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Buffy hated this but she had to do this. Her sister and her friends were safe faraway from Sunnydale. That had been her one condition. She could ignore the minions scurrying around here leering at her naked body. She could ignore the voice in her head screaming at her to cover up and get the hell out of here. She could ignore the cool air that was causing the goosebumps on her naked flesh and ignore the tightening of her nipples. She could even ignore the fear building inside of her. She could ignore it all to save her sister and her friends. She could make any sacrifice for them.

“How’s my newest slave doing?”

Buffy didn’t respond. She remained silent and didn’t even react. She stared straight ahead as she had been instructed by one of Glory’s minions.

”Oh don’t be shy, I give you permission to speak.”

There were the magic words.

“I am fine. Just can’t wait to serve the oh so powerful Glorificus.”

Buffy couldn’t stop the sarcastic remark and couldn’t stop a smirk from starting to form. However, before she could finish the smirk, she was kicked in the back of her head causing her to fall forward.

“Stay there bitch.” Buffy didn’t dare challenge this order. She kept her eyes focused on the floor and before she knew it something was thrown over her head and everything around her was dark. She could sense Glory moving around till she was right in front of her. “Get up on your hands and knees.”

Buffy did as she was instructed and now could get an idea that what was over her head was some sort of silk robe. She kept her eyes on the floor still and before she knew it a petite foot with bright red nail polish was presented in front of her.

“Worship me slave.” Buffy swallowed her anger and slowly kissed Glory’s foot. Buffy was surprised by how soft she found Glory’s skin. It was so soft and smooth. She wished her own skin felt like that. She kept kissing the foot to feel more of this amazing skin. Without really knowing why she was soon taking each wonderful toe in her mouth and sucking on them. She even sniffed the sole of Glory’s foot. It smelled glorious.

After about five minutes of this worshipping Glory spoke again.

“Now start kissing up my leg till you reach your prize.”

Buffy wanted to snort at the idea of Glory’s pussy being some kind of prize. However, she did as she was told and kissed up the leg of Glory. The skin was just as smooth and soft as her foot. However, there was also a sense of strength under need the skin. As the robe slowly fell away from her head Buffy got a better view of the very naked Glory. Buffy looked up to see a smirking Glory and the view looking up at this naked God was glorious. As Buffy was trying to shake this thought out of her head and as her own pussy began to leak, a sweet aroma filled her nose. She had to find the source. Her kisses became more frantic till she reached the smooth hairless apex of Glory’s leg. There was the prize. Without needing any encouragement, Buffy took a tentative lick. Buffy couldn’t help but moan at the sweet taste that lingered on her tongue.

“Go ahead Buffy claim your prize.”

Almost in a fog, Buffy did just that. She buried her tongue inside her prize. She had to claim the sweet nectar. To her own joy the more she licked the more nectar seemed to follow. She felt a hand in her hair. The hand held her there almost smothering Buffy but the slayer didn’t care. She just wanted more nectar. The hand in her hair tightened to an almost painful degree. She thought she could hear Gory saying something, but she couldn’t make out what the god was saying. Finally, before Buffy had her fill the hand in her hair pulled her away and she was pushed onto her back. Buffy cried out but was silenced by the glorious god.

“Stay there.” Buffy stayed put as she watched Glory stand over her rubbing her pussy. The God looked to be coming undone till her body tensed and she started to shake. Then before Buffy could react her face was covered in wetness. There seemed to be no end to the wetness covering her face and soaking her hair and splashing all over her body. What was only a few seconds was a seemingly unending pleasure as Buffy rubbed the wetness all over her body. As the wetness absorbed into her skin Buffy’s body tingled in pure pleasure. Her mind became so foggy. All that she saw was her glorious mistress. She welcomed Glory’s magnificent pussy as she lowered herself over the slayer’s face. Buffy cleaned the wetness from her mistress’s pussy making sure not to miss a drop.

“Now what should we do about your friends and my key?”

Glory got up and stood over Buffy. Buffy wanted to scream at Glory for even suggesting going back on their agreement. However, her mind was so foggy. She said nothing. She fought the urge to speak but what she was going to say she didn’t know.

“Oh, still defiant?” Glory reached down and pulled Buffy up to her knees by her hair. Buffy watched as Glory used her other hand move to the god’s own pussy and coating one finger. Glory pulled Buffy’s head back causing Buffy’s mouth to hang open. The finger was soon placed in Buffy’s mouth. Buffy sucked on the finger moaning as she tasted the glorious nectar. “Once again what should we do about your friends and my key?”

“Whatever you want my Mistress Glorificus.” There was no longer any doubt. The fog was gone. There was only Glory. Buffy bowed her head as she remained kneeling in front of her reason for existence.

“Good, now start licking the floor it’s a mess.”

Buffy stayed kneeling till her mistress had left her naked and alone in the room before she started the task of licking up all Glory’s wonderous nectar. The fate of her friends and even her sister didn’t matter anymore. She could make any sacrifice for her mistress.

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