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Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or Marvel I do not make any money. There will be sex including but not limited to Vaginal, Oral, Anal, Breasts, Tits, Facials, Tease, Breath Play, Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Prostitution,

A/N No Beta, I do have permission to use this idea (Thanks Mist Of Rainbow) also I have a new job and a place to live, nowhere near what i once had but... I'm just happy to have something. Thanks for all the well wishes.

I do not own BtVS or Marvel.

There will be sex including but not limited to Vaginal, Oral, Anal, Breasts, Tits, Facials, Tease, Breath Play, Exhibitionism, Lesbian, Prostitution, Knife Play, Denial, Puppet Play, Role Play, Accidental stimulation, Adrenaline and crises Aliens, Feral, Alpha, Dom/Sub, Amazons, Plugs, Anonymous, Aphrodisiacs, Ass-play, Bath/Pool games, Slaves/Master, BDSM, Begging, Biological Imperative, Biting, Voyeurism, Blind, Body-Paint, Branding, brothels, Bukkake, Chastity, Claiming, Climax, Collars, conditioning, Challenges, Cunnilingus, Cyber, Deep-Throat, Dildo's, Punishment, DP, Fisting or any strange combination of these and others that come up and fit the story.

It's rated adult, figure it out.


Horny Clone Maker

Sunnydale - October 31st

Ixcuina glared at the boy that had nearly ran into her as she stood invisibly on a street corner, looking through the his timeline the Mayan goddess of Carnal sex frowned at what she saw.

First he had been blessed with the love of one of her princesses, stolen and sacrificed by the Inca’s but cast it aside for his friends, the love spell was actually painful for her to watch, so many options for gratuitous sex and the boy was to damn noble for his own good.

Faith and the night of No Pants was fun, the girl at least had the right attitude concerning sex. she would definitely be keeping an eye on the second slayer, it was nice to see someone with her head on straight.

And then Anyanka arrived, Ixcuina smiled at the one time demoness, while nowhere near as energetic as Faith Anya at least understood the importance of sex.

That of course brought the goddess of Carnal Desire back to the issue at hand. How was she going to punish the boy, she didn’t want to wait long all things considered, maybe Janus would be willing to help. Nothing like a chaos god to shake things up.


“Ooh god, what hit me?” Xander groaned as he sat up slowly, holding his head as the pounding within threatened to split his skull open like a Gallagher Watermelon.

“A God.” a far too chipper voice said as Xander pried one of his eyes open to glance at the grinning green clad form that was leaning against the alley wall “Glad to see your awake sunshine.” at Xander's look the man smiled even more “Ixcuina to be exact, Goddess of Carnal desire and forgiveness from Sexual sins,” he said before frowning “Bit Bipolar that one, goes on and on about how sexy that stallion in the next field is and how good his cock must feel and then goes absolutely batshit when you finally let it mount you…” Loki trailed off at Xander's look before coughing in embarrassment. “Sorry, but in my defense i was ‘Really’ drunk that… Decade.” he admitted before shaking his head “Moving on, I am Loki God of Mischief, Thieves, lying and politicians.”

Looking at the self proclaimed god for several seconds Xander shrugged, if the wack job wanted to be Loki he wasn’t going to say anything, if he wasn’t Loki it didn’t hurt anyone and Xander wasn’t willing to fight him over it at the moment, especially as his head was pounding and he found it particularly hard to focus.

If he wasn’t crazy though.

Xander buried that thought deep in his mind as far to scary to even consider before he looked up at the god “What happened?”

Smirking down at the boy Loki considered that question before he responded “Well, to begin with there was a bunch of nothing, really empty, big bang, lots of noise and heat.” he trailed off as Xander shifted so he was leaning against the nearby Dumpster

Getting comfortable despite his headache Xander motioned for the green clad being to continue “No no, please continue, I get the feeling things are about to get real interesting.” Xander said as Loki chuckled.

“Rather than bore you with the recent recounting of cosmic events, i suppose I could sum it up. You drew the attention of a Goddess who convinced a chaos god to play a prank on you so she could , things escalated, got a bit out of hand. I offered my dimension until things calm down.” Loki explained as Xander tried to work through the pain enough to remember what happened.

Thinking back to the night before Xander froze as the image of twin redheads licking his cock clean as the naked forms of Cordelia, Buffy and Dawn lay in an orgasm induced coma nearby.

At the suddenly shocked look Loki sighed before he stepped up to the boy “I’m going to level with you, your life is never going to be the same, Janus’ little ‘Joke’ gave you the ability to copy people, the clones will be completely loyal to you which is a big plus, but will be completely female, which is.” he paused for a moment as he searched for the right word before he shrugged “Well it’s a thing, Ixcuina cursed you to ‘Need’ sex, the headache you are suffering from is the first sign of you going into withdrawal and you need to ‘get some’ before you die. On the plus side though you have been touched by a sex goddess so you can probably outlast any number if partners now.” Loki explained before giving Xander a big smile and a thumbs up as Xander looked at him in shock after a few awkward seconds before he shrugged “Well, that was my good deed for the decade, toodles.” he said before teleporting away in a flash of light.

“I’m surprised you didn’t try to copy him.”

Turning Xander stared at the red and blue clad wall crawler who was currently sitting on a nearby fire escape “I mean, he may not be in Thor or the Hulks strength class, but he has gone toe to toe with both of them before.” Spider-Man said seriously as Xander struggled to his feet despite the pain in his skull.

Holding his head Xander took several deep breaths before responding “first and foremost i’m not entirely sure how to copy people even if i do have the ability, secondly he may be less powerful than some others but Loki is still one of the people who earned the title of GOD, and he would have no problem smiting me, third I had a headache and didn’t think about it.” Xander explained as Spider-Man nodded in understanding before Xander continued “Finally he just admitted to being fucked by a horse.”

Xander could see spiderman get queasy behind the mask as the wall crawler nodded “That would do it.” he admitted before cocking his head to the side and listening for a moment. “Well, looks like I gotta go, Welcome to our dimension, don’t break any laws, look both way before crossing the street and remember drugs are bad.” he said before he pointed out a building Xander could just see peeking out above of the concrete canyons “The Fantastic Four can probably help you get a handle on your powers, or at least point you in the direction of those that can,” the wall crawler said before he launched himself off the railing and out into New York proper.

Taking a moment to get his headache under control Xander took stock of his current situation, black button up dress shirt and slacks, red tie and a black trench coat made up his costume from the night before but the quality was considerably better than he remembered it from the day before.

Pulling out his wallet Xander counted out five hundred dollars and a driver's license in his name that he had never seen before, a bank card with a PIN scribbled on the back and a folded note.

Taking a deep breath Xander opened the note and carefully read it.

‘Dear Alexander

Due to the unintended arrival of the arachnid annoyance I am unable to give you this information in person, this Universe is about to be destroyed, You alone hold the power to stop it, Help us Alexander, You're our Only Hope.

Now that you’re done laughing, no there isn’t anything threatening this realm, outside the normal threats anyway, plenty of people on hand to deal with them so don’t worry your pretty little head about that.

The portal for your return will open up in one year's time for you to return home, plenty of time for you to collect a team to go back with you to the hellmouth.

Please be aware that your power does have a limit, the more powerful the person you copy the more power it is going to take and the longer it will be before you can copy someone else.

You have a room waiting for you at the Plaza Hotel

Have fun and good Hunting.


P.S. Your curse will kill you if you go more than a week without sex, So Get To it.

P.P.S. I Told you, I was drunk.’

Refolding the note Xander tucked it back into his wallet before pocketing the wallet, with a sigh Xander stepped out into the hustle and bustle of New York City.

It took the California native almost an hour and three near fights before he made it to the Plaza hotel and cautiously made his way across the marble floored lobby to the reception desk.

In a surprisingly short time Xander was checked in, his needs being comped by the hotels co-owner Mr. Ki-Lo in the long term residence suite for the next year. taking the elevators up to the twentieth floor Xander followed the Bellhop through the halls towards his new home.

He was surprised when a pink and yellow blur rounded the corner in a flash and slammed into him, at the impact Xander felt a tingle run down his spine as his powers activated.

As he collapsed atop the surprised brunette Xander couldn’t help but notice her current state of undress, thankfully his attacked was so focused on escape and the bellhop so intent on the sudden chase they both missed the sudden appearance of a naked female in an otherwise empty hallway.

After several seconds of shocked fumbling Xander managed to get off… Stand without excessive contact in the area’s most women would kill him for touching, reaching to help her up Xander was shocked as she flowed gracefully to her feet, Xander couldn’t help but stare at her athletic form for several long moments before a lightning quick jab to his shoulder broke him from his ogling as his arm went into the nasty combination of pain and numbness he mostly associated with Buffy forgetting about her Slayer strength.

“Saloud! I am Naked.” she snarled in a heavy french accent as she glanced down the hallway before turning back to him “Give me your Manteau,” at his look she took a moment to translate her need to the barbaric tongue “Your coat, give me your coat.” she hissed as Xander finally realized her predicament, pulling his trenchcoat off Xander quickly wrapped it around the brunette just as the bellhop returned and with apologies aplenty quickly escorted Xander and his new friend to the room.

As they entered Xander listened to the quick explanation from his guide about what the hotel offered before the young man took his leave, turning around Xander blinked as the clone finished up requesting a tailor for her and Xander before she hung up and turned to him with a smile and let the coat slide off and pool on the floor, “mon maître, I am Gia Batrocl” she said in introduction before she sank to her knees and gazed up at the shocked teen and gently ran her hands up his thighs “how may I serve?”

At his stunned silence she leaned forward and unzipped Xander’s pants, reaching in she fondled the growing bulge in his boxers. At her touch Xander felt his headache recede slightly as the curse was satisfied, She pulls down his pants, along with his boxers, getting Xander to step to the side so she can push them out of the way.

Xander pulled off his shirt as she wrapped her thumb and index finger around the base of his shaft, flicking the tip of his cock and tracing the outline of his engorged member with her tongue while Xander held her left hand on his hip. She encased the head of his penis with her wet lips, rolling her tongue over it in her mouth, her right hand now squeezing his shaft while Xander brushed the hair from her face. She inches her head closer until her lips meet her hand, then she pulls her head and hand in unison to the tip and back, slowly picking up speed.

Gia gripped his shaft tighter and started flicking her wrist, twisting her hand around his cock while it shifted back and forth along his dick. She pulled her left hand free and starts juggling his testicals, squeezing and releasing them rhythmically in tune with her head. Xander ran his fingers through her dark raven hair, collecting and holding it in a ponytail to keep it out of her face as he edged closer to orgasm.

"Oh yes baby, oh yes, you're gonna make me cum!" Xander exclaimed in ecstasy.

She stops moving her head, her lips clamped just behind the head while she sucks vigorously on the tip of his dick, rapidly stroking his slick shaft and squeezing his balls. Xander moaned in euphoria as his legs stiffened, his swollen cock spasming in her grasp while his seed shot into her eager mouth, his fingers clenching her soft hair.

She carefully removed her lips from his cock, the swelling subsiding in her hand as she looks up at him, showing Xander her mouthful of cum, swirling it around her teeth with her tongue. She closed her mouth and swallows before sticking her tongue out at me playfully.

"I love the taste of your cum, Master," she purred as she gently stroked his his cock before she glanced up at him shyly. "Want to cum on my face next?" she asked teasingly as Xander nearly swallowed his tongue at the thought.

Taking a moment to catch his breath Xander smiled down at her "I would love to."

Gia held his limp cock straight up, her cute knuckles resting on his pubic hair while she licked and kissed his ball sack, lightly breathing on the base of his flaccid penis, she paused momentarily as Xander leaned down and began to play with her chest, tenderly groping her perfect breasts while she ran her left hand up his thigh to his stomach, gently nibbling and sucking on his scrotum, putting his balls in her mouth one at a time and sucking vigorously, his dick growing in her hand. She pulled her head away with his left testicle in her mouth, stretching his scrotum before relaxing her jaw, his jewel snapped free with a Pop, smiling up at him Gia did the same to his right testicle before she sat back, holding the base of his growing penis between her fingers and thumb as it began to swell back to full strength.

"Now let's get you down my throat," she said to his penis before exhibiting her oral skills to the shocked teen.


Several hours later their sexual escapades were interrupted by the arrival of the Tailors who insisted on a shower for the two before they began the process of measuring the two of them for a new wardrobe. needless to say while Gia was prepared to be pawed at by strangers Xande was less ready tp have his inseam taken, in all Xander found the whole situation more embarrassing than his brief naked jaunt through school during the recent Nightmare episode earlier in the year.

A short eternity later the tailors had finished molesting them and after a promise to get them fitted as soon as possible had offered them a selection of off the rack that would suffice until they could get some proper clothes.

Xander soon found himself dressed in what amounted to a small fortune of clothes as he walked through Manhattan proper as Gia deftly maneuvered them through the press of people and around the traps the city spawned to liberate the unwary from their money.

Stopping to collect a Cell Phone and a small but powerful laptop the two of them grabbed an early Dinner from an Italian restaurant as Xander explained about the Hellmouth, Vampires, the world he came from in general and what he was hoping to get out of this little adventure. Less than an hour later Xander found himself staring up at the legendary Baxter building itself while Gia tried to look unimpressed, her original had tried to get into the building several times over the years, each time he thought he had found an exploit some supervillain would attack and the security and sometimes the building itself would be replaced.

Finally getting over his shock Xander stepped up and pressed the button next to the door, he blinked as the image of Susan Storm appeared and smiled pleasantly “Hello, and welcome to the Baxter Building, home of the fantastic four. we regret to inform you that we are not able to provide tours at the moment due to damage sustained from a recent incursion of the Molecule Man, if this is an emergency please contact the Avengers mansion care of Tony Stark, any other issues please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.” the image said with a smile before fading away.

Grinning at how cool it was to actually be here in front of the fantastic four, Xander took a moment to calm himself before responding “Cool answering machine, my name is Alexander Harris and I am a dimensional traveler, Loki brought me from my home to keep the chaos their down to a minimum, which honestly terrifies me when he thinks things are to chaotic, i’ll be heading home in about a year and Spider-Man suggested that you could help me get a handle on my powers.” Xander explained before shrugging, he always hated leaving messages. “If you want i’m at the Plaza Hotel, just ask for me.” finishing up his message Xander stepped away from the building, Gia taking his arm as they walked away.

“So, what are you planning?” Gia asked as they made their way slowly back towards the Hotel.

Thinking the matter over Xander tried to come up with a plan, sure he could take the quick way out and copy the Avengers, but something told him that copying Thor would be one of those things that would cause trouble if copied, especially when he got back home, and he didn’t want to even consider what the Hulk would do on the Hellmouth, finally he sighed “You wouldn’t know of any magic users would you?” he asked rhetorically only to blink as the French clone nodded.

“Of course,” at his look Gia smiled as she led them into Central park to cut across to the hotel “I am Un Mercenaire, the arcane is not as uncommon in our field as one might thing, the Bloodstones where one of the more prominent mercenaries to use it.” Gia explained as Xander nodded at that, any follow up questions concerning possible occult contacts were forestalled by the arrival of a quartet of stereotypical thugs that quickly moved to block their path.

Looking at the cliche collection of ‘Punk’ clothes and hairstyles Xander ignored the trite banter the thugs were trying for as he simply leaned over and placed a kiss on his companion's cheek “”Try not to kill them,” he whispered as he collected the electronics she had been holding and stepped back.

One thing he had learned from his time with Buffy was to leave the fighting to the professionals as often as possible.

Stepping away from the coming carnage Xander took a seat at a nearby bench as he watched the French street fighter tear into the thugs like a demented blender, flinching as Gia shattered one of the men's hips before she dislocated his knee as the man fell screaming to the ground Gia left the newly crippled man and tore into his friends, for a moment Xander almost felt sorry for them before he shrugged the empathy off, if they were willing to accost people in the middle of a pleasant walk then he wasn’t willing to put the effort into feeling bad for them.

A few moment later Gia gave a glance at the last conscious attacker and frowned as the thug desperately hobbled away from her on his ruined leg as he tried to escape from the she-demon that they had angered. stepping back over to Xander Gia sighed as she pulled the recently purchased cellphone out and dialed emergency services, it was a bad sign when 911 was the first call made on a new phone.

As the communications officer picked up Gia quickly explained what happened and where the police could find them, ignoring the demand that they remain where they were Gia explained that they were unwilling to stay where they had been attacked she offered to meet an officer at the merry go round if needed.

In short order the two of them were explaining what had happened to a mounted officer as several foot officers went to collect the downed thugs, Xander was shocked, his experience with Sunnydale Police having pointed a poor picture of everyone in uniform the professionalism he found was a bit of a culture shock.

Fortunately New York’s finest had considerable experience in dealing with a single individual defeating multiple opponents and Xander and Gia were quickly on their way again, forgoing any more explanation the two left central park and quietly returned to their hotel.

As they reached their room Xander took the time to kick off his shoes before he collapsed into bed, despite the early hour he was unconscious by the time Gia finished up her phone call and joined him a few minutes later.


(A/N) I had a Massive list of Heroes and Villains i could choose from, Loki and Spider-man to name a few, I choose Batroc the Leaper due to the fact that I think he’s gotten a pretty bad rep and he has the potential to be really cool.

Fun fact, at one point in time I was an ‘Admittedly Amatuer’ MMA fighter, I loved fighting, it is addictive. that being said there is a massive difference between people that ‘Know’ a fighting style and those that ‘Fight’ with a martial arts style.

The top five ass kicking I ever received where almost all from ‘Pure’ martial artists, Krav Maga, Savat, Hung Gar, Systema Spetznaz and one seventy year old guy from southern Mexico that beat me into a pain pudding.

The only thing he put down as his fighting style translated into ‘Please stop, I will Hurt You’

I don’t own BtVS or Marvel

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