Love Spell

BY : TheChemist
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Xander couldn't believe at how poorly his Valentine's Day had gone. He figured it would be the best one yet, after all he had bought his girlfriend, one of the hottest and sluttiest girls at school, a fancy gold necklace and was sure to get to third base at least. But nothing ever went as it ought too, especially at the Hellmouth. First, he met a witch, albeit a harmless and friendly witch named Amy, then Buffy, the girl he was obsessed with was annoyed that he was dating Cordelia. However, the real kicker was that Cordy had the nerve to thoroughly embarrass him by dumping him on Valentine's Day!

Xander was lower than he thought possible and couldn't believe he had to pry himself out of bed and face the entire school. He dressed in his normal attire of a pair of blue jeans, t-shirt and unbuttoned plaid shirt and walked to school, choosing to avoid the piranhas on the bus. He was really hoping that once at school the tormenting wouldn't be too bad and that he would seek solace in his friends, especially the incredibly hot blonde.

"There's that guy that got dumped," one student said as he walked down the hall.

"You should learn to speak French so you can get rejected by a whole new set of girls," Harmony said to him as she passed with her pack of loyal friends.

It seemed like everyone Xander passed either made fun of him, laughed in his face or simply stared and then giggled once they passed by. Xander felt like a big load of shit, but cheered up slightly once he saw Buffy, the small blonde who killed vampires and other demons in her free time.

"Buff, am I glad to see you. I'm having the worst day ever and it's only 8:30," Xander said as he stopped her as she headed the other direction.

"Whatever it is Xand, it'll have to wait. It's Angel," Buffy said, dismissing what Xander had said.

"Everything okay? Do you need help?"

"No. It's okay," Buffy answered as she took off to the library to consult with her Watcher, Giles.

"Way to get dumped man," some random dumb jock said to Xander, pushing him over the edge. Just as he was about to strike out at the much larger man and surely get pummeled as a result, he say Amy walking down the hall so took off after her.

"What are you doing?" Amy said as Xander pulled her into a quieter section of hallway.

"Amy. So nice to see you. Listen, I know you're a witch, I saw you handing in invisible homework yesterday so don't bother denying it." Xander said as the look on Amy's face all but confirmed his thoughts.

"So I assume you're going to blackmail me so tell me what you want," Amy replied, knowing where Xander was going.

"I want some respect around here. I want you to cast a love spell of Cordy so that I can dump her in front of the whole school and embarrass her."

"So you want Cordelia to want you so desperately that she'll do anything for you and your affection?"

"Good so we understand each other. I was thinking tonight, sound good to you?"

"Fine, but first I need something of Cordy's, something with her DNA. It can be some spit, a fingerprint, whatever. Bring that to my house tonight and we're in business," Amy told him quietly before heading to class.

Knowing that his plan was less than a day away from working, the rest of the day went by fairly quickly, even though he was teased mercilessly and both Buffy and Willow were wrapped up in there own personal issues. After school ended and the halls were clear, Xander went to Cordy's locker and used his ex-military knowledge to wedge open the door. Once inside, he found a pair of her earrings sitting in its box so he grabbed them and headed straight to Amy's house.

* * *

Walking to school the next day, Xander reflected on his night with Amy. There were candles, paint, and lots of Latin being spoken and Amy assured him that the spell was a success, being in tune with the dark arts and all. He decided to wear a pair of khakis and a red plaid button-up shirt, figuring that these were good clothes to wear when he embarrassed that skank Cordelia. Spotting her at the table with her best friends, Xander marched right over to the pack that would normally have intimidated him to know end.

"What do you want," Cordelia asked, venom in her voice.

"Hello ladies. How you doing Cordy," Xander asked, full of confidence.

"Are you going all stalker on me or something? It's pretty creep so just go away," Cordelia said to a shocked looking Xander.

"Sorry my mistake," Xander said, backing away from the girls. 

"Freak," one of the girls said before he was out of earshot.

"What the fuck was that," Xander wondered as he headed to the library. He figured he'd check in with the rest of the Scooby Gang before going on the hunt for answers from the misfiring witch.

"So this isn't the right book. I'm going to attempt using that damn electronic box to find some old records. Wish me luck," Giles said to Buffy as he gave Xander an acknowledging nod and headed into his office. 

"I wish that box would electrify me," Xander muttered to his good friend as he walked over the table she was sitting at.

"Yeah I heard about you and Cordy. Her lose Xander," Buffy said as she stood up from behind the table and walked around to where Xander was standing, resting her firm ass on the edge of the wood. 

"Not really the popular theory," Xander replied. He may have been heartbroken, but he was still a 17-year-old male and noticed how amazing Buffy looked again. Today she had worn her shoulder-length blonde hair straight down, a long-sleeve white shirt that showed off some cleavage and a pair of tight jeans that showcased her awe-striking butt. 

"I would love if the two of us did something together tonight, just me and you," Buffy replied as she stared deep into his eyes. "We can comfort each other."

"Would lap dancing enter into the night, because I find that very comforting," Xander said, barely able to make a joke in his depressed state.

"Play your cards right..." Buffy said as she pushed herself off the table and moved within inches of Xander.

"Yeah okay Buffy. The last thing I need today is you making mean sexual jokes," Xander said in frustration.

"It's just that I heard you and Cordy broke up and I realized how glad it made me. You've been right in front of my face for almost two years and I didn't realize how amazing you were until once that bitch was out of the way."

Before Xander could do another one of his awkward jokes, Buffy leaned in and kissed him passionately on the lips. He was beyond disbelief, but was loving every moment of it, gladly accepting her tongue into his mouth. 

"Buffy wait. You're one of my best friend and I just want to make sure this won't change anything. I mean I just don't want a kiss to ruin our relationship." Xander said as he took a second to compose himself after french kissing the girl of his dreams.

"You can always go back to being friends after just a little kiss. But I think we're boyfriend-girlfriend after a give you the best blowjob of your life in the back of the Sunnidale library," Buffy replied with a wicked grin.

The short blonde took Xander by the hand and led him up the short staircase and walked past several bookcases before turning down the last aisle. With Giles going to busy for awhile trying to figure out the computer, Buffy knew she had enough time to suck him off, but not nearly enough time to have him enjoy her pussy properly.

"Are you sure Buff? You don't have to do this out of pity," Xander said with a mix of confusion and excitement. He couldn't believe that his dick was mere seconds from being smothered by Buffy's amazing lips.

"Yes Xander. Now stop talking and just enjoy. I just want to please you baby," she said as she sunk to her knees in front of the horny teenager who was already sporting a stiffy in his slacks. 

Buffy unzipped his pants and slowly pulled them down, giving her man plenty of time to savor his experience with her. She then tugged down his boxers in much the same way, his cock slapping her in the face as it came free of the elastic band.

"Someone's been holding out on me. This thing puts Angel to shame," Buffy said as she grabbed a hold of the base and gave it a few slow strokes. His cock was easily 9 inches long and so thick that the tiny blonde could barely get her hand around it.

Xander nearly blew his load right away when she started playing with his balls with her tongue as she continued to stroke his cock, but he was determined to prolong the act as long as humanly possible. Her talented tongue felt great as she took turns taking one of his large testicles in her mouth at a time. 

"Holy fuck," Xander exclaimed once she moved up and took the tip in her mouth, gladly slurping up the clear pre-cum that she milked from him. 

"Trust me Xand, you haven't felt anything yet," Buffy proclaimed with a smile as she immediately shoved half his length into her mouth. 

Using her mouth and hand in unison, Buffy started giving her best friend a sloppy blowjob, making sure she kept eye contact and made loud sucking noises. Xander loved looking into her puppy-dog eyes, but couldn't help but tilt his head back every now and then and moan a swear word.

"Fuck I love this cock," Buffy said as she put her hands on Xander's hips and used her Slayer strength and push him forward so that she could slam his whole length into her experienced mouth and down her throat.

"Old nuns, dead kittens, scary vampires," Xander repeated as he tried to think of unsexy things so he didn't blow his load once the slayer started to deep-throat him.

"Your pubes tickle my nose," Buffy said jokingly before pushing him forward and taking him down her throat again. 

"I have to cum soon, do you want me to blow in a book or something," Xander said, knowing that girls generally hated the taste of jizz.

"Cum in my mouth Xander, or where ever makes you happy," Buffy said before just taking the tip back in her mouth and milking the shaft with her hand.

With a moan and grabbing a handful of her blonde hair, Xander blew his load into Buffy's mouth, completely filling her oral orifice. Once he was done, she moved his dick from her and showed him his cum before swallowing it down, smiling afterwards.

"Give a guy a heart attack Buff. That was the sexiest thing I've ever seen."

"I wish we had time for you to fuck me. Oh well, I guess you'll just have to come over and do that tonight," Buffy said seductively. 

"Wait. What?"

"Come over tonight and you can do whatever naughty things you can think of. I mean anything too. I don't care how sick and twisted," Buffy said before giving Xander a peck on the cheek. "I should have just broken those damn earrings Cordelia let me borrow instead of return them yesterday."

Buffy had already turned and walked off to help Giles research before her words sunk in with Xander. The spell didn't work on Cordy because it wasn't her DNA on the object. Xander was overcome with a wave of guilt, but just as quickly pushed it aside and decided to ignore that bad feeling and just enjoy the moment. 

The rest of the day couldn't go fast enough as all Xander could think about was what was going to happen later that night. He figured he should go home first and grab a shower before hitting the convenient store and getting a pack of condoms. 

"So come by tonight around 7 and we'll have some fun. I have to stay off the street; Giles orders and my mom will be out at her book club. It'll just be me and you," Buffy said as she gave her new boyfriend a kiss on the lips in front of the entire school, including a hurt looking Cordelia.

* * *

"Come on in and meet me in my room stud," Buffy shouted to Xander from her bedroom window as he came walking up the walkway.

"Sure thing," Xander said as he walked through the door and strutted up the stairs. Ever since the hummer he got earlier in the library, Xander was walking around school and the rest of the town like he owned the place. He was surprised when he entered Buffy's room and no one was there.

"Buff? Where'd you go? Can't blame you really from running. Well, it was good while it last..." Xander said before he cut himself off as he gazed at the object of his affection.

Buffy had appeared in the doorway, standing only in a short, black silk nightgown and a pair of black high heels. The gown only went just below her ass, showing off plenty of her tanned legs, still glistening from the oil she used after her shower.

"I think you're going to give me another heart attack Buffy," Xander said as he jokingly grabbed his heart and took a seat on the edge of the blonde's bed.

"Trust me big boy, I'm going to give you a whole lot more than just that," Buffy replied as she played with the silk belt keeping her attire fastened. "And finally alone."

"So what did you have in mind tonight. Scrabble? Monopoly?" Xander said, extremely nervous about finally getting to have sex with the Slayer.

"I was thinking sex and lots of it. By the way, do you like?" Buffy asked as she put on foot on the bed, giving her man a clear view of her freshly shaved pussy.

"It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen Buff." Xander said as he unknowingly started stroking the teen's inner thigh. "Can I open my present?"

"Of course you can. I'd say be gentle but I'm fine being roughed up too," Buffy mused as she placed the end of the belt in Xander's teeth and backed up.

The tension made the silk knot unravel and once the pressure that wrapped around her waist was removed, the short gown opened in the middle. The sight of his dreamgirl standing in heels showing cleavage and her pink snatch was easily enough to get Xander hard as a rock. He practically blew his load once Buffy shrugged off the material, letting him see her perky young tits with big pink nipples for the first time.

"I've never seen anything so wonderful," Xander exclaimed as his jaw fell open.

"Well I guess you like my present then," Buffy said, standing completely naked in front of her teenage lover. "Now where did I leave off this morning?"

Buffy dropped to her knees between Xander's legs like she did earlier and the high school junior quickly undid his pants, kicking off his shoes, jeans and underwear almost at the same time. Once free, Buffy instinctively grabbed the base and started stroking while sucking on the first several inches. 

"Did you like when I took all of you in my mouth," Buffy asked while continuing to pump his cock with her hand.

Without the use of words for an answer, Xander reached out and took the blonde by her head and pushed his dick as far in her mouth as possible. Buffy stayed with her nose buried in her pubes for a few seconds so she could massage the underbelly of his meat with her tongue before pulling herself off and doing it all over again. 

"Let me taste that sweet looking pussy of yours Buff," Xander said, reluctantly stopping her from sucking his cock.

"Anything for you," Buffy said as she crawled up onto the bed and laid on her back. "Come to momma."

Xander did just that and had his tongue deep in the blonde's snatch in a millisecond as he lapped up her honey-sweet juices. Xander had literally no experience at anything remotely sexual, but he had seen enough porn to know the basics. Whenever he wasn't burying his tongue in her twat he was using it to lick at her exposed clit, making the Slayer moan like in the movies.

"Fuck me Xander, please."

"I've been waiting almost 2 whole years waiting for you to say that to me," Xander said as he positioned himself between her thighs and searched her folds for the opening with his cock. Finally finding in, Xander eased himself into her with Buffy helping by bringing her hips forward to meet his.

"You're so big Xand and feel so good," Buffy moaned from under her awkward partner.

Xander could only bite down on his lip as he was able to hit his entire length into her extremely tight snatch. Since Buffy wasn't a virgin she was able to quickly adjust to his size so Xander was able to plough into her with full force. He couldn't believe the unbelievable feeling of her satin-smooth pussy on his rod as he rose and plummeted into her.

"Easy tiger. Let me on top, changing positions will make you last longer," Buffy suggested as she felt him pull out from her to both of their disappointments. "Lay down and enjoy the ride."

"You're ass must have been sculpted by the gods themselves," Xander exclaimed as his girlfriend straddled him backwards and steered his cock back into her awaiting twat.

Buffy started at a blistering pace, going up and down on his pole as Xander was able to watch her perky tits bounce violently in the mirror across the room. Laying back and trying to delay his orgasm for the second time that day, Xander tried thinking about unsexy objects but nothing was working.

"Buffy I gotta cum really soon," Xander said through grinded teeth.

"Come in me if you want," Buffy said and not two seconds later she felt the warm blast of his semen coating her inner walls.

"Holy crap. I just lost my virginity to Buffy fucking Summers," Xander said as he laid sprawled out on the 17-year-old's queen size bed. "I mean it would have been great if it was your first time but it was still amazing."

"We still have plenty of time, and I still am a virgin in one more hole," Buffy said as she cuddled into her man.

"Do you mean the ..."

"Yeah, if you want."

"I want very much."

"Than do something about it," Buffy said as she rolled onto her side, facing away from Xander so her ass was towards him.

Xander couldn't believe what was about to happen. Not only did he get a blowjob from Buffy and have sex with her, but now he was going to get to stick his cock up the Slayer's asshole. Sodomy was such a taboo to girls, yet here Buffy was offering up her backdoor on a whim just to see him happy. He would definitely have to thank Amy in the morning.

Xander shifted onto his side and brought his cock up to her puckered rosebud, but couldn't get enough force to get inside. His cock was amply lubricated with Buffy's juices and his head was still covered in his cum so it shouldn't have been so hard.

"Let me put it in. I guess you're scared of hurting me but you don't have to be. I'm the Slayer. If I can get punched in the face by a vamp and barely flinch I can sure as hell take a cock up my ass without a problem," Buffy said as she grabbed his slimy pole and encircled her asshole. "See"

Xander couldn't believe that his dickhead was firmly lodged in between Buffy's firm butt cheeks. If he thought her pussy was tight than he had no idea what tight was as her ass was acting as a vice. Trying to take it careful, Xander went inch by inch until he had half of his rod in her backdoor.

"Just fuck me Xander, I can take it. Make it feel good for you," Buffy instructed, just wanting Xander to get the most out of this.

Buffy nearly jumped off the bed when Xander rammed the rest of himself into her ass, but being the Slayer she was more then able to deal with the slight discomfort. Within minutes, her petite had worked up a good sweat as the young couple kept pushing back on each other, trying to get every last inch into her hole.

"I think it might be time to switch up," Xander said as he felt his balls start to tingle again.

With a quick swing of the hips, Buffy used her Slayer strength to roll them so that she was on her hands and knees and Xander was behind her, his cock still firmly in her ass.

"Oh fuck. That's it stud, do me harder. Yes keep rubbing my clit. So close," Buffy screamed at the top of her lungs as her body went into convulsions as an orgasm rocked her. Unable to control her actions, Buffy's anal sphincter tightened up, grinding along Xander's dick as he continued to fuck the petite blonde with all of his energy.

"Need to cum quickly," Xander moaned as he took his cock from her extremely constricted behind.

"Blow in my mouth again, you liked it earlier," Buffy said as she spun around and took his head in her mouth just in time to accept his hot load.

"Did you just do an ass to mouth? You really are the girl of my dreams," Xander said as he laid back on the pillows, exhausted from fucking a girl with superhuman strength twice in the course of an hour.

"And I tasted so fucking good," Buffy cooed into Xander's ear as she cuddled up next to him. "And you've just started to scratch the surface stud. Tonight is just an introduction for what's to come."

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