Willows Tickle Redemption

BY : Eagleblaze
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Blood rushed through Willows ears as she sat on the tiled floor of the bathroom, feeling so weak with guilt and grief that she had to lean her back against the counter. One of the handles from the doors dug into her side but the pain barely jarred her. How could she have done those things to Tara, and thought of doing it to Buffy too? She knew her magic had gone far past her main goal of helping people. Tara was right. It had reached the point where, even if she intended to help others, she had started to help /herself/ more. Despite knowing what she was doing was horrible… She couldn't seem to stop. She had meant to, when Tara first confronted her about the forgetting spell.. But she had gotten so used to how easy the magicks made everything. Her mind wasn't fully there when she did those spells today. It had become more of a habit then anything. She barely realized what she had done until the damage was done and it was too late. The sound of Tara packing her stuff reached her ears and everything became too much for her. She buried her face in her arms and knees, unable to stop the wave of sobs that crashed over her. 

Tara picked up the last box with a last glance around the room. Turning reluctantly, she started down the hall. She paused when she reached the doorway of the bathroom, the light pouring into the hall. The sight of Willow made her heart ache. Surely, she was doing the right thing, right? If she left, she herself would be safer, and Willow might realize her mistakes and stop the magicks. Her brain screamed at her, telling her this was the right thing to do. But.. Looking at Willow sobbing on the bathroom floor.. Her heart screamed for her to stay. To help Willow. To comfort her. Her heart and mind came to a compromise. She could attempt to help Willow.. But she couldn't comfort her. She couldn't let this go. Setting the box down, she entered the tiled room. Willow didn't lift her head, pushing further into her arms instead. Despite the pang in her heart, Tara didn't pull the girl into her arms. She just kneeled down, taking a deep breath. 
"Willow." Willow still didn't move, only muttering a small sentence,
"..did you need more boxes?" Tara bit her lip. 
"No," She paused, forcing herself not to call Willow 'Sweetie' as she normally would. "No, Willow. I'm not leaving." This got Willows attention, her head snapping up. 
"W-What..? Wh-Why..?" Willow seemed to panic, as she started speaking quickly, barely taking the time to breathe. "Not that I want you to! I- but why would you stay when i-" 
"..Willow, breathe." Tara again had to fight pulling the girl into her arms. Her eyes were red and puffy, but tears seemed to run out since her eyes produced no more. Willow took a couple seconds to breathe as she had instructed, staying silent when she had gone back to her normal breathing. "I'm not leaving." Tara confirmed. A tiny glint of hope worked its way into Willows eyes. Tara felt guilty that she was about to crush it, but she knew it had to be done. "But we aren't.. Together anymore.. We can't be. And.. If I stay.." Tara sighed when Willows eyes drifted back to the floor. "I need you to.. To.." She bit her lip, looking away, "Accept a sort of.. Of punishment.. Something you'll think of if you try to do something again.." Without looking up, Tara could feel Willows shock and fear at the statement. 
"W-Wh-What..?" Tara still didn't look up. 
"I-I wont h-h-hurt you.. But I.. I need to know that y-you're serious.." The room went silent other than their ragged breathing. Tara looked up when Willow finally answered quietly, 
"I.. I.. I'll accept.." Her sentence trailed off and Tara could see she was trembling a bit. 
"I won't h-hurt you.. Willow.." Willow nodded, her teeth pressed deeply into her bottom lip. 
"I know.. I.. I trust you." She paused. "W-What w-will you d-do..?" Tara twisted her hands together. She had seen things where someone is punished by spanking - but she had told Willow she wouldn't hurt her. Maybe, if they both decided this punishment wasn't enough, they could resort to that. But she had also heard that.. Tickling is a form of punishment. She nippled her lip gently. If she were to do that, she wouldn't break her promise to not hurt Willow.. And from personal experience, she knew that Willow was very ticklish. She looked at her hands, unable to maintain eye-contact with Willow as she said this. 
"I-I wi-will spend a da-day ti-tick-tickling you.." Tension filled the air. As a bit of anger surfaced, she quickly added, "With any implement I see fit." Her anger allowed her to raise her gaze to look at Willow. The redheads mouth opened and closed like a fish, puffy eyes wide. A bit hesitant again, she asked, "Are you still up for it?" 

Willows mind whirled like a tornado, thoughts everywhere. Finally she came to a decision. This was probably the only chance she would have to get even /close/ to making it up to Tara. Even if they wouldn't be together, which Willow hoped was temporary, she guessed that this 'punishment' was so Tara could put this whole thing aside, while having a small reassurance that it wouldn't happen again. As much as Willow wished she could promise Tara it wouldn't, she wasn't sure she /could/ stay away from the magicks. Maybe this would help put both their minds at ease. She slowly nodded to Tara, letting her know she still wanted to go through with it. Looking at Tara, she could see the bit of anger that hid in her eyes. 
"Tomorrow, then." Tara said with a nod. Willow gulped again, grabbing her wrist gently before she could move away, 
"D-Does e-everyone else have to know..?" 

Tara hadn't thought of that. Of course, if they did this here, Buffy and Dawn would know, and they would probably tell the others. Looking back at Willow, she saw the fear in her eyes and the anger subsided for now. She decided to be a little bit merciful, 
"No, they don't. I'll set up for it tonight and get you tomorrow. This will be just between us." Willow nodded again and Tara left. She had lots of shopping to do.

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