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Reviews for The Magic Pencils

By : christinaboone
  • From ToughLove on December 31, 2009
    I'd love to see Giles get his comeuppance for completely ignoring Faith.
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  • From sennheiser on December 29, 2009
    Why would Faith have anything against Xander? He's the only one who was at all nice to her.

    I personally would rather have Faith add a note to Xander's picture making him a willing participant - not only would she get a kick out of seeing Buffy and Willow humiliated by their friend, but she would have the additional pleasure of letting them see that he was enjoying it.
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  • From Oric13 on December 28, 2009
    I do indeed love a good ponygirl scenario, so this chapter was a big hit for me :)
    Interesting idea of Faith to draw Joyce as someone else next week. This would enable us write a kinky scenario for our favourite character even if that person has already been featured (just as long as it 'fits' in the overall story). I'm definitely gonna try writing that Willow scenario myself, although I first want to finish at least 1 chapter of one of my own stories first, so it's gonna take at least a couple of weeks.

    To be honest, aside from perhaps some sexy celebrities, I don't really see the logic about Faith drawing a twisted scenario about anyone outside the Buffyverse. Like, why on earth would she suddenly decide to draw some kind of kinky scenario featuring herself and Cheetara from the ThunderCats?! Well, I suppose if she's REALLY bored and happens to be watching old 80s cartoons, she might be inspired to do so :P
    But how could she possibly be bored when she has so many sexy slaves to play around with.
    OK, I suppose there are some very interesting possibilities, especially if Faith (occasionally) decides to pair up one (or more) of her Sunnydale slaves with one (or more) of her favourite cartoon/movie/tv-show character(s). As long as it's reasonably well-written, and provides at least a somewhat logical explanation for her actions.

    Anyhow, as for who's next in-line to star in Faith's artwork, my vote's for Dawnie. Plenty possibilities for a really kinky chapter there, especially if Buffy & Joyce are included in the fun :)
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  • From KJakkano82 on December 28, 2009
    I have to say that I like stories like this one that have mind control and reality altering events. Now normally Buffy is my favorite character and I hate character bashing but in stories like this that do not try to pretend to be something its not it a great look at all the thinks an enemy who is not interested in killing can do in a world with magic.

    The thing that really drew me to this story is the fact that the victim is trapped inside helplessly watching from inside. It reminds me of Catherine Madison 's fate in "The Witch". For my vote I think "Maid to Order" worked better with Cordy than Willow. I was a bit surprised by what you did to Joyce as I thought that she might make her into the mother she never had in parallel with the father figure the Wilkins supplies. As for Dawn, Faiths last line and some of her behavior in Season 5 have given me the perfect idea. Dawn wants to be treated as an adult so what if Faith drew her with the body she will have as an 18 year old but forces an submissive Adult Baby/Diaper Lover fetish on her so that now that she has the body of an adult the personality she is trapped behind is one that wants to be treated in the way Dawn hated the most, as a baby.

    Now for Willow and Xander I thought Oric13's idea of using Willows public performance phobia was interesting. She could draw the Bronze as a strip club, maybe an S&M one, with Willow as one of the dancers and Xander as the owner/manager. As such the lesbian Willow would be forced to pole dance, lap dance, and strip for men. In addition the club would have secret back rooms where Xander would pimp out the dances to customers as such Xander would also be face with the shame of selling his best friend as a prostitute.

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  • From ToughLove on December 28, 2009
    ""Oh, Joycie, wasn't that what you wanted from when you first met me? To take over the slaying in town on my own so B could fuck off to college and have a real life? 'Cos she deserves a chance at success and all I get is fighting for my life every fucking night until some vamp gets lucky and I die? Then some other slayer can come along and take over, you don't care as long as Princess Buffy gets to have a life", Faith spat out, as the most venomous poison in life was the truth."

    That's perfect and so true.

    Ha, I just know Oric will have loved this chapter with the pony girl stuff.

    Great chapter. :D
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  • From jackmaxwell on December 28, 2009
    when are you gonna do dawn

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  • From controlfan on December 25, 2009
    instead of just total vengeance Faith ought to go for what she seemed to be missing. Mayb Joyce views Faith as her daughter and totally does anything she wants for her, even non-parental activities. She could whore herself out for Faith's more expensive desires, even though she wouldn't need it.

    And Willow, who wasn't a lesbian at this point, could be a total Faith wannabe
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  • From Oric13 on December 25, 2009
    Yup, it does work much better with Cordy :)
    Big improvement IMHO.

    As for Willow, I recall that one of her worst fear is to perform in public and be humiliated (in the puppet episode she fled from stage when she had to perform a bit with Buffy and Xander and in some nightmare episode she was pushed on stage to perform a song and that scared the hell out of her) so you could use that public performance phobia. Like having Faith draw a picture with Willow performing a stripshow at school in front of the entire student body, with Principal Snyder introducing her and Faith sitting on the front row eating popcorn. You could also use her crush on Buffy (which Faith is aware of) and her lesbianism against her, like having her think that her fantasy of making sweet love to Buffy coming true, but instead she gets gangbanged by a bunch of filthy hobos.

    Or you could somehow combine these two ideas...

    Willow goes into the library to meet Buffy and to her surprise the not very punctual blonde is on time for once. The slayer (under Faith's control) is looking at a picture and when Willow looks over her shoulder to see what it is that Buffy's looking at, she hears someone behind her say, "Yagsigicam!". There's a sudden flash of light, but when Willow looks around her there's no one there. She asks Buffy what the hell happened, the blonde just shrugs and says that she was looking at one of Giles' dusty old documents and apparently it was magic, but nothing aside from that flash of light seems to have happened.
    The two best friends talk and somehow Willow finds the courage to tell Buffy how she feels, and is overjoyed when she hears that Buffy feels the same way. They make out for a while, and then Buffy tells her that she wants to make love, but not in the library, of course, 'cause someone (like Giles) could walk in at any moment). So Buffy leads her tru the school to some very dark room she doesn't recognize; the room does contain a bed so it might be an old office for the school nurse. It's all kinda weird, but Buffy's tongue in her ear and the blonde's hand stroking her tits quickly distracts her from the weirdness. Just when Willow's so turned one by her groping session with Buffy and just wants to ravish the blonde, Buffy pulls back and tells her that there's something she really wants before they make love.
    "Anything for you Buffy!" Willow passionately declares, although she's a bit taken aback when the blonde gives her a wicked smile and tells her that she wants Willow to do a sexy striptease.
    Now under normal circumstances even the THOUGHT of doing a striptease would make the shy redhead's head explode, but she's oh-so-horny and if this her beloved Buffy's wish...
    So she starts dancing around on the bed a bit, hopping around mostly, while slowly stripping her clothes. Gradually she gets into it more and more and it actually turns into a pretty hot striptease.
    Willow's so turned on that when Buffy tells her to play with herself, she actually does it! Excitedly rubbing her titties and fingering her snatch while Buffy talks (very!) dirty to her, Willow brings herself closer and closer to a huge orgasm, and at the exact moment that she climaxes the lights suddenly go on and it turns out that the bed is actually located on the school's stage! And the entire student body is present, giving her a standing ovation as she climaxes in front of them!
    Willow shrieks and falls back on the bed, covering her naked pussy and tits. But a second later, her hands are pulled away and her naughty bits are once again exposed, and will remain that way 'cause her wrists are quickly locked into the leather cuffs attached to the headboard of the bed. Stunned, she looked into the eyes of the person who so totally betrayed her: her beloved Buffy!
    "B-b-buffy?! WHY?!!"

    Now you could have Faith walk onto the stage and gleefully explain to Willow that B is her bitch now and will do whatever she commands. To proof her point, Faith has Buffy squat above Willow with her bald snatch JUST out of range of Willow's tongue and then piss of the redhead's face on her command while she has the male students & teachers run a train on the lesbian witch.

    OR you could go for the "Scooby-Doo" ending :)

    Willow shrieks and falls back on the bed, covering her naked pussy and tits. But a second later, her hands are pulled away and her naughty bits are once again exposed, and will remain that way 'cause her wrists are quickly locked into the leather cuffs attached to the headboard of the bed. Stunned, she looked into the eyes of the person who so totally betrayed her: her beloved Buffy!
    "B-b-buffy?! WHY?!!"
    Smiling wickedly, Buffy tauntingly makes the infamous Scooby-Doo sound and pulls off her mask, revealing underneath... Faith!
    "That's right, you little stuck-up witch, it's ME! Your old pal Faith. I was behind it all, and I got away with it too, despite you and your meddling friends!"
    After some more gleeful taunting during which Faith reveals that B is her bitch now and she'll NEVER get to make love with her, "But you will get to fuck just about everyone else in the school... well, only the guys 'cause I decided to put you on a meatstick only menu."
    Binding Willow's ankles also to the headboard of the bed, putting the hacker's pussy & asshole of full display, Faith has the male students and teachers run a train on Willow, using her mouth, pussy or ass (whatever they want most).
    Perhaps Faith has given herself a cock (again) so she can be the one to deflower Willow, or maybe she squats above the redhead and pisses on her face while she gets screwed. Or fucks her up the ass while the others use Willow's mouth & pussy.
    I'm also thinking Principal Snyder could start off the gangbang by caning Willow's ass, so it'll be nice and sensitive during the gangbanging.

    OK, so this might be a somewhat overly detailed idea ;)
    But I do think this would be the perfect revenge scenario against Willow, considering it cruelly messes with her lesbianism, love for Buffy, and her public performance fear.
    Now this would normally seem a bit overcomplicated for someone like Faith to come up with (she's just not the kinda person who thinks up complicated plans; much more a person of action).
    She sure wouldn't go through all this trouble when screwing over Xander, Giles, Joyce, Dawn and Cordelia (who she simply resents or dislikes, but has no real strong feelings towards).
    But I do think that Faith hates Willow so much that she would want a very special kinda revenge on the redhead, and actually put in the effort to set all this up.

    Anyhow, hopefully this lil scenario will at least provide you with some inspiration.
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  • From Nooneimportant on December 25, 2009
    If you need an idea for Willow, why not have Faith draw her on her hands and knees with a leash around her neck. Then for kicks have a large dog or even Oz in werewolf form screwing her.
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  • From Oric13 on December 25, 2009
    Good story, although I think this particular scenario would've fitted Cordelia better. Her social status means everything to Queen C, and she actually has a maid, so being forced to become one herself (and a humiliatingly slutty one at that) and having to obey everyone of Faith's depraved demands would've been a perfectly ironic, twisted fate for her. Besides, I think Cordy would rock that slutty Latina maid look a lot better than Willow does, considering red hair and a Latina tan don't really work well together and Cordy already has a bit of Latina in her (also Cordelia and Conchita already sound kinda similar :)

    Anyhow, seeing the proud witch being magically transformed into a slutty maid was fun to read as well, and also not without irony :P

    I agree with another reviewer that Faith would deal with the Sunnydale gang first before setting her sights on others.
    Once she's done with the whole Scooby gang, I think she'd probably wanna have some fun with a celebrity, perhaps Britney Spears because the perky blonde reminds her of B. And because of that similarity Faith probably wants to publicly humiliate the beautiful popstar... Perhaps by having her dress like a slut without any underwear, so the paparazzi can snap pics of her private parts. And then actually making her fuck one of those hated paparazzi! Then, finally, for the coup-de-grace, she makes Britney shave her head bald and then go ape-shit with an umbrella on some dude's car. Although perhaps this might be a tad unrealistic, I dunno.

    There are just so many possibilities that it's hard to choose.
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  • From s22132 on December 24, 2009
    Another excellent chapter. A truly humiliating and ironic fate for Willow the lesbian witch, being outfoxed in magic and forced to serve only men. I would assume that Faith would want revenge on the Sunnydale women first and foremost before branching out to celebrities and even fictional characters. I would therefore think that Cordelia would be next on the list: very insulting and condescending with a face and body to die for. After that, perhaps Mrs. Summers? It would be one more way to, ahem, "screw over" Buffy, at the least. Followed perhaps by Dawn and Anya? I am curious, are we going to see Buffy again? It would probably make quite an impact on the Sunnydale residents to know that the once powerful Slayer Buffy was now Faith's plaything.

    Assuming fictional characters are allowed for the request list, I would like to put in a request for Naru Narusegawa and Motoko Aoyama from the anime "Love Hina." Here's some links to images:

    If you haven't seen the anime or read the manga, they are both attractive girls who regularly attack their landlord, Keitaro Urashima,, a clumsy but well-meaning and good natured boy about their age. Naru uses fist and kicks, while Motoko uses a sword. Keitaro puts up with it due to low self-esteem, a crush on Naru, fear of Motoka, and his own good nature. I think Faith would enjoy breaking them, and if she's feeling generous, she could give them to Keitaro afterwords as his own private playthings.

    I look forward to your next update.
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  • From ToughLove on December 24, 2009
    Huh, fun ending to Willow.
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  • From Oric13 on December 23, 2009
    Cool story, and lotsa sequel potential.
    Knowing Faith, she'd probably go after Willow next, and it would be fun seeing the proud redhead forced to do whatever Faith's depraved mind comes up with.
    And, as an added 'Fuck you" to Buffy, Dawn might be next after that. Faith would probably get a big kick out of watching Buffy deflower her kid sister or have Buffy hold open her sister's slit while she takes Dawnie's precious cherry.
    The possibilities are endless!
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  • From ToughLove on December 21, 2009
    Heh. Fun story.

    Now she's got the daughter how about Faith bitches out the woman who wanted to send Buffy off to college and leave Faith to slay on her own. Namely Joyce Summers.
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  • From s22132 on December 20, 2009
    Excellent story thus far. If I had to guess who Faith would go after next, I would say either Cordelia or Willow. Cordelia is very attractive and very stuck up; I'm sure there several insults Faith would love to pay her back for. On the other hand, Willow and Faith have a lot of history, almost none of it good, and I think Faith would enjoy using magic to get the upper hand on Willow.

    I look forward to your next update.
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