A Good Night's Sleep

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Wanted to get back into writing again, so I found a kink generator, somnophilia popped up, and this happened. 

Tara had moved out with little warning, leaving Willow sitting in a stew of sexual frustration. Any time she tried to drift off to sleep, she felt the same ache. Tara had been so adept at taking it away.

Willow bit her lip, and reached down, rubbing furiously between her legs. A cry, a whimper, and she was sated for a minute or so. Then, just before she managed to get to sleep, the insistent ache would return.

She spent several nights going through every fantasy she’d ever used, and then some. Eventually her mind drifted to remembrances: there was Tara, thoughts of whom hurt too much. Then there was Buffy; Willow had never done anything with her, but they’d shared a room.

She’d glimpsed Buffy changing, showering, to say nothing of various private activities. It was those thoughts Willow lingered on.

And the she realized: she still lived with Buffy. And, while she was trying to give up dependence on magic, cold turkey rarely worked: and she’d need to get to sleep sometime.

Buffy would never do anything. Not little miss perfect, little miss straight: but there were still ways to get off.


The next night, Willow got up when it was late. She, Buffy and Dawn were the only ones in the house. As Willow passed Dawn’s and Buffy’s room, she cast a fairly basic, simple little spell: a sleeping hex.

She’d used it on Tara, a few times: helped her sleep, free of nightmares. The world could end, and they wouldn’t wake until morning, or until Willow wanted them too.

Willow exhaled: a breath of excitement. It was done, so soon. She’d never been too interested in the idea of taking people while they slept, but she’d have done anything just then: and, at the prospect of it happening for real, she felt far more intrigued than she’d thought.

In Buffy’s room, Willow pulled the sheet away. Buffy wore old, cutesy pyjamas: it didn’t matter. Willow was only interested in one thing: she pulled Buffy’s arm closer, pulled her own panties down, and straddled Buffy’s hand.

She was dripping wet, already. She’d been considering this all day and, now it was happening, she felt a heady mix of guilt and desperation. Slowly, as her guilt reached a fever pitch, Willow lowered herself down, Buffy’s fingers slipping inside her.

Buffy didn’t stir. Instead, Willow whimpered, and began to ride: Buffy’s fingers stiffened instinctively, curling just slightly. Warm, and unresisting, Willow rubbed herself against her best friend’s hand.

It wasn’t enough. Willow came to that conclusion in seconds: and, quickly, unbuttoned Buffy’s pyjama top: pushed it to the sides.

Willow gasped softly. Buffy didn’t wear a bra to bed: and her tits were left bare, exposed to Willow’s eyes and hands.

Slowly, tentatively, Willow reached out: touched them. Buffy remained asleep, and Willow grinned: pinching on Buffy’s nipples, and almost mauling her tits, feeling them in her palm.

She’d seen them before, she just never expected to have the opportunity to play with them. Now, she did: and she had complete freedom.

Buffy wasn’t awake. She wasn’t going to complain, or move: and her only reaction would be the way her breath was already quickening, as the sensations played into her dreams.

Relishing the opportunity to be rough, Willow dug her fingertips in, shamelessly groping Buffy’s boobs. Willow rocked, as well, pushing Buffy’s fingers deeper inside her, guiding them to the right spots with just the movement of her body.

The feeling, as well as the sight and heat of Buffy’s tits, was enough to send fireworks through her. Willow bit her lip: though Buffy wouldn’t wake up, it still somehow felt wrong to moan.

Buffy had no such worries. She cried out at some dream-sensation, nipples hard, and her skin flushed. More turned on than she’d believe at the site, Willow lowered her head: fastened her mouth around one nipple, nipping with her teeth, and curling her tongue around the peak.

Buffy whimpered again. Willow kept riding, savouring the feel of her best friend’s hand in her cunt.

Oh, she’d wanted to do this for so long. Glimpses of Buffy’s chest, cleavage, she’d been waiting for a chance to touch and suck these tits. They weren’t huge, no more than a handful, but they were Buffy’s.

With a low moan, Willow bucked, teeth biting into Buffy’s nipple as she humped Buffy’s hand.

She could do anything to Buffy. The realization sent a thrill through her: she’d waited so long to see, to play with Buffy’s boobs. If she wanted, she could show them off: let anyone else see them, touch them.

Maybe Tara would like that. Willow moaned at the image: she and Tara, taking turns with Buffy’s body. Tara had confided she thought Buffy was hot; Tara would love to see Buffy like this.

Willow slapped the side of Buffy’s tits: watched them jiggle, relishing the roughness.

Slowly, Willow turned her head sideways, still fucking Buffy’s hand. She moved her own hand from Buffy’s chest, down to her Buffy’s pyjama pants: pushed them down, just a few inches.

The glimpse of Buffy’s cunt made her cum, there and then. A small, trimmed strip of blonde hair, following by glistening lips, wet from how she’d had her tits played with. Willow cried out, thrusting down on Buffy’s fingers for the last few times.

She collapsed, head resting on the warmth of Buffy’s skin, for a long few seconds. She shifted, guided Buffy’s hand out from inside her: refused to clean it.

Breathlessly, Willow pulled her panties back up, redid Buffy’s top, and moved the sheets. Staggering just slightly from the intensity of her orgasm, she left the room, intending to go back to bed. Halfway there, however, she had a thought.

Dawn was still asleep.

While Willow wasn’t ready to be touched just again, suddenly the best thing she could imagine was to have her way with her best friend’s younger sister. Biting her lip, Willow hurried to Dawn’s room.

Dawn’s pyjamas were similarly childish: Willow didn’t pay much attention, dragging them down her surprisingly long legs, and gasping softly at the sight of little Dawnie’s cunt.

Dawn was shaved: surprisingly so. Slowly, Willow reached out: touched the bare skin, her earlier satisfaction replaced by a burning need at the realization Dawn was hiding this.

Then her eyes darted down: glimpsed Dawn’s tight, puckered asshole. Willow exhaled, lowering her hand to that instead: brushing the entrance with one finger.

Tara hadn’t wanted to do that: Willow had always been curious, and suddenly the fantasy was improved a thousandfold if she imagined sweet little Dawnie as her partner. Dawnie who was definitely an anal virgin.

“Fuck,” Willow whimpered, the idea alone almost making her cum again.

Willow hurried from the room: and moments later returned with one of her old, favourite strap-ons, already half-buckled around her waist.

First, though, she leant down: pressed her tongue against Dawn’s cunt. She was wet, already: apparently just the air rushing over bare skin was enough.

She was tasting Buffy’s little sister. That thought went through her mind, over and over: she should probably feel ashamed, but magic had the effect of removing any self-consciousness.

Neither Buffy nor Dawn would have any memory of this. This was Willow’s time, and Willow’s alone. Her pleasure.

A squirt of lube, and Willow pressed the head of the dildo against Dawn’s ass. For a moment, it seemed too big: and the sight alone sent a thrill through Willow.

There was no need to be gentle: not now. In one, prolonged push, Willow claimed Dawn’s anal virginity, exhaling heavily as the hilt of the toy buried itself in the girl.

Dawn murmured something in her sleep. Willow leaned forwards, regaining her breath: it was still hard to believe she was really doing this.

“You’re going to be sore in the morning,” Willow murmured: and chuckled, moving her hips back, and sliding in again. The friction sent a jolt of ecstasy through her clit: and Dawn gasped too.

Dawn did nothing, except take it. Though Willow knew a spell was responsible, seeing Buffy’s little sister act so much like a slut was breathtaking.

The black strap-on slid in with increasing ease, catching just right each time: the friction making Willow gasp, and the position eliciting a whimper from Dawn.

Willow hooked her arms around Dawn’s leg: pulled them apart, hard, thrusting in harder. There was something wonderfully lewd about stretching Dawn’s pale legs, about watching the sizeable toy fill and stretch her once-virgin ass.

“Bitch,” Willow grunted, capitalizing on the fantasy of little Dawnie being a slut. Hurriedly, she unhooked one arm: pushed up Dawn’s top, just enough to expose her pert, small tits. Then just as rapidly, she moved her hand back to keeping Dawn’s legs apart.

Willow kept fucking, eyes now intent on Dawn’s boobs. She hadn’t been too fixated on them: she’d always seen Dawn more as some surrogate daughter, rather than any kind of potential lover.

Somehow, that just made this more intense: she hadn’t even imagined Dawn’s chest before. It was so good to see them. Small, rounded tits: with small nipples so very hard, just poking out.

With her eyes on them, Willow slammed in again, feeling no need to be gentle. She cried out, everything about what was happening getting her off.

Dawn’s tits were right there, in front of her eyes: Dawn’s legs were spread for her, and she was taking her anal virginity. Willow could fuck as hard as she wanted, and Dawn wouldn’t do a thing to stop her.

Dawn whimpered in her sleep, and the sound was what made Willow cum.

Willow’s back arched, and she and sure to keep Dawn’s ass filled, to keep thrusting, as she rode out the friction. It was easy to imagine Dawn was awake, that Dawn was moaning for her.

Breathless, Willow removed the toy, wincing a little at the marks on it. That would be a pain to clean.

Another, delightfully wicked, thought occurred to her. Quickly redressing Dawn, so she’d wake up mostly unaware (except for a distinct ache), Willow returned to Buffy’s room, keeping the strap-on buckled around her hips.

This time, she stood near the head of Buffy’s bed, resting the dildo on the pillow: and opening Buffy’s mouth with her fingers. Biting her lip, Willow slide the toy inside, feeling as it hit Buffy’s unresisting throat.

Something about this appealed to her: making Buffy taste her sister’s ass. Willow could hear a gurgle, as Buffy struggled to breathe.

Willow pulled back: then pushed in again, marvelling at how Buffy’s lips parted for the dildo, and how easily she slid it into Buffy’s mouth. Though Buffy couldn’t lick it, just fucking her face was doing a good job of cleaning the toy.

Too exhausted to cum again, Willow backed away not long after, content the toy would be much easier to clean now Buffy’s mouth had done all the work. Aware she’d have marvellous fantasy fuel if she needed to get off again, Willow hurried from Buffy’s room, returning to her own bed.

She woke up early, feverishly rubbing herself at the memory of the last night, before heading downstairs for breakfast.

Despite how much she’d cum, she still felt a jolt as she saw the Summers siblings; sweet, innocent Dawnie and Buffy, thoroughly oblivious.

Buffy was pouring herself an orange juice, gulping it down quickly.

“I’ve got the weirdest taste in my mouth,” Buffy said.

She glanced sideways as Willow walked in. Willow bit back a smile. Willow still struggled not to let her amusement show as she saw Dawn walk uncomfortably through the kitchen, clearly finding it hard not to limp.

She couldn’t wait for the next night.

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