was Xander’s chance to conquer his crush and steal Buffy away from Riley. 

After all, with his new gigantic cock and ultra-manly change, he had never been more attractive to females in his life, right? “Well, that was a nice fight,” Buffy continues, “but I should go back to Riley now. He’s waiting for me.” Xander doesn’t speak but immediately steps closer to her. Buffy’s eyes immediately widen as she breathes in Xander’s new, virile scent. Xander watches as the blonde’s nostrils flare as she breathes in that heavy odor, that manly musky stink that radiated off him in stinky, smelly waves... Buffy’s body reacted immediately, and it was clearly visible thanks to her tight clothing. 
Xander could see her fat, jiggly pussy lips immediately start to shake and tingle beneath her tight shorts, her lips moving and clapping beneath her shorts in arousal as the blonde girl breathed in his virile man scent. Her whole body started to shift uncomfortably as Buffy started to feel herself get insanely aroused by the strange musky smell coming off Xander... 

She clears her throat and tries to ignore how her pussy was growing insanely wet. “Well, Xander, something seems to have changed in you. Did something happen to you?” God… my body is reacting like crazy to his scent.. what’s happening? Buffy’s mind thinks, biting down roughly on her plump, fat cushiony lips as her nipples started to stiffen, completely consumed by arousal by the stench surrounding her. “I didn’t think you had the strength to fight like you did,” Buffy continues, trying to keep her voice steady... 

Her large, fat tits were even more prominent to Xander now that he was so close to the curvy blonde. The tank top was thin and slightly sheer, stretching tightly across the two huge mounds of her melon sized tits. Her nipples, stiff from arousal due to Xander’s scent, were clearly visible through the thin top… every move she made caused her ridiculous fat ass and heavy tits to jiggle and shake in their clothing. She can feel her fat pussy wetten drastically... if this kept going, she was going to drench her panties and her shorts with her juices.. “Well, remember that spell Amy accidentally put on me?” Xander explains. Buffy nods. “I think that it has given me some side effects.. it’s made me into a bit of a hunk, filled me with testosterone or something.” Buffy laughs coolly, once again flipping her hair over her shoulder. 

She was shifting from leg to leg, trying to control her tingling aroused pussy from becoming even wetter… her movements caused her thick thighs to jiggle and clap against one another as she did so. “Oh, that makes sense. As if you could ever be a hunk naturally, that’s just not how you are! Of course it was a spell that made you the way you are.” Her voice wasn’t hurtful, just cool and factual. However, it still hurt Xander to hear that his crush never thought of him as a hunk and that she would never regard him like she saw Riley and Angel. 

“That’s how you think of me!’ Xander snaps angrily, “you always think of me as a beta loser, the weakest one in the gang! I’m sick of it. You always prefer the masculine chads like Angel or Riley. To you, I’m just a weak loser nerd!” Buffy blinks in surprise, reaching out to touch his shoulder lightly. “But that’s why we love you, Xander. You’re the goofy funny guy that makes us all laugh. So what if you’re not as powerful as the other men, we love you just the way you are.” 

Buffy looks at him, nodding. “I love you, Xander, and I always will… as a friend.” That was the last strand of hay on the haystack. Xander couldn’t stand it anymore, being seen as the beta nerd of the group. He immediately reaches out and pulls Buffy towards him, his hand going around her to grab her ass. His hand immediately sinks into the ridiculously cushiony and plush flesh of her round, fat asscheek and he gropes it roughly, his cock flexing at the feeling of Buffy’s huge ass in his hand. 
While the curvy blonde girl is still shocked, Xander sticks his mega long tongue right past her pouty puffy lips, starting to tonguefuck her with the giant, wet appendage, sloppily and passionately sliding his tongue in and out of her mouth. “X-Xander! What are you doing – stop it!’ Buffy says, trying to pull herself away, but Xander refuses to back off. 

He brings his other hand to Buffy’s other fat, bouncy asscheek and starts to grope that one too. He’s now kneading both of her fat asscheeks at the same time, groping them in a dominant fashion and making them clap against each other. He presses up against Buffy’s body. Her huge, soft tits press up against his chest, her gigantic tits squished tightly against him. He groans at the feeling of those fat, huge milkers against his chest. Buffy was secretly going crazy. 

She had never imagined that Xander would be so dominant. Every breath she took caused her to inhale the stink of that virile man scent of Xander that was causing her body to grow insanely aroused… and the feeling of his dominating wet tongue fucking her mouth was making Buffy’s mind fog up. It was too much of her: this newfound manliness of Xander, his smell… it was breaking the powerful vampire slayer’s resolve. “Let me fuck you, Buffy..” Xander says, pulling his tongue out of her mouth. His cock was flexing like crazy beneath his pants. 

Buffy looks down and gasps in shock when she sees the absolutely massive size of his huge, gigantic monster cock. It was so big, reaching down to the floor, and it flexed and writhed like an anaconda beneath his pants. It was an absolute beast of a horsecock and Buffy felt her pussy clap, absolutely drenched and only growing wetter as she sees the huge, thick meatrod in Xander’s pants. She suddenly remembers the curse that the demon placed on her, and she shakes her head firmly despite her whole body aching for Xander’s thick cock.. even her fat nipples were twitching in arousal, causing her huge tits to jiggle with need. 

“No, Xander... I can’t let you fuck me. I can’t betray Riley and become a sex sow. I’m a dignified fighter..” She bites down at her cushiony lips, looking at the thick huge meatrod in Xander’s pants. “But.. I can give you a blowjob to help you relieve your urges.” Xander groans at the thought and nods. It was good enough for now. He takes out his cock, unzipping his pants, and Buffy’s mouth opens slightly in shock as she sees the absolutely massive length of his now-naked cock… 

He prods the thick, fat head of his cock against Buffy’s soft pnk lips and she immediately opens her mouth, her fat lips stretching lewdly around his thick length as wet, slick noises start to fill the air as her head bobs up and down Xander’ huge, smelly cock. Buffy is drooling all around Xander’s cock, her mouth shiny with spit as she messily gives Xander a sloppy blowjob, her sexy fat lips stretched obschery wide over his huge throbbing meat. Xander groans. Buffy’s wet, tight mouth felt amazing on his gigantic fuckstick. 

He watched his huge, long meat disappear between her fat cushiony lips as she bobbed hear head back and forth. “God, Xander, your huge fat cock is so ridiculously big... I never thought I’d ever see a cock this big..” Buffy says, her words slightly muffled as she sucks at the thick rolls of foreskin at the head of Xander’s monster cock. She goes back to slobbering all over his cock, her chin becoming shiny with the messiness of her cocksucking. Xander could feel his cock starting to throb… 

Buffy didn’t show it but she was amazed and stunned by the sheer size and length of the cockmeat stuffed into her mouth.. “it’s so big..” Buffy says with awe, licking up and down his huge throbbing shaft, “your fat cock is the largest, fattest thing I’ve ever seen... It’s stretching my mouth wide open..” “I’m going to cum,” Xander grunts, and within moments his huge fat cock flexed and throbbed, and immediately a huge, excessive blast of cum shoots out of his cock. He cums so much his semen fills up Buffy’s mouth within seconds, her cheeks puffing out as they try to contain the absolute gallons of cum that Xander’s massive cock was pumping into her. 

She swallows his cum greedily but he won’t stop cumming.. she tries her best to swallow the cum blasting out of his fat cock like a firehose but there’s so much that she’s unable to swallow all of it. Buffy swallows mouthfuls and mouthfuls of Xander’s thick, hot cum before she finally has to pull away... Xander’s huge cock is still pumping cum as it leaves her mouth, and he shoots hot thick strings of cum all over Buffy’s face. 

When he finally stops cumming, Buffy’s face is completely drenched with his cum... it dripped down her chin and onto her huge, jiggling tits. Her pussy was completely drenched, so wet she could feel her juices soak through her shorts, but she didn’t show her arousal. Her belly was stuffed full from the gallons of cum she swallowed from Xander’s orgasm. “There,” she says coolly, “I hope that helped relieve your fat cock’s needs.” 


Buffy’s in the locker room after gym class, dressed in only her panties as she prepared to change back into her school clothes. Her huge, fat asscheeks were so plump they seemed to gobble up the tiny pair of panties that she wore. She struggled to pull her panties off – her ass and thighs were so thick it was always a feat trying to take her panties off. She huffs, jumping to try and force her panties off her huge thick ass. The movement causes her huge gigantic milkers to bounce and shake. 
Finally, the tiny piece of fabric slips past her jiggling asscheeks, fulling revealing her smooth puffy pussy and huge, round asscheeks. 
She gasps as a voice suddenly rings through what she thought was the empty locker room. “Please, let me stick my cock in your fat pussy.” Buffy sighs as she slams her locker door close. 

Xander was next to her, filling up the empty locker room with his excessive stink that made the blonde’s pussy tingle, but she didn’t show his arousal. “I told you I’m not going to betray Riley,” Buffy says, “I’m not going to let anyone near my pussy!” She bites down on her tongue, looking at Xander’s flexing, gigantic cock writhing beneath his pants. It looked monstrous.. but she knew she couldn’t give in to her urges, no matter how strongly her pussy tingled. “God, fine,” the blonde huffs, trying not to let her arousal show as she rolls her eyes, “I’ll let you tongue fuck my pussy. If that’ll make you happy. I won’t let your cock in my pussy but your tongue will be fine.” 

Xander immediately jumps to agree and Buffy spreads her legs to allow his huge long tongue access to her pussy. Her pussy lips are wet, drenched with her arousal, and the jiggly pussy lips are starting to clap in anticipation as Xander kneels down, opening his mouth to let his thick long tongue come out. His thick wet tongue immediately thrusts itself deep into her pussy and Buffy moans, her eyes rolling back. That thick muscle pressed perfectly against all her pleasure points, writhing around and filling her up amazingly... Xander started tonguefucking her roughly, sliding his wet messy tongue in and out of her tight pussy, and Buffy gasps as she realizes that she was going to cum. 

That huge long tongue plunging in and out of her tingling pussy felt amazing. She tried to hold herself together but the feeling of that tongue stretching her out was driving her tingling pussy crazy! “AHHH!” she moans loudly, and her pussy starts to squirt like crazy all over Xander’s long writhing tongue, “I’M CUMMING!” she gasps loudly, the squelching sounds of her squirting pussy loud and lewd in the room.. her juice splatters the ground as Xander continues to tonguefuck her, causing her to squirt nonstop all over his tongue… 


A few hours later Riley and Buffy kiss passionately, about to make love, when Buffy kisses him on the cheek and pulls away. “Let me go take a shower first,” she says, and walks into the shower stall, already naked. Her huge naked tits and ass bounce like crazy from the sheer weight of them as she steps into the shower stall and closes the door. She gasps in shock when she realizes Xander was standing in her shower, completely naked, his huge gigantic cock flexing hungrily on the ground! Once again Buffy’s body reacts strongly to his stink and the sight of that cock.. “Come on, Buffy, let me open up your pussy with my hugefat-clapping Buffy shakes her head. “No! But.. you can fuck my asshole.. as long as you leave my pussy alone, it should be okay..” 

Buffy bends over, her huge asscheeks presented to him, and she spreads her fat clapping cheeks open to reveal her asshole to Xander. Her hole is wet from her pussy juices, and it’s flexing as if it wants to devour Xander’s huge throbbing cockmeat. Xander wastes no time, immediately stepping forwards and spearing her tight hole with his gigantic, fat monster cock. Buffy gasps, her eyes rolling back as she feels Xander’s ridiculously gigantic and stinky cock stretch her tight asshole out, throbbing and pulsating as he buries his huge fat cockmeat deep in her asshole. He starts to fuck her with brutal fuckmotion. 

“God, can’t you keep quiet?” Buffy says, but her words are shaking with how much pleasure his fat fucking cock was giving her, “Riley’s outside..’ “I’ll try,” Buffy grunts, but the wet slaps of his huge flexing cock slamming into her flexing asshole causes wet, lewd sounds to fill the bathroom... Buffy tries to keep quiet as Xander brutally destroys her asshole, his gigantic smelly cock tearing in and out of her hole and stretching her wide open. Her asshole was stretched so tightly around his monster cock. “Your huge fat cock is stretching my asshole out so widely... you’re ruining it...” she moans, “but at least it’s not my pussy...” Xander can feel himself start to cum, his huge monster meat flexing with the gallons of cum he’s about to spray into his crush. He groans and holds Buffy’s fat, juicy asscheeks in his hands as he starts to fuck her faster, the lewd slap slap slap noises growing faster as he brutally and quickly fucks Buffy’s ass with his smelly monster meat. 

He watches his huge meat pole disappear again and again between her ridiculously fat ass, as if her asscheeks were greedily gobbling up his cock. When he comes, he shoots gallons and gallons of his thick, potent seed deep into her ruined asspussy.. Buffy bites down on her fat lip as she feels the ocean of hot thick semen filling her up, stuffing her ass to the brim with the stinky, smelly semen that blasts out of his cock like a thick firehose… Buffy returns to the bedroom minutes later, completely shaking and trembling with the amazing assfuck she just experienced. Her asshole was completely ruined, stretched open, and Xander’s hot stinky cum dripped out of her, running down her jiggly thighs.. “I’m sorry, honey,” she says to Riley, “but I’m suddenly too tired to make love with you.. let’s do it tomorrow..” 


Buffy is suddenly woken up in her sleep when she feels a stinky, bulky man slide into her bed where she was sleeping with Riley. She looks at the clock: 11:30, just thirty minutes before the curse ends. She turns and gasps in shock when she realizes the person in her bed was Xander! He was completely naked, his huge, gigantic anaconda cock throbbing in his hands... Buffy swallows, her mind fogging up as she once again breathes in his stink. Xander smiles at the shocked blonde. 
He rubs his huge, thick cock against her soft, gigantic asscheeks, slapping his fat cockhead against her jiggly, fat ass. He then moves his cockhead until it’s pressing against her fat jiggly pussy, which was already starting to grow wet. 

She gasps as she feels his huge, fat cockhead rub against her clothed fat pussy. “Please, Buffy,” Xander says, seeing how desperate the blonde fighter was, writhing in her bed, “let me fill you up.. let me pump your pussy full of my babies...” Buffy couldn’t do it anymore. She had been holding on the whole day and now she couldn’t hold back. ‘F-fine,” she says, “fine! Fuck my pussy, Xander. Fill my pussy up and stretch it wide open with your huge, fat monster cock...” 

Xander immediately smiles and covers her plump, curvy body with his own, his gigantic flexing cock immediately finding her pussy. Her pussy was already clapping wetly and loudly for him, her pussy lips drenched in her juices as her pussy eagerly opened up for that gigantic thick monster cock. Buffy moans loudly, her face falling into a lewd expression as Xander finally pushes his huge smelly cock deep into her sacred pussy, stretching her jiggly pussy lips wide over his invading gigantic cockmeat. 

I’m sorry, Riley, Buffy thinks, knowing that she had just been cursed forever, I gave up my pussy to Xander... I’m sorry... 
Xander starts to fuck Buffy, his huge gigantic cock immediately stretching her pussy impossibly open. He pulls out his cock, the wet gigantic meat shiny with her juices, before he slams it back in, stretching open her pussy again with his gigantic smelly cock pole. 
Buffy moans… the feeling of that veiny, monstrous thickness tearing her pussy wide open sends her into another crazy bout of arousal. The blonde girl had held on the whole day and now, feeling that monstrously gigantic stretch her tight pussy out… she was in heaven, even if she would never admit it. Her tits bounced and shook with every brutal thrust Xander slammed into her pussy, his monster horsecock making her stomach bulge whenever he buried it deep inside her. She feels her hole being brutally used, like she was nothing but a set of fuckholes for cum to be dumped in. 

It felt amazing… her face starts to twist into that slutty lewd expression. Her mouth hangs wide open, her luscious cushiony lips parting in a bimbo-y fashion, her tongue dangling out like she was in heat, begging for something to fill her mouth up. Her eyes were glazed and blank from lust, crossing back in her head. She looked dumb and in heat, looking like a horny sex doll. “I want to fill you with my babies..” Xander says, watching her belly bulge as her hungry wet pussy greedily swallows his ultra thick cock again and again, “open up your cervix for me…” Buffy’s body obeys immediately, her legs stretching wider and her cervix and womb opening up. 

She moans loudly as she feels his monster cock breach the deepest, most sacred part of her pussy, that gigantic smelly cock meat stuffing itself into her baby making box! “Xander.. your cock feels amazing stretching open my fat pussy.. it’s so big..” she moans, and with another few thrusts she gasps, starting to cum like a sow on his huge invading cock. “I’M CUMMING!!” she moans, trying to keep quiet as they fuck like animals right next to her boyfriend, “I’M CUMMING ON YOUR GIGANTIC THICK MONSTER COCK FILLING UP MY BABY MAKING BOX!!” Xander groans, listening to the lewd wet sounds of their fucking fill the room. 

He was going to pump his crush full of his thick, potent seed.. it felt like a dream.. he couldn’t believe this was happening to him... He reaches down to grope Buffy’s fat, flopping tits, feeling her soft fat titflesh in his hand as her tits bounced from his animalistic fucking, his cock continuing to pull in and out of her fat jiggly pussy. “You’re mine now, Buffy..” They fucked throughout the whole night, Buffy cumming like a whore again and again on Xander’s huge fuckpole. He filled her up again and again with his cum, stuffing her belly full of his babies as he made sure no inch of her was left empty or without his thick cum. 

His huge invading cock seemed to never stop cumming huge fat loads into her hungry jiggling pussy, her tits swinging and bouncing nonstop through the whole night from his animalistic fuckmotion. “Be my personal bitch, Buffy.. your pussy gobbles my cock up so greedily… I’ve pumped you full of my children…” Buffy moans and shakes as she once again is sent into another crazy orI'm. “YES!!!” she moans loudly, cumming hard as her eyes roll back. “YES, XANDER, I’LL BECOME YOUR PERSONAL BITCH.. I’LL OPEN MY FAT PUSSY FOR YOU WHENEVER….” Xander smiles. The sexy, curvy blonde was finally his... 

                                                                                                                     Time skip 

“Oh, isn’t it wonderful?” Buffy is beaming proudly, her cheeks glowing with joy as she rubs at her huge, swollen pregnant belly full of babies... Riley is sitting next to her, looking equally happy. “I can’t believe I’m final were going to be the proud mother of Riley’s babies,” Buffy says, looking lovingly at Riley. Riley smiles back proudly and kisses her fat lips. 

Little did he know that the babies inside his lovely girlfriend was from the sperm of Xander... “I’m so proud too, honey.. we’re finally going to have a family..” Buffy’s mother and sister sit across them, looking equally excited and proud at the scene. However, when Riley stands up and leaves to the bathroom, Buffy sighs. “I need to tell you something.. these aren’t Riley’s babies.. these are Xander’s! And, well, thanks to a curse a damn demon put on me, I’m practically a slave to big cock now. I’ve turned into a sex sow.” 

The happy expressions immediately fall off their faces, replaced by shock. “Xander? But.. but… isn’t he the weakest one in the group?” Joyce cries out. “A sex sow?” Her little sister Dawn scoffs, “What, are you brainwashed or something?” 
Buffy sighs. 
“I promise you, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love being Xander’s personal sex toy, his personal breeding sow. Much better than fighting those damn demons every day,” she says. Her family doesn’t reply, still trying to process what Buffy was saying. Buffy continues. “Well, I have a favour to ask you. I need to go on a short trip for a bit and well, Xander has his sexual needs. Can he stay here and… can you two try and satisfy him while I’m gone?” “What?” Joyce asks in shock. Dawn rolls her eyes. “Wow, that’s like, the worst thing you’ve ever asked me to do for you, big sis..’ 

Buffy sighs pleadingly, “Come on, you two, this will help me out so much.” A brief silence passes before the two women reluctantly nod. “Fine,” Dawn says, flipping her dark hair with a huff, “it’s not like I’ll become a.. sex sow, or whatever it is you said. We’ll help him and then that’ll be the end of it.” Joyce nods. “We’ll do it cause we love you, Buffy. No other reason. Once you’re back he’ll be gone.” 


“Welcome,” the two girls say in unison when Xander arrives at their doorstop. His eyes immediately widen and his cock flexes when he sees the two busty relatives of Buffy. Joyce was already a prominently curvy and sexy woman, her perfect hourglass body fully obvious with her huge shaking ass and tits. But now she wore an absolutely skimpy bikini set that barely seems to hold the weight of her huge, heavy tits that jiggle and shake with every single small move she did, her huge melons rippling and clapping against each other. 

Her huge, fat asscheeks were just as round and prominent, her tiny thong barely able to be seen due to the sheer size and fatness of her huge round jiggly asscheeks. Dawn was dressed in a similarly lewd outfit, and while she was shorter than her mother she was no less curvier. Her gigantic round tits bounced in a cute skimpy sheer bra, her stiff nipples poking out as her melons bounced with every step she took. Her fat, round ass was barely contained by a similarly sheer pink pair of panties that barely covered anything at all… 

The two women immediately breathe in Xander’s thick, smelly scent and they gasp as they feel their ridiculously fat pussies start to tingle, their jiggly pussy lips starting to twitch and clap beneath the fabric. “W-well, make yourself at homeman scent,” Dawn says in a nonchalant voice, flipping her hair back and trying to ignore how her body was starting to go crazy at the sight of Xander’s gigantic cock through his pants and his stinky, virile manscent. Xander’s huge monster cock was already flexing with arousal at the sight of the two absolute sexbombs in front of him. “Well..” he says, taking off his pants and hearing the two wo...n gasp when they fully take in the gigantic, throbbing anaconda of a cock that falls onto the floor, “…can I relieve some of my urges with you two first?” 


 I can’t believe he dominated us so easily, damn.. Dawn’s thoughts are interrupted as she moans lewdly, Xander’s huge gigantic cock thrusting itself deep into her puffy, wet pussy, her asscheeks jiggling from the force of the man’s brutal fuckmotion. “Ahh, ahh..” Dawn moans, her eyes rolling back as she feels the stinky gigantic thickness of Xander’s cockmeat stretching her out perfectly, pressing against all of the weak pleasure points in her pussy. 

His cock was so massive but her pussy had opened so easily for that gigantic monster horsecock. Her huge fat melon tits swung heavily as Xander fucks the cute little sister brutally, his huge cock easily dominating her pussy, womb, and cervix with each huge thrust. With each brutal thrust of his hips, he’s stuffing Dawn full of his hard, throbbing smelly cock, sending perfect pleasure rippling through the sexbomb’s body… “AHH!!!!!” Dawn screams, feeling her orgasm start to build up again.. 

She had already cum so many times on Xander’s huge fat cock, “AHHH, I’M CUMMING ON YOUR HUGE SMELLY HORSECOCK STRETCHING MY PUSSY OPEN!! I’M CUMMINNGGGGGG!” Dawn’s face falls into a lewd expression, her tongue hanging out as she continues to moan nonstop, Xander’s huge thick cockmeat continuing to fuck her with wet, lewd sloppy sounds that fill the house. 

“Do you want to be my sex sow too, just like Buffy?” Xander asks, his brutal fucking pace never slowing down as he rams his gigantic cock into Dawn’s clapping tingling pussy again and again. “n..n..” Dawn tries to denied, but against Xander immediately increases his fuckspeed once more, his huge fat monster cock making lewd slapping noises as he stretches out the girl’s right pussy again and again… his hard cockmeat was pressing againt all her perfect pleasure points again, sending her into another orgasm as he fucked her brutally on his huge ravaging donkey dick... 

“AHHHH!!!!!!” Dawn screams again, her whole body shaking and causing her fat swollen melon tits to shake and bounce with the force of her orgasm, “AHHHHHHHH, YES, YES, I’LL BE YOUR SEX SOW! I’LL BE YOUR SEX SLAVE, YOUR HUGE MONSTER COCK IS AMAZING... I’M CUMMINGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!” Xander smiles as he finally unloads his fat, heavy stream of cum into the girl he now owned as well.. His cock pumps thick, stinky loads of thick white balljuice right into her womb, floodinimpregnate his seed until her belly starts to swell and stiffen with the gallons and gallons of heavy, stinky cum that he blasts right into her fertile womb like a firehose. 

His strong swimmers immediately impregnant the young girl, filling her up with multiple little babies all at once… He fucks Joyce next, her clapping pussy already ridiculously wet and willing for his gigantic monster cock after seeing how manly that stinky Xander dominated her daughter. 

Xander approaches her, and Joyce wordlessly presents her pussy to him, her head foggy with the dominating smell that rolled of the stinky stench-filled boy... Xander immediately thrusts his cock deep into Joyce, her fat tits bouncing with the force of his thrust as he buries his huge, long cockmeat deep into her. Xander wastes no time fucking her brutally, his huge long cockmeat filling her pusspuss with his throbbing smelly meat rod. 

Joyce is in complete bliss, her pussy squirting and tingling in pure pleasure as Xander fucks her brutally, his fuckmotions so fast that his hips were a blur... He was completely dominating Joyce’s fat jiggly pussy, filling her up with his gigantic smelly donkey dick and pressing against all the perfect spots in her clapping, wet pussy. “Let me own you, Joyce… become a sex sow like your daughters already have..” 

He fucks her hard, his huge throbbing cock easily slipping into Joyce’s open wet cervix and womb. “Ah, ah, you’re acting like I’m already a sex sow.. fucking my wet fat pussy so brutally with your enormous huge cock meat..” Joyce could feel herself start to approach a strong orgasm, her huge tits shaking and her ass bouncing from the strong, manly thrusts of Xander’s thick invading cockpole. “Let me give you even more children…” 

He aims for the curvy sexbomb’s weak pussy points, and immediately Joyce starts to cum.. “OHHH, AHHH!!!!” Joyce moans, her plump curvy body jiggling and shaking as she cums on the enormous fucking cock of Xander, “I’LL BE YOUR SOW!!!! I’M CUMMING SO HARD!!! I AGREE TO BE YOUR SEX SOW FOREVER…….’ Within a few minutes, Xander also fills her with his cum, blasting Joyce’s pussy full of his thick, potent smelly balljuice, his cock flexing and pumping thick oceans of stinky sperm right into her open and willing womb. He now fully owned the two curvy, ultra-sexy Summer girls… 


When Buffy returns, she gasps at the sight that awaits her. Her two family members were smiling proudly, their bellies huge, swollen, and stiff with babies! The pregnancy seems to have made their already gigantic boobs grow even larger, their melons absolutely gigantic and heavy, bouncing and shaking with great weight as they approached her to greet her. Xander stood in the middle of them, a proud smile on his face. “We’re all stuffed full of Xander’s babies,” Joyce says proudly, rubbing her round squirming belly, “Isn’t it wonderful?” “Yeah, I thought I would hate it, but..” Dawn smirks, looking proudly down at her own huge belly. 

Buffy smiles. “Told you you two would enjoy it,” she says, going up to Xander and kissing him passionately with her fat cushiony lips. “I’m sorry I ever thought of you as weak and nerdy…” Joyce says, taking Xander’s hand and kissing him on the cheek. “Yeah, I’m sorry I thought you were a loser,” Dawn agrees, smiling, “now I see that you’re the manliest person I know. I mean, my bellies are stuffed full of your children!” 

Xander smiles, looking at the three sexbomb Summer girls. Yes, it was a dream come true: the three Summer girls were his personal sex sows forever now… he would never stop fucking them and pumping them full of his babies. He sighs happily. This was the best time of his life !


Buffy lies on her back, her face set in a lewd expression as her huge, gigantic boobs shake and wobble, her whole body shaking in pleasure. Her sister Dawn is between her legs, her tongue licking over her throbbing clit. Dawn’s face is completely wet with her sister’s fat pussy juice, her face completely buried deep inside the soft, jiggly flesh of her sister’s clapping, moist pussy lips. Dawn buries her long wet tongue deep into Buffy’s open willing pussy.

“AHHHH!!!!” Buffy screams, her plump curvy body jiggling and shaking as she cums hard on her sister’s tongue, her huge gigantic soft breasts shaking and bouncing with pleasure. Dawn smiles as she pulls away. Her own face falls into a lewd expression as she feels her mother start to push her tongue in between her own clapping pussy lips.
Their mother joyce is behind Dawn on her hands and knees, her huge fleshy ass pushed in the airas she licks her younger daughter’s wet pussy. Dawn’s huge asscheeks are so round and massive her mother’s face seems to disappear right between those huge wobbling mounds of assflesh.

Her mother licks her pussy greedily. Dawn’s mouth is hanging wide open and her tongue is dangling out with pleasure as her fat, wet pussy lips are sucked into her mother’s wet mouth.
The three plump, curvy Summer girls started to feel bored as they were home alone without their beloved Xander there, out on some mission that they didn’t know too much about. Their tingling greedy pussies had started tingling, the sound of wet clapping lips filling the house, so the three curvy sex bombs decided to have some fun on their own.
The three girls were lying on the bed completely naked, their pussies completely wet and tingling with the many orgasms they gave each other.

Dawn crawls up and starts to suck on Buffy’s huge bouncy milkers. Buffy’s nipples are puffy and stiff, lactating slightly since her belly is swollen and huge with yet another litter of Xander’s babies. Therefore, Buffy’s already-gigantic tits were even larger and rounder than ever before. Dawn greedily buried her face into her sister’s huge, fat tits and wraps her puffy fat lips around her stiff nipple, sucking greedily.
“Ahh…” Buffy groans lewdly, her pussy tingling again as her sister sucks greedily on her nipple like an infant. Dawn’s other hand is groping her sister’s other boob, her fingers digging deep into the soft fat flesh of Buffy’s gigantic bouncing milkers.
Joyce crawls between Buffy’s spread legs. Her daughter’s pussy is red and fat. Her pussy lips were completely swollen and juicy, clapping wetly and filling the air with rhythmic, wet slapping noises that splattered her wet pussy juice all over her family members.
Joyce moans and licks Buffy’s fat puffy pussy, her tongue lapping up the juices and wriggling in between her daughter’s tingling pussy lips to bury itself in Buffy’s hole. Joyce moans. She can taste the remains of Xander’s fat cum load in her daughter’s pussy. Since he had pumped the three Summer girls full of his thick, hot, potent smelly semen with his gigantic thick horse cock before he left, all three of their pussies were still stuffed full of his nasty salty ball juice.
“I can taste Xander’s cum in your pussy..” Joyce moans, greedily burying her head back into buffy’s fat clapping pussy lips.
Xander’s hot thick cum is still dripping out of Buffy’s pussy and Joyce moans, sucking the thick globs of leftover cum loads out of her daughter’s ridiculously fat pussy.
“It tastes so good..” Joyce moans, her own fat jiggly pussy starting to grow even wetter as the smell of Xander’s smelly potent cum completely fills her nose as she continues to eat out her daughter’s tingling puffy pussy.

At that moment Xander returns home. He pauses at the doorstep as he hears strange lewd moaning noises behind the bedroom door, combined with three sets of wet slapping noises.
“Seems like they’ve been having fun without me…” Xander thinks to himself.
His huge gigantic monster cock is already starting to flex and throb beneath his pants, his smelly gigantic meat pole moving like a hungry predator or beast as he listens to the lewd, sexy sounds of his three sows pleasuring each other like a trio of hungry horny bimbos.
Xander takes off his pants, letting his huge stinky smelly horse cock flop to the ground like a gigantic thick anaconda snake.
He quickly makes his way to the bedroom, dragging his hungry flexing cock behind him, and opens the door.
Buffy, Dawns, and Joyce are a combination of huge fat tits and huge bouncy asses, moaning as they finger and lick each other’s pussies. Their faces are lewd and covered with each other’s pussy juices as they moan. All three of their wet fat pussies are clapping nonstop as they pleasure each other. Their huge, gigantic milkers swing and bounce, their huge fat fleshy asscheeks rippling and bouncing as they move and writhe around the bed.
Buffy is the one who notices Xander first. Her nostrils flare and her already-foggy mind grows even foggier as she breathes in the horrible stenchy musk of Xander, the smell that always made her pussy tingle like crazy and make her immediately want to present her willing ruined holes to the alpha man and his huge, throbbing horsecock…
The other two Summer girls notice his presence soon later, all of them moaning as they breathe in thick, full lungfuls of their master’s manly, masculine stench that starts to fill the room.
“Hi girls,” Xander says, stepping closer to the bed. As he steps closer his gigantic thick monster cock immediately rises off the floor and points towards the three naked busty curvy Summer sexbombs lying on the bed.

Buffy moans.
“Xander… you smell so good… I want your cock in my fat fertile clapping pussy, please breed us again!”
Joyce nods, her face in a lewd expression as she crawls towards Xander’s huge throbbing cock meat.
“Yes, please stuff our fat hungry pussies with your cock…”
The mother wraps her mouth around Xander’s stinky cock, sucking his foreskin into her mouth as she gives Xander a wet sloppy blowjob, her pussy clapping so loud it seems to echo in her room, splattering her juices all over Dawn, her youngest daughter.
“Xander, fuck our pussies!” Dawn begs, immediately turning around and using her hands to spread open her fat, fleshy asscheeks so Xander can see her puffy hungry pussy gaping like a hungry mouth, “fill us with your cum again…”

Xander smiles. Of course he can’t say no to his three sex sows! He steps forwards and immediately spears the youngest Summer girl with his huge throbbing horse cock, his smelly meat stretching open Dawn’s fat pussy as he starts to fuck her with brutal fuckmotion, his hips moving quickly as he stuffs the young girl full of his smelly cock.
Dawn cums immediately… her pussy was already trained so well that she would orgasm again and again whenever Xander chose to breed her slutty fat pussy like a breeding sow.
“OH YESSS!!! OH YESS!!!” Dawn screams, her eyes crossing and rolling back into a lewd slutty expression as her pussy tingles and clamps down hard on Xander’s gigantic smelly invading cock, “YES I LOVE YOUR GIGANTIC SMELLY DONKEY DICK IN ME, XANDER.. I’M CUMMINGGGG!!!!”
Dawn’s whole jiggly body shakes and bounces with pleasure as she cums, her pussy squirting out with pleasure as Xander continues to fuck her wet sloppy pussy with his gigantic horse cock.
He cums his first cum load as well, his monster cock throbbing as he orgasms, spraying Dawn’s fertile womb and cervix with a thick smelly ocean of his potent strong swimmers… Dawn moans loudly and lewdly as she feels her belly get stuffed with another huge fat cumload from Xander…

Buffy and Joyce are both also presenting their fat pussies to Xander, insanely aroused by watching him breed the youngest Summer girl so brutally and dominantly.
“Breed me next, Xander…” Joyce begs, and Xander moves to the mother with his huge hard monster cock still wet with the juices of her daughter.
His cock plunges deep into Joyce’s pussy. Her pussy is open so willingly, even her cervix and womb were eagerly wide open to accept his gigantic smelly monster cock. He fucks her hard and deep, his smelly cockmeat stuffing her baby making box full of his thick throbbing donkey dick.
“OH YES!!!!” Joyce screams as she feels his invading gigantic meatpole completely fill her belly with his cock… his gigantic fat horse cock pressed perfectly against all her weak spots as always without the man even trying, and she cums immediately as his cock completely stuffs every inch of her pussy up. “OH YES XANDER… BREED ME LIKE A SOW, I’M CUMMINGGGGGG!!!’
Her huge, gigantic soft tits jiggle and bounce with pleasure as she orgasms on Xander’s huge invading cockmeat, her face falling into a lewd expression like a hentai slut…
Again Xander cums a fat, thick flood of cum deep into Joyce’s belly, once again stuffing her full of strong potent fat swimmers that immediately impregnate the horny sow, her huge tits swinging and bouncing as Xander completely dominates her womb.

He pulls out and Joyce moans as she feels thick steaming strands of cum drip out of her pussy.
Finally Xander moves over to Buffy, who is completely going insane with how greedy and hungry her tingling pussy is for his gigantic throbbing cock to completely dominate her pussy.
“yes Xander, I’ve waited so damn long, stick your huge smelly cock in me already…”
How could Xander resist the girl he fought so hard to conquer? After all, his balls were never empty… he was able to stuff his three Summer girls load after load of his stinking hot cum as much as he wanted.

He steps forwards and immediately thrusts his gigantic throbbing horsecock into the blonde girl’s clapping greedy pussy, pushing in so deep that he immediately stuffs her pussy, womb, and cervix full of his gigantic throbbing cock meat, his huge meat pole immediately tearing in and out of her tight pussy, stretching Buffy’s tight hole out with his huge monster cock. Buffy’s eyes are rolled back in sheer pleasure as she feels her hole being bred like a sex sow again. Her huge fat breasts shake and bounce back and forth, jiggling like great big mounds of jello as Xander completely violates her tight hole with his impossibly long and thick monster cock.
“AHHHHH!!!’ Buffy moans, her tongue hanging out, “”I LOVE BEING YOUR SEX SOW XANDER! YOUR COCK IS SO DEEP IN ME.. I’m CUMMINGGGGGGG!!!!!!”
Buffy’s jiggly plump body shakes, every inch of her plump curves and mounds of ass and tits shaking and bouncing with pleasure as she orgasms. Xander can see her round belly bulging with the thick pole of his cock fucking in and out of her and he grunts as he feels his load about to burst out of his cock. He buries his cock as deep as he can into Buffy’s wet clapping pussy and cums hard, flooding his last Summer girl full of his nasty, smelly strong swimmers, immediately impregnating the already-pregnant Summer girl.
The three Summer girls are completely limp on the bed, their legs spread and their pussies ruined and gaping wide open, Xander’s thick cum drooling out of their fat twitching pussy lips. The three girls were so satisfied… but Xander could feel one last cum load in his balls.
He stands over the three sexbombs and starts to jerk his huge cock off, grunting as his monster cock flexes and throbs as he gets ready to cum one last time… his cock is so large he has to use two hands to jerk himself off, his hands running up and down his huge throbbing meat pole as he gets ready to blast his final fat ocean of cum…
He grunts as he finally cums and his cock flexes like a beast as he finally sprays an ocean of cum all over the girls like a firehose. The girls moan as their huge fat tits and ass are covered with his thick, smelly balljuice.
“Phew,” Xander says, letting his tired cock flop to the floor, “that sure was a nice thing to come home to!”

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