Animal Attraction

BY : Midknight
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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy The Vampire Slayer. None of these characters belong to me. They belong to Josh Wedon and whoever else does. I pay homage to them and I make no profit from this story in any fashion, way or means.

TITLE: Animal Attraction

AUTHOR: Midknight

CHAPTER: 1 of ?

FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

SHIP: Faith / OC

RATING: NC-17 – Sex and Language


SPOILERS: Season 7, kind of.

SYNOPSIS: On a hunt, Faith finds her prey to be not what it seems and an attraction she cannot deny.

UNIVERSE: As per cannon, with one small change: Wood never, ever, ever existed. Ever.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Buffy The Vampire Slayer. None of these characters belong to me. They belong to Josh Wedon and whoever else does. I pay homage to them and I make no profit from this story in any fashion, way or means.

AUTHORS NOTE: I apologize before hand and hope you will forgive any errors or blatant discrepancies; this is likely to get complicated for me as a writer anyway. 

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Faith was breathing hard and her muscles were on fire as she exerted herself, and still she couldn't seem to catch up to the damned wolf. The full moon turned the trees silver, but the woods were still a host of inky shadows as they whipped past her, making the ground a dark-shrouded mystery. She was certain the first tranquilizer she had fired had hit home, but it didn't seem to slow the big beast down. She had been drawn to Central Park by persistent rumors of "large dog" sightings and a police report about a couple of would be muggers that were nearly mauled by "something huge" with teeth and claws. 

She'd staked out the locations of the sightings and tonight she finally got lucky in a manner of speaking. The hunt had been going on for almost half an hour and she was surprised they hadn't run into any people yet. The wolf seemed to be deliberately avoiding populated areas, which was strange. And, considering its size, easily twice as big as any werewolf she had encountered before, even the European ones, she wondered why it hadn't turned and fought after the first dart which seemed to have so little effect on it.

She gritted her teeth for a moment and pushed herself harder, the tranquilizer gun was a hinderance, but she couldn't toss it. There was still a human in there and this particular wolf hadn't hurt anyone yet either. Her night vision was good, but the gloom of the woods and the mix of shadow and moonlight made the ground treacherous and stopped her from reaching her top speed. Still, she started to gain on the dark, loping, fleeing shape ahead of her when they broke from the woods and onto open ground.  She would have grinned if she could spare the energy. She didn't know exactly where they were, but it was deserted. With, the ability to see her footing, she pushed even harder. Faith wouldn't admit it, but she was enjoying the hunt and the exertion. It was exhilarating. She felt alive and relished the challenge as she ran on. 

"Come on… Come on. Just a little closer." She urged the universe to co-operate and got her wish as the ground dipped and the difference in height closed the distance between her and her prey. She whipped the rifle to her shoulder and fired in one smooth motion. Her quarry yelped in pain and stumbled, skidding on the grass, ripping it up when the dart hit home, but to Faith's surprise rose back onto its paws and after a shake of its head started off once more. She growled in frustration, knowing it would be out of range by the time she loaded another dart.

"Son of a bitch." She swore under her breath, fully aware of the irony, reloaded the rifle and set off after the wolf once more. She wasn't sure whether she was pissed off or impressed by the beasts strength and tenacity. The tranquilizer dart finally did seem to slow it down this time and she started to close the distance between them. A high, massive wall loomed in the direction to which the wolf was fleeing and Faith made an indelicate noise in her throat as she calculated that if the wolf scaled it, she would not be able to follow with any kind of speed. Her muscles sang along with the blood in her ears and her heart hammering at her burning chest, but still she added another burst of speed. 

Faith watched as the beast coiled to leap and she yelled as she ran. Its head swung around for just a moment and then it leapt. The momentary distraction was just enough for her to get close enough to fire and get a hit. Had, she not, she was sure the powerful beast would have cleared the wall, but as it was, either the pain as it yelped, the impact and distraction of the dart or the tranquilizer caused it to slam into the wall just below the top. 

It growled and snarled as it desperately scrabbled to get purchase and pull itself over and then with a howl of frustration gravity took hold and it fell back to the ground. She couldn't help flinching as she heard the impact, but again to her surprise the wolf rose, if unsteadily to its feet and with a rumbling growl it bared its teeth at her with its hackles raised while she reloaded and wondered what it would take to put the wolf down. It growled again and then sort of hunched before rising onto its hind legs and with guttural snarls and popping, crunching bones it grew even larger, its proportions turning human, if an eight foot plus human with narrow-waist, broad shoulders, heavy, rippling muscles covered in black, glossy fur with a wolf's head and wickedly clawed hands the size of her head existed. 

Faith stopped gaping and took a step back as the wolfman roared at her, muscles coiled and rippling under a thick coat of fur while powerful, clawed fingers flexing in preparation for attack. She tossed the rifle, figuring that the tranquillizers would have little effect and it would have as much as a club. She reached behind her and drew the two large, silver daggers she had sheathed there. The beast was both terrifying and beautiful at the same time. It looked like the werewolf form from the movie Van Helsing, but bulkier, more real, deadlier and when she caught its large golden eyes she found intelligence lurking behind the malevolent anger. She took another half step back and took a fighting stance. The wolfman roared again and edged forward, but didn't rush her as she expected. The wolf hadn't actually killed or hurt anyone and she had a feeling that if they fought, it would be a to-the-death kind of affair. 

"Simmer down, Big Fella. I don't want to have to hurt you." She told the beast feeling just a little silly, but needing to try to reason with the beast anyway.

It was kind of funny to watch as the wolf's visage went from snarling and slavering to quizzical and she wondered if the same was true of her expression when the word: "Wait." gargled out of the wolf's mouth. The beast threw back its head and howled and then with more snarls, growls and even a whimper or two and the pop and crack of bones and muscles doing things nature hadn't intended them to and that made her cringe inside, the beast shrank and the thick fur retreated to reveal a tall, lean and naked man. 

The transformation had been fascinating, but she continued to stare at the man and she knew she was, but still she couldn't stop herself. He was gorgeous. The narrow waist and broad shoulders had remained, but he was more wrestler than body builder, lean and defined with long limbs. His features were chiseled, rugged, but not hard and were framed by a mass of dark hair, almost as long as hers, but straight instead of curly. The golden eyes of the beast were the last vestige of the wolf to leave him, melting to a dark chocolate brown. Her eyes started to move lower when with a grunt he slumped forward onto his knees, breathing hard with his head bowed and his body hidden by shadows and his long hair. 

And, with that, the spell was broken. Faith pulled her eyes away from him and up to the full moon that still rode high in the dark, starry sky and then back to him. "What the fuck?" She wondered softly under her breath as she studied him. He groaned and then lifted his head, flipping his hair back in a well-practiced manner. He started to rise and then dropped back to his knees, swaying and shaking his head before putting a hand on the ground to steady himself. 

"What was in those darts?" He asked with a rye smile, his voice warm and smooth and she just stared at him, not sure how to proceed.

"The moon… How… Who are you… What are you?" She haltingly, but sharply fired questions at him instead of answering his, feeling off balance and suddenly defensive.

"My name is Jacob Starling, Jake and… And, the rest is well… Complicated. I'll explain if you would be kind enough to give me your name, and possibly, lower those." He responded and nodded towards her, directing her attention to the blades she still held in combat readiness. She relaxed her stance a little, but only put one of the blades away. She kept a weary eye on him as she retrieved her rifle before sheathing the other. 

"I'm Faith… Now, do you mind explaining?" She gestured vaguely to indicate everything that had happened so far before sinking to her haunches to be at his eye level, but still keeping her distance.

"I'm a Lycanthrope, a werewolf." He started and she couldn't stop the snort of negation that came out of her mouth.

"Werewolves can't do what you just did. The full moon is still up and moon set is still hours away." She informed him with a raised eyebrow and accusation in her voice before she followed his eyes as he looked up at the moon.

"And, what makes you the expert on what werewolves can or can't do, hmmmm?" He asked with a quirked smile and infuriating amusement in his eyes. And, despite the infuriation, she felt herself want to return the smile.

"I'm a Slayer and I'm the one asking the questions here. What are you?" She responded a little more sharply than she had intended and pressed, angling the rifle that she had placed across her knees to point more towards him in a subtle threat, which just seemed to increase his amusement. 

"I told you, I'm a werewolf, a unique one, but a werewolf all the same." He persisted, but playful laughter seemed to lurk in his voice and she swore she could now see little flecks of gold in his brown eyes as they slid from her face down her body and then back again. He seemed to be very comfortable with his nudity, but Faith had to work at keeping her eyes from sliding south to check him out as well. "A Slayer, not The Slayer? I thought there was like only one?" He queried with a questioning tilt of his head.

"No, there were two of us for a while and now there's lots… Long story and unimportant right now." She answered shortly.

"You know what a Slayer is?" She asked for confirmation and he nodded. 

"Thought I did." He muttered and her eyebrow arched in a silent warning for him to explain.

"My information says there's only supposed to be one in every generation, so maybe not. But, it does explain how you were able to keep up with me. Are all Slayers so… Fit?" He responded and enquired, pausing thoughtfully, but unnecessarily to choose the right word, his smile broadening. Faith felt a smile twitch at her lips as well as his tone managed to put all kinds of meaning in his question and she realized he was flirting with her.

"Information?" She asked, not to be deterred by his flirtations.

"It pays to stay informed about the rest of the supernatural world. You never know who you might run into. Point in case." He explained nodding his head in her direction, a smile twitching at the corners of his mouth. Faith narrowed her eyes and refrained from commenting before continuing.

"What do you mean by unique?" She asked curiously focusing on his face and the sensual line of his lips. "Oh crap." She admonished herself as she realized the growing strength of her attraction to the perfect stranger in front of her and the desire to return his flirtation.

"I was born one, not turned, not cursed. My mother survived an attack long enough to give birth to me and that's why I can do what I can do. I can change when I want to and its just a shape change, I stay in control, for the most part. I have to change with the full moon, I don't have a choice about that, but I can change back when I want to." He explained and then with a soft groan, sort of sagged and blinked rapidly.

"Are you okay?" She asked in concern as he shook his head as if to clear it, turning his hair into a dark whirlwind around it. 

"Seriously, what… What was in those darts?" He asked, peering at her as if he was having a hard time focusing.

"A small amount of Wolfsbane diluted in horse tranquilizer." She answered a little guiltily as she realized she had hit him with three of them and he was now half the size and weight of the wolf he'd been when she had.

"Okay… Well… Wolfsbane… Really? Okay, I… I really need to go. It's been nice meeting you, Faith. Being chased by you was fun, bar the shooting, of course." He stated and rose to his feet, but immediately started to sway unsteadily as he turned his head this way and that as if he was trying to orientate himself without much success.

"And, where are you going, Mister Naked Guy Somewhere In Central Park?" She queried with amusement, but dropped the rifle to the ground and rushed to his side to catch him as he stumbled and started to fall. "Easy now." She told him getting her shoulder under his arm to support him. Heat radiated off his hard-muscled body into hers as he leaned against her and his musky masculine scent tantalized her nose. 

"You smell good." He noted in a soft, dreamy voice and buried his nose in her hair and Faith froze as she felt his reaction to her smelling good, growing and pressing against her hip.

"Down, Boy. You start humping my leg and we're going to have a problem." She warned him, while forcing her eyes to stay on his face instead of sliding down to verify the measurements of what she was feeling and then stared in astonishment as he giggled like a school girl.

"A dog joke… Funny." He commented with a goofy grin before he shook his head and squeezed his eyes shut and then blinked them open. "Sorry, its the Wolfsbane… It's like weed or ecstasy to me in this form." He explained and she could see him fighting hard to keep focus.

"Okay, where do you need to go?" She enquired figuring that she was the one who'd jammed him up, so she had to help. 

"Home… Home would be good, but…" He answered, but cut off with a groan. 

"But?" She wondered, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

"But, I usually get back in through the skylight and… And, its a tricky climb." He explained and slumped against her with a sigh. 

"Crap." She muttered under her breath. "My place it is then." She decided even though she had no idea how she was going to get the conspicuously naked man to her hotel or to her room. "Can you tell me where we are?" She asked, the speed of the hunt had left her disorientated and she didn't know exactly where she was in the park. 

"We're at the back of the zoo." He replied before he sniffed at her hair again. "You really do smell good." He noted again as his focus slipped and she felt him twitch against her. She worked at recalling the map of the park she'd studied earlier that evening and to orientate herself. Thankfully her hotel wasn't too far away, but he was still naked and there would be people between here and there, not to mention in the hotel lobby. For the first time ever she missed the no tell motels she used to frequent in her younger days. She didn't even have a coat to cover him and with those broad shoulders of his, she wasn't sure it would have worked even if she had.

"What the hell?" She exclaimed and shoved him away hard when he suddenly nuzzled at her neck while his hand came up to cup her breast. 

"Sorry… Sorry… I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that. The wolf… It really likes you… I… Hard to control… The darts... Sorry." He apologized profusely, his features contrite and holding his hands up in front of him, swaying slightly. She looked down at her hand to see one of her daggers in it and she guessed there was murder in her eyes. She slowly re-sheathed the blade. He spoke of the wolf as if it were a separate entity and she wondered about that, but didn't think this was the time to bring it up.

"Don't do that again." She admonished him. "Unless I ask you to." A sneaky little voice in her head amended as her body reacted to the memory of his brazen attention, her core tightening and growing moist while her nipples perked up. His male musk seemed to linger in her nostrils as well, and she didn't find it displeasing in the least. She gave herself a mental shake to get back to the problem at hand. 

"We need to get you some clothes. I don't suppose you have any stashed away somewhere close by? I can't have you poking me with that thing at every step or getting arrested for indecent exposure." She added unnecessarily and he gave her a lopsided grin that widened as his nose twitched and his eyes narrowed. "What?" She snapped, but stepped closer and got her shoulder back under his arm as his swaying became a little more pronounced.

"Nothing. Not a thing." He replied innocently and his breath tickled her cheek and she bit back a smile. He was just impossible. If some other guy had done what he had, he'd be spitting out his teeth along with his testicles round about now, but he had her smiling. He laughed suddenly. "Actually, I do… Have a stash of clothes that is. Its been awhile, but if I can just…" He told her, frowning with concentration as he peered off into the darkness toward the woods they'd run through, his head moving from side to side.

"Where?" She asked with skepticism dripping from her tone.

"Other side of those woods. I think." He replied after a moment.

"Well, lets go." She urged as she hadn't been able to come up with any solution that didn't involve mugging someone or leaving him to go and get clothes from who knew where at this time of night.

"Okay." He agreed and straightened up and took a step forward away from her. Faith hadn't realized how warm he was until his absence made the air feel a lot cooler than it was. He took a few steps and then stumbled. She took his arm and ducked her head under it to once again support him. 

"This is getting to be a habit." She quipped.

"Yeah. Sorry about that every time I think I've got a handle on the Wolfsbane, the horse tranquilizer seems to get me." He apologized unnecessarily, his cheeks heating with embarrassment as they made their way back to the tree line. It surprised Faith that she thought he blushed prettily and she refrained from making any comment beyond a mumbled: "It's okay." Faith made herself concentrate hard on where they were going and not his naked heat against her side of her body or the way he brushed against curve of her breast as they moved in silence.

"So, where do you hale from, Faith?" He enquired as the silence became strained.

"Here and there." She replied cryptically.

"What brings you to New York?" He continued seemingly unperturbed at her evasion.

"You." She answered and then groaned inwardly because she could feel the flash of his cute, lopsided grin and speculative eyes without turning her head to see it. "What looked like werewolf sightings, is what I meant. You really should be more careful. The tabloids are having a field day with what you did to those muggers." She explained and admonished him as she felt her cheeks heat and cursed her need to give him an explanation. 

"I didn't think those guys were going to stop at just mugging the young woman they were following. I had to do something." He told her quietly, his voice tight, his tone suddenly sharp and his body tensing. Faith groaned and felt like a shit heel at her unintended slight.

"Sorry… I… I didn't mean it like that. I didn't doubt those guys deserved the scare you gave them. It's… It's just that not everyone who hunts werewolves does it with a tranquilizer gun or cares that twenty-five days out of twenty-eight they're human." She apologized and felt him relax again.

"Sorry… I didn't mean to snap like that… Those darts really pack a punch and I'm kinda out of it." He in turn apologized to her, his voice once again smooth and soft.

"So were your parents psychic or something when they named you?" She asked and he turned his head towards her with a frown furrowing his brow.

"Twilight. Werewolf. Jacob." She explained concisely and he chuckled, a deep, rumbling sound.

"Nope, just a lucky coincidence. I guess." He answered with a grin that was infectious lightening the mood between them until he stumbled.

"Do you want to take a breather?" She asked and he shook his head.

"Lets keep going, If its okay with you. if I stop now, I don't know if I will be able to get started again." He told her, his head sagging.

"Okay." She agreed and they moved in the moonlight dappled woods. "Why don't you just change back to your wolf form. It didn't seem too phased by the darts." She wondered, berating herself a little at not thinking of the solution earlier. 

He chuckled wryly and turned his head to look at her and she would have sworn she saw golden flecks swirling in his dark eyes. "I could, but the transformation would wipe me out and…" He started to explain and then stalled.

"And?" she pressed and in the dark it was hard to tell, but she could have sworn he was blushing.

"And, I wouldn't be in full control of the wolf and that's generally a bad thing, and with you here… I wouldn't want to..." He faltered again and his eyes dropped away from her as he coughed.

Faith frowned at him. "I can take care of myself." She stated boldly.

"I'm sure you can, but the wolf runs on three basic instincts and it isn't interested in hunting you or fighting with you." He informed her without looking at her.

"It took her a moment to puzzle it out. "Oh" She responded. "Just the wolf?" She asked, the words leaving her lips without her conscious permission and he flashed her a sidelong glance and a toothy grin that somehow made him look more wolf-like.

"I think what we're looking for is just up ahead, to the left." He changed the subject without answering and she turned her head to hide her grin.

"Where is it?" She enquired as he brought then to a stop in front of a tall, thick tree that didn't look any different from those around them.

"Up there." He informed her, tilting his head back to look up into the dark branches above. She craned her head back following his gaze and after a few moment she could just make out a duffel bag hanging from one of the upper branches as well as old claw marks in the bark of the tree.

"You have to be kidding me." She breathed as she tried to calculate the chances of her reaching the duffel without breaking her neck.

"I would try myself, but… Think it’s best if I give you a boost to the lower branches." He offered.

"Gee thanks." She responded with sarcasm dripping from her tone as she leaned her rifle again the tree trunk and then stripped off her jacket and the harness that held her knives to shed the weight and give herself a better range of motion. He just flashed her a grin and laced his fingers into a cup and bent his knees. He was irritatingly distracting as the moonlight and shadows performed a peepshow of his powerful, masculine physique. 

"Do I really need to get him clothes?" Her insidious inner voice asked and then she berated herself for the thought. She looked up one more time to get a sense of what she needed to do and then put her foot in his hands. She got her balance and then nodded. 

She pushed off with her foot as he thrust her upward with a grunt. She had intended to grab on to the lower branch, but their combined effort had her dropping down to stand on the one above it instead. He waved at her from the ground and then she started climbing. It was easier than it had looked from below, right until she reached the branch holding the duffel. The branch below it creaked and bent ominously under her weight as she tried to walk out on it and she had to back off and stay close to the trunk. And, no matter how she stretched or changed her position, she could not get a hold on the bag. Frustrated, she edged out further on the branch ignoring the alarming noises it made.

"Careful. Faith. No. Just leave it and come back down." He called up to her in concern and she made the mistake of looking down just as the branches creak turned into a splintering crack. She made a snap decision and grabbed for the bag instead of trying to get back to the trunk. Faith grunted as she took her full weight on her arms as the branch dropped away. 

"Look out below." She thought as she secured her hold on the bag and took stock of her situation. 

"Faith? You okay?" He called up to her anxiously.

"Just peachy, You know me… Just hanging out." She called back, not able to resist the quip and she heard him chuckle.

"Please, just be careful, will ya." He called up to her plaintively and she rolled her eyes although she sort of liked his clearly heartfelt concern and didn't bother with a reply.

There was still a goodly part of the branch attached to the trunk and she figured if she swung sideways and stretched out her foot she could move the duffel closer to the trunk and get a foothold once more. It took a few tries, but she finally managed to get some momentum going to turn herself into a human pendulum. The way the branch above her creaked and the strap of the duffel chafed on it had her a little nervous, but then the toe of her boot just brushed the jagged edge of the branch left by it breaking. 

She swung another two more times and then planted her foot firmly and bodily pulled herself back to the trunk, dragging the duffel with her. She steadied herself against the rough bark for a moment and then looked down. She tried to see if she could just drop the bag, but the criss-crossing and interconnecting branched that had aided her climb now meant the bag would most likely snag. 

"Step back a ways. I'm going to toss it clear." She called down to him and waited until she could see him beyond the cover of the tree before she tossed the duffel. He caught it with a grunt and then moved back to the foot of the tree to look up at her.

"I'm coming down." She informed him unnecessarily before she started working her way down. Surprisingly, it was harder going down because she had to occasionally search blindly for her next foothold, than it was climbing up. She stopped herself from giggling at the thought because she had never had any trouble going down before. She froze for a second as a very lewd image involving the man waiting for her below shot into her mind along with that thought and her body had some interesting reactions too. 

"Are you okay?" He asked up to her with concern and she was surprised to see him anxiously shifting from foot to foot, the concern on from his voice clearly written on his face. She found it stingily endearing considering the short time they had known each other and the insidious little voice in the back of her mind was strangely and contemplatively quiet that warned of sneaky suspicion.

"I'm fine." She responded, unconsciously licking her lips as she looked passed his face and down his chest. his bag hung from one hand, unopened, which still left him naked. She peered lower, but despite her acute night-vision, shadow and moonlight still managed to work together to keep the maleness of him hidden from her view. She felt a completely irrational flash of anger, but squashed it. 

"Get a grip, Girl." She admonished herself under her breath. 

"I am assuming I didn't risk life and limb for nothing and that there are clothes in that duffel. Why don't you stop staring at my ass and go right ahead and start putting them on already." She instructed sarcastically, with bite in her tone feeling stupid and petty for doing so and a little regretful at the same time. He did have a really nice body. She growled at herself in annoyance for her smart mouth as she saw him frown and then shake his head with a barely audible: "Yeah, sure.".

"This is so not like me and he's just not that good looking. Okay, that's a lie. He is hot." She scolded herself and then recanted as she carefully continued to work her way down to the ground.

"But, he is, in fact, good looking, smart, witty and that smile…" A soft, treacherous voice continued to remind her from not just the back of her mind, but from the tightness at her centre and the stiff tips of her breasts. Faith groaned as she realized that maybe her "Get-Some-And-Get-Gone" days might not be as far in the past as she wanted to believe. And, that maybe that wasn't such a bad thing.

"Would it be so bad? You're both adults and he is into you." The treacherous little voice of her awakened libido started to rationalize as she tried to concentrate on her ground-ward journey. She managed to find the branched he'd help launch her onto without incident and then, after taking a deep breath, she hung from it by her hands and then dropped down. Faith smiled to herself for a job well done as she landed and then the proverb pride cometh before the fall applied to her literally as her foot slipped off a root and she started to tumble forward with a surprised squeak and windmilling arms.

She didn't know what surprised her more, the rumbling growl or the strong arms that arrested her face plant before she could. The rescue wasn't exactly textbook as Jacob collapsed to his knees and then onto his back with a soft grunt and they still ended up in the dirt with her sprawled against his chest. She felt the fabric of a sweatpants below his waist that did little to blunt the feel and heat of the bulge of his maleness, but his torso and chest were still bare. 

His chest was surprisingly hairless, the skin smooth and warm against her cheek while his thick, long arms remained wrapped around her, fingers flexing slightly at her sides. Her nipples were stiff and tingled as her breasts flattened around them and against him under her weight. They both inhaled deeply at the same time, she at his skin as it rose against her face and he at her hair. 

His scent was deliciously earthy and masculine and she found herself nuzzling before she realized what she was doing. His chest vibrated against her cheek and the side of her nose as he sighed above her and his arms tightened around her, his hands sliding along her back, from a hold to a hug. A shiver ran through Faith as her centre tightened and twisted with a flash of aroused tension and her fingers flexed against the hard muscles of his shoulders. 

She hadn't felt desire like that in sometime, not since the bad old days, but at the same time it was different. It scared her as much as it excited her. She suddenly wanted the pleasure, enjoyment and gratification his hard, solid maleness promised, to hell with the nice smile and decent personality. She wanted to fuck, she wanted to fuck him and she wanted him to fuck her too and she rocked against him without conscious thought.

"But, That isn't who I am now, is it?" She asked herself before with a frustrated sound from her throat she moved her hands between them and tried to push away from him. He made a whining noise above her and his arms tightened around her as she felt him grow even further, twitch and pulse where he was trapped between them. His hips slowly undulated to grind against her and hers responded, grinding harder against him without conscious thought as the itch at her centre increased and he seemed like the perfect scratching post. She raised and tilted her head back and his breath tickled her face as their lips started to move into alignment. Golden flecks swirled in the dark depths of his eyes and the urge to simply surrender was almost too great to resist.

"No!" She said frantically, almost panicking, more to herself than him as she fought the urge to stop pushing at him and drive her head forward to find his lips and just let things happen from there. Her body shivered with the conflicting desires as she struggled harder against him. The change in him was so swift it caught her completely off guard. 

She had been trying to push away from him, but at her denial he all but shoved her away and back onto her feet. She stumbled backward until her back found the rough bark of the tree and he scuttled back to increase the distance between them. His chest was heaving and she started to push off from the free, but froze when her gaze found his face. Hungry, golden, glowing wolfs' eyes stared back at her and his teeth were bared, fangs showing sharp and white in the gloom. He held up a hand, palm out and turned his face away from her and she could see the beginning of claws at his fingertips and hair where that had been none moments before. 

He growled into the darkness, his breathing heavy and ragged and she stayed right where she was. She watched the nails on his shaking hand return to normal and his breathing become deep and measured. A few more minutes passed until he turned his head to face her, but his hand still remained to warn her away.

"Jacob, I'm… I…" She tried to explain, but couldn't find the words. Arousal and adrenaline still pumped through her with every beat of her heart and her panties were damp, clinging and shifting against sensitised skin and her nipples strained against the material that housed her breasts while her skin prickled with pulses of heat. She licked dry lips and swallowed hard to wet her equally dry throat and forced herself to straighten out of the combat crouch she was settling into. 

The glimpse of his beast had triggered her Slayer response to fight and it mingled with her arousal to the point where if her control slipped any further she was literally going to jump him and she knew that it might start with fists, but that was not how it would end and the idea appealed to her more than she would ever have admitted.

"I… I'm sorry. It’s all I seem to be saying to you, but I am. It… It's more than just the Wolfsbane… I… You… I don't… It's…" He apologized and tried to explain, his words as halting and stuttered as her thoughts. He got slowly to his feet before she could find the words she was looking for. She shook her head, not trusting her voice.

"Not your fault." She finally managed to say as she stepped closer to him while he thrust his hand out further to keep her at bay.

"I feel it too… I want… But, I used to and… You… This… Haven't… It's complicated." She tried to verbalize her motivations and she was surprised by the misery and anguish in her voice even as her eyes drank him in. The sweatpants was about a size too small and she could see the stitching strain and the legs ended a third of the way down his calves. The moonlight filtering through the trees hit him just so to highlight the muscles of his torso, chest and arms. Hard muscles and smooth skin, she could feel it just by looking at him.

"Gods help me, I wanted him." Faith admitted to herself, half-turning the ball of her foot ready to just turn and run. She had run away before and it had never ended well. She didn't know what was freaking her out more, the physical lust she felt toward him or the powerful connection they seemed to have developed over so short a time.

"Maybe… Maybe we should just part company. I… I could have hurt you, Faith." He suggested with regret coloring his tone as if reading her mind. She shook her head slowly, her hair tickling her neck and cheeks and took the step forward that had his hand pressing against her chest, his palm hot against the upper curve of her breast. She was still confused, doubtful, but she knew that she didn't want them to part, not yet… Maybe not any time soon. 

It was thoughts like that, which had her head spinning. Her tongue peeked out to nervously run across her lower lip as she held his eyes. His fingers flexed slightly a gentle caress on her collarbone that made her eyelids sink slowly and then his hand moved slowly upward until his palm rested on her cheek and his fingers curved under her ear and beneath her hair.

Faith took a shuddering breath as the heat of his hand pulsed into her skin and the moment stretched out. He slowly grew larger in her field of vision as he leaned in and her hands clenched into fists at her side. She felt his hand slide onto her hip a moment before his lips touched hers with a little electric spark. She had tensed, bracing for a heated, passionate assault, but he kissed her slowly, tenderly, gently sucking, the tip of his tongue swiping warm and wet, but without demand. 

Tension leeched from her body to pool low and deep inside her. She let out a soft, little moan as she tilted her head, pressing into his hand and opened her mouth to cement their lip lock and encourage the growing passion of his kiss. His hand tightened at her hip, but she was the one that pressed her body against his as she wrapped her arm around his neck. His hand slid from her cheek and wound into her hair to cradle the back of her head as the heat and hunger of their kiss increased while the other curved around to rest at the small of her back, his fingers just skirting the slope where her buttocks began. 

They stared into each others eyes as they kissed, hungry and challenging, an intimate game of chicken to see who would blink first. They both lost, eyelids fluttering closed at virtually the same time as his hand found her ass and her fingers massaged his scalp while they all but tried to swallow each other. His lips and chest vibrated against hers as he made rumbling noises of enjoyment and they mixed with her quiet moans. Her body bowed back as he leaned forward with the force of his kiss and her crotch pressed hard against his, leather and cotton seeming insubstantial to his virility and the heat that pulsed between them. He kept leaning forward and she bend her legs and clung to his shoulder as he started to lower them to the ground.

His hand left her behind as he broke the kiss and she let her legs straighten out between his so that when he took a knee and she was reclining on the ground, he was straddling her thighs. They were both breathing hard. His taste lingered on her lips and in her mouth just like his scent filled her nose, fuel for the arousal that boiled at her centre. The golden flecks were dancing in his eyes again, but the rest of him was all impressive man and she felt no danger of the wolf coming to the fore again. She watched his tongue make a slow circuit of his kiss-swollen lips before he flashed her a grin that she could only categorize as wolfish.

"You taste as good as you smell. I want to know what the rest of you tastes like." He all but purred, his hand a rhythmic massage where it still cushioned her head.

"You are such a romantic." She commented with a grin of her own before his lips swooped down and captured hers once more. He stretched out on top of her, balancing most of his weight on his forearms, but letting enough rest on her to know that he was there. His skin was smooth and hot under her hands, his body powerful and his arousal pressing against her. Her body pulsed in response as she kissed him back hungrily, moaning around his tongue as he shifted his weight to one arm and tilted his body to allow his free hand to find and fondle the globe of her breast. She rolled her shoulder to press herself into his touch.

She took his hand and guided it up under her top, sliding his finger up along the skin over her ribs and back onto her breast. A little electric whiplash snapped into her chest as he rolled the taut point of her nipple and his fingers flexed to test her firm flesh. She undulated against him, trying to scratch the growing itch at her centre and attracted by the hard throbbing bulge of his manhood.

She made a feral sound of dissatisfaction when he sudden broke their kiss and contact by rolling off her and onto his back next to her. His broad chest heaved and he had thrown an arm across his face as she rolled to follow. His erection made a prominent, twitching tent in the front of the already strained sweats he wore and she licked her tingling lips in anticipation as she mastered her frustration at his abruptly stopping.

"What's the matter, Jake?" She asked him directly as she gently took his arm away from his face to look into his eyes.

"Nothing... Everything… I want you. God, I want you, but in the dirt in the woods… I'm not, despite the whole werewolf thing, an animal and you're… This… " He tried to explain and then made an indelicate sound and a surrendering gesture as words failed him. His reluctance and concern were cute and endearing, but her desire was stronger than any need for romantic niceties or propriety. The sneaky little voice at the back of her mind told her there could… Would be time for that later, maybe.

"I don't mind getting dirty and I like the woods. It's woodsy and all back to nature and what I, we want to do is very much what nature intended, isn't it?. Besides, I think this makes you more of a man, this is desire, not instinct." She told him softly, her voice low and seductive, emphasizing the word 'we' to make it crystal clear she wanted this as much as he did while she trailed a fingertip down the centre of his chest and then over the ridges and valleys of his torso. His hard muscles shuddered under her touch. She circled his bellybutton as she kept eye contact with him. He swallowed hard as she caressed his skin above the waistband of his sweats.

"Faith." He roughly whispered her name as she stretched back the waistband of his sweats. The material protested, but he lifted his ass in co-operation and she peeled his pants down, freeing him. Faith sighed at the magnificent sight of him, thick, tall and proudly erect. His dick lurched in the cool air as if beckoning her and her hand twitched to obey, but instead she did the opposite. She clenched her hand into a fist and then relaxed it slowly before she rose to her feet, his eyes following her with a frown. She gave him a slow, seductive wink and a quirked smile and then reached for the hem of her top and whipped it off over her head. The air felt deliciously cool against her heated skin.

Something that was partway between a growl and a purr rumbled out of him as he sat up and she stood over him, naked from the waist up. She deliberately turned away from him before bending over to undo and loosen the laces of her boots. She grinned as she felt his hands fall warmly on her leather-clad behind and squeeze with a appreciative noise. She took her time with her boots as he did with fondling her behind. His hands slid to her waist as she turned to face him once more. He was kneeling in front of her and his breath washed over her flat belly before his lips pressed to it.

Faith moaned softly as he nuzzled at her skin and his teeth grazed along it before he dipped his tongue in the depression of her navel and swirled it slowly around. She ran her fingers through his long, dark hair until she was cradling his head and pressing against his lips. His hands again found the curves of her ass for another quick squeeze and then came around to the front of her leather trousers. He undid her belt and then the trousers themselves with deft fingers while he made her groan breathily and her flat belly quiver as the muscles tensed and relaxed under the stimulation of his exploring lips and tongue.

For the first time in forever, she regretted her choice of wearing skintight leather as it took him both time and effort to peel them down off her hips, ass and thighs. The friction left a tingling trail on her heated skin as he worked them down. She moaned as her sex clenched when his warm breath washed over the damp lace of her panties. A little growl rippled from him as he dragged in a heavy daft of her aroused scent. She gasped as her hips jerked forward before she could brace herself and the waistband of her panties cut into her skin for a moment, and when she did, the lace tore.

"Sorry, I…" He started to apologize for the umpteenth time as he peeled the ruined undergarment off her, his eyes blazing and his tongue making a slow circuit of his lips.

"Don't. Don't stop." She cut him off with a quite, but firm command as his breath tickled the skin under her pubes and her pulsing channel squeezed out a rush of hot, slippery cream in anticipation. She gasped and her body tensed as his unspoken answer was to lower his head and press his mouth between her legs, his tongue swiping up the length of her slit ending in an electrifying flick across the exposed pearl of her clit.

His strong hands cupped her ass, flexing to knead her firm globes as he held her in place while he feasted on her, making her hips rock to match his lapping, flicking, probing tongue and grind against his sucking lips as he explored her hungrily. She cradled and caressed his head with one hand and clutched at his broad, muscled shoulder with the other as he sent waves of delightful sensation washing through and crashing into her. His lips vibrated against her lower ones as a kind of growling purr rumbled from his chest and he pulled her tighter against his mouth. Her breath shuddered and her eyes fluttered as the sensations picked up a notch with lightning strikes sparking deep in her ore and snaking out along her nerves.

"Oh fuck me!" She exclaimed exultantly on a heavy pant as her centre contracted and her body locked up and trembled as he did something with his teeth, and tongue over her clit that sent another powerful, sustained lightning bolt of pleasure spiking into her which drove her to the precipice of climax and sent a hot gush of slippery preparedness rushing from her centre. 

She dug her fingers into his long, silky hair and with a mixture of regret and urgency, she pulled his head back and his lips off her before he could drive her over the edge. The grin he flashed up her was nothing short of wolfish, while his lips, chin and cheeks glistened with her juices and the golden flecks dancing in his eyes enhanced the impression while his hands continued to massage her behind.

"If you insist." He growled in a tone that sent a shiver through her and widened her eyes as his hands shifted from her ass to her her waist and he swiftly rose to his feet and lifted her off hers. She curled her legs around him as he turned and and two powerful strides had her pressed up against a nearby tree. She expected hard bark, but got cool moss against her back instead. He lowered his hips and lifted her up at the same time and her breath caught with a gasp as the pointed head of his maleness slid through and along her dewy, swollen folds in search of her entrance.

Faith cried out in exultation while he grunted as he released her weight and thrust up at the same time to drive himself into her in one powerful, fluid motion. His thick length filled and stretched her, the friction sending crackling waves of electric energy that flirted with boundary between pleasure and pain, arching out into her to make her body tense, arch and twitch, even as she tightened her legs and bore down to add more impetus to his impaling thrust.

She cradled his head and stroked his hair as they stilled, bodies pressed tight together and connected fully in the most intimate of ways. His solid maleness throbbing to match the strong beat of his heart against her breasts and the tight confines of her femininity as it flexed and twisted to acclimate to his wonderful invasion. His breaths were hot caresses against the side of her neck as they both panted. His lips replaced them for a moment before he lifted his head and they shifted to make eye contact.

Faith slowly rocked her hips, with a moaned sigh, unable to keep them still any longer, luxuriating in the slow shift of him, produced by the simple act of breathing, at her core and the rumbling vibration of his chest against her breasts. His gold-flecked eyes made all kinds of promises, but he remained motionless, only his hands on her behind taking up the slow rhythm of her rocking hips. They were both savoring a relative calm in a storm she knew, without a doubt, was going to be one wild, exciting and satisfying ride. She drew in a slow steadying breath, filling her nose with the heavy masculine musk of his scent at the same time, and then let it out as she slowly nodded her head to his unspoken request.

She bit her lips, trapping the cries that bubbled up from their connection and let her head loll back against the tree as he began to rock his hips and by slow degrees started to thrust and then increase the length of his strokes. His manhood caressed her depths and charged her flexing channel with tingling, electric friction that fuelled the undulation of her hips, arching of her back and the flex of her legs to sync with him in a delightful pump and grind.

His breath was hot against her exposed throat before the sensation was replaced by his sucking lips, nipping teeth and soothing, swirling tongues. HIs lips vibrated against her skin as he murmured her name and something else in a language she didn’t understand, but instinctively new spoke of endearment and awe. His lips found hers and they shared another blistering kiss. She clutched at the back of his neck and one of his broad shoulders as his lips left hers and moved lower. His hands tightened at her hip and on her ass as their angle changed, a slight separation, yet at the same time an even firmer connection. 

Faith surrendered and let her cries of enjoyment fly into the night as his sucking lips and lashing tongue found the turgid tip of on of her nipples and she bucked harder to meet his powerful, driving thrusts. Pleasure blossomed and ebbed, but became a constant as her muscles and blood sang, and her heart pounded with exertion and air was a fire laden thing that barely managed to stay in her lungs as his grunts joined her moans and cries and the organic sound of their flesh meeting over and over.

The moss at her back gave way to rough bark, as she rubbed against it, but the sensation was as to nothing compared to that of his body in and against her. She couldn’t tell if he was aware of it or not, or if it was just a natural progression, his arm pillowed her from the abrasion as he reached up behind her and his hand curving around her shoulder to pull her onto him. 

He lifted his head from her breast, stressing her nipple and making her fingers clench and her nails dig into the hard, flexing muscles of his shoulder at the delicious mixture of pleasure and pain. His eyes found hers with golden fire and that spoke both of animal desire and somehow a deep adoration that made her feel the undeniable connection between them and the realization of possibilities.

The realisation created a momentary kernel of fear in the pit of her stomach and derisive, negative whispers from that part of her that had long since decided that such things as love and connections were for other people, that she wasn’t good enough. But, the voices were drowned out by the simple way he whispered her name and looked at her, and the knot of fear was washed away by the electric fingers of sexual energy and heat that radiated from him into her and her into him as their bodies moved to the rhythm of each of their desires, yet moved in perfect unison without conscious thought.

Despite, the coolness of the evening, sweat popped up on their skin in rivulets that lubricated the back and forth slide of their skin even as a hot, slick torrent oiled his sweet passage to her twisting, clenching core. The piston of his shaft driving the engine of delight and desire at her centre and fueling the glowing, arching nexus of sexual energy that was growing into a powerful climax. The building energy spread through her in waves and pulses, crawling and shooting across her nerves as bolts of pleasurable lightning, yet at the same time it was also pooling and condensing at her most intimate centre.

Someone was making rough, strained, mewling, moaning breathless, animal noises and it took her moment to realize that the sounds were coming from her as her muscles started to quiver and misfire as she neared the precipice of her impending climax. She didn't know when, but her eyes must have closed at sometime and she dragged her eyelids up to find his face in front of hers. HIs features were etched with strain and intense concentration, all focused on her.They were both breathing hard and she could see her reflection in his golden eyes and the beast in their depths as clear as the man. It should have frightened her, but instead it excited her and amped her up to the point of no return.

Time froze for a long moment and then burst into vibrant life when he plunged into her once more. The energy at her core collapsed in upon itself, drawing all sensation into itself, pulsed once, and then exploded in waves of orgasmic ecstasy. Faith only vaguely felt the impact of her head slamming back into the tree as a scream of release ripped from her throat and her body tensed and her spine arched into a shuddering bow as nerves overloaded and muscles locked under the intense inundation of pure, unadulterated electric pleasure.

Her sex clamped down on the throbbing, heated steel of his shaft even as his hips bucked to drive him just that little bit deeper inside her. From, along way away, she felt his fingers dig into her skin, pulling her hard and tight against him before he threw his head back and an exultant howl ripple above her and reverberated out into the night. The liquid heat of his climax joined hers in hot, heavy spurts that swelled his maleness against the rippling grip of her sex. She clutched at him, his solid, warm male form a safe anchor as she surrendered and her body shook and shuddered and her world was unmade and remade and unmade again on the pulsing blasts of one of the most intense orgasms she had ever experienced.

It was bliss so intense that it hurt as strained nerves battled to conduct the powerful sensations and her brain struggled trying to process them. Her heart thundered in her chest, threatening to burst and made her blood pound in her ears while her lungs seemed to have forgotten their function or air had suddenly become in short supply and yet, she never wanted it to end. Pain and pleasure played exquisite games at her core, sending out whipping tendrils to excite her nerves and tense muscles when they tried to relax. His body was a warm, welcome brace, both heaven at what it has created in her and earth as it held her safe and sound in her moment of surrender. Faith was vaguely aware of motion because it made him shift inside her and sent new electric tendrils spidering out from their connection and a low voice against her ear, but was both unable and unwilling to return such mundane realities. 

She did let out a sigh as she rode out the rest of her climax with gravity having ceased to hold sway on her and she could simply rest against his solid, warm masculine frame and the gentle embrace of his strong arms after he had repositioned them. The steady rise and fall of his chest against her cheek was surprisingly soothing and Faith found herself doing something she had never done with a lover before, she snuggled against him, luxuriating in his nearness and drawing in his scent and long, deep drafts as she relaxed, satisfied and content in a way she had not quite experienced before. A lazy smile crept across her lips which she then pressed to his skin when she felt him kiss the top of her head and his arms tightened ever so slightly in a gentle hug.

The nocturnal sounds of the woods, animals, the sound of the wind in the trees and of the city that lie beyond and around it returned as their breathing returned to normal and her body settled into sated relaxation. The breeze was cool caress against her sweaty skin and a delightful contrast to the heat of his body beneath her. Nature, even for the supernatural will have its way and as time passed she felt him shrink and retreat from her. The loss drew a little sound of regret from her lips while the friction triggered the last echoes of her orgasm and forced her to raise her eyelids and open her eyes. 

What they had done should have fallen squarely under “Wham! Bam! Thank you ma’m and exit stage left”, but Faith found herself unbelievably content to just lie in his warm embrace.  

"Hey, there." He greeted her as he gently swept her hair out of her face as she tilted her head to look up at him.

"Hi."  She responded simply and was surprised that she felt the urge to duck her head and look away from him out of nervous embarrassment at the way he looked at her, both tender, sated and somehow still hungry with desire.

"Come here." He commanded in a soft rumble and she shifted higher, finally breaking the connection of their sex in order to make one as intimate as his head lowered to meet her lips in a slow, deep kiss.

"So, what happens now?" He asked, smiling down at her when they eventually broke their kiss.

"We could just keep making out, and then, more of..." She responded with a lascivious smile and a slow wink to indicate that she could feel him stir against the inside of her thigh. He grinned back at her.

"That would be one way to go, and a truly good way at that, but could I suggest and alternate?" He countered. Faith made an overly dramatic show of considering her reply even as she deliberately shifted her leg against him and felt him continue to stiffen in response with a quiet groan.

"I'm all ears." She replied giving him an as innocent and attentive look as she could even as her own arousal once again started to rise. His eyes narrowed in speculation and she could almost her him wondering if he really needed to keep talking or just going with her suggestion of simply going another rough and tumble round. His smile returned as his eyes relaxed and his clear golden eye locked on hers.

“You, are so much more than ears, Faith. What say we find our clothes..." He began and then paused to chuckle as she made a theatrical face of disapproval. "And, I treat you to an early breakfast at my place. We can clean up and get to know each other better. I... I want to get to know you better, Faith. I... I don't want it to be just... This was amazing... You are amazing... I... I just think... feel, we can have more... This... I..." He haltingly, but earnestly proposed until she silenced him with a gentle finger over his lips. Faith would have sworn on a stack of bibles that she had actually felt her heart skip a beat as he spoke.

"You had me at 'breakfast'." She informed him with a warm smile, knowing that her answer might be flippant, but that it was also exactly right.


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