On The Balcony

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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am not making any money from this story. The first part of the story is adapted from the official Dead Things screenplay (sourced from BuffyWorld.com.)

Buffy drifts up the stairs to the The Bronze’s balcony area, which is nearly empty. She wanders to the center of the balcony, shrouded in shadows. She looks down at her friends enjoying life, unable to feel a part of it.

“You see? You try to be with them. But you always end up in the dark.” Spike appears out of the shadows. “With me.” Buffy doesn't turn around as he slides in close behind her.

“What would they think of you? If they found out all the things you've done.” His hand moves down her body. “If they knew who you really were…” He presses himself against her from behind, and she feels how hard he is.

Buffy whispers, her voice suddenly raspy. “Don't.”

“Stop me.”

She doesn't. His overcoat swings in, obscuring the action as he gets her skirt up, unzips, and pushes his throbbing cock inside her. Her breathing quickens. She gasps. Spike moans, his face consumed in the moment. Buffy grips he railing, her knuckles white, while Spike holds her hips.

She sees Xander, Anya, and Willow down on the main floor, dancing and laughing, totally oblivious. She closes her eyes, unable to look at them as Spike fucks her.

“No. Don't close your eyes.” Buffy opens her eyes. Spike continues moving rhythmically behind her, his breath hot on her neck. Buffy begins to pant with pleasure like an animal in heat. She can’t believe she’s doing this in public.

“Look at them. That's not your world. You belong in the shadows... with me. Look at your friends... and tell me you don't love getting away with this right under their noses…”

Buffy's face is wracked by guilt, but she doesn't move away -- or close her eyes. Instead, she slightly thrusts back into Spike. He continues to slowly fuck her, then begins to move his hand up her shirt.

“Please,” she begs Spike, barely able to speak. He smirks.

“Stop me.”

Buffy can only hesitate a moment before Spike gives a sharp thrust into her and she forgets everything. Spike roughly grabs her right breast in full view of The Bronze.

Buffy is just about to give in to the pleasure when she notices a motion in the corner of her eye. She freezes, panicking. Spike notices and his sight is drawn to another couple off to the side. He raises an eyebrow.

The  woman has her short skirt hiked up and is sitting on the crotch of her man, who is thrusting himself inside her. The couple is looking back at Spike and Buffy as they fuck, eyes half-lidded with lust and pleasure.

Spike, momentarily slowing down to examine the motion Buffy saw, resumes his normal pace of fucking into Buffy. Buffy is horrified -- other people saw her with Spike! But as Spike continues to assault her cunt from behind, it begins to turn her on. She starts thrusting back against Spike as he fondles her breast. Spike kisses her neck and moans as he fucks her. 

Both Buffy and Spike feel their orgasms approaching. Spike quickened his pace, not caring how much motion he makes or attention he gets. Buffy gasps, biting her knuckle so she can’t make a sound. Spike’s cock explodes inside Buffy, whose own orgasm form a vice grip on Spike. The Bronze goes white for a few seconds.

Spike begins to come down. He withdraws from Buffy, who pulls her skirt back down and stands up trembling a little. Spike puts his cock back in his pants and zips up.

“Catch you later, love.”

He moves towards the stairs, stopping by the still-fucking couple who seem on the verge of cumming. Spike presses his thumb to the woman’s lips. “You as well.” Spike goes down the stairs.

Buffy grips the railing again. She can’t believe she let him fuck her again. Not only that, in public! And she enjoyed it! A feeling of warmth rushes to her pussy. “And I enjoyed it,” she thought.

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