Imago: The Seduction of Arlene

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Imago: The Seduction of Arlene 


Ok – so the standard warning! 


If you’re shocked by portrayals lesbians indulging in all manner of kinks – you best be on your way. There is nothing for you here! 


For anyone disturbed or outraged by the concept of gay marriage – I’d prefer it if you’d just fuck-off! 


NC-17 – sexually explicit content. 

F/f – with references, of varying levels of explicitness, to numerous secondary F/f and some F/f/f and, F/F/f relationships. 


I do not own these characters – even the ones I made up – and I am certainly making nothing from their misuse! I do not mean to imply anything about the sexual preferences of any of the actresses cast. 

As always – f/b gratefully received but please be gentle with me. 

This fic is really so randomly AU that requires something of an explanation – so before you read it I advise that you take a little look at the Forum topic I created for my extensive – I mean really extensive notes! You can also leave feedback there and I can reply to say thanks to any kind comments!

Not that the story can’t be read without it but it will probably make more sense with it!

As always – f/b gratefully received but please be gentle with me. 



Imago: The Seduction of Arlene 



Dramatis Personae 


In order (pretty much) of appearance: 


Arlene Wilson (Joyce’s older sister): Gates McFadden 

Kendra Young: Bianca Lawson 

Joyce Lehane: Kristine Sutherland 

Faith Lehane: Eliza Dushku 


The Judge (un-named): Lucy Liu 

Blonde waitress (un-named): Kaley Cuoco 

Serena Young: Gina Torres 

Young red-haired waitress (un-named): Lyndsy Fonseca 


Lolly Osborne (Arlene and Joyce’s younger sister): Alex Kingston 

Darla: Julie Benz 

Dawn Summers: Michelle Trachtenberg 

Buffy Summers: Sarah-Michelle Geller 

Janice Penshaw: Amber Tamblyn 

Dayna Penshaw: Peri Gilpin 

Jenny Calender: Robia la Morte 

Willow Rosenberg: Alyson Hannigan 

Tara Maclay: Amber Benson 

Kennedy: Iyari Limon 

Nikki Wood: KD Aubert 

Caridad: Dania Ramirez 

Celia (Lolly’s daughter): Hayden Panettiere 

Celia’s lover, Pagan: Madeline Stowe 

Joyce and Arlene’s friends Patty and Portia: Gillian Anderson and Kate Walsh 

Patty’s lover: Althenea Harkness: Joely Richardson 

Portia’s love interest: Sarah Drew 



Reggie Cates (Kendra’s business partner): Gabrielle Union 

Anya Jenkins: Emma Caulfield 

Lilah Morgan: Stephanie Romanov 

Harmony Kendall: Mercedes McNab 

Bar clients: Aisha Tyler, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Shiri Appleby 

Cordelia Chase: Charisma Carpenter 

Fred Burkle: Amy Acker 

Café waitress: Alexis Bledel 

Café barista: Dayna Davis 


Imago: The Seduction of Arlene (part 1)


Shall we dance? 



In the hallway outside the Bridal Suite Joyce’s older sister Arlene paused nervously. From within came the anguished sound of her sister’s all too audible distress. The harsh snap of leather on flesh; repeated – crack, crack, crack – seemed to provoke the cries of the 44 year old Joyce Lehane-Summers (nee Matthews) as her new wife took her cruel, wedding night pleasure of her mature but still blushing, bride. 


Arlene’s heart raced and her head felt light. Trepidation fluttered in her belly. She struggled to reason why…how…she now found herself listening so intently at the door to the bridal suite, to her sister’s agonies. How she found herself here at all. 


It still confused Arlene, scared her; worried her. That her younger sister had entered into a bizarre, lesbian relationship with a woman more than 20 years her junior – one of her daughter’s friends no less – was hard enough to process. What she had witnessed that afternoon – the spectacle of Joyce marrying Faith, in a service conducted by the petite, severely beautiful Asian judge was, frankly, mind-boggling. She could barely encompass that there might be a judge willing to conduct such a service. But then seeing the nature of her sisters relationship played out so publicly; witnessing the younger woman’s dominance and Joyce’s apparently willing, eager even, submission to the bizarre and cruel seeming demands that her new wife made upon her, had been quite beyond comprehension. 


What Arlene had seen of her sister recently went far beyond what could reasonably be described as a mid-life crisis. The oldest of the three Matthews sisters (as they had been in their youth) had been more than a little concerned for Joyce’s safety and perhaps even her sanity. 


And yet – still…there was something about it all that gave her pause: something that seemed to set off an odd ache inside her; a resonating ripple in her soul she could not name and did not understand. Listening carefully as Joyce’s cries went up a notch becoming a screech; Faith’s sharp, harsh commands rumbling through the door as she snapped an instruction; Joyce whimpering, sobbing in obedient compliance, Arlene knew she should be repulsed, worried, angered. And she was all those things – but somehow they were not all she felt. 


“Ohhhh…oh y-yes F-Faith darling…p-p-please…ahh-ahh-ahhhhh!” came Joyce’s gasping cry as a salvo of sharp hard smacks – the crisp snap of leather on flesh – could be heard through the door, and Arlene shuddered. 


Beside her, her companion smiled wolfishly, her teeth white against dark skin and full, ruby lips. 


Arlene shuddered again, nervous, confused; wondering what she was doing here. Her pulse seemed to thrum; pattering in her chest, racing, throbbing between her thighs. 


The young black woman squeezed her bottom again, her hand beneath her dress; making her tremble as she slid her key-card into the door’s locking mechanism. 


“Come on honey,” Kendra said her hand half guiding, half propelling her inside, as it roamed the silken seat of her panties. 


Arlene wondered again what was happening, what she was doing letting the young black woman into her room, but she was helpless to resist. Her lipstick was smudged, her lips bruised and her usually neat coiffure was mussed, her long red tresses coming loose. Her front buttoned, floral print dress was awry; the top three buttons undone revealing her lace trimmed bra and considerably more cleavage than the 49 year old would usually think appropriate. 


Her face was flushed and her eyes smoky, almost glazed as they looked at the dark skinned young woman with whom she had left the party downstairs. 


A lively dance number, its bass line resonating, throbbed from below. 


Kendra grinned at the older woman, relishing her awkward, hesitant confusion, guiding her into the bedroom. 


Arlene was slim, graceful like her two younger sisters. She was taller than Joyce, perhaps leaner than Lolly who had more curves than the other two. She had a dancer’s poise and the long, slender legs to go with it. 


On the dancefloor earlier, despite her initial reluctant, reticent uncertainty at finding herself in the arms of another woman – and one young enough to be her daughter at that – it had been easy for the casual observer to see how she had always been a dancer. She moved with a precise, sensual fluidity in perfect step to the music. She knew the steps and how to move with a partner no matter how unfamiliar. 


“You’re a beautiful dancer Arlene,” Kendra had complimented her, her words accented, as they moved together, her hips rolling against Arlene’s too intimately for comfort; making her blush. She’d found herself wondering how she had allowed the powerfully built, almost Amazonian black woman persuade her to dance. 


“I-I’ve never danced with another woman before,” she had stuttered nervously in reply. 


“Doesn’t show!” Kendra had seemed delighted to have the elegant older woman in her arms and, sliding a hand down onto the swell of Arlene’s bottom – still taut firm despite motherhood and middle-age – to pull her nearer still so their hips pressed more closely, belly to belly, thighs moving against thighs; and they were grinding against each other to the motion of the dance, the rhythm of the music. “You feel like a natural. You move…beautifully.” Kendra had said softly her eyes dark and sensual. 


“W-well, I-I used to dance – as a hobby – you know…” 


“I can tell…” Kendra had purred, shifting to ease a thigh between the older woman’s legs. Arlene’s eyes had widened with surprise, shock at the too intimate pressure and she had given a small, thin squeak at the sensation of the younger woman’s hand tighter on her rump pulling her closer against her thigh. 


“Damn but you’re hot Arlene,” the younger woman had breathed in her ear, in her husky, accented tones. 



Arlene had blushed again. 


“Th-th-thank you Kendra…th-that’s v-very kind.” She said awkwardly. She had squirmed a little at the movement of her sex against the dark skinned girl’s muscled thigh. “Hnnuhh…” she huffed softly. 


“No…it’s true…you’re very beautiful. As soon as I saw you at the rehearsal dinner I thought: ‘Maaaan…who’s that…she’s so hot?’” 


The older woman’s blush had deepened at the earnest flow of compliments as Kendra continued, her voice deep, smooth, with that trace of the Caribbean in her tone. 


“At first there was all this amazin’ red hair…and I love me a red head…then I saw the body…oh yeah…y’have an amazin’ body Arlene…” 


“W-well…” Arlene’s head span a little. “I-I don’t think so…not at my age…” she demurred. 


“Nah…don’t be so modest…I think you mus’ look after it well…” 


“W-well…I-I t-try…of course…th-the gym…you know…” 


“Mmmm… I’m sure you do…you are very fine…I’d love to see you sweat…” 


Arlene had blushed again. 


“Th-th-thanks...mmmnnn…” she answered uncomfortably, her hips trembling, strain appearing on her face. 


“You have great legs,” Kendra had continued. “I can’t wait to open them…spread them wide.” 


“Eeeek!” Arlene had gasped. “Oh! Oh n-no! I-I d-don’t…I-I never…I’m n-not…” 


“Hush now…relax Beautiful,” Kendra had soothed, her hand caressing Arlene’s bottom, her hips and thigh moving sinuously, maddeningly against Arlene. “You must know by now that I am going to bed you later…but for now let’s just enjoy the dancing.” 


“Oh…oh m-my…b-but…I-I-I…” 


“Easy Beautiful…don’t spoil it now…you’re such a lovely dancer…so easy to lead…just like you will be in bed…” Kendra soothed, her hand commanding, holding Arlene close, too close, so the movement of the dance transmitted through their hips; into her core. 


The older woman shuddered giving a slight, keening moan. “Ohhhh…” Her body quaked. 


Releasing her hand Kendra reached up to stroke Arlene’s hair, running her fingers through fire. 


“Such beautiful red hair…mmmm…it’s going to look beautiful when you let it down…” She’d almost purred. “It’s going to look fine spread out while I make love to you…” 


Arlene could no longer hear the music – though her steps still remained sure – she could hear nothing past the rushing noise in her ears and the hypnotic sound of Kendra’s voice. 


The black girl’s dark eyes were like almonds, wide and deep, beautiful. Arlene felt herself falling into them. 


“They sure make them sexy in your family,” the younger woman continued “You and your sisters…I can so get why Faith is so into Joyce…and your nieces.” She’d nodded towards where Buffy danced with her older lover Dayna Penshaw. The older woman’s hands were possessive as they fondled the blonde. Near the dancefloor Dawn and her young girlfriend Janice were making-out enthusiastically. “And isn’t that your other sister with Darla?” Nearbyon the dancefloor Lolly was to be dancing enthusiastically with an attractive blonde woman perhaps ten years her junior. 


She nodded. “Y-yes, she affirmed softly. 


“Was your mom hot as well Beautiful?” Kendra asked, her hand squeezing Arlene’s bottom through her dress. 


“Ohh! Unhhhh… Oh-I-I-I d-don’t…I don’t r-really know…” the older woman panted. Despite herself, between her legs she found herself drenched with desire, her panties moist. She could not remember the last time she had felt so aroused; so wet. 


“I bet she was.” 


“M-maybe…I d-don’t know…p-perhaps.” 


“Yeah…you got this fantastic ass from her didn’t you?” She’d let her hand roam the older woman’s buttocks. “Mmmm…made for spanking !” 


“Oooh-oh-n-no…I-I d-don’t…y-you mustn’t Kendra…” 


The dark skinned young beauty’s soulful eyes had danced with mischief and menace and desire. 


“Hush now Beautiful,” Kendra breathed softly squeezing her close again so Arlene moved against the black girl’s thigh. “Don’t talk – just dance…” 


She felt her core flutter and her hips moved involuntarily against Kendra. 


Around them on the dancefloor numerous other couples had danced, their bodies pressed closely, intimately together. Not for the first time Arlene realised there were no men present. Some of the dancers she recognised – her sister, her nieces; and friends of Joyce who she’d known for years – and others, women she barely knew at all. The lady Judge who had conducted the marriage had swept a young blonde – one of the waitresses – into her arms, fondling her intimately as they danced. The young blonde moved awkwardly, uncertain but the Judge led her confidently, moulding the younger woman against her body with confident, commanding hands until the blonde was pliant, moving sensuously in her arms. And; nebray, a woman who Arlene seemed to recall, in her distracted state, as being related to Kendra – her older sister perhaps – had swooped on another of the caterers – a sweet looking red-haired teen. Arlene was wide eyed as the girl surrendered to the dark skinned woman’s tongue. 


And then there were the two brides; Joyce in her dress, Faith in her white Nehru tux. They danced as well, deeply wrapt in each other almost oblivious now to their guests. 


And Joyce’s eyes were moist with suffering. Though they couldn’t now be seen, all of their guests had witnessed as her new wife had bared her breasts to place two cruel looking little clamps on her nipples. And then moments later, between numbers played by the naked all-female dance band, everyone had watched, hushed, fixated as Faith had raised Joyce’s skirts, baring her stockings with their lace garters to take down her silk and lace panties revealing her smoothly naked mons. Throwing her bride’s underwear into the throng the young brunette had crouched again, and parting her blushing bride’s legs to open her sex she had applied a third, cruel little clamp to her whimpering spouse’s clitoris. There had been a sparkling of some gem or other nestled at the apex of pink folds. Faith’s fingers had come away glistening, damp, as she stood once again. Shocked beyond anything she had ever known Arlene had wanted to look away but found herself unable to as Faith had painted Joyce’s lips with her fingers. 


When the music started again Joyce’s blushes had melted into an ecstasy of anguish as her wife had drawn her closer than ever; a hand on her bottom, a leg between her thighs, thrusting hard against her. Arlene could only imagine the agony caused by that pressure on the bitter little clamp as they danced again – agony that shone in her sister’s eyes. 


Joyce’s all too public clamping may perhaps have been the most unnervingly bizarre part of the day, but the whole wedding had been deeply unsettling, disturbing enough for Arlene even before then. 


Even the familiar wedding traditions like the tossing of the bouquet had seemed off…strange. A roar of feminine laughter had swept the place when a slender red haired young woman had caught the bouquet. She had looked bemused from the bouquet to the two young women who stood beside her, watching her with predatory smiles. 


Arlene had understood that there was something significant in this but she struggled to comprehend what. 


Unlike Lolly, who seemed, as always, to throw herself into anything with a typically enthusiastic zeal for experimentation, she had tried to maintain a cautious reserve despite the hedonistic mood of the event. But witnessing her sister’s willing submission to such cruel treatment had been more than just uncomfortably disconcerting. It had been traumatic, alarming; upsetting at an elemental level that shook her to her core; and yet shockingly, at the same time, profoundly arousing. Maintaining her equilibrium had proved beyond her. 


Her sister’s new sexuality and the deferential, subservient compliance with which she submitted to her young lover had always left Arlene disquieted. Seeing it given such formality, such acceptance threw her completely off-balance. Worst of all had been that look in Joyce’s face; adoring despite her tear-filled eyes and obvious distress as she moved, leaning deeper into Faith’s embrace; pressing herself close, her hips rolling sensually, as they danced. 


As she watched them Arlene had felt her pulse fluttering treacherously where her thighs met. 


It had all been so alien….too confusing, too disconcerting, too unsettling. 


They had watched later as Faith swept Joyce away, hurrying her up the staircase toward their bridal suite. Despite the evident discomfort of her clamps, Joyce had yelped moving quickly at the swat of her young wife’s hand on her the seat of her dress before Faith had placed a possessive, controlling hand on her neck to guide her. 


As the band struck up again Kendra had drawn her anew onto the dance-floor and Arlene’s head had whirled. 



Leading her to dance once more Kendra’s lips had brushed her neck, her ear making the redhead shudder anew as she spoke, her voice deep. “You really are a beautiful woman Arlene? Tell me…are you red haired below as well?” 


Arlene reeled. Only Kendra’s embrace held her upright. 


“Y-y-yes...” she had nodding, finding herself mumbling in reply through a deep flush of embarrassment. Though why she had dignified the question with a reply she could not imagine. 


“Mmmm…” Kendra had rumbled in approval. “Good. You’re gonna look so beautiful spread out on my bed…naked and ready…your legs opened wide…your pussy wet and hungry…right after I’ve spanked this fine white ass!” 


Arlene had given a gasp as Kendra’s hand had squeezed again on her rump. 


“Oh! Oooop! N-no…I-I-I’m n-not…you know…like that…I-I’ve got a husband…I’m n-not a lesbian…” 


“Hush, Beautiful,” Kendra said smoothly, forcefully, her voice like chocolate. “Of course you are.” 


“No! No I-I’m not – really!” 


“You sure Beautiful?” Kendra quirked an eyebrow. “I’d say that by the way you’re shaking in my arms you are very turned on right now honey? You’re wet aren’t you Beautiful? Your panties are damp, no?” 


Blushing deeply Arlene had been able only to surrender, groaning and nodding mutely in dismay. 


Kendra had grinned. 


“When I take you upstairs you’re going to give me those panties Beautiful…before I spank you.” And she had kissed her hard, her tongue demanding, stifling a reply, forcing past the older woman’s weakening resistance. 


Losing control of the situation completely, Arlene had moaned wordlessly, dismayed at her own helplessness as the young black woman made a spectacle of her. Unbuttoning her dress Kendra slipped a hand inside to caress her breasts, stroking, plucking at her nipples through her bra; setting her body aflame. Keenly conscious of the way the wedding guests watched her seduction she felt herself flushing with humiliation. 


When the song ended Kendra had not waited; putting her hand on Arlene’s neck and leading the mature red haired woman, her head spinning, from the dance floor towards the staircase. On the stairs the younger woman’s hand had slid down again to busy itself behind Arlene, lifting up her dress to slip beneath her skirts so that everyone could see as she squeezed her bottom, fondling, exploring through her satin panties as they went. 


And Arlene had been utterly unable to stop her. 


Despite herself, Joyce’s sister was utterly helpless to resist. Somewhere inside a part of her had wanted to oppose what was happening to her but somehow Kendra was too much for her. Alien desires overwhelmed her. Her body quaking; heat, molten fire raging between her legs where her tender, secret flesh was fat, pouting and pursed, she oozed unbidden, shocking arousal into the musky humidity of her panties. 



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