"Most Sharing Selfishness."

BY : Krulos
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Disclaimer: I own neither BtVS/AtS nor Rizzoli Isles, they belong to their own respective copyright owners, and willingly forego any payment for this story; I will not accept a single red cent for this!

"Most Sharing Selfishness."

A Journal By Faith Lehane.

Disclaimer: I own neither BtVS/AtS nor Rizzoli Isles, they belong to their own respective copyright owners, and willingly forego any financial remuneration for this work of literary fiction; I will not accept a single red cent for this, or more- I will accept only praise, not any financial payment at all!

Summary: Faith writes in her journal several entries that're not that connected about her getting a family and how she wedded another woman, who's most surprising...

Pairing/Characters: Faith Lehane/Joyce Summers, Buffy Summers, their friends.

Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Supernatural, Spiritual.

Warning(s): Surprising things, Corruption of various kinds., hence the following:

Author's Story Notes: Faith'll also surprise you in a large number of ways, I'd wager a big guess... and as a far more complex character than you might guess from what's going on.

Remember, folks, this's written from Faith's point of view.

Oh, and I don't agree at all with what Faith's doing here- not one bit!

Setting: Round about the time of the summer between Seasons 3 + 4, but includes various parts of others, including Season 5, there are also other ingredients, but the important thing is the relationship.

Chapter 1: Entry 1: "Hi, Journal, it's me."

Beginning Chapter 1 Author's Notes: Please, tell me what you think, and if in doubt, go with it but with a significant grain of salt; you might be surprised by the end of it.

Oh, and this might, just might turn out to be a crossover by the end of it that'll surprise the socks off of you!

Hi, you don't know me, so I'll tell you a few things about me... first off, I'm, well, I got myself a wife; stole her, actually, from her husband, so I'm a stepmom to some two beautiful girls!

That might be astonishing; considering as I was raised Catholic that I'd do something so atrocious, but I don't want to freak you out right now, so don't panic or you'll ruin the relationship.

Truth be told, my wife, Joyce Summers-Lehane (now) is a divorcee; so here's the conflict: while the Church says what I did is unacceptable, the state says "meh, what difference does it make?", so hence we took advantage of the fighting between the two groups and got married.

I've had my fun, I have to admit, and some of the adventures I've had as B's stepmom, as well as classmate are astonishing and fun to recall, I write this with a smile.

Also, what I do with my wife is fun to say the least, but the kind of fun is akin to missing class, using drugs, smoking, or getting drunk/high, or other forms of acting up- it's the daring of doing bad things to see if you can get away with it or for how long.

What you say? You wonder how I, who rightly claim to be a Catholic can also be married to another woman? Well, just because I was brought up to believe such-and-such about everything doesn't mean that I don't have what it'd call "disordered desires" (such as romantic/sexual attraction to another person of my own sex...), so of course there're those in there like myself, who sense a deep contradiction between what we *want* to have and what we know or think we *ought* to *want* to have in the first place. Fr. Mike... he'd say what's going on with me is the fruit of what Adam and Eve did that day some several (I'd guess) millions of years ago- and how that messed humanity up... 'Thanks a lot, Mommy Eve- for this gift!'. Who's Fr. Mike? You ask... he was my home parish pastor in Southie Boston... and yeah, I was involved in some gangs as a kid there... Teenaged gangster; they had immense trouble with me, let me tell you!

I can still remember some events where I had been interrogated by some detectives in South Boston; such as Detective Rizzoli; that was funny! I sure played her for a fool the whole time! She had thought that I'd done some things, interrogated me while I was a teen, and I played her for a dupe the whole time- even my watcher, who'd assumed legal guardianship of me had no idea what I'd done!

What do I love, you ask? Well, I'm a bit of a fitness fanatic, with a taste for science-fiction literature, but haven't had that much time or money to devote to my hobbies of literature... I like martial arts, hanging out (and making out) with my wife, Joyce, good food and drink- mostly the little things in life.

Let me tell you folks a story of some of the things I do with my new family...

It all began while my stepdaughter B was away checking out colleges all around the state; Joyce was bored, as was I... I'd done some swimming in the previously warm days at the beach, and sunning myself after I'd made it big due to some failed prosecutions and managing to force the state to release me from prison through legal tactics (I still don't know who or why the lawyers of the best quality law firm elected to do that!), but I took Joyce to a hotel I had researched on the internet and found out that they don't ask questions... how I did that was quite a tale in and of itself; let me relate it to you in more detail, as I think you'll enjoy it...

Joyce was spending a lot of time in the Gallery, and while she was making oodles of money for herself and her family, she was getting a bit antsy, so I decided to play with her.

Knowing she got out at about 2:00 pm, I went into her room, got into her closet, and, using a travel bag that I knew she'd use to go to the beach, I began to pack for a surprise journey for the two of us. I packed her favorite bikini, her towels, some clothes I knew she liked. I knew B could handle herself at home, just as I knew that Joyce really is devoted to her, excuse me, our daughters... so much so that she couldn't leave them emotionally without immense worry.

So, what did I do, you ask? Well, I sat down, wearing my bathing suit under my clothes and my undergarments in my own swimbag, and sat down in my wife's bedroom to wait for her to come home to me, but with another strap of thick black cloth that's like a bowtie, but with a twist: it's longer and broader than any bowtie, and with a totally different purpose of which I'll tell you later on.

When Joyce came home, I called out to her in her bedroom to let her know where her wife is/was... I then waited silently and respectfully for her to return my vocal call, she sure did! When she found me, I was hiding behind the door when she opened it; she only glimpsed the room's contents and the two swimbags when I sprang my trap! I slipped my hands around her head from behind and placed the blindfold over her eyes, kissed her on the jawline from behind and said, seductively "Guess who." to her.

She replied with astonishing calmness "Faith, my wife." and I spun her around, not removing the blindfold for I had another surprise for her, and kissed her right in the middle of her gorgeous lips in a claiming kiss!

Then I guided her silently outside and over to the car I'd chosen to drive us to the hotel, and yes, it has a pool outside and a hot-tub in the room I'd reserved, with part of the money the state of Mass. had been forced to pay me, thanks to a gift from Wolfram & Hart representing me in my criminal case- a gift I have completely and absolutely no idea why they'd done that in the first place!

Shortly thereafter, I went back inside post guiding Joyce over to her seat in the passenger-side of the car, helping her get seated, and buckling my 40-something year old wife in by her 19 year old wife. I then went back for the bags, put them in the trunk of the car, and drove us to the hotel where I was certain we'd have endless fun together as wife and wife, fooling around, being childlike, and playing.

I also packed some toys for us to play with that I'd obtained some time ago, and, trust me, I had *some* ideas as to how to use them that'd been bouncing around in my noggin for the past few months at least.

Soon after we arrived, I was seated in the hot tub, naked, and had my older wife seated on my lap, equally naked, as the hot water jets massaged us both; this whole scene aroused me to no end, holding my wife on her wife's lap, rubbing her beautiful body constantly; it was immense fun... but I also wanted to do other things with/to her as well- and I absolutely loved "playing house" with B's family! That was a personal fantasy I'd had since I met B's mother: playing house with them.

Little did I know that I'd even get the chance to do just that, and this was a most pleasing surprise, as was winding up a millionare, but most of the money I had stashed away, in this or that account hidden so as to protect it from taxing.

Soon enough I and Joyce were drying eachother off with our towels, I then got ready for the next "marital game" I wanted to play with her... I got out my "toy", a strap-on that had about the consistancy of a man's organ, and, Joyce, figuring out what her wife wanted- she's always good at that! She stepped right into the harness's leg holes, and I raised it up her legs, while on my knees. When I reached my wife's hips, I tightened the harness, and attached the buckles where they belonged. I then kissed her, tenderly, right at the stretch-marks that marked her as a mom. I then went up, kissing her at the underside of her nipple of one of her breasts; then I grabbed her face in my strong hands and kissed her square on the lips. Until my hands grabbed her face, however, her hands were on her hips as if she was a stern overseer, but once my hands grabbed her face, she returned the favor. The attached device, however, was for another purpose.

That being to be described now:

I pulled her on to the bed, walking backwards and kissing her the entire time, most tenderly on the lips with loving care, but also smashing our lips together repeatedly and consistantly, to show her that I'm determined to make love to her, and she replied in exactly the same way to me. When my knees hit the bed, I pulled her down on top of me; she said "Hold on, Faith, let me get set."

I said "I'll help you." and we both grabbed the device I'd attached to her and guided it to my opening as she laid on top of me- and it felt wonderful to hold my wife on top of me- as well as to have her inside me the entire time!

I don't need to get graphic, but needless to say, I bedded her that night in the hotel- that's not the only time I've bedded her, though, as we both have bedded oneanother, right in B's bed (which is one of my favorite things to do!), and thanks to her, I'm the family disciplinarian; which will be gotten into later on in this wonderful tale of peculairity.

You might wonder how could a woman who *says* she's a Catholic (and who's to deny that if I say I am, for all intents and purposes I am!) do such things that the Church says are downright sacreligious; well, just because I am a Catholic doesn't mean that I'm all that devout- study us as a general rule and I believe you'll be surprised: an awful lot of us tend to act contrary to some Church teaching or another... Plus I'm kind of fighting with the Church on some details.

To Be Continued...

End Chapter 1 Author's Notes: Well, in case you haven't guessed it, Faith's a bad example of a Catholic here, no matter what her sexuality, adultery is adultery, and it's always horrible to engage in! This is written from the perspective of the antagonist, and further tales will help to define the sick and twisted nature of this relationship that'll blow your socks off, shirt off, and mess up the participants as well as their families!

This is kind of "Faith's Journal", but what she's doing is an act of blasphemy in a lot of ways- people can reason their way to God's truth, but reason is potentially problematic, however, it has to be developed; and using revelation (of any kind, for crying out loud, any schooling is rooted in revelation by an instructor to the students!) we can develop it by way of reason to "navigate" when our senses deceive us, like with how the Titanic sank: it was a mirage that "cloaked" the iceberg that cut open the ocean-liner and doomed all those people- a complex optical illusion, really.

Therefore: reason, faith, revelation, intellect, these are the guiding preternatural "universal senses" of humanity- to be used when we *know* or *think* we cannot reliably trust our senses- otherwise; we'll all hit the iceberg and be disemboweled, just as the Titanic was at the catastrophic end of its famous, infamous voyage!

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